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6) AGENDA 4th August 2015


Tuesday 4th August 2015


Open question time for Parishioners


1.         Present:


2.         Apologies:

Derek Pearce


3.         Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held Tuesday 7th July 2015, to be approved.


4.         BCC Transport for Bucks (TfB) –no new update from TFB since 6th July.

a)          Reported road defects:

The Turnpike – Reported May 2014 – This is outside the scope of our Minor Works team, it has been appended to a list of schemes being considered for patching/resurfacing using capital monies which have been released by the County Council. Awaiting TfB response.

Pot hole at “Foresters” is crumbling again – Reported Feb 2015 TFB have inspected and road has been added to the list of schemes being considered for patching and resurfacing (as above). TfB hope to get holding repair done in July with jet patcher.

b)         Reported pavement defects:

Pavement Brill Road/Maple Court still outstanding – reported Aug 2012.

Pavement either side of 27 Worminghall Road (near the School) is in need of repair – reported Jun 2014

Pavement on Manor Road opposite Manor Farm –crumbling – reported Oct 2014

Pavement collapsed on Oxford Road, past Village Hall on left, as you leave the village – reported Dec 2014.

Pavement in College Crescent opposite No.50 - reported Apr 2015. It has been reported that a lady recently fell and injured herself on this pavement defect.

TFB Highways have acknowledged that there are a number of these outstanding. Mr Foot (TfB) said he will prioritise according to their current condition and would hope the works completed in the next 3 months. The section of path opposite the school is to be the priority. Awaiting TfB response

c)          Reported drain defects:

Drains Brill Road reported Mar 2013 – request for jetting - still outstanding. The verge encroachment has been cut back. TfB have said jetting of blocked drains to be carried out when machine next in area.

Manor Road drains cover – reported Oct 2014. – This has already been reported to Thames Water in February – a reminder will be sent to them. Awaiting TfB response

Drain cover outside church – reported April 2015 – This will be added to the list of jobs for the maintenance team. Awaiting TfB response.

d)         Other defects

White lining and cat’s eyes at The Foresters reported May 2014- Awaiting TfB response.

Kerb setts loose by Oakley Garage – Awaiting TfB response.

Clerk has reported to TfB that a tree (next to BT10 – opposite Rambler Cottage) needs cutting. This was reported Aug 2014. Despite tree being on Highways land, Mr Foot has said not TfB responsibility. Clerk emailed Mr P Foot regarding this matter – awaiting TfB response.

Kerb set out opposite Primrose Cottage on Oxford Road, this is due to traffic lights when road works were taking place. Kerb sets lay on verge on Manor Road Awaiting TfB response.

Overgrown tree by 10 Worminghall Road

e)         Any new defects to report?


5.                         Play Area/Playing Field:

a)          Playing Field Survey

Update on arrangements for Social Gathering for village youth – Mrs Daly

Multi Use Games Area – Mr Rand to supply information to Mr Cherry – Waiting information

Outside Gym – no update (to be kept on agenda).

b)         Acorn Trail (footpath)

Mr Cherry to supply information on lighting the path, Mr Mole will then apply to LAF for money.

c)          Dog Waste Bins

Mr Craddock to report if new bins have been placed.

d)         Bowling Green

Update on 106 funding for Bowling Green.

Update on “Opening of Bowling Green”

The clerk to update on drawing up of a similar deed to Scout Group deed for peppercorn rent from Bowling


e)         Survey of Playing Field

Reminder to send copy of survey by email to Clerk for filing and Mr Mole.

Mr Mole to get A2 size map, once he has the soft copy.

f)           Scout Hut Peppercorn Rent

Clerk has emailed Scout Group with details, awaiting back payment.

g)          Wickstead Service to Children’s Play Area:

Clerk has received acknowledgement from Wickstead re Service of the Children’s Play Area, Mr Kilpin will be contacted when date finalised.

h)         Removal of Wasps’ Nest in Children’s Play Area:

Clerk has organised the removal of a Wasps Nest from the Children’s Play Area at a cost of £55.  This was completed on Friday 24th July 2015.

i)           Picnic tables

To discuss requirement


6.       Street Lights defects:

a)          Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps:

Clerk has resent enquiry – have now received a reply.

·       Bicester Road, Churchfield House, between: Bicester Road 7 (BT7) – The Nap turn and Bicester Road 8 (BT8) – Church entrance – Bicester side. There is an electricity pole in the right place.

·       Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity nearby

·       17 Brill Road – no electricity pole nearby

Clerk has passed information to Mr Craddock, who agreed to follow this up.

b)         Existing defects

O1– Oxford Road/Sun Crescent – light permanently on – reported but not been repaired

BT10 – Bicester Road (opposite Ramblers Cottage) Glass cover was on ground but is now missing. – reported but not repaired.

c)          Any new defects to report?


7.       Common Land:

a)          Layby opposite “IBS Site”, Thame Road, “Japanese Knotweed)

Any progress on destruction of Japanese knotweed?

Clerk asked to email Mr Richardson and inform him it is the Parish Councils intention to grass over the layby to stop cars being parked in the layby. Would it be possible to do this whilst the knotweed is being treated? Awaiting BCC response.


8.       Memorial Seats update

Mr Cherry to update progress on Mrs Keating seat (new seat).

Mr Mole to update on maintenance of existing seat by School on Worminghall Road, dedicated on Mrs B Gladdy.

Thank you letter sent to Mr P Reeves.


9.       Donation for Bernwode Residents Group – re Gypsy Site

To discuss request from Worminghall Parish Council


10.   Parish Council Noticeboard:

To discuss requirements


11.   New Filing Cabinet for Archiving OPC Files

To discuss requirements


12.   Anti-Social Behaviour

To discuss any new reports


13.   Churchyard Extension

A second quote is needed for hedging and planting around Churchyard extension – Clerk to ask Ferndale Landscapes for a quote. Clerk to report on update of second quote.


14.   Defibrillator for Oakley Village:

Clerk to report lack of response to defibrillator training on Wednesday 5th August 2015.

Clerk to report on cost of plaque to be erected in Mr Brown’s name.



15.   Oakley Traffic Calming Group:

Chairman Mr Mole to report on meeting with Mrs Suzie West for storing equipment in new shed. (Mr Finn will arrange for her to have a key)

Mr Mole to report on discussions with Mrs West on setting up of a rota for the moving of MVAS machine.

Clerk has received notice for Service for MVAS machine.


16.   War Memorial

Clerk to speak with Nick Rogers for help in obtaining a contractor. Clerk is waiting reply.

Letter of thanks sent to anonymous donor.


17.   Parking in College Crescent

No response received from BCC regarding this matter. Clerk to contact Angela Macpherson.

AMcp to feedback on Housing Association / BCC report on parking in this area.


18.   Door Step Selling

Mr Finn will circulate a flyer asking if anyone objects to the establishment of such a zone to contact the Clerk, this will be circulated in September. – Keep on Agenda as a reminder


19.   Parking on Brill Road pavements

Discuss the increased pavement parking on Brill Road (Nos 9 through to 29 – excluding 27/27A) 


20.   Footpath 32 – Right of Way

Update on any response from BCC

Request from Neil Chamberlain on maintenance.


21.   LAF Local Priorities

Update on submission of OPC priorities


22.   Meetings:

a)       Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

Haddenham & Long Crendon LAF Local priorities refresh workshop – Has been cancelled.


b)       Future Meetings:


23.   Correspondence:

a)       Papers to Circulate:


24.   Planning: 

i)                     Copy of email of “Changes to Planning” to be discussed.

ii)                   15/01078/AOP- Oakley – Royal Oak PH 2 Worminghall Road HP18 9QY- OPC no objection (note was added regarding building of garages)  AVDC Pending Consideration

iii)                  15/01206/APP – Oakley – Land at Oxford Road, Oakley – Demolition of existing shed and erection of a new shed. – Returned to AVDC – OPC  No objection –  AVDC Pending Consideration

iv)                  15/01034/APP – Oakley – 43A Bicester Road, HP18 9QF – Single storey front and rear extension and two storey side and rear extension. – OPC no objection – AVDC Pending Consideration

v)                   15/01259 – Oakley – 37 Brill Road, HP18 9QN – Demolition of existing carport/canopy. Part two and part single storey side extension, single storey rear extension and a side porch. OPC out for circulation.- AVDC Pending Consideration

vi)                  15/01638/ADP – Oakley – New Farm Oxford Road, Oakley HP18 9UR – Approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline permission 12/00161/AOP relating to matters of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of one dwelling. AVDC Pending Consideration

vii)                15/00418/APP – Oakley 22 Worminghall Road, Oakley Bucks HP189QY Demolition of an existing pre-fabricated garage. Erection of two detached dwellings and detached garages and store. (Amendment to Planning Application 13/03429/APP - Change from pitch roof to flat roof with skylight to rear single storey part of house – (Plot 1) OPC no objection – pending Consideration from AVDC

viii)               14/00519/APP – Worminghall - Land at Worminghall Road, Worminghall, Ickford HP18 9UN. APPEAL. The use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 3 no. gypsy pitch together with the formation of additional hard standing and 3 no. utility/dayrooms ancillary to that use and Stable block for the stabling of horses. APPEAL OPC has informed The Planning Inspectorate of their objection to this matter



25.   Accounts:


Monthly Cheques for August 2015:

Eon:                                                                                                                            £204.65 (paid 12.07.2015 by DD)

Clerks Salary and Expenses                                                                                    £232.79

Countrywide Maintenance Grass Cutting 8th May 2015                                    £544.80

Mr W Green –Litter Picking                                                                                     £20.00

Clear Pest Ltd                                                                                                                55.00


Total:                                                                                                                       £1,057.24


Banked on 23rd July 2015                                                                                  £20,000.00 from Bowling Club.



VAT CLAIMED AWAITING PAYMENT                                                                £7,675.12



Clerk has checked with EON and the new payments are correct as an increase took place end of April.

Letter from EON received.


26.   Any Other Business: