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Agenda 7th March 2017

Public Session for Parishioners Questions



03.03The minutes of the last meeting held Tuesday 7th February 2017 to be verified and approved.

03.04Parish Council Matters,

Resignation of parish councillor Mr. R. Craddock

Advertising for two new Parish Councillors

03.05BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TFB):

i)          Highway defects

All Highway defects are shown separately and will be displayed in the Notice Board and on Parish Council Website

ii)        Actions from last month

Layby opposite Old Bakery on Turnpike (from minute of previous meeting 02.05 iv) has there been an update?

iii)      Any new defects to be reported

Any new defects?

iv)       Traffic calming / control in The Turnpike

Reply has been received Mr Mole to update (previous minute: 02.05 v)

v)         Proposal for ‘the Birthplace of Edward Brooks V.C.’ on Oakley village signs.

Councillors should have by now received the email from D Cairney (02.05 vi)

Mr Mole to update

vi)       Overgrown hedge

Update from clerk on letter sent to Mrs Hawes (02.05 vii).

Update on other two hedges

vii)     Roadside mirror opposite ménage near Oakhall Court.

Update from Clerk (02.05 viii).

03.06Play Area/Playing Field:

i)          Scout Hut Refurbishment:

Scouts have now received signed copy of lease. Clerk has now received 3 quotations from Scout Group re the refurbishment (02.06 i)

ii)        Use of Oakley Football Pitch by Long Crendon Football Club

Email received from LCFC re gate for line painter storage

iii)      Proposals for Oakley Tennis Court and Multi Use Games Area

Update on discussions with Tennis group. (02.06 iii)

iv)       Acorn Trail (footpath)

Update from Mr Cherry re quotation for path/LAF Funding (02.06 iv)

v)         Tractor shed base:

Removal by Mr Daly of shed base, still awaiting better weather. (02.06 v)

vi)       Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

Update from clerk ((02.06 vi)

vii)     Floodlight telegraph pole:

Dependent on work above – minute 02.06 iv

viii)   Children’s Play Area signs:

Update from clerk on erection of signs (02.06 viii)

ix)       Children’s play area annual service:

Update from Clerk on annual service of children’s play equipment (02.06 x)

x)         Children’s play area weeding

Reminder that covered paths in the children’s play area will need weeding in the spring (02.6 ix)

03.07Street Lights:

i)          Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:

Update on quotation from Aylesbury Mains Ltd re price to replace or repair (2.07 i)

55 College Crescent – box lid to be fitted and light repair – waiting update on repair

Decision on action resulting from audit of street lights.

ii)        Any new street light defects to report

Light at 19 Worminghall Road (W7)

Any more?

03.08Local Crime:

Any crime to report?

03.09Report on Defibrillator for First Response

Update from Mr Mole re Charity Money (02.09)

03.10Door Step Selling

Update from Clerk (02.10)

03.11Protection of Common Land (Layby Bicester Road)

     Review of parking opposite Supperlegera

03.12Repair to Stiles

     Update from Clerk re Mr Gutteridge communication (02.12)

03.13Bench next to church “looking tired”

Bench to be replaced beginning of May 2017 (02.13)

03.14Bench in Oakley Village – proposed by Mr Keating

Mr Genever to do concrete base when weather permits (02.14)

03.15Speeding in the village

Update from Mr Mole on progress on re-instating Traffic Group for moving MVAS around the village.

Update from Mr Cherry re the template for the poles (02.15)

03.16Edward Brooks Victoria Cross commemorative ceremony on 28th April

Update from Mr Mole on project progress. (02.16)

03.17Christmas tree Plaque

Request from Lucy Peel for permanent Christmas tree plaque dedicated to her father who donated the tree.


i.           Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

LAF Meeting 16th February 2017 – Bishopstone Village Hall

ii.         Future Meetings:


03.19Correspondence (Papers to Circulate)

                Copies of quotations from Scout Group

                Update on lost correspondence               


i.         Planning enforcement officer

Update from Mr Mole re reply from Enforcement Officer re Sun Crescent (2.19 ii)

ii.       ‘Routine Planning’

All Planning applications are now shown separately and each Councillor will receive a copy at every meeting.  This will also be put onto Notice Board and Parish Council Website.



i.           Monthly cheques for February 2017:

Clerks Salary and Expenses                                                              £225.00

Mr W Green – Litter Picking                                                               £10.00

Mr S Genever-Removal of tree from play area and

Install 2 Acco drains.                                                                            £200.00

Buckinghamshire Playing Fields Ass Subscription                      £20.00

AVDC Play around Parishes                                                              £200.00

Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                                                              £52.20


TOTAL:                                                                                                      £707.20



Proposed for payment by:











                                                          Time meeting ended:


Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.