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Agenda 1st November 2016

You are hereby summoned to attend the 

Parish Council Meeting of Oakley Parish Council on

Tuesday 1st November 2016 at 7.30pm in Oakley Village Hall. 

Please inform the Clerk if you are unable to attend. The meeting is open to all members of the public and the press. Residents are welcome to attend and can address the meeting during Public Question Time. 












Public Session for Parishioners Questions


10.01 Present:
10.02 Apologies:
10.03 The minutes of the last meeting held Tuesday 4th October2016 to be verified and approved.
10.04 BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TFB):
i) Highway defects

All Highway defects are shown under separate cover and will be displayed in the Notice Board and on Parish Council Website.

ii) New repairs to be reported?
iii) Arrangement of meeting between David Smith (BCC Local Area technician) and Chairman
iiii) Traffic calming / control in The Turnpike
v) Proposal for ‘the Birthplace of Edward Brooks V.C.’ on Oakley village signs.
10.05 Play Area/Playing Field:
i) Use of Oakley Football Pitch by Long Crendon Football Club

Request from Mark Woodford re mowing of Football Pitchas “one off” for Long Crendon FC

ii) Proposals for Oakley Tennis Court and Multi Use Games Area

Discussion on previous submissions and way forward to ensure Oakley keeps the 106 moneys.

iii) Acorn Trail (footpath)

Update from Mr Cherry on quotations for drainage from Mr Morris and Mr Genever (see previous minutes – minute number 10.05 iii)

Update from Mr Mole on quotation for low level lighting from Mr Condon? (10.05 iii)

iiii) Tractor shed base:

Update from Mr Mole on removal by Mr Daly of shed base.(10.05 iv)

v) Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

Outstanding invoices for Countrywide Maintenance have been paid, more recent invoices have been received ready for cheque signing.

Discussion on whether we need one more cut this season.

Clerk to report on quotations for next season. (Clerk has received letter from Bowling Club retracting their quotation for mowing of the playing field). (10.05 v)

vi) Floodlight telegraph pole:

Mr Cherry to organise the contractors when the new lighting is done. (10.05 vi)

vii) Playing field hedge

Update from Mr Pearce on hedging completion

viii) Children’s Play Area signs:

Play area signs have arrive, they need to be erected (10.05 viii).

ix) Dead tree in Play Area:

Update from Mr Cherry on discussions with Pre-School re the removal of the tree? (10.05 ix).

x) Trees on between Playing Field and 10 Meadow Close

Request for pruning from resident

10.06 Street Lights:
i) Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:

Mill Road MR1 reported/C6 in College Crescent-reported

ii) Light audit / inspection

Clerk to report (10.06 iii)

iii) New street light defects to report?


10.07 Local Crime:

Burglary in Oakley at Stables on Worminghall Road, between 19th and 24th October 2016 reported      stolen two petrol strimmer’s and chainsaw. 

10.08 Report on Defibrillator for First Response

Update from Mrs Daly (10.08)

10.09 Churchyard extension:

Update from Mr Cherry on work levelling of extension in Churchyard (10.10)

10.10 Door Step Selling

Five signs have been orderedClerk to give update (10.12)

10.11 Bus services

Update on completion of survey (10.13)

10.12 S106 Monies – funds for Oakley Village/Sports & Leisure

Scouting hut refurbishment - Update from Clerk who is waiting for quotations from Scout Group, since 106 moneys have been approved. (10.15 i)

10.13 Kissing Gates/Replacing Styles on footpaths:  Clerk to report on reply.
i) Kissing gate replacement

Kissing Gates’ replacing styles on footpaths OAK/15/4 and OAK/12/6 in the village(10.16)

ii) Kissing gate removal

Also, the removal of ‘Kissing Gates’ on footpath OAK/19/2 in middle of a field on Oxford Road past New Farm, where a hedge/fence has been removed several years ago – Clerk has written to Rights of Way requesting action

iii) Kissing gate maintenance

The request for maintenance and another kissing gate on at Gun Club style has been sent. Waiting for update.Clerk to update

iiii) Stile repair request in Sun Crescent

Update on progress.

10.14 Protection of Common Land (Layby Bicester Road)

Update from Chairman on developments. (10.17)

Review of next steps 

10.15 Bench next to church “looking tired”

Update from Mr Cherry re Mr Finn’s information on plastic recycle benches. (10.18)

10.16 Bench in Oakley Village – proposed by Mr Keating

Waiting on Mr Genever to do the concrete base by Notice Board. (10.20)

10.17 Proposals for meeting with Chief Executive/BCC and Oakley Parish Council

Report on Meeting held 24th October 2016. (10.21)

10.18 Speeding in village:

Update from Clerk on request to have Sue Jones PCSO to attend meeting. (10.22)

Update from Mr Mole to give update on MVAS machine.

Sentinel Speed Watch machine to be discussed.

10.19 Ridgewick Green, Cherwell District Council Planning

Mr Mole to report on progress with objection to Ridgewick Green planning application (10.23)

10.20 Mr Salter – Mowing the Nap

Clerk has typed the letter re mowing of The Nap (10.24)

10.21 Remembrance Day – Poppy wreath

Update from Clerk on wreath request ordered and delivered

10.22 Travellers Activity on Brill Road

Update - Clerk has received a reply from Mr Holloway

10.23 Road Signs in Oakley Village

Update from Mr Kilpin

10.24 Meetings:
i) Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

24th October 2016 Chief Executive/BCC (see agenda item 11.17)

ii) Future Meetings:

AGM for BMKALC – Friday 11th November @ 7pm Judges Lodgings, Aylesbury

10.25 Correspondence (Papers to Circulate)

Local Government Financial Settlement 2017-18 – (emailed 24.10.2015)

Reports from Buckinghamshire District Councils on Modernising Local Governments (emailed 25.10.2016)

10.26 Planning:

All Planning applications are now shown separately and each Councillor will receive a copy at every meeting.  This will also be put onto Notice Board and Parish Council Website.

10.27 Planning Enforcement Officer:

Clerk to report on resident’s complaint Ashfield Rise/Sun Crescent.

10.28 Precept:

Mr Kilpin to report on 2017-2018 budget.

10.29 Accounts:
i) Monthly Cheques for February 2016: 

Clerks Salary and Expenses £250.00

EON paid by DD 11.10.2016£228.70

Countrywide Services£1200.00


Mr P Kilpin Expenses re Bus Shelter re paint£32.98


TOTAL:  £ 2191.68


Proposed for payment by:


Payment into bank – 14th October 2016 BCC Devolution £1,077.25



10.30 New Agenda Items for Next Meeting:


10.31 AOB








Time meeting ended:


Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 6th December 2016 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Mulled wine and mince pies will be supplied ahead of the meeting at 19:00

Agenda for Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 1st November 2016