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Agenda 1st March 2016



to be held on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 7.30pm


Open question time for Parishioners:

1.                   Present: Councillors:

2.                   Apologies: Councillors:

3.                   Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held Tuesday 2nd February 2016, to be verified and approved.

4.                   BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TFB): Update from Mr I Crome (IC).

i)           Worminghall Road overlay:

IC: Previous update “This work will commence sometime between May and August 2016. The parish will be advised prior to works commencement.”. Pending

ii)         Reported road defects:

The Turnpike (and Foresters) –ongoing since 2012: IC: Previous update “Arrangement is in process to coincide with potential re surfacing scheme work at The Foresters.”. Pending

Bicester Road – Junction with Hillview. This is crumbling away due to excessive water collecting at the entrance to Hillview. IC: Previous updateAny historical imagery that the PC can provide showing standing water and where it sits and moves at this junction would be very useful, in order to fully understand how the water behaves in heavy rainfall. The information would help in remediation proposals for the future.” Any update from Les Kipp?

Worminghall Road/ College Crescent junction - reported Feb 2016 – reference: 4011628.

Brill Road – reported Feb 2016 – reference: 40012877 Size of pothole 56cm, depth 6cm

Brill Road - reported Feb 2016 – reference: 40012878 Size of pothole 100cm, depth 5cm

Manor Road – reported Feb 2016 – reference: 40012879 Size of pothole 28cm, depth 7cm - COMPLETED

iii)        Reported pavement defects:

                Pavement Brill Road/Maple Court still outstanding – reported Aug 2012. – IC: Previous updateThis is still being considered low priority, therefore remedial works is likely to take place financial year 2016/2017” Mr Mole emailed 16th February 2016. Awaiting response.

Pavement on Manor Road opposite Manor Farm – crumbling – reported Oct 2014. Previous updateThis is still being considered low priority, therefore remedial works is likely to take place financial year 2016/2017”. Pending.

Pavement in College Crescent outside No.50 - reported Apr 2015. Mrs Macpherson has emailed TfB regarding this matter. IC: Previous update “Order has been raised to repair this defect”. Not completed on 23rd February.

iv)        Reported drain defects:

                Manor Road drain cover – reported Oct 2014. – This has already been reported to Thames Water (TW) in February 2015. Awaiting RC to confirm location so Clerk can re-report. Update required.

v)         Other defects:

White lining and cat’s eyes at The Foresters reported May 2014— IC: Previous update “An order will be raised for road markings and road stud replacement. Update required.

                Tree (next to BT10 – opposite Rambler Cottage) needs cutting. This was reported Aug 2014. TFB have said that after looking at the tree it does not meet an intervention limit. Mr Mole will contact them again as it seems they are not looking at reported issue. Pending TfB response to Brill Road pavements (4 iii above) before sending email.

                TfB reported that house names and numbers must be visible from the road. Mr Mole to put notice in Oakley Informer re display of house numbers and names. Update required.

                Willow tree opposite Leatherslade Farm ready to fall into road. Clerk has reported to TfB IC: This tree will be inspected and reported on by a qualified arboriculturist.  Report received.

                IC reported that road signage in Oakley needs to be replaced update required.

vi)        New road, pavement or drain defects to report

                Any new defects?

5.                   Play Area/Playing Field:

i)           Playing Field Survey Group Meeting 31.01.2016

The committee would email a copy of the artist’s impression to the Clerk to pass to the Councillors. Awaiting document.



ii)         Acorn Trail (footpath)

                Update on LAF lighting submission. – LAF submission forms have been completed and returned. Update from LAF meeting 10th February 2016.

                Clerk has emailed Mr Haynes re problem with cracks on the new footpath. Update on progress.

iii)        Dog waste bins

                Mr Craddock confirmed we had received part of the order, awaiting rest of order. Update on progress.

iv)                        Bowling Green ‘peppercorn’ contact

                Update from Mr Mole

v)         Wickstead repair to Children’s Playground

                Update from Clerk on Proludic Damage.

vi)        Bowling Green actions

                Request for erection of notice board.

                Shrubs planted by ‘bowling green’ shed.

vii)      Skip in village hall car park

                Update from Mr Mole

6.                   Street Lights:

i)         Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps:

·           Bicester Road, Churchfield House, between: Bicester Road 7 (BT7) – The Nap turn and Bicester Road 8 (BT8) – Church entrance – Bicester side. There is an electricity pole in the right place.

·           Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity nearby

·           17 Brill Road – no electricity pole nearby

                Mr Craddock to follow up.

ii)       Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:


iii)      New defects:

Any new street light defects?

7.                   Local Crime:

                Update on any local crime

8.                   Youth Meeting

                Mr Mole to update on conversation with Charity regarding some funding for the Youth Meetings.

                It has been decided that meetings will take place on the first Monday of each month, starting on Monday 7th March 2016. Clerk to book hall from 7 to 9pm

                The Clerk to obtain a DBR check.

9.                   Churchyard extension:

                Mr Chamberlain has now planted hedges, waiting for decision to be made on Mr Chamberlain’s offer of extra weed control. Area is very dense with nettle, thistle and cleavers. He has offered if we do not have this in our budget to do it FOC in April.

                Invoice has been received –councillors to decide on method of payment bearing in mind Mrs Mavis Porter has agreed to pay.

10.               Plaque for Village Hall defibrillator:

                Plaque for Mr Ken Brown – the plaque ceremony will take place on March 12th 2016 time not yet agreed. Mr Mole to feedback

11.               War Memorial

                Mr Cherry to confirm that work has not been completed and will chase it up if necessary.

12.               Parking in College Crescent

                Mr Cherry to report on site meeting on 3rd February 2016

13.               Door Step Selling

                Clerk is waiting for reply for Trading Standards, to be chased.

14.               Defibrillator for First Response Team

                Mrs Daly to follow up as where the delivery is. Update from Mrs Daly.

                Clerk reported still waiting for cheque from Ickford Parish Council, to chase.

15.               Bus services: 

                Mr Mole to update meeting

16.               Listing of The Royal Oak

                Any update?

17.               Neighbourhood Plan:

                Clerk to update.

                Mr Mole and Mr Kilpin to update following developments at local Parishes meeting on 22nd February.

18.               Devolution

Agreement to sign and be part of Tranche 2 of BCC devolution

Discussion on initial starting point for all devolved works – Mr Mole.

19.               Oakley C of E School building plans

Update from Mr Mole

20.               Parking in Elmwood Close

Complaints of almost permanent parking on pavements.

21.               The Turnpike Post Box relocation

Update from Mr Mole.

22.               43a Bicester Road

Grassed area, turned into mud patch by construction vehicles .

23.               Meetings:

Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

Wednesday 3rd February 15:00 - College Crescent parking site meeting (see agenda item 12)

Tuesday 9th February 10:00 – Parish council finance (precept) training (see agenda item 25)

Wednesday 10th February 19:00 - Haddenham LAF meeting

Thursday 11th February 19:00 - Elmwood Close planning follow-up meeting

Tuesday 23rd February 19:00 - Local Parish Councillors mtg. in Shabbington (see also agenda item 17)

Wednesday 24th February 19:00 – Strategic vision – Oakley School (see agenda item 19)

Future Meetings:

Thursday 3rd March 19:30 – community transport event, Waddesdon

Saturday 12th March (time t.b.a.) – ‘Official unveiling’ of Ken Brown memorial plaque. All Councillors invited.

Saturday 23rd April 10:00 – Buckinghamshire Remembers WWI – JM to attend.

24.               Correspondence:

Papers to Circulate:

·         10 Golden Points on why to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan

25.               Planning:

i)         New Planning Consultations:

ii)       Decisions since last meeting:

a.                    15/04333/APP - Royal Oak PH 2 Worminghall Road Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QY Two storey side and rear extensions and alterations to the existing building and its subdivision to create two 3-bedroom properties with parking and amenity space. OPC objected. Planning REFUSED in February 2016.

b.                   14/00519/APP – Worminghall - Land at Worminghall Road, Worminghall, Ickford HP18 9UN. APPEAL. The use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 3 no. gypsy pitch together with the formation of additional hard standing and 3 no. utility/dayrooms ancillary to that use and Stable block for the stabling of horses. AVDC Refused 15 Dec 2014. Appeal held by Planning Inspectorate on 29th September. Appeal was successful: Planning was APPROVED in February 2016 for the next 3 years before a review.

c.                    15/04374/APP – Land rear of 25 Oxford Road Oakley, HP18 9RD – Erection of dwelling and detached garage (Amendment to design, form siting and curtilage area of Plot 5 dwelling approved in outline under ref. 14/02880/APP and approved in detail under ref 15/02344/ADP. APPROVED in February 2016, work will start in May 2016.



iii)      Awaiting AVDC or Planning Inspectorate decision:

a.                    15/02299/AOP – OAKLEY – 58 Worminghall Road, Oakley, Bucks HP18 9QY – Outline application with access and layout to be considered and all other matters reserved for the demolition of the existing dwelling and the erection of two detached two storey dwellings with access, parking and amenity space. OPC no objection AVDC awaiting decision.

b.                   15/03473/APP – OAKLEY – Land adjacent and to rear of 22 Worminghall Road, Oakley HP18 9QY. Demolition of an existing pre-fabricated garage. Erection of two detached dwellings and detached garages and store Amendment to Planning Application 13/03429/APP for single rear addition to Plot 22A and conversion of side roof into en-suite). OPC: 2 Objections from Parish Councillor 4 No comments, 1 no vote. AVDC Awaiting decision.

c.                    15/03938/APP – OAKLEY – 20 Manor Road, Oakley HP18 9QT Erection of rear conservatory. OPC “no objection”. AVDC awaiting decision

d.                   15/04368/APP – New Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley HP18 9UR – Erection of detached dwelling with access, parking and amenity space (amendment to planning permissions 12/00161/AOP and 15/01638/ADP. OPC no objection-waiting AVDC Decision.

e.                   16/00141/AOP – Outline Planning Permission for 12 houses adjoining Elmwood Close. Out for circulation with OPC from 15.01.2016

f.                     16/00244/APP – 4 Mill Road, Oakley, HP18 9PX – Two Storey Extension. No objection OPC awaiting AVDC decision

26.               Accounts:

i)         Internal audit

Appointment of internal auditor, since Mr A. Walker is currently incapacitated.

ii)       Asset Register

Discussion on what needs to be on register and any steps required – Mr Kilpin.

iii)      Feedback and actions required from financial training course.

Discussion as to whether Parish Council PC/laptop to be purchased?

Other actions – Mr Kilpin

iv)      Monthly Cheques for January 2016:

Clerks Salary and Expenses (includes £47.54 for Mr Kilpin’s Course)      £233.32

EON paid by DD 11.02.2015                                                                             £204.65

Bucks Playing Field Ass                                                                                        £20.00

Mr N Chamberlain (tree planting)                                                                 £1089.06

Mr W Green Litter picking                                                                                  £35.00

Mr John Mole – copying and laminating Playing Field maps                         £30.00

TOTAL                                                                                                                £1594.03

27.               Any Other Business:

Applications for New Homes Bonus Funding. The NHB scheme will fund projects where there is a demonstrable need for significant capital investment or revenue to help with the provision of community amenities associated with growth and that have tangible benefits for the community. Potential applicants must complete an Expression of Interest form as early as possible in their project planning, available to complete online at:


Next Parish Council Meeting to be held at 7.30pm Tuesday 5th April 2016 at Oakley Village Hall