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September 2016


held on Tuesday 6th September 2016,

Meeting No: 2016/09

Public Session:

There were 3 parishioners in attendance.

Mr David Lewis the owner of Super Leggera Ltd, Bicester Road, Oakley attended the meeting with reference to the layby (which is common Land) opposite his site of business.

Mr Lewis explained that when he started his business at these premises he thought that he would receive more help than he has been given from the government regarding his Royal Patent for Hydrogen Injection.  He is now about to sign contracts re running big engines on 20% water and with this in mind will from time to time have artic lorries off loading at his premises.  He said that he wanted to “fit in with the community” and that he cared about the local community and what he needs is room to turn vehicles, he said by an artic parking in the opposite bay it would only be to off load, and in his opinion would be a relatively safer way than to have the lorries parked outside his premises offloading, were cars would have to overtake the stationary lorry.  He said he had grave concerns regarding the speed limit along the Bicester Road and asked if the Parish Council agreed that the speed limit should be lower than it is.  The Parish Council agreed that they would like to have the speed along this stretch of Bicester Road dropped to 30mph because of health and safety reasons and to reduce the chances of car/motor bike accidents, but they informed Mr Lewis that this had been tried in the past and was turned down by BCC.

Councillor Mr Kilpin said that the PC do not have a problem with Mr Lewis’s products that their only concerns were the health and safety implications of off-loading on the Bicester Road of passing cars and lorries.  He asked what was the alternative’s for off-loading if the lay-by was not used.  Mr Lewis said that a turntable was a possibility but realistically there was not enough room on their premises to turn Artic Lorries.  He added that now “Morgan’s” had closed perhaps there was a possibility of taking over these premises, but that he would have to look into this.

Chairman Mr Mole informed all that the mystery of the top soil disappearing was still a “mystery” but that he had since found out that as this is common land the parish council cannot fence off the layby, so alternative measures will have to be discussed.  Mr Mole also pointed out to Mr Lewis that the use of the layby was never in the original planning.  Mr Lewis agreed but did add that when buying the premises, the previous owner did use the layby as a selling point, although he now understands this was in correct.

No decisions were made except that both Mr Lewis and The Parish Council were in agreement that the speed limit along this part of the Bicester Road should be lowered.

A Parishioner asked what was happening re the perimeter path around the playing field?  Mr Mole explained that at present this was 3rd on the list for playing field requirements with the possibility of tennis courts or MUGA centre in 1st and 2nd place.


Chairman announced that the Oakley Parish Council Meeting would now take place at 07.54pm


09.01     Present:

Mr J Mole (Chairman), Councillors Mr P Kilpin, Mr D Pearce, Mr R Craddock Mrs M Daly (attending at 08.20pm) AVDC Councillor Mr M Rand and Mrs P Pointer Parish Clerk.

09.02     Apologies:

Parish Councillors Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman) Mr A Finn, Mrs A Macpherson BCC Councillors

09.03     Minutes of Oakley Parish Council’s last meeting held Tuesday 5th July 2016 were received, verified and approved (Proposed for signature by Mr P Kilpin and seconded by Mr J Mole)

09.04     BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TfB):

All Oakley Highway defects are shown under separate cover and will be displayed in the Notice Board and on Website

New defects to be reported:

09.05     Play Area/Playing Field:

i)           Proposal for Oakley Tennis Court and Multi Use Games Area

No decision made on site for Tennis Court or the Proposal for Multi Use Games Area it was decided this will take at next month’s meeting.

Mr Kilpin has passed the large area map of the playing field to Tennis Court group so they can plot their site proposal for the next meeting.

ii)         Use of Oakley Football pitch by Long Crendon Football Club.

Although a decision was made at the August Parish Council Meeting regarding this situation, Mr Mole explained that the Chairman of Long Crendon FC had asked if he could attend the October meeting to discuss.  Mr Mole has agreed he can attend.

iii)        Acorn Trail (footpath)

DC                                 Councillor Cherry reported he had been to see the resident’s garden that was said to flood due to the Acorn Trail.  He felt that the only course of action was to cut a channel in the path and put in a Acco drain.  Mr Cherry to speak with both Mr P. Morris and Mr S Genever.  No update available.

JM                                 Mr Mole has sent a tender to Mr K Condon re the path lighting – he will chase an update at next meeting.

iv)        Tractor shed base removal:

JM                                 Chairman has not been able to speak with Mr Mick Daly to see if it can be removed when he is working locally, so to be kept on the Agenda till next month.  NO UPDATE RECEIVED

v)         Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

PP                                 Clerk has now spoken with the Contractor and informed all that she has explained they need to meet to discuss the invoices/dates of cuts etc., Contractor has agreed to meet with Clerk next week when hopefully all will be sorted and invoices agreed to be paid.  Mr Mole agreed with the Clerk that once things have been agreed he will sign the Cheque for payment.

                                      Proposed for signing of mowing contractors Invoices once sorted was by Mrs Daly and seconded by Mr Kilpin, Clerk will do under the Chairman’s direction.

                                      Clerk showed the “Proposal/Quotation” received from Countrywide Maintenance in Nov 2015 re charges for cuts.  To be kept on file and added to November 2016 Agenda.

                                      Mr Ashurst discussed the Bowling Club’s Proposal for cutting of the Playing Field for the 2017 season.  He mentioned that they already cut two paths, and that the cuts by the contractor is not low enough, he said that as they already cut two paths they had discussed and agreed to put a proposal together for mowing all the playing field.  This would include the Children’s play area and football pitch but not the orchard. Mr Ashurst asked could the PC provide a map showing other area’s in the village that would need cutting, Chairman asked if a map could be passed to Mr Ashurst. It was agreed to be discussed again at the November Meeting.

vi)        Floodlight telegraph pole on playing field:

DC                                 It was agreed this pole will come down when the new lighting is done for the path and Mr Cherry will organise the contractors to ensure the electrics from the pole are sealed off safely.

09.06     Street Lights:

i)           Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:

2 x lights in College Crescent

1 x Brookside

Manor Road (M2)

ii)         New defects to report?


iii)        Light audit/Inspection

PP                                 Clerk asked to get in touch with Aylesbury Mains to get a quotation on a full light inspection in village

09.07     Local Crime:

No local crime to report

09.08     Youth Meeting:

                Mr Mole reported that Mr Durndell and received an invoice and we are still being charged for rental of

PP           village hall.  Clerk to check with Keith Walker.

Mrs Daly gave a report on the First Response team.  She informed all that she has been booked to give defib training at Worminghall.  Also she has given demonstrations over a two-day period at Brill Fete, which was very successful.  She also reported that 20 hours a month is required by First Responders in order to be able to keep the equipment.  It was pointed out that we had paid for the equipment so how could it be taken off us?  Mrs Daly explained that as it stands although we purchased the equipment it would be returned because only a fully qualified person can use it.

09.09.    Churchyard extension:

DC/DP    Mr Mole reported that extensive work has taken place at the Churchyard over the past 5 weeks, and that the spraying had now taken place, next thing will be to rotate.  Mr Cherry to speak with Mr Hunter. 

09.10     War Memorial:

DC           This work has not yet taken place. Mr Cherry to follow up.

09.11     Door Step Selling:

PP           Signs Ordered. Clerk to update at next meeting

09.12     Bus services:

PP           Clerk to email Survey of Bus Service Requirements to Councillors

09.13     Neighbourhood Plan:

PP           Clerk asked to email Shabbington and Ickford to see if they are still planning to continue with Neighbourhood Plan Scheme now that Worminghall have decided not to be a part of the cluster.

09.14     Aylesbury Vale Plan:

JM           Chairman said he would put together a response to AVDC

09.15     S106 Monies – funds for Oakley Village/School/Sports & Leisure

i)           Scouting hut refurbishment

Councillor Rand informed all he had received an email asking for his approval of the refurbishment, he had approved so it is ongoing.

ii)         Tennis Court application

Waiting approval of Application for Planning at Elmwood Close

iii)        Multi Use Games Area;

Mr Finn has emailed his quotation and this will be discussed at next month’s meeting

iv)        Education 106 money to Brill School: 

                                      Mr Mole said he had spoken with Mr Boyles of Worminghall, who has a similar issue, and he has informed him that the monies from the houses at Worminghall will also go to Brill School, Mr Boyles had said he had tried to fight it but the outcome remains the same.

09.16     Kissing Gates/Replacing Styles on footpaths:

Kissing Gates’ replacing styles on footpaths OAK/15/4 and OAK/12/6 in the village.  There was nothing new to report at this meeting.

09.17     Protection of Common Land:

Discussion on parking in layby on Thame Road, it was agreed this needs to move forward asap and will be

PP           discussed at next month’s meeting.  Clerk to speak with AVDC re the Knotweed situation.

09.18     Gigaclear:

No update from Gigaclear.  Mr Mole to now sort this himself, Clerk asked to remove from Agenda

09.19     Bench next to Church “looking tired”

                No update

09.20     Oakley Parish Council Annual Report

JM           Mr Mole informed all that he will pursue this in April 2017 (take off Agenda)

09.21     Computer for Oakley Parish Council

                Clerk informed all she now has the new Laptop and is in the process of setting up and moving files (take off Agenda)

09.22     Bus Shelter

PP/PK    Clerk informed all that she has received word from the Scout Group to say they would undertake the painting out of the graffiti in the Bus Shelter.  Mr Kilpin said he would purchase the paint when clerk informs him of the date the Scout Group will go ahead.

09.24     Bench in Oakley Village – proposed by Mr Keating

DC           No update as Mr Cherry not present.

09.25     School Hedge

                This work has been completed (take off Agenda)

09.26     Bonfire

                Mr Mole has written to the resident who complained (take off Agenda)

09.27     Proposals for meeting with Chief Executive/Bcc and Oakley Parish Council

PP           Streamlining local government in Buckinghamshire – Date agreed is Monday 24th October 2016 at 7.30.  Clerk to check if village hall is free and report back to Councillors.

09.28     Meetings:

Giga Clear Meeting was attending by Mr Mole – no update

09.29     Correspondence / Papers to Circulate:


09.30     Planning:

i) Planning matters:

Matters arising concerning planning are under separate cover and will be displayed on the Notice Board and on the Website.



09.31     Accounts:

                Monthly Cheques for August 2016:

Clerks Salary and Expenses                  £225.00

EON paid by DD 11.08.2016                £204.72

William Green (litter picking)                £15.00

Aylesbury Mains Ltd (BR3)                     £65.40

Mr R Craddock Expenses for

OPC Laptop                                             £367.97


TOTAL:                                                     £878.09


Proposed for payment by Mr R Craddock and seconded by Mr D Pearce


Countrywide Services x 4 Invoices

Invoice 630587                                           30.06.2016                  £1200.00

Invoice 634737                                           20.07.2016                  £ 900.00

Invoice 634723                                           20.07.2016                  £ 900.00

Invoice 635428                                           31.07.2016                  £ 900.00


Any Other Business?

DP                       Mr Pearce asked if the Parish Council required the hedges cutting in the Playing Field.  It was agreed that the Parish Council would like this completed.

PP                        Mr Kilpin asked could we order some signs for the Children’s Play Area stating no dogs allowed inside.  The signs showing at present only indicate no dog fouling. Clerk to purchase these.

JM                       Mrs Daly asked for the possibility of the MVAS camera being position on the Oxford Road heading out of the village.  She said 2 cats had been run over in the last couple of weeks, as the cars do tend to accelerate out of the village.  Mr Mole said he will speak with the MVAS group.

                            Mr Mole informed all that Alistair Brown was standing down from the Oakley Informer, if a replacement is not found then the Oakley Informer could finish.  Mr Brown deals with accounts and costing for the Oakley Informer.

PP                        It was noted that there is a dead tree behind Daniel Reeve’s bench in the playing field – Clerk asked to put on Agenda for next meeting.

                            It was noted that an application for Bicester Site 12 for Ridgewick Green (on opposite side) has been submitted.  One resident asked is there anyone at the County Council he could contact re this application.  Mr Mole said he will look through his emails and get back to him.  Mr Mole was asked would the Parish Council support an objection to this application the Parish Council agreed that they would.  Mr Rand added that there are meetings between Cherwell and BCC regarding these matters.


Time meeting ended: 09.05pm



Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 4th October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall