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September 2013





TUESDAY 3rd September 2013


1.      Present:     Councillors: Mr J Mole (Chairman) Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman),

R Craddock, P Kilpin, K Brown

Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)



2.      Apologies: Ms A MacPherson (BCC)

Mr M Rand (AVDC)

Mr D Pearce

Mr A Finn


3.      Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held on Tuesday 6th August 2013, were approved and signed.


4.      Matters Arising:

.1       Highways Department

a.Traffic Diversion

Mrs Pointer has received an email from Mr D Tole at OCC acknowledging receipt of letter and he stated he will be back to us in September to discuss.


b.To note current position

Potholes / Road Repairs:

List of road repairs and potholes, that have been reported, and that are outstanding: from email received on 03-09-2013 from Mr M Whincup BCC Highways Technician

Brill Road – Maple Court – footway repair (BCC is still awaiting programme dates for work to go ahead)

Oxford Road opposite No 5 Sewer Cover – work to be carried out this week

Oxford Road Nos 1 to 5 Footpath – still awaiting programme dates for work to go ahead)

Sun Crescent and Oxford Road, minor patches – should be carried out this week.

The Foresters – opposite no 3 - Drainage – BCC waiting for jetting machine to be in area, but is on the list.

Brill Road – Drainage – BCC waiting for jetting machine to be in area, but is on the list

The Foresters – Pot Holes

Brill Road – opposite Little London Farm - outstanding

PP                                Mrs Pointer to report all works to new email address ( to ensure all   Parish correspondence is logged on Highway System.


                                    d. Overgrown Hedges

                                    All reported last month have received letters

                                    Royal Oak, 51 Bicester Road and 10 Brookside are still outstanding


.2         Playing Area and Playing Fields:

a.      Report from Sub Committee for Play Field:

Orchard Progress

DC / DP                      The Garden Club has now cleared the rubbish from the fire and Mr Cherry and Mr Pearce will now use weed killer and rotavator again.

b.      Purchase of Goal Posts

c.       DC       Mr Cherry informed all that goal posts have now arrived and will speak to Mr Andrew Durndell regarding erecting the goal posts.

d.      Broken Piece from Children’s Slide

PP                               Mrs Pointer reported that a parishioner had kindly been in touch to report a broken piece on the new children’s slide. This will be reported to Wickstead Leisure. The meeting was informed the piece broken is cosmetic and does not endanger children using the slide.


                        .3          Street Lights

PP                               Bottom of Ashfield Rise – to be reported again as light is only working intermittently

The Nap and Elmwood Close – both have already reported.

PP                               To report 17 Worminghall Road, on permanently

PK                              To review Fenemore Close light, is it broken?


                        .4          Anti-Social Behaviour

It was reported that the allotments have recently been broken into and thieves took items of value from the sheds.


                        .5         Status of Devolved Services

a.       Payment for work on invoices to November 2012 – Email has been received confirming payment £2,916 should be received 2-3 days after 13th September 2013.


b.      Painting of panels prevented by long grass

This can now go ahead as Mr Cherry has strimmed the area.  Mr Cherry added that for safety reasons, the contractor should use a couple of bollards whilst work is being carried out.


c.       Devolved Service Arrangements with Town and Parish Councils:

JM                              Email received on feedback of arrangements - Mr Mole will follow up.


d.      Other 2012/2013 devolved actions:

JM                              Parish Council received list of outstanding work to be completed as result of devolved service. Mr Mole will follow up.


                           .6      Chandos Arms – Community Asset Update

PK                               Mr Kilpin reported that he has spoken with Alex Wright from CAMRA and he had recommended we should go ahead and complete forms to make The Chandos Arms a Community Asset.  He reported that by doing this it may reduce the market value of the pub slightly.

                                    Mr Wright will put Mr Kilpin in touch with CAMRA representative for High Wycombe who will send a copy of the form to help with our own application.


                            .7     Common Land

                                    Layby opposite IBS

PP                                IBS have been in touch after receipt of letter to inform that the 4 wooden blocks (identified as canal lock gates) were not placed in the layby by IBS – IBS very kindly offered to help the Parish Council remove them. Mrs Pointer will write letter thanking them for the offer and we will be in touch concerning their removal.

PP                                It was also noted at the meeting that IBS are now using the layby area for advertising and to keep pallets. Mrs Pointer will ask asking for these to be removed and to remind IBS that the layby is to be used for cars only.

Mr Mole reported that several Lime Trees opposite Stone Cottage at 11, Little London Green seem to have a fungal infection.

PP                                It was also noted that an email had been received by a resident in Elmwood Close regarding a dying Ash tree, which may have “Chalara dieback of ash”. Letter to be sent thanking him for information, but resident should not cut down tree and dispose of.

PP                                Mrs Pointer to report both to Sheila Keene BCC PAC Service lead officer.



    .8     Grass Cutting:

            Grass Cutting in Village by BCC:

Mr Mole reported the latest communication says BCC grass cutting within village, had now been reduced from thirteen cuts per year to TEN cuts per year; these will take place between May and September.  Outside the village, alongside road edges will only be cut 1 metre in alongside of road, three time a year..


JM/PP             .5         SID/Traffic Calming Measures

                   Mrs Pointer has emailed SWARCO and will order the posts from JPCS.


                        .6         Wheatley Park

Donation for Prize Giving – It was agreed the sum of £25 would be given from the Parish Council..


                           .7      Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

a.      None to report


            b.   Up and coming meetings:

            None to report.


                        .8         Correspondence:

a.      Papers to note:

Policy Consultation briefing on the Draft Deregulation Bill (via email)

Choosing Direction – draft strategic plan – Open Spaces (via email)

b.      Papers for Circulation:

                                    The Bulletin 31/35 /2013

                                    Traffic Calming in Buckinghamshire

                                    Oil-Club Oakley                     





It was reported that Oakley Parish Council have objected by letter to the AVDC Planning Department regarding the Royal Oak Planning Application.

Objections being on grounds of :

·         Demolition of historic Royal Oak building

·         Loss of central location in village to exclusive residential development

·         Inaccuracies of Planning Application

·         Over development of the site

·         Nature of the development

Mr Cherry praised Mr Mole for the time he had taken to put together the Objection Letter to the Planning department at AVDC and the manner in which he had written it.




                        10.       ACCOUNTS:

                                    Morris Contractors                   £     420.00

                                    Eon street lighting(dd)              £     153.61

                                    Mrs P Pointer                           £     193.40

                                    Limestone Landscapes             £     576.00

                                    Aylesbury Mains Ltd               £       80.14

Wheatley Park                         £       25.00


                                    TOTAL                                   £  1,148.15


                                    Accounts proposed for payment by Mr Cherry, seconded by Mr Brown


                                    Progress on change of name and address for Bank Statements:

This has now been corrected and all statements will now be received direct to Mrs Pointer.

The signatories for signing cheques have been updated, the names of Councillors currently eligible for signing are:

Mr J Mole

Mr D Cherry

Mr D Pearce


            11.                   Any Other Business


                                    Mr Cherry asked if the Diamond Jubilee Oak Tree at bottom of Brill Road was alive – Councillors informed him it was, but do not expect any new growth until 2014.


Email had been received and Mr Cherry also reported Worminghall Parish Council had requested if Oakley Village Hall could be used as part of their contingency plan in case of flooding.  It was agreed that this would be allowed and details of name and phone number of person with key will be emailed to Worminghall Parish Clerk.


Mr Mole reported he had received a letter from Sheila Keene BCC PAC Service Lead Officer regarding Oakley tree warden. This position is currently vacant, Council shall appoint at next meeting.


PP / JM                       Very large advertising signs have appeared around the village advertising a local village business Open Day, six weeks before the event. Whilst the Parish Council welcomes local ventures they normally permit signage three weeks prior to an Oakley village event, with a further one week to remove the signs. Strictly commercial advertising is not welcomed on signs around the village. PP to send letter informing business of this. JM to look at advertising these guidelines more widely, possible via the Oakley Informer


PP                               Email received regarding behaviour of a dog within the village  – Mr Mole informed all that this was not a Parish Council matter and that if residents of Oakley wish to report any troublesome dogs it should be done via the Dog Warden at Environmental Health Office of AVDC - telephone: 01296 585605  email: Mrs Pointer to reply with this information


Email also received from a resident of Oakley complaining about parking on Oxford Road around village hall entrance during Oakley Football Match on a Tuesday during August.  Unfortunately parking enforcement is not within the remit of the Parish Council and as there are no yellow lines along the Oxford Road area they are legally parked. However if cars are parked on pavements this is illegal and the matter should be reported to the Police.


Parishioner complained at meeting for length of time it has taken to order the MVAS machine, Mr Mole apologised and said comment had been duly noted.


The two following subjects were noted to be added to next month’s agenda:


Clerk’s salary review.


Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 1st October 2013


Meeting closed at 8.32pm


Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 1st October 2013 the minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole