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September 2010




Which was held on

Tuesday, 7th September  2010






Mr R Fennell, Mr D Pearce, Mr D Cherry,  Mr J Mole, Mr P Kilpin,


District Councillor Mr Michael Rand


No parishioners were present






 Mr A Finn, Mr G Hopcroft





Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd August  2010 were discussed and approved as an accurate account of the meeting, and signed by the Chairman.


















Matters Arising

Highways Department

·         Potholes

  • Several new potholes have been identified along the Thame Road, Worminghall Road and junction of Worminghall Road and Manor Road. All will be reported to Highways for repair.
  • It has been noted that a parishioner has been spraying white paint around the potholes that have been missed by Highways.

Other items to note (not highways)

  • Clerk to pursue the matter of salt bins and salt heaps in preparation for the winter frost.








Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road

·          Jordell have moved out of the unit along the Thame Road.  Parish Council to monitor the situation with new tenants.







Street Lights

·          Nothing reported this month.














Play Area/Playing Field

·         New signs for No Dogs to be installed on the gates of the play area of the playing field.

·         Councillor David Cherry is seeking funding for the new playground project.

·         Wicksteed are authorised to complete the annual safety inspection on the existing equipment.









Anti Social Behaviour

·          New bus timetables will be replaced in the bus shelter as soon as possible but the parish council had hoped to clean and paint the bus shelter.

·          Keys for the new bollard fitted to the entrance of the playing field are being made for groups that need access. 






Bucks Recycling

·          It has been noted that Fields are advertising this site for rent as Waste Transfer Sites.  Parish Council to write to Tim Fowler of AVDC requesting that he contact the license holder to request that the site be returned to original state and all the grass verges be reinstated before the incoming tenants arrive, thus giving clear indication of the property boundary.





Footpath along the front of the Church

·          This matter has now been addressed and will be removed from the agenda.








Jericho Farm

·          An application for minor amendments has been circulated to the councillors.  There is still no indication when this item will come before the Planning committee.











SID/Traffic Calming Measures

·          The costings for the new design for the pedestrian crossing on the Bicester Road have not yet been received from BCC due to the change of organisation and departments.  Clerk to keep hastening BCC for latest information.

·          New speed limits have been approved by the Area 11 Speed Review and will be put in place in November 2010.  However the councillors were disappointed that the 40 mph limit from the gates to Morleys Farm was not included.  Clerk to contact Transport for Buckinghamshire to ascertain the possibility of including this particularly as there are four access points in this short stretch of road.






Papers to note

  • AVDC:  Explanation of Precept dates






Papers for Circulation:

  • AVDC:  The Bulletin
  • AVDC:  Precept changes
  • AVDC:  Information about meetings
  • AVDC:  Licensing Act 2003 – Review of Licensing Policy Statement
  • AVDC:  Fundraising training for the voluntary & community sector
  • BCC:    Cabinet Member for Transport – Decision
  • BCC:     Postponed LTP3 Public Consultation
  • BELP:  Broadband survey
  • BALC:  New County Executive Officer
  • No Need for Nuclear campaign
  • Wind Power at Wingrave
  • Buckinghamshire Local History Network
  • Clerks & Councils Direct
  • The Playing Field







To note the following applications received:

(Decision made and to be noted from last meeting)


Jericho Farm Oxford Road Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9RG

Variation of conditions 1 to 4 of planning permission 03/00515/APP to include changes to shooting stand positions, acoustic shelters and changes to configuration of acoustic bunding

Minor amended plans.









To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:


10 Mill Road Oakley HP18 9PX

Conversion of existing garage into family room, new single garage and front entrance and first floor side extension.

Decision:  Permit      







The following accounts were approved for payment.   Proposed by D Cherry and seconded by  J Mole


E-On – Street Lights

M R Cross – Grass cutting (extra cut)

P J Honour – Forestry work

M R Cross – Grass cutting

M Kingsnorth























Any Other Business

Hedges around the village

·          The hedge from Morgans to the corner at Leatherslade Farm is becoming dangerous as vision is obscured on the bend.  Letter to Highways to request that this be cut back.

·          The hedge outside  21 Manor Road needs cutting back.  Request Highways to contact householder.







Signs around the village

·          It has been noted that many of the signs advertising events outside the village have not been removed.  Councillor David Cherry to try to contact the organisers.  These signs will be removed by the parish council if not removed by the owners.







·          It is requested that vehicles do not block the footpath.  All incidents will be reported to CPSO.  Please be advised that it is an offence to park on the  footpath.







Dogs on Little London Green

·          It has been noted that dogs are fouling the grass areas of Little London Green.  There are bins provided at the entrance to Little London Green.  The dog warden will be visiting the village at the request of the Parish Council.







Parking in College Crescent

·          The Parish Council have requested a meeting with the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust to see if there is any possibility of providing parking for the vehicles at the end of College Crescent.




Tree Planting

·          The date set for the Christmas Tree planting is Monday 4th October 2010.




Affordable Housing

·          The High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire is to visit the affordable housing on Thursday 16th September 2010 accompanied by Jean Fox of AVDC.







Royal Oak Public House

·          A date has not yet been set for this application to go before the Planning Committee.  The Parish Council has requested to be present.




NAG and LAF Meeting

·          The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 29th September  in the Bernard Hall,  Cuddington.




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday,

5th October 2010 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm