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September 2012




which was held on





Present: Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr P Kilpin, Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), Mr R Craddock,  Mr K Brown, Marian Griffiths (Parish Clerk) and Pat Pointer (New Parish Clerk).


6 parishioners, including representatives from Oakley Gardening Club, Oakley Pre-School and Oakley Traffic Action group




Apologies: Mr D Pearce and Mr A Finn




Minutes of the Last Meeting:


The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 7th August 2012, were approved and signed.


Mr J Mole welcomed Pat Pointer as the new Parish Clerk and thanked Marian Griffiths for her time as Parish Clerk





Matters Arising:




























Action PP


Highways Department



Mr Mole and Mr Kilpin met with Mr D Smith of BCC and walked around village, most of the pot holes they were already aware of, any new ones were added to the list


Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Kerb Setts

As noted in last month’s minutes Mr D Cherry obtained quotation for kerb setts, it was decided this would be filed until end of the year.


Spending of the money from BCC for work in the village on the cutting back of hedges etc.,

During the meeting with Mr D Smith (BCC) it was decided that in order for work to be carried out we would have to raise a Work Order for each job and submit to Mr D Smith.  At the end of a period that has yet to be agreed, when work orders are complete monies will be received.

It was agreed that a Standard Work Order template needs to be drafted

Mr D Smith has not received the Devolved Budget form, MG said she had returned it, but would check he has received it.


Highway to front of Turnpike

It was agreed Clerk needs to write to Mr Alistair Jones regarding stones on said layby, we have established that it is BCC land and that Mr Alistair Jones will be liable if anyone falls or car is damaged.



There is an issue with the pavement breaking up outside 19 and 19a Brill Road, the concrete pavement is the responsibility of the two houses. It was reported that Mr D Smith will be writing to the occupiers.































Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Willows Opposite Leatherslade Farm

Mr Mole advised that he had discussed the trees with Mr D Smith, the trees will not be taken down, BCC will wait until it falls down. – Take off Agenda List


Horton Cars

Permitted users license only allows maintenance to be carried out on cars – not sales.  This needs to be passed back to BCC planning for correct permissions.


Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge

Mr Mole will pass to Mr Finn to see if we can take advantage of grants on offer, to drain pitch.



























PP Action





























Play Area/Playing Field.


New play area:- The revised application has been submitted and that the closing date is the end of August and a decision will be made by the end of November.


Pre School Mowing

It was discussed that a complaint had been made with regard to the grass looking a little less tidy than normal.  Pre School explained that they have a budget and organise for a certain amount of cuts per year, unfortunately with the summer rains this year it is true that the normal amounts of cuts drawn up for the summer schedule has obviously not been enough.

It was decided that if we have the same problem next year then we will have to re look at the situation.


New Tractor Shed

Mr Durndell will finish this project in the next couple of days.  We have received no complaints regarding the size of the tractor shed.  Discussion took place regarding the old Tractor Shed – Does it stay or does it go?  Parish Council would be happy to see it go, it was decided to add to agenda for next meeting. 


Community Orchard

The Gardening Club, reported that the Orchard Project was on hold at present as a problem has arisen with a certain weed called Himalayan Balsam, this has to be treated as contaminated waste according to section 9 of the Country Act.  Discussion took place as to the best way forward and a suggestion was made that in the Spring a “Weed Pulling” day could be organised.  It was noted that the Gardening Club have passed this problem on to the Parish Council to deal with and the Parish Council agreed to put on hold until a letter had been sent to the Environmental Agency.






JM to Action


Street Lights

Elmwood Close Close, light at top of garden on No.9 – This is Hastoe’s responsibility, JM to talk to Hastoe’s.





Anti Social Behaviour

It was reported by Mr Mole that the police had informed him of a several items (including a child’s bike) stolen last weekend and left by Manor Farm.

There was also a bottle thrown in Anne Welsh’s garden.




Camo Skips

Emails shown be Marian – still ongoing – leave on agenda.





No money as yet – Next March – leave on Agenda






Signs around the village

Mr Cherry to ring to get Bucks County Show signs taken down.










Devolved Services

It was discussed that equipment may need to be bought to provide this service for example, Hedge Cutters, etc., Can we buy this equipment from the money supplied from BCC for devolved services.

It was agreed we needed to ask Mr D Smith.




Scout Hut Lights

Take off Agenda.





Jericho Farm

No new developments.





SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Discussions took place regarding purchase of a moveable VAS, this will be battery operated.  There would be 3 sites around the village that the VAS would be alternately moved to and of course we would need a person to be involved in this process.  It was decided a separate meeting needs to be arranged to discuss all matters relating to the VAS

It was also noted that we need to contact Mr D Smith and ask questions regarding the cost of VAS and posts (we will need 3 posts) we need to know what is actually included in the price for the £4.5K –




Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Mr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date to give the family time to grieve.








For Circulation:

Hot Topics in Buckinghamshire

Letter re community Oil Buying Club

Letter regarding Gas Fracking in Aylesbury Vale

Open days to show Eco-Refurbishment










To note the following applications received:


Moorleys Farm, Thame Road, Oakley

Proposed new Office Building

Decision: No Objection


65 College Crescent, Oakley

Single Storey front and rear extension

Decision: No Objection




  2     To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

         Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use


         64 Worminghall Road, Oakley

         Single storey side extension to existing integral rear garage to

         create garden store and replacement of front detached garage, with

         triple garages.

         Decision: Permit                           


         Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use


         4 Mill Road, Oakley

         Part two-storey part single storey rear extension.  Application for time

         Extension of extant planning permission 09/00894/APP

         Decision: Permit






The following accounts were approved for payment:






Mr A Finn

Alicia Green 02.09.2012

Aylesbury Mains Ltd

Alicia Green 03.09.2012

































Any Other Business


Mr Brown advised of the state of some of the footpaths around the village.

It was noted that Parish Council is aware of list of these and they are being duly ploughed through.


Mr Mole advised that we needed to find some space within the Village Hall to store files for the Parish Council as there are too many files to expect them to be kept at the Clerk’s home. It was agreed that JM would talk to Mr Finn about this.


 Mr Mole advised that Hastoe’s have not kept to the agreement regarding “affordable housing” this being that if a property becomes vacant they would offer re housing in the first instance to someone from the village. Mr Mole informed all that both he and Mr Kilpin had a meeting arranged with Hastoe’s for 6th September 2012 were they will be clarifying the waiting list system.



Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday,  2nd October at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm