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October 2014





1.       Open Question Time for Parishioners

Residents attended the meeting and gave an update on their progress to raise awareness in the village of the possibilities of future uses of the Playing Field. They informed the Counsellors that they had produced a survey which they would like to distribute around the village, as well as giving residents the opportunity to fill in the survey on line. A copy of the survey was shown to the Councillors. Examples of future projects on the questionnaire are:

·         Bowling Green

·         Tennis Courts

·         Skate Park

·         Outside Gym

All Councillors agreed this was a very good idea, but did point out that there was not a need to have the Bowling Green question on the survey as the Bowling Club had already completed a survey recording residents’ opinions on development and the results had been made public at the Bowling Club Open meeting. The Parish Council had unanimously agreed in 2013 on the bowling green project to go ahead, subject to grants being obtained and a survey of the village to demonstrate support.

Discussions took place regarding obtaining grants for future projects Councillor Mr Finn offered his help to the group when the time comes for preparing the forms. Chairman Mr Mole pointed out that the next LAF meeting is 17th December 2014 and is doubtful there would be any funds left to obtain, so it would probably be next year’s funding before we could apply again.

It was suggested by the Councillors that the survey is carried out. Then to hold discussions and make decisions on what other developments to go for in the future. It was emphasised that time needs to be spent putting together a really solid case for funding.

2.       Present:

Chairman: Mr J Mole, Councillors: Mr P Kilpin, Mr A. Finn, Mr D Pearce, Mr R Craddock.

Clerk Mrs P Pointer. 

Mr Michael Rand (AVDC councillor).

5 Parishioners

3.       Apologies:

Vice Chairman Mr D Cherry and Councillor Mrs M Daly

4.       Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 2nd September 2014 were approved. Proposed by Councillor Mr Pearce and seconded by Councillor Mr Craddock that minutes to be duly signed.

5.       Matters arising:

i)                    BCC Highways Department:
Update from Mr P Foot (Bucks County Council, Transport for Bucks) in italics.

ii)                   Reported defects/potholes

                                Pavement Brill Road/Maple Court - Defect still outstanding - Stuart Campbell, Bucks C.C. Highways

                                Local Area Technician (SC) aware - We are awaiting confirmation of resource availability

                                Sewer covers opp. No. 5 Oxford Road - still outstanding - This has been reported to Thames Water.

                                Drains Brill Road – request for jetting - still outstanding - An order has been issued. Will chase

                                The Turnpike – outside No 1 will be resurfaced --Marked up and order issued – temporary road

                                closure required.

                                White lining and cat’s eyes at The Foresters - In discussion with supervisor re: need for road closure

                                Drain cover corner of Orchard Close and Mill Road collapsed Works ordered

                                Drain cover corner of Fenemore Close and Mill Road cracked Works ordered

PP                          Pot hole opposite 27 Worminghall Road, Recently inspected – No Cat 1 defects, remove from list

                                Pavement either side of 27 Worminghall Road is in need of repairSmall area requiring treatment,

                                low priority

PP                          Trees overhanging Bicester Road (looking from Manor Road junction towards the church).

                                This is restricting the view for drivers pulling out into Bicester Road from Manor Road and needs

                                urgent attention. PP to Inform BCC that these trees belong to the owner of Manor Farm.

                                White railing along Bicester Road (opposite church but nearer to Manor Road turning) one railing is

                                broken and in need of repair.     Order has been raised for repair.

PP                          Brook on Bicester Road opposite church (along to and around turning for Manor Road (both sidesof

                                Manor Road junction) This Brook needs cleaning as soon as possible, as when weather changes for

                                autumn, if not cleaned then Bicester Road will flood. The brook is the responsibility owner of Manor

                                Farm. PP to inform owner.

                                Manor Road drain cover is rattling: To be inspected by BCC.

                                Manor Road Pavement – opposite Manor Farm - about a year ago work was carried out by the

                                Water board and now the pavement is crumbling and falling apart. To be inspected by BCC

a)        Drop kerb at Manor Farm entrance:

Waiting to reply from Mr Curtis

b)          Any new defects to report?

RC                          It was reported that there was a large pothole near Jericho Farm, Councillor Mr Craddock to check site.

iii)                 Mowing of verges by Bucks County Council (BCC)

PP                          Mr Finn has spoken with Countrywide Maintenance regarding mowing of verges.  Mr Finn

                                requested from Clerk the map area for Worminghall Road. Mr Finn informed all that there would

                                be probably a 1 to 2 % more than cost at present.

iv)                 Update on Cluster in Oakley Ward and devolution

JM                          Mr Mole reported that he and the clerk attended a meeting with Worminghall Parish Council

                                Chairman and Clerk, unfortunately Shabbington and Ickford could not make the meeting. It was

                                decided to look at the advantages of performing the various tasks, with the money allocated by

                                BCC. Mr Mole to attend BCC Devolution Meeting on Wednesday 15th October 2014 and report

                                back on progress at next council meeting.

v)                  Overhanging Hedges:
Letters sent to residents of Brookside – check for next month on progress


6.       Play Area/Playing Field:

i)                    Oakley Playing Field Sub Committee
The sub-committee did not meet in the last month.

ii)                   Email received from resident regarding ditches in playing field. Mr Cherry sent a report that ditches were flowing, albeit looking overgrown. The reported Himalayan Balsam was not seen.

iii)                 No update from Councillor Mrs Daly re Skate Park

MD                        Councillor Mrs Daly will report next month

iv)                 Clerk has requested from Wickstead Leisure to carry out works on Children’s Playground

v)                  Waiting for post for Dog Waste Bin – Post has been ordered delivery within 12 days. – take off agenda.

vi)                 Dog fouling signs

RC                          4 Aluminium dog fouling signs now received – take off agenda. RC to fix

Footpath in Playing Field:

vii)               LAF funding has now been received.

JM          viii)         the path has been named, by the school, as Acorn Trail. Mr Mole to approach Highways for a sign.

AF                          Councillor Mr Finn suggested that we need a sign for the children’s play area with details of who to

                                contact etc., in case of emergency.  He is going to get an example of the type of sign required.

ix)                 Mowing of football pitch:

AF                          Clerk has asked Countryside Mowing to cut grass on football pitch.  Mr Finn is to speak with

                                Andrew Durndell about the state of the pitch.

x)                  Gardening Club:

AF                          Email received from resident re grass cutting by Orchard in playing field. Mr Finn to speak with

                                Countrywide when he has the updated map from the Clerk.

xi)                 Bowling Green

                                Request from Bowling Club for a confirmation letter to be issued by Oakley Parish Council for the

                                additional £5000 needed, subject to Wren awarding the £50k grant. Discussion took place

                                regarding 106 Fund and it was agreed that no decisions would be made until the following has

                                been asked.

JM                          a) Mr Mole to check with Bowling Club to ascertain what the money is for.

AF                           b) Mr Finn to speak to Mr Hudson at BCC regarding availability of 106 Fund

xii)               Hedge cutting near to bowling green area / Lynnens View.

ALL                         Councillor Mr Pearce has organised and completed the hedge trimming around the playing field. All

                                Councillors to inspect the hedge to see if it needs more severe cutback.


7.       Street Lights defects:

i)                    Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps:

Still waiting response regarding quotation:

·         Bicester Road, Churchfield House, between: Bicester Road 7 (BT7) – The Nap turn and Bicester Road 8 (BT8) – Church entrance – Bicester side.  There is an electricity pole in the right place.

·         Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity nearby

·         17 Brill Road – no electricity pole nearby

ii)                  New defects

PP                          Mr Cherry reported that tree, obscuring street light BT10 opp. Rambler’s Cottage, does not belong

                                to Glebe Trust. Clerk to inform BCC (Highways) the tree needs cutting.

8.       Common Land:

i)                    Layby opposite old ‘IBS site’ on Thame Road

JM / DC                Quotes from RSH and Mr Gollins to remove layby had been received but were not available at the meeting. Discussion took place on the need to act quickly and it was decided to proceed with the lowest quote. Councillors Mole and Cherry, who obtained the quotes, to advise clerk on next step.

9.       Anti-Social Behaviour

                None reported

10.      Churchyard Extension

DP          It was agreed by vote to go ahead with Mr Pearce’s quote (the cheaper quote). Mr Pearce has a full schedule at minute and will schedule the work in the New Year, DP to supply agreeable date for work to begin.

11.      Defibrillator for Oakley Village:

PP          It was agreed to go ahead and order Defibrillator machines and cases from South Ambulance as they had the cheaper quotation. Clerk to order.

JM          Money received from Sue Britnell re family bike ride £26.50 to add to fund.  Councillor Mr Mole reported he had a further £16 in cash to add to the fund.

12.      LAF bid for Youth Theatre Group
LAF bid was successful and the sum of £1700 has been given (Oakley Parish Councils contribution is £200). Congratulations were given to Mrs Daly and Oakley Players

13.      SID/Traffic Calming Measures:

JM          MVAS team require a central secure storage area for their equipment It was decided that when new shed is installed some space would be given for the storage of equipment. Cost of extra posts for MVAS machine – Clerk informed the Councillors of the costs for new posts and it was agreed that Oakley Parish Council would not go ahead with the purchase of further posts partly because of cost and partly because it was felt that they would be an eye sore around the village when they did not have the MVAS machine attached to them. Mr Mole to feed back to OTAG

14.   War Memorial Cleaning

                Clerk has taken photographs of War Memorial and filled in form for grant but is waiting for the two quotations for Inscription renewal of War Memorial the clerk informed all that unfortunately the inscription renewal will not go ahead before November as there is a waiting list for quotations.

PP          Clerk to order Wreath for November.

15.   Poor’s Piece Charity

Mrs Beryl Neal has resigned and Mr Kilpin has kindly offered to take it on.

16.   Meetings:

Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

External Meetings held since last Parish Council meeting:

Sun 14th September 2014            Civic Service to be held at Brill All Saints Church (JM)

Mon 15th September 2014          Oakley Informer meeting (JM)

Fri 19th September 2014               Precept Workshop

Wed 24th September 2014          Local Area Forum (at Worminghall) (JM, DC, MD)

Thu 25th September 2014            AVDC Housing Association

Mon 29th September 2014          Cluster meeting / Update from BRAG (JM)

Mon 6th October 2014                   Visit by the Planning Inspectorate – Royal Oak (JM)


Up and coming meetings:

Sat 11th October 2014                    Bucks Great War Commemoration Group – Viney House, Aylesbury 10:00am (JM)

Sat 11th October 2014                  Open weekend at Ashendon – Multi Use Games Area

Mon 13th October 2014               MVAS meeting (Chandos Arms) (JM)

Wed 15th October 2014               Parish Devolution proposal in County Hall, Aylesbury (JM)

Tue 11th November 2014             AVDC Precept workshop (Aylesbury) (PK)

Wed 17th December 2014          Local Area Forum (at Cuddington) (JM, DC)

Tue 24th February 2015               Bucks Funding Fair - 5.30pm @ Gateway, Aylesbury


17.   Correspondence:

i)                    Papers to Note:

Town and parish devolution: Summary of the proposed approach in Buckinghamshire


ii)                   Papers for Circulation:

LCR Magazine

Letter from Chiltern Sports Contractors (FYI Councillor Daly)


18.   Planning:


13/01970/APP – Oakley

Demolition of Royal Oak P.H. and building of 5 dwellings

OBJECTION FROM OPC – Awaiting Planning Inspectorate visit and decision

Visit has taken place by the Inspectorate and we are waiting the outcome of his visit.


14/00641/APP – Oakley

Units 7, 8 and 9 Manor Farm, 1 Manor Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QD

Conversion and extension of farm building into 3 residential units - amendment to 09/00244/APP retrospective

OBJECTION FROM OPC – 3 x Parking spaces have now added – check it has been approved, then take off Agenda


Land at Worminghall Road, Worminghall, Ickford HP18 9UN

The use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 3 no. gypsy pitch together with the formation of additional hard standing and 3 no. utility/dayrooms ancillary to that use and Stable block for the stabling of horses..

OBJECTION from OPC – Discussion took place regarding Bucks County Council and the disappointment felt by OPC with regards to their withdrawal of their objections to the Gypsy Site.  Also Chairman Mr Mole raised the point that Worminghall Parish Council have asked for a contribution to their fund from Oakley Parish Council.  It was agreed that this would be deferred to a later date.

New buildings being erected opposite Cat’s Brain Farm

Status update – Councillors took a look at Arial photo graphs and it was decided that at present no immediate action should take place – Take off Agenda 



19.   Accounts:

Received into Bank Account 25th September 2014 – Precept from AVDC £7,725.00

Received from Village Hall Ass. For supply and installation of short door     £475.00

Payment of Grant from LAF for Playing Field Footpath                                    £9,700.00

TOTAL:                                                                                                                                £17,900.00


The following accounts to be approved for payment:


EON paid by Direct Debit (12/09/2014)                                                                       £153.89

Cheques written for month of October 2014:

Clerks Salary & Expenses                                                                                                  £232.44

Country Wide Services                                                                                                      £264.00

Alicia Green (Litter) July payment                                                                                   £15.00

AVDC Play around the Parishes                                                                                     £130.00

Windmill Windows (UK) Ltd (Supply & install short door)                                   £570.00

TOTAL:                                                                                                                                  £1,365.33

Please note: Total Amount of £2,726.50 has been banked into the Oakley Parish Council Lloyds Bank Account this money is the money raised for the Defibrillator fund, £110.00 has been paid out to Oakley Social Centre for hire of hall for K Brown’s tribute night) Total now in bank is £2,616.50 anymore funds added will be banked and noted in future minutes of Parish Council Meeting.  Amount of £26.50 still to be banked plus £16 to be given to Clerk from Mr. Mole.

Accounts Proposed to be paid by Councillor Mr Craddock and seconded by Councillor Mr Kilpin



20.   Any Other Business:

MR      Discussion took place regarding resale of properties on Affordable Housing in the Village. The concerns of the Parish Council are that we could eventually have six people in these properties who do not have any connection to the village. Mr Michael Rand (AVDC) said he will get back to us as he cannot see that the houses would end up on the open market.

JM       Councillor Mr Mole reported that Hastoes have again increased the price of the Service Charge on the properties. He offered to speak with Hastoe’s regarding this.

             An email has been received from Scouts asking for a new Scout Hut.  – It was decided to ask if we could add it to the survey being carried out on playing field.

PP       Email received from resident in College Crescent with several concerns over parking and speeding, email was read out to Parish Councillors and Clerk to reply.




Meeting closed at 09.44 pm