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October 2013





TUESDAY 1st October 2013



1.       Present: Councillors: 

Mr J Mole (Chairman) Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman)

Mr P Kilpin, Mr K Brown, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn

Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)

Mr M Rand (AVDC)


2.       Apologies:

Mr R Craddock

Ms A MacPherson (Bucks County Council)


3.       Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held on Tuesday 3rd September 2013, were approved and signed.


4.       Matters Arising:

.1             Highways Department:

Traffic Diversion:

Mrs Pointer has received an email from Mr D Tole at Oxfordshire County Council which Mr Mole read to all. It said that repairs to Shabbington Bridge would probably not take place before 2017/2018 at the earliest, so with this in mind Mr Tole will speak with BCC Highways Department to see if a better route could be sourced in order to cut down the traffic coming through Oakley Village.


                                It was reported that Sun Crescent has now been repaired

                                Oxford Road and all other reported potholes are still outstanding

                                We are also still awaiting drain clearance at Foresters and on the Brill Road.

New defect reported:  Hole in road opposite Manor Farm Pond – CRN 423957 (ticket number: 8001076301).

Overgrown Hedges:

PP                           Royal Oak, Worminghall Road – still uncut, despite letters to owners and the owner’s agent.

Mr A Finn has reported the matter to Mr M Whincup at BCC – Mrs Pointer was asked to follow up with another email to Mr Whincup.

51 Bicester Road and 10 Brookside – Mr Mole has trimmed these hedges.

No new overgrown hedges were reported.


                .2             Play Area/Playing Field

                                Orchard Progress:

DP                          It was reported the application of weed killer had not taken place because Mr Pearce’s tractor cannot get access into the playing field via Mr Hopcroft’s because of building works taking place.  This task will be completed at a later day.

DC                          Discussion took place regarding Right of Way from Mr Hopcroft’s new road into the Playing Field.  Mr Cherry to speak with Mr Hopcroft.

                                Update on Goal Posts:

                                Goal Posts have now been erected and are being used as intended (for any users of playing field, not just Oakley United) – Mr Cherry will continue to monitor usage. Grant money will be received within the next week.  VAT to be claimed back. The old goal posts have not yet been dismantled. This can now be taken off agenda.

Broken piece from Children’s Slide.

Mrs Pointer reported that Wicksteed Leisure have been in touch to confirm a maintenance engineer will be attending site to repair.


.3             Street Lights:

                                All light repairs reported last month have now been repaired.

                                Discussion took place regarding the light repair still outstanding outside 23 Oxford Road.

PP/KB                   Mrs Pointer to contact the Contractors used by Scottish Power to discuss have the electricity returned to the lamp.  (Mr Brown to acquire information on the contractors for Mrs Pointer).

Any new to report:

PP                           The light outside 15 Worminghall Road is not working.


                .4             Anti-Social Behaviour

                                None to report.


                .5             Status of Devolved Services:

                                Payment has now been received for the November Invoices to Ringway Jacobs

JM/PP                   Outstanding work to be reviewed by Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer.

                                It was discussed that Volunteers were needed in the village to help keep footpaths etc., clear.

JM                          It was decided Mr Mole will list tasks to be done in the Oakley Informer, to see if any volunteers will come forward.


                .6             Chandos Arms – Community Asset

JM / PK                 Mr Kilpin has now completed the form and asked Mr Mole to “look it over” before it is submitted.


               .7              Common Land:

PP                           Layby along Thame Road: – No response has been received from Oxford Reclaim Stone (ex-IBS) regarding letter sent asking them to remove advertising signs and pallets from the layby. It was pointed out that Oxford Reclaim Stone has never had permission to use the layby, it had only been granted to its predecessor IBS. It was decided to send one more letter stating a date by which the layby must be cleared. If this letter is not adhered to then permission to use the layby will be withdrawn and the Parish Council will revert the area to a grassed verge. Mrs Pointer to send letter.

                                It was also suggested that the Parish Council write to the letting agents “Fields” to ensure they are aware, that when finding new owners/tenants for the vacant unit that it is emphasized that the layby is for car parking only, and that is once the tenant has received permission from the Parish Council to use the area.

                                Diseased Trees:  Both the lime trees in Little London Green and the ash tree in Elmwood Close have been reported to the appropriate department at BCC and we are waiting a report.


5.       SID/Traffic Calming Measures

MVAS machine and posts have now been ordered and we are awaiting Proforma Invoice. As soon as this is received a cheque will be issued immediately to cover payment.

Mr Mole informed all that he had decided to “upgrade” the order of the MVAS machine to the 001 machine – which can flash either 30 and 40 mph, rather than just the 30mph sign.  This has cost an extra £40, but would mean if we ever wished to install a post at the Foresters the same machine can be used.


6.       Wheatley Park School

Letter of thanks received from Wheatley Park School for the donation made by Oakley Parish Council for their up and coming “Prize Giving” event.


7.       Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors:

Oakley Scout Group Meeting – 19th September – attended by Mr Mole.

Mr Mole reported that Oakley Scout Group had interviewed him with questions regarding the village and the future of the village.  He commented that he was very impressed with the maturity and obvious work the Scouts had put into this “Question Time”.

The Scouts are at present working for their “Community Badge” so Mr Mole has informed them that they may “trim up” the area around the Church as part of gaining their Community Badge.

JM                          LAF Meeting – attended by Mr J Mole

Mr Mole informed all that at present it was reported that there is an amount of £3000 available until the end of October, still to be used for villages in the area.  Suggestions given at meeting for us to apply for money for were: Money to help with the running of the doctor/hospital car service in the village and possibility of help for the New “Young Drama Group”. Mr Mole to speak with appropriate persons. Agenda/minutes to be circulated

                                Aylesbury Vale Association of Local Councils – 25th September 2013 – attended by Mr Mole

Mr Mole informed all that he attended this meeting as there was stand called BEST, built environment services team, featuring “planning advice”. The consultancy offered by BEST was for more groups (including councils) making planning applications, rather than offering guidance for Parish Councils on applications they need to review. Details to be circulated.


8.       Up and coming meetings?

AGM for Buckinghamshire Playing Field Association to be held on Monday 7th October 2013


9.       Signs around the village:

Monitoring of signs will continue and Mr Mole to confirm an article to be put into Oakley Informer with guidelines on size and time signs allowed to be displayed.


10.   Street Naming and & Numbering

PP                           A Letter has been received from AVDC regarding the street naming for the 3 dwellings to the rear of 25 Oxford Road, the name suggested, by the developer, is Linnens View. The Parish Council decided that the suggested name was certainly appropriate, however the actual spelling of the name should be Lynnens View, in line with details on the 1880 Ordnance Survey map .  Mrs Pointer to reply to letter informing AVDC of this.


11.   Clerks Salary

This was discussed by Councillors without Mrs Pointer present. It was proposed by Mr Cherry and seconded by Mr Finn that the clerk’s salary should be raised from £180 per month to £220 per month – it was agreed this is justified because of the increase in work load of the position, mainly caused by ‘explosion’ of correspondence now received via electronic mail.


12.   Fracking:

It was noted that Oakley is in the zone and has been identified as a suitable area for fracking.

Although this does not necessarily mean it will take place.


13.   Remembrance Sunday

PP                           Mrs Pointer to order the wreath for Remembrance Sunday.


14.   Correspondence:

a.       Papers to Note:


b.      Papers for Circulation:

Buckinghamshire Playing Fields Association Annual Report 2012-2013

The Bulletin 36/37/38/39 2013

LCR Magazine

Clerks and Councils

Wheatley Park Letter of “Thanks”

Trinity Health Notice

LAF Meeting agend/minutes

Aylesbury Vale Association of Local Councils – Best consultancy

Proposal for Bowling Green area



               Ref: 13/02568/AGN

                New Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley Bucks HP18 9UR

               Erection of one general purpose agricultural building


16.   Accounts:

                                   E-On Street Lighting (dd)                                              £   153.61

                                   Mrs P Pointer – Clerks Salary & Expenses              £   185.00

                                   Mark Harrod (Goalposts)                                              £3,049.20

                                   Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                                       £     81.02

                                   Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                                       £     54.47

                                   Mazars (Parish Council Accounts)                             £   240.00

                                   Alicia Green                                                                        £     25.00

                                   L F Pearce & Son                                                               £   108.00

                                   Limestone Landscapes                                                  £   288.00

                                   TOTAL                                                                                   £4,184.43


                                   Payments of Accounts Proposed by Mr Cherry and Seconded by Mr Mole


                                   Payments received in September 2013:

                                   Ringway Jacob (devolved services)                          £2,916.69

                                   AVDC (Precept 2013/2014)                                          £7,191.80



17.   Any Other Business

                It was asked whether the grass area in College Crescent would be changed into a car parking

area – The answer to this question is no because BCC say it is not viable to do so, as we would not gain enough parking area.


Mr Cherry informed all that received Mr Ashurst’s report regarding a new bowling green in the village playing field. He informed all that it is a very good well written report, and it was circulated to councillors. He requested that all Councillors read it and the topic is placed on the agenda for discussion at next Parish Council Meeting.


Mr Mole informed all that at the recent Scout Meeting (reported above in 7.) he was asked the question by one of the Scouts “What is the Oakley Parish Council 5 year plan?” Mr Mole suggested that all Councillors think about this and the subject be added to the agenda for next Parish Council Meeting.


JM                          It was reported by Mr Mole that Jean Fox – (from Affordable Housing) asked if we required any further ‘Affordable Housing’ in the village. It was agreed that we would need to know through Hastoe’s the “turnover” of the rented property and the waiting lists for such properties.


PK                           It was reported that at present Mr Pearce receives all information regarding Trees etc., from AVDC.  Mr Kiplin offered to look at the information and will consider the possibility of becoming the Village tree warden.


PP                           It was reported that a dog owner in the village had reported to Mr Mole that the pavement outside 95 College Crescent was being uplifted by roots from the tree.  Mrs Pointer to report to Highways Department.


                                Mr Michael Rand informed all that he will lose his Ward when the district boundaries are moved. Unfortunately it was decided that Oakley Parish Council had no real grounds to object to the up and coming boundary change decisions.


Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 5th November 2013


Meeting closed at 10.05pm



Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 1st October 2013 the minutes will be

ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole