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October 2012




which was held on

Tuesday 2nd October 2012




Present:  Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman)  Mr P Kilpin,  Mr R Craddock,  Mr K Brown, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn and Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk).


6 parishioners, including representatives from Oakley Gardening Club,  Oakley Traffic Action group




Apologies: Mr J Mole and Mr Michael Rand




Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 4th September 2012, were approved and signed.



Matters Arising:


















Highways Department

To note current position


It was noted that work on the potholes has begun in the village, and the list will be worked through until completed.

Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Kerb Setts

As noted in last month’s minutes Mr D Cherry obtained quotation for kerb setts, it was decided this would be filed until end of the year.

Highway to front of Turnpike

It was noted that in August Minutes for the Oakley Informer it was reported that Mr A Jones stated that he “claimed” the lay-by to the front of the Turnpike. This was not the case and a letter of apology has been sent to Mr A Jones.


























Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

It was noted that we are still having problems with large lorries off loading and loading on Bicester Road.  It was discussed that the Parish Council should again write to Thames Valley Police with a copy of letter being sent to Suzan Jones.

Horton Cars

Mrs Pointer has written to AVDC and is awaiting a reply.

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge

Mr Mole will pass to Mr Finn to see if we can take advantage of grants on offer, to drain pitch.

















D. Cherry





































Play Area/Playing Field.

New play area:- Mr A Finn reported the decision date for the Grant for the new play area is first week of December.

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge

Mr A Finn reported that we need to decide if we wish to register for this, cost is £25 per year, for this membership we would be entitled to apply for small grants of up to £5K.  This subject ties in with the matter of the Football Pitch Drainage.  It was decided that before a decision is made to join the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge a meeting needs to be arranged with Andrew Durndell, to discuss quotations on cost of drainage for the football pitches.  Mr D Cherry to arrange.

Old Tractor Shed

Discussion took place as to whether the Old Tractor Shed should be dismantled.  It was noted that there is a possibility it may be needed to store equipment, although PC itself has no equipment stored in there. It was also noted that the mower is at present being stored in the shed, Mr D cherry to speak to Play Group to see if they have somewhere else to store it.

Mr D Cherry to go to look at the shed and a decision will be made at the next meeting.

Community Orchard

Mr A Finn has spoken with the Environmental Agency and we do not have to report Himalayan Balsam, but that there are certain rules and regulations in dealing with it.

Mr A Finn went on to say that he has been and pulled some of it up, but not all, there will of course be seeds from this, which last roughly about two years, so we should be able to have removed all the Himalayan Balsam, within three years.

It was decided the Community Orchard could go ahead with being cleared, and any of the Himalayan Balsam pulled to be piled in a corner.

We will need to check again in the spring on progress of the weed.






Street Lights

Non to report




Anti Social Behaviour

Non to report




Camo Skips

Emails shown by Pat – circulated – leave on agenda.





No money as yet – D Cherry said a possibility of money being available in New Year with “end of year budget monies left”.




Signs around the village

Bucks County Show signs have now gone.






Devolved Services

It was discussed that equipment may need to be bought to provide this service for example, Hedge Cutters, etc., Can we buy this equipment from the money supplied from BCC for devolved services.

It was agreed we needed to ask Mr D Smith.  Mr Mole was unable to attend meeting so will have update at next meeting.




Jericho Farm

No new developments.














SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Discussions took place regarding purchase of a moveable VAS, this will be battery operated.  There would be 4 sites around the village that the VAS would be alternately moved to and of course we would need a person to be involved in this process.  It was decided a separate meeting needs to be arranged to discuss all matters relating to the VAS

It was also noted that we need to contact Mr D Smith and ask questions regarding the cost of VAS and posts (we will need 4 posts) we need to know what is actually included in the price for the £4.5K –

A separate meeting will be arranged with the Oakley Traffic Action Group at Mr D Cherry’s house within next couple of weeks as soon as Pat has acquired information regarding use of electricity for the VAS (if needed), an actual Specification and also what the cost of adding one more post to the original quotation which only included 3 posts.





Pedestrian Refuge

Email has been circulated for all PC’s to read – leave on Agenda for next meeting.



Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Mr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.



Bucks Home Choice Allocation Policy

Meeting to be held 26th October 2012 3.30 to 6.00pm – Paul Kilpin to attend meeting.



Wheatley Park School Prize Giving

It was agreed an amount of £25 would be donated




Wicksteed Play Scapes – Annual Safety Inspection

Pat to check when inspection is due, as if not to the new year, then hopefully we will not need to go ahead as the we will be installing new equipment.


12      DC

Jubilee Mugs for Village Children

Mr D Cherry to follow this up and report to next meeting.




Donations to St Mary’s Church

It was agreed a donation will be given towards the grass mowing etc.,  Pat to check last year’s accounts and report at next meeting.




Contribution request from the Football Clubs using Playing Fields

It was agreed that this has been scrapped, due to the fact The Football Club contribute the looking after of the pitches themselves.







For Circulation:

Information about forthcoming meetings AVDC

NJS Annual Public Meeting.

Community Impact Bucks (2)

Journal of Local Planning

Gas Fracking

SAVE Awards

LCR Magazine




Street Naming and Numbering

Copy of letter circulated regarding confirmation of Street Naming for Catsbrain Farm, Worminghall Road, Oakley.






        To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

         Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use


         6 The Turnpike, Oakley

         Application for extension of time limit for extant permission.

         09/01193/APP – Erection of single storey rear extension

         Decision: PERMIT

.        Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use


         65 College Crescent, Oakley

         Single storey front and rear extension

         Decision: PERMIT





The following accounts were approved for payment:






E-On street lighting

Mr M Cross

Patricia Pointer

AVDC Play around the parish sessions

Mrs Marian Griffiths































Any Other Business


Pat to speak with Marian regarding following:

Payment for Lamppost damaged in College Crescent

Ordering of Wreath for Remembrance Day

Key for Village Hall


Mr D Pearce, asked if we were still moving the Noticeboard outside the garage?  It was to be moved to grass between garage and Elmwood Close.  Mr Pearce will look at noticeboard and assess maintenance that needs to be completed and report to next meeting.


It was also noted that if you are in a high raised vehicle, there are difficulties with visibility in the following 2 area’s.

Elmwood Close Junction

Bottom of Brill Road

It was decided we need to look into pruning – Put on Agenda for spring


It was also reported that if you are in a car and turning out of Manor Road onto Bicester Road, visibility is impaired.  Mr D Pearce to investigate.




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 6th November 2012  at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 9.00pm