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November 2014

Draft Minutes of                                    


TUESDAY 4th November 2014


1.    Open Question time for Parishioners

A resident, who owns a flat in Elmwood Close, informed the Parish Council, of the problems he is facing at present with trying to sell his flat. His prospective buyer has had trouble obtaining a new mortgage for the flat. The purchaser had hit a “brick wall” with High Street Mortgage Lenders not lending to Housing Association Shared Housing due to current ‘106 agreements’ in place. The resident informed all that there is a Planning Application to change the 106 agreement on properties, but it is being dealt with very slowly by AVDC (Aylesbury Vale District Council). The problem is due to tightening up of lending rules by financial institutions and has existed since April. Elsewhere in the country, councils have resolved such issues quickly, for instance Exmoor Council sorted a similar issue out within 5 weeks. This Elmwood Close issue has been known about since at least mid-September and resolution still seems some time away. Mr Mole said he will keep chasing AVDC to try and move things along. Mr Mole confirmed that all other Elmwood Close properties will have a similar issue.

Mr Will Sadler (Bernwood Residents Group) informed the Council that the Planning Application for the Gypsy Site between Oakley and Worminghall (14/00519/APP – WORMINGHALL) will go to AVDC Planning Development Management Committee on 13th November. Mr Sadler stated it is critical that as many residents as is possible who are against this planning attend this meeting and asked for support from Oakley Parish Council. He said the Case Officer’s official report, would be obtained by end of this week, and a meeting will be held on Monday 10th November in Oakley Village Hall to discuss the Case Officer’s report before the Development Management Committee meeting takes place. All are welcome to attend the meeting and posters and leaflets are being distributed throughout the village to inform all of the meeting.

A resident complained about youths playing on skateboards in Village Hall Car Park. He informed the Council that they are using wood, often from pallets, to make skate jumps and afterwards leaving debris in the car park. It has meant nails are being left in the car park from wood. The resident has had a puncture as a result and two other punctures have been reported. Mr Finn reported he had witnessed the behaviour and had spoken with some of the youths involved and hoped that the problem is now solved.

2.       Present:

Chairman: Mr J Mole. Vice Chairman: Mr D Cherry. Councillors: Mr P Kilpin, Mr A. Finn, Mr D Pearce, Mr R Craddock and Mrs M Daly (Mrs Daly to 8.30pm)

Clerk Mrs P Pointer. 

7 Parishioners

3.       Apologies:

Mr M Rand (AVDC Councillor)

4.       Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 7th October 2014 to be approved and signed.  From now on decisions approved by Parish Council will be underlined in the minutes. The Chairman reminded Councillors that the Parish Council minutes are a legal document and they should be read ahead of the meeting and any omissions or changes MUST be corrected at the subsequent meeting.

5.       Matters arising:

i)      BCC Highways Department:

a)    Reported defects/potholes

   Pavement Brill Road/Maple Court    Last BCC response: Defect still outstanding

   Local Area Technician (SC) aware - We are awaiting confirmation of resource availability

   Sewer covers opp. No. 5 Oxford Road - still outstanding - This has been reported to Thames Water.

   Drains Brill Road – request for jetting - still Outstanding - An order has been issued and works will be

   carried out when the gully emptier is next in the area.

   The Turnpike – outside No 1 will be resurfaced --Marked up and order issued – temporary road closure


   White lining and cat’s eyes at The Foresters - In discussion with supervisor re: need for road closure

   Hedges Farm, Worminghall Road on way into village (pothole) – Not actioned

   Drain Cover corner of Orchard Close and Mill Road collapsed – Not actioned

   Drain Cover corner of Fenemore Close and Mill Road cracked – Not actioned

   Pot hole opposite 27 Worminghall Road, – No update

   Pavement either side of 27 Worminghall Road is in need of repair No update

   Trees overhanging on to Bicester Road (opposite the church)  this is restricting the view for drivers pulling

out into Bicester Road from Manor Road and needs urgent attention. Owner notified

White railing along Bicester Road (opposite church but nearer to Manor Road turning) one railing is broken

and in need of repair. Not actioned

Brook on Bicester Road opposite church (along to and around turning for Manor Road needs clearing as

soon as possible, Owner notified.

Manor Road Drain Cover – No update

Pavement on Manor Road opposite Manor Farm –crumbling– No update

JM                    As no updates on the above have been received this month. Mr Mole will contact Stuart Campbell, Bucks

                         C.C. Highways and request a meeting to discuss.

b)   Drop kerb at Manor Farm entrance:

This has now been completed – take off agenda

c)    Any new defects to report?

PP                     Pothole reported when entering village, outside Fenemore Farm, The Foresters. Pothole coned off, PP to

                         check that BCC are aware of the defect.

ii)    Highways mowing Bucks County Council (BCC)

PP                     Councillor Mr Mole to send Councillor Mr Finn a map showing areas to be mowed in Worminghall Road

iii)   Update on devolution and Cluster – No update received

iv)   Overhanging Hedges:
All hedges have been trimmed at Brookside take off agenda

6.       Play Area/Playing Field:

i)      Oakley Playing Field Sub Committee

   It is believed the sub-committee will not need to sit until future playing field developments have been agreed by the Parish Council, can be removed from future agenda

ii)          Skate Park – update:

Councillor Mrs Daly reported that unfortunately the deadline was missed for application for funding for a Skate Park, but with hindsight, she felt this was a good thing since far more research needs to be done into this project and also we need to wait for the outcome of the Playing Field Survey. Councillor Mrs Daly intends to meet before Christmas with the Youth Group where they will discuss further the results of the Survey and possibilities moving forward.

iii)        Playing Field Survey

This is now underway and has been distributed throughout the village.

iv)        Mowing of football pitch:

Mr Finn has spoken with Andrew Durndell re cutting of the football pitch. Sometimes Mr Durndell is unable to cut the pitch himself and that is when he requires help with the mowing. It was noted that Oakley Football Club used to give a donation to OPC for the mowing of the pitch. Although at present, the mowing issue is not a problem because the mowing season has finished for the year.

v)         Acorn Trail (The new footpath from Village Hall to Worminghall Road):

PP                     Clerk was asked to discuss with RSH the quote given for completion of the Playing Field path to Worminghall Road, which seemed high.

PP/DC              It was also felt that “lighting is needed around the path in the playing field” it was agreed for clerk to get quotes. Mr Cherry to let clerk have some names to obtain quotes from

DC                    It was also suggested that we should put in a bid to LAF for the cost of lighting the path.

vi)        Post for Dog Waste Bin and Dog Fouling Signs

                         Dog fouling signs have been erected.

RC                     Councillor Mr Craddock now has the post so will erect the new dog waste bin.

PP                     Clerk to inform AVDC when it is completed, to update bin-emptying schedule.

vii)      Emergency Signs for Play Area:

AF                     Councillor Mr Finn to obtain the sign and it was agreed for it to be placed at the Children’s Playground.

viii)     Bowling Green:

                   Discussion took place with Bowling Club representatives, regarding funding. Councillors had already agreed to supporting the Bowling Green with £5,500 towards the green, at that discussion it was also agreed that if further £5000 was needed that it would be considered by the Parish Council, but only if they were short on the grant funding. The Bowling Club representatives said that they were after reassurance that OPC would consider the extra £5000.  Discussions took place and this money can be obtained from village’s 106 fund.

PP/JM       It was proposed by Councillor Mr Cherry and seconded by Councillor Mr Finn that the letter confirming the provision of an additional £5000 to be written. This motion was carried forward and agreed by 4 votes to 2. Clerk to compose letter and Chairman to sign.


7.       Street Lights defects:

i)      Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps:

                       We are still waiting response regarding quotation:

·         Bicester Road, Churchfield House, between: Bicester Road 7 (BT7) – The Nap turn and Bicester Road (BT8) – Church entrance – Bicester side. There is an electricity pole in the right place.

·         Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity nearby

·         17 Brill Road – no electricity pole nearby

ii)                   Any new to report?

Lamp outside 95 College Crescent is flickering.

8.       Common Land:

i)           Laybys on Thame Road

                   The quote received from RSH for £1,280.00 is the lowest price received. It was proposed by Councillor Mr Cherry and seconded by Councillor Mr Kilpin that we accept the quote for the work on the layby on Thame Road. All voted in favour of going ahead with this work as soon as possible.

PP                     Clerk to contact RSH.

ii)          Anti-Social Behaviour

                         Break in at College Crescent and bike stolen from garage.

iii)        Churchyard Extension

DP/DC             Councillor Mr Pearce informed all that he hopes to go ahead with the work before Christmas. Mr Pearce asked if Mr Cherry could meet him at the Churchyard so they could go through what needs doing


iv)        Defibrillator for Oakley Village:

                         Clerk informed all that Defibrillators and cabinets have now been ordered

JM                    There is a shortfall of £97 – Councillor Mr Mole to speak to the ‘Oakley Relief In Need’ charity.


9.       LAF bid for Youth Theatre Group

                         Councillor Mrs Daly reported that the sum £1,700 had been allocated from LAF for Oakley Theatre Group, also the sum of £300 given from Bucks County Councillor Angela Macpherson’s discretionary fund. The large amount will go to improving the stage and lighting in the village hall and the smaller sum will go to the Youth Theatre Group.

                         Councillor Mr Finn said the Village Hall building inspection report, completed in 2005, stated the hall is 100% safe for all occupants. However, there are some outstanding labels that need to be put on to the boards in the roof, which were recommended in the report, this will be completed next week.


10.   SID/Traffic Calming Measures:

                         MVAS group would like to thank Mr Finn for allowing them to use space in the new shed, Mr Mole asked if there was electricity in the shed, apparently not. Therefore charging of batteries will need to be done elsewhere.

JM                    Mr Mole reported that there was a few problems with bent bolts on ground posts, also they reported that the ground post on the Brill Road is a problem to find because of the grass not being cut short by BCC. Mr Mole to discuss with mowing contractors.

JM                    Councillor Mr Pearce informed all that he believes there is a problem with the MVAS machine, it seems to be reading 30mph when drivers are only doing 22mph.  Discussion regarding possibility that machine may need re calibrating.  Mr Mole to speak with the committee.

11.                    War Memorial Cleaning

                         The Clerk has taken photographs of War Memorial and filled in form for Grant but is waiting for the two quotations for Inscription renewal of War Memorial.  Clerk reported that whilst she has received one quotation she is still waiting for the second quote to come in.  She also informed all that the problem being at present the Stone Masons are very busy and are booked up for weeks in advance.

                         The Clerk ordered and has received the Poppy Wreath. The Chairman will lay wreath at the Memorial on Remembrance Day.

12.                    Request from “Dial a Ride” for donation

                         The Clerk informed all she had received a letter from “Dial a Ride” asking for a donation.  It was agreed by all as this service does not come out as far as Oakley, we would not give a donation.

13.                    Local Area Forum

Councillor Mr Mole, reported that LAF is still trying to give £6k for the feasibility study for a Cycle Path from Stone to Scotsgrove. He reported at the last LAF meeting the voting went against this study, but despite this the vote was overturned by BCC and the reason given was because they believed the LAF attendees did not know enough about the project. Mr Mole has since remonstrated with the LAF officers and some BCC staff about this. It transpires that LAF decisions are advisory only, this will be raised at the next LAF meeting.

                         Mr Cherry also reported that he had received a letter regarding a complaint about his conduct at the LAF meeting. He informed all that he has spoken to Mr Clive Parker and reported to him what actually happened and invited him to attend the next LAF meeting.

14.   Hastoes

                         See “question time for Parishioners”

15.   AVDC Local Plan

JM                    Scope of the Plan, Vision, Settlement, Hierarchy and SA Objectives (received via email) – Feedback to be received by 19th November 2014. Councillor Mole volunteered to review.

16.   BCC Consultation

PP                     Buckinghamshire County Council’s Consultation on Budget Priorities for 2015 (received via email) Feedback needed by 9th November 2013. Clerk to review

17.   Meetings:

   Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

Meetings for October 2014:

Saturday 11th October 2014                Bucks Great War Commemoration Group – Viney House, Aylesbury 10:00am (JM)

Saturday 11th October 2014                Open Weekend at Ashendon (no attendance)

Monday 13th October 2014                 MVAS Meeting (Chandos Arms) (JM)

Wednesday 15th October 2014           Parish Devolution proposal in County Hall. (Postponed)

Up and coming meetings:

Monday 1st November 2014               Aylesbury Vale association of Local Council AGM (Quainton) (no volunteers)

Friday 7th November 2014                  Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils AGM (no volunteers)

Monday 10th November 2014             14/00519/APP – WORMINGHALL – Review of planning application. (Village Hall) (Open to all)

Tuesday 11th November 2014            AVDC Precept workshop (Aylesbury) (PK)

Thursday 13th November 2014            AVDC Development Management Committee (Aylesbury) (Open to all)

Monday 17th November 2014            Oakley Informer meeting (Oakley) (JM)

Wednesday 17th December 2014     Local Area Forum (at Cuddington) (JM, DC)

Tuesday 24th February 2015               Bucks Funding Fair – 5.30pm @ Gateway, Aylesbury

18.   Correspondence:

i)                     Papers to Note:

Devolution letter

ii)                   Papers for Circulation:

TFB Fact Sheets September/November

19.   Planning:


Land at Worminghall Road, Worminghall, Ickford HP18 9UN

The use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 3 no. gypsy pitch together with the formation of additional hard standing and 3 no. utility/dayrooms ancillary to that use and stable block for the stabling of horses.

OBJECTION from OPC – Development Management Committee Meeting 13th November 2014

 14/02846 – OAKLEY

 21A Manor Road, Oakley HP18 9QD

 Insertion of roof lights in front and rear elevations (Part retrospective)

 OPC has no objection if the window positions are chest high. If the positions are at “normal height”, they should be un-open able and frosted.

 14/02880/AOP – OAKLEY

 Land rear of 25 Oxford Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9RD

 Outline planning application with access, layout and scale to be considered and all other matters reserved for the erection of five dwellings with associated parking and amenity space provision.

 Out for reading

20.   Accounts:

Proposed for payment by Mr Cherry and seconded by Mr Craddock.

EON paid by Direct Debit                                                                           £148.92         (paid on 12.09.2014 by DD)

Cheques written for month of August & September 2014:

Clerks Salary & Expenses                                                                           £225.00

William Green (Litter)                                                                                   £15.00

PP           Wickstead Playgrounds Repair of Children’s Area                                £652.80         (Clerk to check Invoice)

Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                                                                      £48.24

Glasdon Base Post for Waste Bin                                                                £70.45

AVDC – Rent of Land rear of Bernwood Cottages                                      £4.80

Poppy Wreath                                                                                                £25.00


TOTAL:                                                                                                         £1,190.21


Please note: Total Amount of £2,726.50 has been banked into the Oakley Parish Council Lloyds Bank Account this money is the money raised for the Defibrillator fund, £110.00 has been paid out to Oakley Social Centre for hire of hall for K Brown’s tribute night) Total now in bank is £2,616.50 anymore funds added will be banked and noted in future minutes of Parish Council Meeting. Amount of £39.50 to be banked

21.   Any Other Business:

PP              It was reported that there is a possibility of people living at the Scrapyard at Jericho – Clerk to inform Enforcement Officer.

PP              The clerk to ask AVDC for map of outline of land that is rented on Oxford Road.

                   It was agreed that it would be acceptable to put in a request at LAF for the funding of the extra £5000 needed by Bowling Green Committee

PP              Councillor Mr Mole asked clerk to add Precept to the Agenda for December

PP              A representative of Bernwood Residents Group said that it was noted at the last OPC meeting the discussion regarding offering a donation of monies to support the Bernwode Residents Group’s fight to stop the “Gypsy Site” was deferred. He asked when was the question deferred to? The Chairman informed him that the reason it had been deferred was because no one from Oakley had actually come forward or attended an OPC Meeting to object to the site. The resident asked if it could be put on the Agenda for the December OPC meeting.  It was agreed to add to the next Agenda.



Meeting closed at 09.27pm


Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole




(Early start for mince pies and mulled wine)