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November 2013





TUESDAY 5th November 2013



1.        Present: Councillors: 

Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), Mr P Kilpin,

Mr K Brown, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn and Mr R Craddock

Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)

Ms A Macpherson (Bucks County Council)

3 Parishioners


2.             Apologies:

Mr M Rand (AVDC)


3.             Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held on Tuesday 1st October 2013, were approved and signed.


4.             Matters Arising:

.a             Highways Department:

Traffic diversion through Oakley:

PP/AMcP             Mr Mole reported that an email from OCC Highways concerning their discussions with BCC Highways department re the traffic diversion for Shabbington Bridge. It was reported that BCC Highways agreed that the safest route for this diversion is through Oakley village, and unfortunately they have no plans to change the diversion for the future. Repairs to the bridge are not due to take place until at least 2017/2018. OPC expressed its disappointment regarding the outcome of this issue, but feel that there is little we can  do regarding the matter.  It was discussed at the meeting with Ms MacPherson that a survey had taken place in  Oakley noting the HGV traffic using the village, since the diversion. Ms MacPherson offered to speak with the Highways Department again regarding this matter.  Mrs Pointer to email a copy of the survey to Ms MacPherson



Email was received and read out at the meeting from Mr M Whincup Highway Technician for BCC giving an update on matters outstanding.

Bicester Road, Manor Farm Pond:            This has been repaired.

Brill Road/Maple Court  Pavement:          Still outstanding

Brill Road, opp Little London Farm:           “Coned off” and repair will take place shortly

College Crescent: No 95 pavement:         This has been repaired

Oxford Road and Sun Crescent                  Minor Patching – this has been repaired

Oxford Road, Nos 1 to 5:                               Pavement – this has been completed

Oxford Road – opp No 5                               Sewer Cover – this has not been completed

Drains Foresters and Brill Road                   Still waiting Jet Machine – Ms MacPherson to follow up with BCC and find out when it will be available.

43 Brill Road, big rut in middle of road:    To be reported if not already on list


PP                           New highway defects to report:

·         Leaving the village towards Jericho on the left hand side half way down the hill.

·         Turnpike – outside Mrs Nimmo’s residence.


.b             Overgrown Hedges:

Mr Whincup reported in his email that he has inspected the overgrown hedge at The Royal Oak and confirmed that the Maintenance Team will cut this back when next in the area.

No new overgrown hedges were reported.

3.                             Play Area/Playing Field

                .a             Report from Oakley Playing Field Sub Committee:

Mr Cherry reported on the Sub Committee meeting which was held on Monday 28th October 2013. Copy of the minutes was given to Mrs Pointer to circulate.


Mr Cherry informed all that because of the works taking place at Lynnens View it was impossible for Mr Pearce to get his machine into the playing field to level the area for the orchard meadow as previously discussed.

Ann Welch from Oakley Gardening Club informed all that they wished to go ahead with the planting of the trees for the orchard next Wednesday (13th November).

It was agreed after further discussions regarding the levelling of the area for the meadow that this would now be left to the spring (or if there is  a good dry period over the winter it may be able to level then). It was decided that a 360 (digger) would be used as this would be easier to access on to the playing field and would not disturb the trees already planted.

New bowling green:

Mr Cherry informed all that he would like to add his support to a bowling green in the playing field, he expressed that in all his sixty years of living in Oakley the playing field had only “housed” football and cricket pitches, and feels a bowling green would be a great asset to the Village.

Discussions took place regarding the best possible “site” for the bowling green as unfortunately with Lynnens View is currently a private road, thus there would not be the possibility to use the current gate on a regular basis to enter the playing field to access a bowling green at the far end of the playing field.

It was agreed by all Councillors to add the discussion of where to place the bowling green on the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting in December.


PP           .b             Fallen tree from garden in Meadow Close into playing field.

                                Mrs Pointer asked to write asking resident to remove tree.


                .c             Access to gate to playing field from Mr Hopcroft’s

Mr Cherry said after speaking with Mr Hopcroft, he did not feel that it would be a problem to access the playing field from Lynnens View when there are large village events taking place, which would only be once or twice a year.


.d             Broken piece from children’s slide.

Wicksteed Leisure has not been in contact with a date to repair the children’s slide in playing field. Mrs Pointer said as this was a “cosmetic repair” she would ask her husband to repair it.


                .e             Hedge Around Playing Field

Mr Pearce has kindly offered to trim the hedge around the playing field, this will be done in December.


4.                             Street Lights:

              .a               All light repairs reported last month have now been repaired. Mr Mole has produced a list of street lights in Oakley, which will make identification for repairs easier.


New light defects to report:



              .b               Progress on Light outside 25 Oxford Road (street light reference O3)

PP                           Mrs Pointer reported that she had been in touch with Scottish Southern regarding their contractors UK Power restoring electricity to this light, as discussed at last month’s OPC meeting.  Unfortunately she had received an email reply informing her that they are not the people who would be involved with this problem. Mrs Pointer has again rang Eon, but is not receiving any help nor will anyone take responsibility for the repair. It was decided that the next step forward would be that Mr Cherry would call and ask for an agent to attend site to discuss the problem. Mrs Pointer to pass the telephone number to Mr Cherry.


5.                                      Anti-Social Behaviour

                                None to report.


6.                             Status of Devolved Services:

JM                          Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer to go through list of 2012/2013 tasks, ensure we have invoiced for all those that have been completed.

                                It was also decided by all Councillors that we no longer wish to be responsible for the devolved services.

                                Mr Mole to contact Mr Matt Whincup to “opt out” of the scheme.          


  7.                           Chandos Arms – Community Asset

                                Forms are filled in and will now be sent to register.


 8.                                            Common Land:

                   a.          Layby along Thame Road:

                                Mr Mole has been in discussions with Simon at Oxford Reclaim (ex-IBS) and it was  agreed that the layby will be tidied up and the sign advertising Oxford Reclaim would only be used in layby during opening times.

                                After an article in the Oakley Informer,  Mrs Pointer reported that her neighbour had asked permission to remove the stacked wood (dumped lock gates) in the layby for use in his brother’s carpentry business, permission has been given and wood should be removed within the next week.


PP              b.          Lime Trees in Little London Green and Ash Tree in Elmwood Close:

                                No update has been received – Mrs Pointer to chase


                 c.           Tree warden:

                                It was agreed that Mr Kilpin will join Mr Pearce as the second tree warden.


9.                                       SID/Traffic Calming Measures

 PP/JM                 The invoice for the MVAS (Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign) has now been received and cheque has been sent.

JPCS visiting the village last week with BCC to set out the locations for the ground screws. They will be installed as soon as they have the utilities drawings for the various locations from BCC.

SWARCO would like to supply the sign and carry out the training any day week commencing 18th November 2013.  Mr Mole to contact Oakley Traffic Action Group.

Mrs Pointer will check with JPCS as to when ground screws will be installed.


10.                           Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors:

a.        Mr Mole attended meeting of Oakley Informer editorial group and it was agreed at this meeting that he would be the Parish Council Liaison for the Oakley Informer; his main role would be to ensure information from Parish Council meetings put in the Informer if necessary.

AGM of Aylesbury Vale Association of Local Councils – was not attended


b.        Up and coming meetings:

Haddenham & Long Crendon Local Priorities Refresh Workshop 7pm 6th November 2013 – Mr Mole to attend.

65th AGM of the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils – 8th November 2013.


11.                                         Signs around the village:

Mr Mole wrote an article in the Oakley Informer regarding guidelines for siting of signs around the village – this can be taken off the agenda.


12.                                         Street Naming and & Numbering

                                It has new been confirmed the name of the new road where the 3 dwellings at the land to rear of 25 Oxford Road is to be called LYNNENS VIEW – this can be taken off agenda.


13.   PP                    Broken Bridge on Little London Footpath (reference OAK/32/1)

No update as to when repair will take place – Mrs Pointer to chase.


13.                                        Affordable Housing

Mr Mole reported that Hastoe’s had informed him that a two bedroom house may be available for rental in Elmwood Close.  Mr Mole has written a notice in the Oakley Informer and to ensure local people are aware.


 15.                          Remembrance Sunday

                                Wreath arrived and given to Mr Mole.


16.                                        Citizens Advice Bureau

It was agreed that no contribution would be given from OPC to Thame CAB.


17.                                        Letter received from Oakley Players to be discussed:

PP                          Letter from Oakley Players requesting permission to erect an additional crash barrier (3rd
 barrier) to be situated alongside Oakley Players’ Shed. It was agreed  to give permission for this barrier provided it is kept in accordance with the two already erected. Mrs Pointer to inform.


18.                                        Churchyard Extension

DC                          A date needs to be agreed for work to take place in churchyard – Mr Cherry to get quotations

in for work and bring to next meeting.


19.                                        Correspondence:

a.                    Papers to Note:

AVDC Planning Letter to JMA Pickford

b.                    Papers for Circulation:

The Bulletin – 40 to 44 2013

Open Space Magazine


20.                           PLANNING:

               No new applications


                                PERMISSION GIVEN:

                                13/02064/APP – Longview, 6 The Forresters, Oakley HP18 9PY

                                Demolition of existing lean-to and erection of two storey extension with attached garage.

                        13/02100/APP – Boarstall Wood Cottage, Bicester Road, Oakley, HP18 9PZ

                        Two storey side extension

                                New Farm Oxford Road, Oakley HP18 9UR – Erection of one general purpose agricultural


                                Copy of Letter from AVDC Planning to JMA Pickford, permitting building with 4 mentioned

                                conditions. (Copy of letter circulated in “Papers to Note”)


21.                              Accounts:

                                                E-On Street Lighting (dd)                                              £                148.66

                                Mrs P Pointer – Clerks Salary & Expenses              £                225.00

                                Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                                       £                  80.14

                                Limestone Landscapes                                                   £                576.00

                                Andy Finn – Expenses                                                    £                  10.00

                                                Poppy Appeal Wreath (cheque wrote Oct)          £                  25.00

                                RS Decorating – Fence Painting                                  £                800.00

                                Acculine Markings Limited                                            £                672.00

                                SWARCO                                                                              £           2,991.25

                                TOTAL                                                                                   £           5,528.05


                                   Payments of Accounts Proposed by Mr Cherry and Seconded by Mr K Brown



                                   Mr Kilpin is looking into precept for coming year.


22.                           Any Other Business:


                                Mr Finn mentioned that if we were not already doing so it would be a good idea to perhaps put a free copy of Oakley Informer through new resident’s doors, as part of a welcome pack.  Mr Ashurst said that this used to be done through the WI welcome pack, but as he has a few extra copies per month, he would gladly do this if he was to be informed of new residents arriving in the village.


                                Mr Kilpin noted that the War Memorial needs a “clean up”. This will be done in the spring.


JM                          Mr Cherry said that he had been approached by a resident of Elmwood Close “Hastoe’s” properties for rent, he was concerned regarding the increase in the rent of these properties.  The resident informed Mr Cherry that when he first moved into the premises the rent was £186 and has now risen over time to £405.  Mr Mole said he would get a break down of the cost of the rent from Hastoe’s.


                                The empty bungalow in the village – it was noted that now before new people can be housed in empty Bungalow’s in College Crescent, AVDC have to “update” the premises due to new housing rules concerning locations of bedrooms. This will obviously slow down the process of re housing people.


                                Mr Mole informed all that an email had been received from Camo Skips regarding minutes related to August 2013 minutes of meeting. Mr Mole has informed Mr Judd of Camo Skips that as noted in the minutes of August 2013, Camo Skips is no longer on our agenda.


Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 3rd December 2013


Meeting closed at 09:10pm