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November 2012




 held on

Tuesday 6th November 2012







Present:  Councillors Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman)  Mr P Kilpin, Mr R Craddock, Mr K Brown, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn. Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk).

6 parishioners, including representatives from , Oakley Traffic Action Group




Apologies: Mr Michael Rand





Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 2nd October 2012, were approved and signed.














SWARCO – Mark Hicknott – Presentation on MVAS

Mr Hicknott gave a presentation on the Mobile VAS unit being considered for Oakley Village, explaining the technology of the unit, e.g.. How to collect the data and pass to Police.  He explained that the unit is mobile and can be moved to different locations around the village, all that is needed is the purchase of 4 ground screws at different locations around the village and unit can then be set up.

The next step for the village is to agree on locations, possibilities being:

Worminghall Road (outside school), Brill Road (opposite Little London Farm), Bicester Road (The Nap), and possibly Oxford Road (by Village Hall).  It was decided a meeting with the Oakley Traffic Action Group will take place outside the OPC meeting to discuss, Mr D Cherry to email committee with a date for meeting.




Matters Arising:












Highways Department

To note current position


It was noted that there is a pothole near Mr A Jones house at the Turnpike.

Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Kerb Setts

Quotation filed until end of year














Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

It was acknowledged that letter has been sent to TVP updating the fact loading is still a problem.

Horton Cars

Mrs Pointer has written to AVDC and is awaiting a reply.












































Play Area/Playing Field.

New play area:- Decision date for Grant first week December.

Existing play area – Inspection has been booked on equipment

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge/Football Pitch Drainage

Meeting due to take place with Oakley Football Club, Mr D Cherry will report at next meeting.  It was also suggested that Oakley Football Club assist in the filling in of forms for Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge.

Old Tractor Shed

Mr D Cherry has looked at the Old Tractor shed and reported that it is indeed in a poor condition.  It was agreed that it will be pulled down in the spring.


It was discussed that as the Play School has the mower stored in the old tractor shed a letter would be sent to inform them of the need for the shed to be pulled down and that they will have to find new premises for the mower.

Dog Fouling

It was discussed that Mr Craddock had been approached regarding dog fouling in Play Area.  It was discussed that we already have appropriate signs asking for dogs to be kept out of the Play Area and that we would again put a piece in Oakley Informer to remind Parishioners of the fact dogs are not allowed in Play Area.





Street Lights

MR5 – Mill Road – Aylesbury Mains Ltd




Anti Social Behaviour

None to report




Camo Skips

Nothing to report





Keep on minutes, until end of year budget is in.




Signs around the village

Bonfire Signs to be taken down.









Devolved Services

It was reported that we are now registered and have Purchase Orders for work to be carried out.

Footpath Brookside/Bicester Road

It was noted that the footpath between Brookside and Bicester Road has problems for pedestrians because of the hedges hanging over the footpath from the gardens in Brookside.

It was decided letters would be written to the occupants of the houses in Brookside whom it concerns asking for them to ensure they cut there hedges on the road side.




Jericho Farm

No new developments.




SID/Traffic Calming Measures

See above meeting with SWARCO



Pedestrian Refuge

Email has been re circulated for all PC’s to read – leave on Agenda for next meeting.



Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Mr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.



Wheatley Park School Prize Giving

It was agreed an amount for next year would be raised to £25


10      AF

Jubilee Mugs for Village Children

Mr A Finn to check price of mugs with IMPS




Donations to St Mary’s Church

It was agreed a donation of £250 will be given towards General Up Keep.








Notice Board Outside Garage

Mr D Pearce reported that Noticeboard will be taken down this month, any maintenance needed will be carried out and Noticeboard will then be moved to area of grass between Oakley Garage and Elmwood.

It was noted that Agenda for next OPC meeting will be displayed in Village Hall Notice Board. Pat Pointer will email to Mr A Finn




Parish Council Nomination for Charity Trustee

It was agreed and seconded that Mrs V Webb would be the trustee.



Litter Bin Emptying

Mr J Mole agreed to empty the litter bin on Brill Road as now not emptied by Council.  Alicia Green covers litter bins by School and Village Hall.



















Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

Parish Liaison Meeting (Mr J Mole attended):

It was discussed that BCC are to make severe cuts for coming years. JM to add details of meeting to correspondence circulation

The Bucks Home Choice Meeting (Mr P Kilpin and Mr K. Brown attended)

Discussions took place regarding changes to way Council Social Housing is listed in the future.  Discussions took place with BCC regarding their ideas for the changes.  In future they are thinking that people will have to have lived or work for the last year in area in order to be able to be put on the list. This they say will cut down the number of people on the list.  OPC pointed out that Local Area people, should have priority, BCC said as this was a pre consultation meeting our views would be taken into consideration before any final decision is made.

Hastoe’s meeting (Mr J. Mole and Mr P. Kilpin attended) – Mr J Mole informed all that the minutes were on Circulation List.





Consultation on County Councils Priorities Questionnaire

Mr Mole informed all that a copy of this questionnaire is in Circ List, but requested if people could get their own copy and complete and return to BCC.



Invitation to participate in Music in Quiet Places

This has been passed to Oakley Church.







For Circulation:


The Playing Field Magazine – Autumn 2012

Email regarding Pedestrian Refuge

The Bulletins 40/41/42/43/12

Hastoe’s minutes

Devolved Services work requests

Sian Thomas’s proposed change to Manor Road/Biectesr Road junction to enhance pedestrian crossing






        To note decisions made by OPC on the following:

         Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use

         12/02174 - OAKLEY

         The Chandos Arms

         Installation of two new windows to the front west elevation.

         Erection of post and low level ropes and reducing the existing

         closed board fence to south elevation to allow further parking.

         Decision: PERMIT

         To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

.        Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use


         62 Worminghall Road, Oakley HP18 9QY

         Detached Garage

         Decision: PERMIT



The following accounts were approved for payment:






E-On street lighting

Mr M Cross

Patricia Pointer

Mr A Finn


Alicia Green











                  £  1,057.39

































































Any Other Business


2013 Precept / Budget

Mr P Kilpin informed all he is working on the coming years budget and he needs to know cost of any plans that are in pipeline for coming year, with costing’s.

For instance cost of taking down Old Tractor Shed.

It was decided that any quotes needed for up and coming work would be got and given to Mr P Kilpin.  For instance Mr D Cherry and Mr D Pearce to meeting regarding a quote for Church Yard work.


VAS Running costs.

It was decided we OPC need to check with Insurance for cover of the MVAS unit.


Salt Bags

Mrs P Pointer informed all that we had received an order form for buying Salt Bags for the winter, it was discussed that normally we have an agreement with BCC to provide our salt free of charge as we as a Parish Council bought the Salt Bins.  Mrs Pointer to check with Council that this is still the case.

PLEASE NOTE: Mrs Pointer has checked with Council and Salt is still to be provided FOC, they informed her that Salt Bags Order form was sent for if we wished for extra bags to be kept in stock.


Update on repair of Lamp post in College Crescent – Mrs Pointer has checked and this has now been paid by cheque.


Lord Williams School Community Action Morning – Unfortunately no one is available to attend.


Precept updates – Has to be decided by 21st January 2013


Memorial Wreath has been ordered and given to Mr J Mole.


Wicksteed inspection. Mrs Pointer to organise, although Council is aware we may not need to do anything, since new play area could supersede any recommendations


Manor Road turning into Bicester Road – at Manor Farm. DP to investigate bushes obstructing visibility


War memorial – Mr Mole passed details of grants for War Memorial repairing to Mr Cherry.


Flooding – Mr Mole had received BCC form to register local flooding to BCC.

1)      Brill Road – appears to be flooding due to run off from Hillside Farm. Mr Mole to investigate.

2)      Bicester Road – College Farm House – Parish Council to investigate on Saturday 10th November



Community Impact Bucks meeting – Tuesday 20th October – Mr Kilpin to attend




Span Green – Mr Pearce said local farmers had been told Brill Parish Council was intending to put locking barriers across entrance at Touchbridge Farm end and at Oakley end. PP to write letter to Brill Parish Council and ask for information of what is being done. 


Jubilee Oak tree – Parish Council to look at sites around village for the Jubilee Oak tree on Saturday 10th November



Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 4th December 2012 at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 9.30pm