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November 2011





which was held on

TUESDAY, 1st November  2011




Mr R Fennell, Mr P Kilpin, Mr J Mole, Mr D Cherry, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn and several Members of the Public



Mr R Craddock and Mr M Rand


Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 4th October 2011, were approved and signed.


Matters Arising:



MG to Action



MG to Action


Highways Department


Noted that large pothole in Brill Road has been mended.  Nothing has been done in the Turnpike, Clerk to Chase BCC.


Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Damaged Kerb setts outside Church, Clerk to advise BCC and damaged pavement in College Crescent.




MG to monitor



MG to monitor


Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Planning are looking at the Planning consent of IBS regarding their use of their site and whether they are supposed to unload within their site and provide some parking.


Planning also to chase Horton Cars regarding their application for retrospective consent to sell on the road side which they have not yet submitted.



Play Area/Playing Field.

Mr Mole, Mr Cherry and Mr Finn holding meetings with playground providers to progress the project




MG to Action


Street Lights;

One in Brill Road has now failed and the one on the junction of College Crescent and Worminghall Road is very faint and this is not just the effect of the tree.  Mr Cherry to trim the tree and Clerk to report light to contractor



Anti Social Behaviour

It was reported that there has been a “family” carrying out distraction burglaries in the Village using the ruse of a lost rabbit and crying children to gain access to a house and steal from it. The Police were called but no one was found.

MG to monitor


Bucks Recycling

Reported that BCC are pursuing them to put the access back as it was before.




Royal Oak Public House

Mr Cherry advised that the Brewery had won the Planning Appeal and that the Royal Oak has now been delicensed.  There had been some confusion as some people had received letters from AVDC to say that the planning application had been withdrawn but this related to the second application submitted by the brewery in the summer.  The Public expressed their dismay and concern over the future of the site.





It was reported that the site has now been measured up and it looks like it is going to go ahead including the installation of gates.  Hopefully all those who want a space in the vicinity will be provided with one.



Signs around the village

Being removed.



Scrap yard, Oxford Road

AVDC have now established its location and the person who is running it.



Mains Gas in Villages

Mr Finn has written to the office of John Bercow and is still waiting for a reply.



Devolved Services

Clerk has provided details of the person who the Council wants to do small Highway works and is waiting for confirmation that they will be acceptable and that the Council can go ahead with doing these works under the Devolved Services scheme..



Scout Hut Drain

Nothing further to report since the last meeting.


Little London Green

clerk reported that two more people have now paid leaving only two who have not.  Clerk to provide Mr Fennell with their details and it was agreed that if they do not pay then further action should be considered.


Jericho Farm

Nothing further to report.



MG to action




MG to action

SID/Traffic Calming Measures

It was noted that there is a temporary speed sign in Worminghall which costs £100/ week to hire.  It is presumed that it runs of the electricity from a light standard.  Council discussed whether one should be tried in Oakley, it was agreed that the Clerk should speak with BCC about what the sign does i.e keep a record of speed etc.

Clerk also to speak with Anne Marie Davis of BCC regarding the pedestrian refuge as nothing has been heard since the meeting in June and they were to come back in October with more details. 





RF to action

Oakley Football Club New Shed

Members of the public were present from houses backing onto the site of the Shed.  It had been noted by them and by Councillors that the Football club had started digging out an area to put the new shed on without the permission of the Council.  The area dug out is much larger than the footprint of the old shed.  The public were concerned that no planning consent had been granted but Mr Fennell adivsed that Planning permission was not required, the Football Club had already taken advice on this.  Members of the public expressed concern that they would lose the view from their back gardens.  No member of the Football Club attended the meeting although they had been advised of its time and date.  It was agreed that Mr Fennell would phone the Football Club next morning and ask them to stop all work until a meeting had been held with them to discuss the size and location of the shed.





Papers to Note

Thank you letter from Wheatley Park School



Papers for Circulation:

Planning Bulletins (Several)

AVDC Horticultural and Street Cleansing Services Information Letter

News for the Parishes

Matters Arising Newsletter

Switching off Street Lights to Save Energy Trial Letter





To note the following applications received:

(Decision made and to be noted from last meeting)


3 Oxford Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire

Single storey front extension and change roof to dormer with pitch roof




61 Worminghall Road, Oakley

Installation of Satellite Dish.




Salix, Manor Road, Oakley

Single storey  rear extension with pitch roof (retrospective)





To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:


None advised of.                     






The following accounts to be approved for payment:





E-On street lighting

M Griffiths Clerks wages

Aylesbury Mains Ltd (Street Lights)











MG to Action



MG to action




DP to action

RF to action

MG to action.

Any Other Business

Letter from AVDC regarding S106 monies received from Catsbrains Development, money is held by AVDC until the Council have a scheme to spend it.  The Letter and other documents relating to the monies was circulated . 

Mr Finn advised that the Football Club want to buy a new tractor and has asked him if the Council could buy it on their behalf and then claim back the VAT.  It was agreed that the Auditors should be consulted on this proposal.

It was noted that the “Brill Road” sign is in need of repair, Clerk to raise this with AVDC.

Mr Pearce to speak with David Smith of BCC next week when he meets with him about salting of footpaths.

It was noted that a building has appeared on the land opposite the entrance to Catsbrains, Mr Fennell to speak with Planning about this.

The Clerk advised that a letter had been received from AVDC about the Precept for next year and it was agreed that this should be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Mr Finn presented a bill from Eastwood Heating for the repairs to the Village Hall Heating for payment in the sum of £1,690.80 inc of VAT.  The Village hall committee will pay the amount exclusive of VAT to the Parish Council.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday,        6th December 2011, at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.