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May 2016



held on Tuesday 3rd May 2016, which followed the Annual Parish Meeting

Meeting No: 2016/05

 Public Session:

Three Parishioners present: Two asked about the possibility of the Parish Council Recording and Filming future meetings and putting on Parish Council Website.  Chairman said it was going to be discussed at end of meeting under “AOB”.


Annual Meeting of Parish Council:

The offices of Chairman and Vice-chairman of Oakley Parish Council for the forthcoming year.

Office of Chairman: The clerk chaired the meeting and asked for nominations for Chairman of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year. It was proposed by Mr Cherry and seconded by Mr Craddock that Mr Mole was asked to be Chairman for the coming year. There were no other nominations. All Councillors agreed on the proposal. Mr Mole accepted and took the chair.

Office of Vice-chairman: The chairman asked for nomination for Vice-chairman of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year. It was proposed by Mr Kilpin and seconded by Mr Craddock that Mr Cherry was asked to be Vice Chairman for the coming year. There were no other nominations. All Councillors agreed on the proposal, Mr Cherry accepted.


05.01  Present: Mr J Mole (Chairman) Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman) Mr Kilpin, Mr Finn, Mr Pearce, Mr Craddock, Mrs Daly Mr M Rand (AVDC District Councillor)

05.02  Apologies: Mrs A Macpherson (BCC Councillor)

05.03  Minutes of Oakley Parish Council’s last meeting held Tuesday 5th April 2016 were received, verified and approved (Proposed for signature by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr R Craddock)

05.04  Annual Payments, subscriptions etc. agreed to be paid in the forthcoming year.  (Proposed by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr P Kilpin)

Parish Council Insurance                                                                 £556.71

Bucks Playing Field Association                                                         £20.00

Bucks Association of Local Authorities                                          £150.00

Open Spaces society                                                                           £45.00

CPALC – Communities Parish and Local Councils                          £25.00

St Mary’s Church – Donation                                                          £200.00

Oakley Informer - Donation                                                            £250.00

05.05  BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TfB):

All Oakley Highway defects are shown under separate cover and will displayed in the Notice Board and on Website

05.06  Play Area/Playing Field:

i)         Acorn Trail (footpath)

Have LAF money to go ahead.  Mr Cherry to get samples of LED lights.

PP                        Chairman reported letter has been circulated to all School parents.  Clerk to email copy to Councillors.

ii)       Dog waste bins

Bin opposite Rambler Cottage, reference number is AV973

AF                        Mr Finn to put “No Dog Waste” sticker on nearby litter bin

iii)      Tractor shed base:

It was decided that the base should be removed.  Mr Pearce said he would take the hard-core.   Two quotes to be obtained for the work.

iv)      Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

Mr Finn informed all that Countrywide Maintenance in Abingdon had lost their franchise, which is why the delay has taken place with the grass cutting.  Mr Finn will meet the new franchise holder on Thursday and show him around the village to ensure he knows where to cut.

v)       Floodlight telegraph pole:

It was agreed this will come down when the new lighting is done for the path and Mr Cherry will organise them to ensure the electrics from the pole are sealed off.

05.07  Street Lights:

i)         Quotation for New Lamps

        It was agreed to take this off the agenda as it is considered a non-priority and funds would have to be budgeted in the future if it was to go ahead. REMOVE FROM FUTURE AGENDA

ii)        Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:

Light on Oxford Rd, past the village hall – Repaired

iii)      New defects to report?  

No new defects reported

05.08  Local Crime:

No local crime to report

05.09  Youth Meeting:

Mrs Daly and Clerk reported that last month’s meeting was not well attended, perhaps because the nights are lighter.  They have agreed to monitor next two to see if it is worth continuing.

It was agreed that Scouts would be asked to paint the graffiti over at the Bus Shelter. OPC will supply materials.

The Clerk to obtain a DBR check. Clerk not yet received this.

05.10  Churchyard extension:

DC/DP             Mr Cherry and Mr Pearce to decide when best time is to go ahead with seeding.

Clerk has sent thank you letter to Mrs Porter

05.11  War Memorial:

This work has not yet taken place.

05.12  Door Step Selling:

PP                    Clerk reported she has form for applying for signs, will send to Councillors by email as decision as to where the signs go needs to be discussed at next meeting.

05.13  Defibrillator for First Response Team:

MD                   Mrs Daly reported that she now has Mr Allen’s CFR machine for first responding, although it needs new batteries so she is using the defibrillator from Village hall until the batteries arrive.  This does not cause a problem as it is only missing from the hall when she is on call as the first responder.

                         With regards to the CFR machine that we have paid for, this has still not arrived.  Mrs Daly informed all that she is going to ask them to return the money if we do not receive it within the next week.

PP                    Clerk to check with Ickford re £200 cheque.

05.14  Bus services: 

No update as Mrs Macpherson is not present.

05.15  Neighbourhood Plan:

PK                    Mr Kilpin reported he had attended the cluster meeting at Aylesbury.  He informed all that their expert informed them that although this had not been done in our area previously it has been done in other areas and AVDC would have no problem with it going ahead.  Mr Kilpin had distributed a Local Area Map of the boundaries of the 4 villages wishing to take part.  First job is to agree areas.   Mr Kilpin said that he proposed we went ahead with the first stage.  All Councillors were in agreement that the area map was correct and to go ahead with the first stage.

05.16  Devolution:

AF                    Mr Cherry informed all that he had read the correspondence re the Health & Safety Overview and he requested the clerk to ask if we could have a copy.  Mr Finn offered to print the email and all its contents.

Clerk reported she had received email copies of Devolution Contracts if we wished to use them, she will keep them on file.

05.17  Applications for New Homes Bonus Funding:

MR                   Mr Rand apologised for not having with him the information on what has been granted to others for this project, and will have it for the next meeting.

05.18  Kissing Gates/Replacing Styles on footpaths:

PP                    Kissing Gates’ replacing styles on footpaths OAK/15/4 and OAK/12/6 in the village. Also the removal of ‘Kissing Gates’ on footpath OAK/19/2 in middle of a field on Oxford Road past New Farm, where a hedge/fence has been removed several years ago – Clerk has written to Rights of Way requesting action – Waiting update.

05.19  Commemorative Medal Order – Queens 90th Birthday:

Clerk reported that the school have received the medals in time for the Queen’s Birthday.

Mr Mole confirmed letter of thanks had been written for the donation. REMOVE FROM FUTURE AGENDA

05.20  Cherwell District Council Planning Application Warehouse Building:

JM                    Chairman has sent a letter to Cherwell District Council and will copy the Clerk.

05.21  Protection of Common Land:

Discussion on parking in layby on Thame Road.  Clerk requested to leave this on agenda.

NB: It was noted that the Japanese Knotweed does not seem to have died away.

05.22  Gigaclear:

Chairman informed all that he has had a meeting with Joe Frost from Gigaclear, who informed him that Worminghall and Ickford have actually had to pay for the cables to come through our village to connect their use.  He said he had asked the question that surely as it was now available in our village that the quoted 30% needed to have the cables through are village could now be lifted, Mr Mole is waiting on a reply.

05.23  Jobs that need doing in the Village:

Discuss on advertisement in Oakley Informer for volunteers to do work around village – to be discussed at next meeting.

05.24  Meetings:

Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

Monday 11th April – Youth meeting – MD & PP attended.

Wednesday 13th April T2 Devolution – Safety Overview – Meeting not attended BCC have sent presentation

Monday 18th April – LAF update meeting with Mr Rand – JM and DC

Tuesday 19th April – Victoria Cross Paving stone meeting – JM

Thursday 21st April – Gigaclear meeting – JM

Saturday 23rd April – Buckinghamshire Remembers WW1 – JM

Tuesday 26th April 2016 – Advice on Neighbourhood Plans - PK

Wednesday 27th April 2016 – Annual Audit Training- Milton Keynes 1pm to 4pm (KP & PP attended)

Future Meetings:

Wednesday 4th May - Agendas and Minutes training – Clerk to attend.

Monday 9th May 2016 – Youth Meeting – MD & PP

Monday 16th May 2016 - Victoria Cross Paving stone meeting – JM to attend

Monday 20th June 2016 - Youth Meeting

Monday 11th July 2016 - Youth Meeting

05.25  Correspondence:

Papers to Circulate:  None

05.26  Planning:

Matters arising concerning planning are under separate cover and will be displayed on the Notice Board and on the Website

05.27  Accounts:

i)         Annual audit:

Mr Kilpin and Clerk reported they had attended a training course re “Auditing, end of year Accounts” both agreed it was a very good informative course

Clerk also confirmed that Mr Kilpin and she were working on the end of year Accounts and our own Internal Audit will take by Melanie Rose on Friday 6th May2016.  The document for signing will be presented at the June Parish Council Meeting to be signed and verified in the minutes.

ii)       Asset Register

PK                     It was agreed Mr Kilpin will work on the Asset Register

iii)      Ring-fenced assets:

Mr Kilpin to give clerk exact figure for ring fences assets.

iv)      Monthly Cheques for February 2016:

Clerks Salary and Expenses                               £225.00

EON paid by DD 11.04.2016                             £204.65

Mr W Green Litter picking                                  £20.00

Tower Mint Ltd (Queens 90th Medal)             £223.92

Aylesbury Mains Ltd Light repairs                   £122.40

Aon UK Ltd Council Insurance                          £556.71

TOTAL                                                                £1,352.68

Proposed for payment by Mr Cherry and seconded by Mrs Daly

05.28  Any Other Business:

DC                   It was reported that the bench next to the Church is looking tired and in need of a spruce up. Mr Cherry to have a look and report at next meeting.

Mr Finn reported that unfortunately “Play around the Parishes” has become too expensive to carry on having it in the village every year.

Apologies for next month’s meeting were given by Mr Finn and Mr Kilpin.

Chairman informed all that a request had been made for Oakley Parish Council to start Recording and filming each meeting and putting it on the website.  Opinions were given on this matter, but it was agreed to add to next month’s Agenda for further discussion.


Time meeting ended: 09.56pm


Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 7th June 2016 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Please note these are “Draft Minutes” and at the next meeting on Tuesday 7th June 2016 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole