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May 2013




held on

Tuesday 7th May 2013





















Present:  Councillors J Mole (Chairman), D Cherry (Vice Chairman),

P Kilpin, R Craddock, D Pearce, A Finn, K Brown,  Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk)

1 parishioner attended.



Ms Angela Macpherson

Mr M Rand - AVDC Councillor


Election of Chairman of Parish Council

Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk) called for nominations for the post of Chairman for the forthcoming year. Mr Brown nominated Mr Mole and he was Seconded by Mr Finn, there were no other nominations.  Mr Mole agreed to take on the role and was duly elected as Chairman of the Parish Council. 


Election of Vice Chairman of Parish Council

Mr Mole then took the Chair and called for nominations for the post of Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year. Mr Kilpin nominated Mr Cherry and was seconded by Mr Craddock, there were no other nominations.  Mr Cherry was duly elected as Vice Chair of the Parish Council






Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on Tuesday 5th April 2013 were approved and signed.




Matters Arising:












































































































Highways Department

Traffic Diversion:

Awaiting reply from letter emailed to Oxford City Council – Mrs Pointer to try again by sending letter recorded delivery.


Parking on Pavement and verges around the village – this has been reported to Community Police


To note current position


No potholes to report

Ashfield Rise Pavements, the pavement outside Mr Durndell's (1 Oxford Road) and the pavement near to village hall have all been reported to highways department.  Matt Wincup, the new local area technician, has been in touch and Mr Mole will arrange a meeting with him to have a walk around the village


Playing Area and Playing Fields:

Play Area:

Mr Finn informed all that the new Children’s Play area will be opened on Sunday 12th May 2013 at midday.

Mr Finn has been given a quotation from Mr Morris to pit concrete pad and barriers; this will be done when children’s play area is completed.   Mr Finn also informed all that there are some trees to be cleared from the area (trees were taken down because they were dead). Mr Mole to see Mr Genever.



“Grass Cutting Update”

Grass cutting for the season has now started for usual areas around the village and the village playing field.



Progress on Sub Committee for Playing Field:

Mr Cherry informed all that he had now heard from Mr Trevor Lloyd so he will go ahead and arrange a meeting for the Sub Committee group,

He will put a notice into the “Notice Board” to advertise the meeting.  Mr Cherry suggested that the Council needs to think of the longer term plan for the playing field before any decisions are made as to where potential new areas, such as a bowling green, or tennis courts, would be situated.

Mr Cherry also informed all that he had been down to check the weed situation in the playing field; he found that it is in need of spraying as there are a lot of nettles in the area.  Mr Cherry said he would ensure this was done.


Goal Post Grants Update:

This is on-going and Mr Cherry is looking into what grants would support the purchase of new Goal Posts, it is agreed that with the Goal posts being in the playing field permanent for children to use there is a possibility of a grant to help funding.


Football Pitch Drainage:

There was a discussion regarding the maps of the drainage of the football pitch, it was decided to look for these.  But it was also noted that Mr Cherry is still looking into costs.


Plum Tree in Playing Field:

Mr Cherry informed all that after speaking with the owner of the house were the tree is situated, it has been decided the best way forward is to take the tree down.

Mrs Pointer informed all that an email had been received from the next door neighbour of were the tree is situated, who has requested that if at all possible a small shoot from the tree be left that over hangs their garden.  Mr Cherry said he did not see that this would cause a problem and would go and speak with the person involved, before final arrangements to take down the tree were made.








Street Lights

Light on Bicester Road, by small church gate, (on Thame side)

MR6 opposite Fennemore Close









Anti-Social Behaviour

None to report










Status of Devolved Services.

The question was asked had we received payment from BCC for the work so far invoiced, in November 2012.  Mrs Pointer said she was waiting for the March statement from the Bank to check if payment had been made.  If it hasn’t she will chase up payment. 

Discussion took place as to what outstanding work is to be completed, Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer to get together to check through the list and invoice what work has been completed

Discussions took place between the Councillors as to whether taking on the work of the devolved services was really worthwhile. All Councillors admitted that they do not really have the time to complete the work themselves, so it was agreed that the outstanding jobs would be completed and then the Council will review the situation.






Chandos Arms – Community Asset update:

Mr Kilpin confirmed that he now has the forms and will be filling them in and sending them off.



















Bicester Road Flooding

It was reported by Mr Mole that the grass seeding has been completed were the flooding works took place.


Village Hall Car Park

Collapsed manhole:

Mr Morris has quoted for this work, and it was agreed that he will be asked to proceed with the repair.  Mrs Pointer to contact Mr Morris.







“Update on proposed termination of Drop in” surgery provision by Trinity Health at Brill Surgery.

Mr Mole reported that he and Mr Cherry had attended a meeting at the Brill Surgery with the Practice Manager and Doctors and Chairman of Ludgershall Parish Councils; the Chairam od Brill Parish Council did not attend. Mr Mole said the meeting went well, However it was made clear that Trinity Health had already made the decision to close the Drop-In surgerys and explained what the Doctors and Practice Manager propose to do instead of the “drop in” surgery  i.e.., the introduction of  Practice Nurse who will now be able to prescribe medication and diagnose minor ailments thus freeing up the Doctors time for more appointments. The provision of more bookable appointments (both online and via telephone) during the day and the availability of ‘on-the-day’ appointments. The Parish Council awaits a document from Trinity Heatlh clarifying the new provisions.









SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mr Mole informed all that the delivery of “letters to residence” informing them of the possibility of VAS machine outside or close to their premises had almost been completed. The next step will be the ordering of the machine.



Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.









Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

Mr Mole and Mr Cherry attended meeting at Brill Surgery as stated above, in mnute 7.


Up and coming meetings

No up and coming meetings to report







Papers to Note


New Price cost for Dog Bins

Community Resilience – Emergency Contacts

Changes to Bucks Home Choice

BALC New Courses

Electoral Review of Aylesbury Vale

Changes to Cherwell Local Plan Submission

Publication of the Vale of Aylesbury, Plan Strategy – Proposed Submission


Papers for Circulation:

The Bulletin 14/15/16/17/18/2013

OSS E News

Oakley Parish Council Play Area Refurbishment Press Release

Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter

Hot Topics Around Buckinghamshire






Re: 13/00606/APP-Oakley

37 Worminghall Road, Oakley HP18 9QU

Change of use of land from Agricultural to residential and demolition of existing garage and erection of single storey no.4 bay garage.


Re: 13/01041/APP – Oakley

Moorleys Farm, Thame Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QQ

New Office Building (Amendment to Planning Permission 12/01666/APP



Re: 13/00313/APP Corner Farm Ind Est, Oakley Rd, Horton-cum-Studley OX33 1BJ

Retention of single storey extension and canopy (retrospective) at Jennys Barn, Oxford Road, Oakley HP18 9RQ



Re: 13/00360/APP Corner Farm Ind Est, Oakley Road, Horton-cum-Studley OX33 1BJ

Erection of single storey industrial unit for Class B2 Use and formation of new access at Fennell and Blake Yard, Thame Road, Oakley



Re: 13/00385/APP  4 Ashfield Rise, Oakley HP18 9QA

Demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey extension.

HEREBY PERMIT – subject to conditions 1 and 2 and reasons given












The following accounts to be approved for payment:







E-On street lighting (dd)

Mrs P Pointer

Alicia Green

Aylesbury Mains Ltd

Limestone Landscapes





£  20.00

£  51.72





















Any Other Business


“Oakley Informer”

Mr Mole informed all that he would be attending a meeting the following evening with Melanie Mackenzie-Aird and would facilitate meetings to ensure continued production of the village magazine.


Renewal Date for Local Council Insurance

Mrs Pointer informed all that she had received schedule for the new coming years Council Insurance, it was noted that the annual cost had actually dropped in price this year.  Councillors all agreed for Mrs Pointer to purchase the new insurance.


Mr Finn apologised that he will not be able to attend the next meeting as he will be away on holiday.


Meeting closed at 09:05pm



Next Meeting:  Tuesday 4th June 2013 @ 07:30pm