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March 2015


TUESDAY 3RD MARCH 2015 at 7.30pm


Open Comments time for Parishioners:

Three parishioners attended the meeting. A brief discussion was had between the Playing Field Questionnaire Group and the Parish Council and it was agreed to move forward together from this point.

The meeting commenced at 7.35 p.m.

1.         Present:

Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman) and Councillors: Mr R Craddock, Mrs M Daly, Mr D Pearce, and Mr A Finn. Also in attendance Mr M Rand (AVDC)

2.         Apologies:

Mr P Kilpin, also Mrs P Pointer (Clerk). Minutes at meeting taken by Mrs D Meadows.

3.         Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting held on 3 February, 2015 were taken as read and approved.

Proposed Mr D Cherry. Seconded Mrs M Daly.

4.         Matters arising:

a.       BCC Highways Department

                        i.      Meeting with Chairman

PP                     Request for a meeting between the Chairman and Stuart Campbell (BCC Transport for Bucks Local Area Technician) has been sent, no response has been received after three weeks. Clerk to repeat request.

                      ii.      Reported road defects

PP                     The Turnpike – patching work (first reported May 2014) completed. However there are still potholes at the white line area onto Bicester Road. Clerk to raise another work request.

Large pothole in Worminghall Road coming into village, outside School – reported Dec 2014 – completed

Junction of Manor Road, Kerb sett fallen out – Reported – 7th February 2015 –ref 491866 - completed.

PP                     Pot hole at “Foresters” is crumbling again – Clerk to raise another work request.

                     iii.      Reported Pavement defects:

Brill Road/Maple Court: on future works programme. No progress

27 Worminghall Road: Low priority as small area only. No progress

Manor Road opposite Manor Farm: An inspection concluded this requires reconstruction, an order will be raised and placed into a future works programme. No progress

PP                     Oxford Road, past Village Hall: This will be inspected and actioned as necessary. PP to re-raise.

                     iv.      Reported Drain defects:

Drains Brill Road: Reactive order has been raised. Due to high demand on resource we have secured extra resource to catch up on outstanding orders, programme to be confirmed. No progress

JM                    Manor Road: Manhole drain cover. JM to speak with Mr Campbell.

                      v.      Other Defects:

White lining and cat’s eyes at Foresters still outstanding. No progress

Tree opposite Rambler Cottage still outstanding. No Progress

                     vi.      New defects

PP                     Two new potholes to be reported outside 19 and 21 Manor Road. PP to raise.

PP                     Jericho Hill (Oxford Road) one large pothole at top of hill on entering village. PP to raise.

b.       Bucks County Council devolution / clustering:

JM                    Mr Mole has been reading the various updates and reported that if Oakley are to be in the first tranche of parishes with devolution of services from BCC, then the Council must decide by end – of March 2015.

ALL                   Because of the short time left, it would be imprudent to jump in without all councillors reading the literature and making a decision at a Parish Council meeting. JM to circulate all the information and will expect all Councillors to read before the next meeting.

c.        Playing Area / Playing Field:

                        i.      Playing Field Survey:

MD                   Mrs Daly reported no meeting had taken place as yet with the youngsters of the village but that she hoped to reschedule one before the next PC meeting.

ii.   Multi Use Games Area:

Mr Cherry gave a costing of approx. £60k for this to be purchased, he felt the location might be an issue for not impossible to get around, it was noted that a substantial grant from Wren would be needed for this to go ahead.

DC                    Copy of report to be obtained to give to Mr & Mrs Collier for information.

iii.  Acorn Trail:

JM                    No date has been given yet by Mr Haynes to finish the footpath. Mr Mole to chase.

Mr Cherry reported that he had spoken to the electrician for quotes to light the path in part and in full. It was decided to see what the costing was to attach to school fence

JM                    Mr Mole to speak to School about this, if not feasible then look into reusing the redundant street lights.

iv.  Dog Waste Bins:

The new post is now up and complete. It was requested that a new bin be purchased for positioning at the bottom of Brill Road.

RC                     Mr Finn requested that the bin on the side of the village hall be moved to post by gate as it not very hygienic in the warmer weather. Mr Craddock to deal with this.

v.   Emergency signs in play area:

Mr Finn noted this has been erected and complete.

vi.  Bowling Green:

Mr Houston has signed off the 106 funds, it was reported it will be 6/7 weeks to start date and 4 weeks from then to completion. Mr Craddock advised the PC has still not seen any plans for the EXACT location of the Green and suggested this be done before the Surveyor comes out.

Mr Pearce said the soakaway for this will need an overflow, which in turn will require an easement from Mr Hopcroft. . It was noted that Geoff Bradley would be acting as co-ordinator.

JM/DC              Mr Mole and Mr Cherry to liaise with Bowling Green Club

                   vii.      Grass cutting:

It was agreed to stay with Countrywide, if no quote has been received yet the clerk to chase.

                  viii.      Survey of Playing Field:

The Parish Council voted in favour of the quote received by Mr Cherry for a survey of the playing field

                     ix.      Girls Football Team:

Oakley United Football Team have asked Long Crendon Girls to stop playing at Oakley as a result of the mess being caused in toilets.

5.         Street light defects:

JM                    Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps: JM to contact Angela Macpherson, since we have still had no contact. Lamps being considered at (1) Bicester Road, Churchfield House between lights BR7 and BR8. There is an electricity pole in the right place. (2) Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity nearby and (3) 17 Brill Road – no electricity pole nearby.

a.       Any new defects:

No new defects to report.

6.         Common Land:

a.       Layby opposite IBS Thame Road:

JM                    JM to speak with Stuart Campbell re the Japanese knotweed problem at this site, it was thought putting soil here could be done without disturbing the weed.

7.         Anti-Social Behaviour:

Nothing new to report.

8.         Churchyard extension:

A quotation has been received from Mr D Pearce for hedging in the churchyard of £760, but it was felt it is too late this year to go ahead, needs to be done in January/February. Further quote to be obtained, later in the year.

Mr Mole advised the meeting that a clearing out of the ditch was going ahead this weekend and asked if anyone was around to help, meeting at 9 am.

9.         Defibrillator for Oakley Village:

PP                     This is now up and registered. Mr D Tracey to be contacted for details and times of training.

Position of second one to be discussed further next month.

10.     War Memorial:

The Clerk has taken photographs and filled in form for grant. We are waiting for two quotations for inscription renewal of war memorial, one outstanding.

11.     Email re College Crescent parking

An email had been received from a resident of College Crescent complaining about the parking at the bungalows; Mr Cherry advised that when this was being actioned a while ago it didn’t happen due to lack of funding by the Council.

DC                    It was agreed D Cherry to contact the Council again to see if things have changed.

12.     Wild Boar in Bernwode Forest:

Mr Mole reported that wild boar has been sighted in the Forest, at least one sow and one piglet. He also reported that whilst there has not been reports of wild boars attacking people, sows with young have been known to attack dogs.

JM                    It was agreed that a notice of warning be put into the Oakley Informer.

13.     Local Footpath & Countryside Group:

Mr Mole informed the meeting that a full report had been received and would be put into circulation.

14.     Habitation at Scrapyard:

MR                   Lights are still being seen at night in the Scrapyard; Mr Rand agreed to look into this further.

15.     Wickstead Repair to Children Playground Charges:

No update received.

16.     Parking on Pavements in Oxford Road:

PCSO Sue Jones from Thames Valley Police looking into this and will report back, nothing received to date.

17.     CCTV Camera at Village Hall:

Still awaiting on a quote, once received Mr Cherry said he would circulate it.

18.     Oak fest:

JM                    Mr Mole said he was visiting the school on 4th March, to discuss access to Playing Field for parking during Oak Fest 2015.

19.     Meetings:

Mr Mole advised he would be attending a meeting on 4th March on Safety Awareness as this is mandatory for any Parishes, considering joining BCC devolution tranche 1. (see minute 4b).

20.     Correspondence

a.       Papers to note:

Parish Devolution updates numbers 7, 8 and 9 editions

AVDC Letter regarding North Bucks Planning Consortium

b.       Papers for Circulation:

TFB News

(Email) BALC revised version of LTN5

(Email) Letter regarding registering to speak at Committee – Mr J Membrey

(Email) New Consultation system and database.

21.     Planning:

JM                    The new electronic system by AVDC was discussed, JM to speak to the Clerk on her return.

14/02880/AOP – Oakley - Land at rear of 25 Oxford Road, Oakley

Outline planning application with access, layout and scale to be considered and all other matters reserved for the erection of five dwellings with associated parking and amenity space provision.

OPC supported the outline planning permission – OPC wish to present if this goes to committee. Pending consideration. AVDC Planning Dept. originally were going to refuse, it is believed they have had a change of heart and will approve.

14/03216/APP – Oakley Jericho Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley

Variation on conditions 3 of planning permission 09/01672/APP relating to extension of two year period from July 2014 for construction of earth bunds.

OPC objected to re-commencement of construction of earth bunds – OPC wish to present if this goes to committee. Pending consideration.

14/03640/APP – Oakley Poplar Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley

Conversion of existing barn to residential dwelling and conversion of outbuilding into utility room and carport.

OPC decision to be determined – pending consideration.

14/03681/POA – Oakley Land off Elmwood Close, Oakley

Modification of planning obligation relating to 07/031312/APP in respect of provision and allocation of affordable housing.

OPC supported modification – approved.

14/03583/APP – Oakley Bernwood Forest Nature Reserve, Oxford Road, Oakley

Reprofiling existing pond and creation of bund.

OPC supported modification – approved.

15/00499/APP – Oakley - 19 Oxford Road, Oakley

Single storey extension to form a conservatory

OPC no objection – pending consideration from AVDC

15/00418/APP – Oakley 22 Worminghall Road, Oakley

Demolition of an existing pre-fabricated garage. Erection of two detached dwellings and detached garages and store (amendment to planning application 13/03429/APP – change from pitch roof to flat roof with skylight to rear single storey part of house – Plot 1).

OPC no objection – pending consideration from AVDC


Mr Rand advised evidence was being gathered by AVDC Planning Enforcement Officer on sale of cars from Thame Road site (old IBS site).

22.     Accounts

The following accounts were approved for payment, proposed Mr Craddock, seconded Mr Cherry

EON paid by Direct Debit                                                                         £148.92 (paid on 11.02.2015 by DD)

Clerk’s salary and expenses                                                                   £125.00 - (Mrs Pointer)

Clerk’s salary                                                                                                 £100.00 - (Mrs Meadows)

B2B Graphics (sign Village Hall) cheque dated 06.02.2015            £69.60

LF Pearce & Son (groundworks in churchyard)                           £1,140.00

Aylesbury Mains Limited                                                                            £90.60

Countrywide Ground Maintenance (missed inv. Sept)               £792.00

TOTAL:                                                                                                         £2,471.09


DC                    Mr Cherry advised the drain cover outside the church needs attending to. Clerk to be advised.

DC                    It was also reported by Mr Cherry of the passing of our oldest resident Mrs Keating at 102 years young. At her funeral her son advised a previous Parish Council had agreed to put a memorial bench outside the site of her old home in Worminghall Road. DC to look into this further.

JM                    Mr Mole informed the PC he had received an email of noise complaint in Brill Road, it was agreed that maybe approaching the neighbours first would be advisable, then if necessary go through BCC. JM to advise the resident.

JM                    Community Building Forum: JM asked if anyone wanting to attend a meeting at Waddesdon from the Social Centre? Papers to be put into circulation

Mr Rand advised an Agenda setting meeting for LAF had been set for this Thursday, although he was unsure when the next meeting was taking place.

JM                    Mr Collier (a parishioner in attendance) asked if a volunteer from the PC would like to join the Playing Field Questionnaire Group, Mr Mole said he was happy to help.