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March 2014





TUESDAY 4th March 2014



1.           Present: Councillors: 

                         Mr J Mole (Chairman) Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman) Mr P Kilpin, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn and Mr R Craddock.

                         Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)

                         Five Parishioners

                         Mr D Tracey – South Ambulance Service (SCA)

                         Mr A Wright, Mr M Daly – Contractors for Lynnens View


2.           Apologies:

                         Mr M Rand (AVDC); Ms A. Macpherson (BCC)


3.           Minutes of the last meeting:

                         The minutes of the last meeting, held on Tuesday 4th February 2014, were approved and signed.


4.           Presentation from Mr D Tracey – Southern Central Ambulance – Re Defibrillator for Oakley Village

                         Mr Tracey gave a demonstration of a Defibrillator Machine and how it works. He advised that it was best to locate on a prominent building within the village rather than at an address in the village.

                         The cost of buying a defibrillating machine (with two sets of pads) from SCA would be as follows: £840.00 plus VAT (normal cost is £1,295.00 plus VAT. The box to house the unit is an additional £525 plus VAT, Installation requires electrician.

                         Ongoing costs: Replacement pads are £25 a pair (replaced after every use), battery for unit is £135 (they last two years). No annual service is needed on the machine, just an annual check.

                         Training would be given by Southern Central Ambulance


5.           Presentation from Mr A Wright and Mr M Daly – Building contractors for Lynnens View development

                         Mr Wright gave all Councillors present a drawing of the intended new houses to be added to the project in Lynnens Views (this comprises of four new 3-bedroomed houses (semidetached) and one large detached 4-bedroomed house. Mr Wright explained that pre planning ideas had been sent to AVDC and they were still waiting to hear back regarding this. Mr Wright was asked by Councillor Mr Cherry with regards to the road that has been laid at Lynnens View. Mr Wright informed all that the road had been laid to “adoptable” standard, in case this is to go ahead in the future.

DC                    Discussions took place regarding advantage of “adoptable road” for Playing Field Access – Mr Cherry to speak with Mr Hopcroft.

                         All Parish Councillors agreed that at this stage they have no objections to the pre plans shown at the meeting.

PP                     Also discussed was a separate matter regarding the Street Lamp outside 25 Oxford Road (Ref 03) – Mr Cherry asked if developers could contact their UK Power Contractors and get the lamp’s electricity re-connected. Mr Daly agreed he would speak with them. PP to contact Mr Daly before next meeting


6.           Matters Arising:


1.        New Parish Councillor:

PP                     No response has been received to advert for a New Parish Councillor. Therefore it was agreed to re advertise in Oakley Informer, Notice Board and on Website


2.        Highways Department:

a.          Potholes outstanding:

                         Clerk reported that works would start on Potholes at The Forresters on Wednesday 5th March 2014.

JM                    Mr Mole reported that he is to meet with Stuart Campbell Highways Local Area Technician (LAT) for a “walk about” review of works outstanding and any new reported.



                         Outstanding Potholes/repairs already reported that are still outstanding:

                                      Drains Foresters – request for jetting                                   Reported Jan 2013 - Outstanding

                                      Drains Brill Road– request for jetting                                    Reported Mar 2013 – Outstanding

                                      Pavement Brill Road / Maple Court                                       Reported Jun 2013 - Outstanding

                                      Sewer cover, opp. No 5, Oxford Road                                  Reported Jun 2013 - Outstanding

                                      Potholes opposite Morgan’s, Thame Road                           Reported Nov 2013 – Outstanding

                                      Brill Road/Hillside Farm                                                           Reported Feb 2014 – Outstanding


b.        Drop kerb at Manor Farm entrance

                                   Mr Pearce reported that top coat was to be laid next, and then kerb will be correct height.


c.          Any new to report?

PP                               It was noted that the potholes outside Morgan’s, on Thame Road, have got worse. Clerk to chase up.


3.        Play Area/Playing Field

a.        Report from Playing Field Sub-Committee who met on 2nd March 2014:

                         Copy of minutes from Sub Committee meeting will be sent to Clerk.

                         Mr Cherry reported that a request had been made by the Oakley Gardening Club asking if it would be acceptable for them to dig a short ditch near the Orchard to put shingle in and then put back to normal as at present because of the amount of rainfall there was a “wet area” near the Orchard. It was agreed this could go ahead.

DC                    Oakley Scout and Cubs have requested for the Spring/Summer months that the goal post in front of the hut can be moved as they use this outside area when the weather and dark nights improve. Mr Cherry to speak with Mr Durndell.

                         Mr Ashurst and Mr Kipp have made very good progress with regards collecting quotations for the new bowling green if it were placed near to the school as discussed at OPC February meeting.  It was agreed it would be best to also collect quotations for bowling green positioned at the bottom of the playing field with access from Lynnens View. This is now a possibility after earlier discussion, and it would be the OPC’s preferred location.

                         Mr Cherry pointed out that as the WREN meeting is not until August at that it will be known if access from Lynnens View is a possibility. Discussions then took place regarding Grant process.

                         Mr Kipp (Playing Field subcommittee member and bowling green committee member) asked questions regarding the Standard of the Car Park (for delivery of building materials for bowling green) this was because he has been asked if the car park can take the weight of a Artic lorry.  He was informed that 32 ton lorry would be the best size to use, also a generator would be needed on site.


4.        Street Lights

a.         Update on 25 Oxford Road lamp (ref O3)

                         Discussed in No. 5 above.        

b.        Any new lighting issues to report:

PP                                 (BT6) Hill View – error reported to Maintenance team as they repaired the wrong light.

                                     (C2) outside 54 College Crescent

                                     (MR4) Meadow Close

c.         Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps:

PP                     Clerk to obtain estimates for new lamps at these positions within the village.

                                      Bicester Road, Churchfield House, between: lamps BT7 and BT8 on electricity pole.

                                      Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity near by

                                      17 Brill Road – no electricity near by


5.        Anti-Social Behaviour

                                Diesel stolen from Mr Pearce’s farm.


6.        Status of Devolved Services:

                         Mr Mole has spoken to Mr Paul Foot at BCC with regards to OPC “opting out” of devolved services.  It has been noted that we wish to do this.


7.        Chandos Arms – Community Asset

                         Mr Kilpin advised that forms have now been accepted and will be considered within 8 weeks.


8.        Common Land:

Laybys on Thame Road:

                         OPC is waiting for the outcome of planning permission 13/03391/APP on Timber Yard before decision made on long-term future of laybys.

JM                    It was reported that pallets, rubble and bags are again being left in the layby – Mr Mole to visit Oxford Reclaim


9.        Affordable Housing:

                         Mr Mole reported that he has looked into the rent rises in the ‘affordable House’ scheme in Elmwood Close and rents have not risen appreciable over the last 4 years roughly (about 10%). It was also noted that Service Charge had been increased but has since dropped back to the original cost.  All agreed that as far as we can see there is no action for Council to take, the high rise reported by one residents was probably due to circumstance changes.


10.     Churchyard Extension:

DC                    Still waiting for second quotation for work. Cherry is chasing Mr Cross for a quotation – it was noted that because of nesting season etc., work can now not be carried out until August 2014 onwards.


11.     LAF Bids:

JM                    (a) Funding for path from Worminghall Road to Scout Hut through to Village Hall. Two quotations now received.It was agreed that Mr Mole will go ahead with a bid for £10,000at the next LAF Meeting, which will be held in Brill Village Hall on 19th March 2014.

                         b) Funding for Theatre Group for youngsters in the village. It was agreed that this would be raised at the LAF   meeting to be held on 4th June 2014.


12.     Defibrillator for Oakley Village

                         Presentation given at meeting (see above)


7.        Street Name Suggestion:

PP                     It was brought to the Clerk’s attention that the name chosen for the site at Manor Farm by OPC was in fact Pearce Courtyard and not Pearce Court Yard – Clerk to send letter correcting.

                         Mr Mole reported he had been approached by the developers if OPC would re consider name the name proposed, Mr Mole informed all that he had said declined, saying that the area would be named after the family at Manor Farm, who have supplied three generations of Parish Councillors.


8.       SID/Traffic Calming Measures

                         Mr Mole reported that MVAS Machine is now up and running in the village and at present is placed in Worminghall Road.


9.       External meetings

a.        Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors:

                              DC attended Playing field sub-committee meeting on 3rd March

b.        Up and coming meetings:

                         15th March 2014                   AVDC Charity Fund Raising Night – Held at Gateway Officers

JM / DC           19th March 2014                   Local Area Forum at Brill Village Hall (JM and DC to attend)

JM                    29th March 2014                   World War I Commemoration – Viney House – JM to attend

                         29th March 2014                   Hands-on and highly effective session on Chairmanship –

                         30th May 2014                       Chairman Civic Service 4pm at Brill Church

JM / DC           4th June 2014                         Local Area Forum (JM and DC to attend)


10.   Correspondence:

Papers to Note

Salters Nap Farm, Oakley Proposed Footpath

Email Parish Clearance Fund

NALC Comments on Local Gov. Bodies Regs


 Papers for Circulation:

The Bulletin – 05/06/07/08 – 2014

Wheatley Park School News Letter














































13/03391/APP – Oakley

British Timber Masters Timber Yard, Thame Road, Oakley, Buckinghamshire HP18 9QQ

Change of use from timber merchants yard (Sui Generis) to Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (B2) and MOT testing station (B2)

Revisions:  (see below)


14/00200/ADD – OAKLEY

British Timber Masters Timber Yard, Thame Road, Oakley, Buckinghamshire HP18 9QQ

Two projecting board illuminated signs on building and one illuminated fascia sign.



13/03587/APP OAKLEY

8 Ashfield Rise, Oakley, HP18 9QA

Single storey front extension with two lantern roof lights.  Conversion of existing garage to form “Grandpa” annexe and loft conversation to form living accommodation with rear facing dormer window. Widening od access and drop kerb.



14/00082/APP OAKLEY

Nap Farm, The Nap, Oakley, Buckinghamshire HP18 9PW

Detached two bay garage and workshop and storage in roof space (amendment to planning permission 08/02509/APP)




45 College Crescent, Oakley, HP18 9QZ

New front porch to dwelling No.45 removal of flat room to No. 47 (ancillary building): creation of single storey link between No.45 and No.47 to form side extension and single storey rear extension to No. 47 and with new pitched roof.



For Discussion:

Recent Planning applications / correspondence

Ref: 13/01970/APP - The Royal Oak – progress – no up date



Farm Building Opposite Catsbrain Farm – any response – Confirmation received of email reporting this. No more news. Take off agenda


Ref: 13/03429/APP – OAKLEY - Land adjacent and to rear of 22 Worminghall Road – no update



Ref: 13/03391/APP – OAKLEY - British Timber Masters, Timber Yard, Thame Road – Mr David Lewis attended meeting and asked if he could speak with regards to the planning for British Timber Masters, Timber Yard.  He informed all that the business he would be opening would be mainly working on Hydrogen effects on fuel for Commercial Vehicles, they have been working for some time alongside Bucks County Council producing this more ECO friendly use for Commercial Vehicles which work in order Commercial Vehicles to be dropped to Class 7 for road fund license, and although the premises would also be used for MOT of these vehicles, the main business would be the ECO  hydrogen fuel.  It was raised by the Council that having an MOT license does in fact mean that the premises are being used as a Garage, thus this was OPC’s objection to the plans.  Mr Lewis added that if cars were to be MOT on premises they would intend to be more “specialist” cars like Alfa Romeo’s. Councillors thanked Mr Lewis for attending the meeting and putting his point across.

Amendments to original plan have been proposed. Parking Layout; car sales removed from scheme; changes to access and wall (additional plan); amended design and access statement



Salters, Nap Farm – proposed footpath (see papers to note) – Clerk asked to send letter to Jonathan Clerk, confirming Parish Council are happy to accept the change.



12.            Accounts:

                a. February accounts

                E-On Street Lighting (dd)                                        £153.61

                Mrs P Pointer – Clerks Salary & Expenses          £276.00

                Alicia Green (Litter Picking)                                   £  20.00

                Bucks Playing Field Ass – Subscription                                £  20.00                                                                                                

                TOTAL                                                                        £ 469.61

                Payments of Accounts Proposed by Mr Cherry and Seconded by Mr Kilpin


                b. Defibrillator collection money – put into Account - £531.00. Mr Mole announced another £71 has been collected.


c. Change of statement date – this is confirmed as changed to 25th of each month.



13.             Any Other Business:


                         It was noted that the Brill Road AVDC street sign outside Mrs Fenn’s house ( 1 Brill Road, Oakley) needs repair


                         It was noted that during the recent football semi-final of a cup held in Oakley – parking for this event had caused problems within the village, mainly due to parking on the Oxford Road area.  It was decided that as this is a very rare problem with regards to football games played in the village, all though noted no action to be taken.


PP                     Clerk to obtain quotations for Grass Cutting around village.


                         Mr Mole informed all that AVDC had reported they will be receiving Memorial Paving Stone for Oakley-born Edward Brooks’ Victoria Cross. They will not looking to lay it until 2017 which is the 100th Anniversary of when it was received. JM to ensure that the paving stone comes home to Oakley.


JM                    Mr Mole informed all he had been approached by residents of Little London Green, with regards to the pot holes in the lane.  They may come to next OPC meeting, and Mr Mole said as he was involved due to the fact he lived there, he would not take part in discussions as a Councillor.


JM                    Mr David Lewis mentioned the Flooding – drainage coming off Brill Road, suggested speaking to Highways

                         Department with regards to raising road opposite the Church. He suggested that it really needs French drains with gravel in.  Mr Mole informed Mr Lewis that we are waiting for two drains in Brill Road to be jetted by BCC which he feels would greatly improve the flooding.  It was suggested that Mr Mole could talk with Angela Macpherson County Councillor to ask for her help.


                          Mr Cherry mentioned he had spoken with Bowling Green Committee with regards to claiming VAT back for work on new bowling green when it takes place.  It was agreed that this is possible.


                         Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 1st April 2014


                         Meeting closed at 09:38pm


                         Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 1ST April 2014 minutes will be Ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole