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March 2013




 held on

Tuesday 5th March 2013







Present:  Councillors J Mole (Chairman), D Cherry (Vice Chairman),

P Kilpin, R Craddock, D Pearce, A Finn. Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk)

7 parishioners attended

Ms Lynda Tomlin’s and Ms Nicole Sileno AVDC Waste & Refuse

Mr M Rand - AVDC Councillor






Apologies: Mr K Brown





Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on Tuesday 5th February 2013 were approved and signed.

Mr Mole informed all that as a copy of minutes were put in the “Oakley Informer” each month, before they have been approved and signed by the Parish Council Committee, a disclaimer will be added to the Minutes informing Parishioners of this fact.





Matters Arising:















































Highways Department

Traffic Diversion:

Awaiting reply from letter emailed to Oxford City Council



Culvert on Brill Road has now been attended to. However Mr Mole  raised the matter of the two drains on Brill Road, (Brill side by the two last houses on left – first one is 40 yards after last house, the second one is 60 yards after Oakley ‘gate;)  Mr Mole has noticed that both these drains need clearing and if they are cleared this should stop the flush of water coming down the hill.  Mrs Pointer to inform MR D Smith


Rambler Cottage had replied and informed us that ditch is clear.


Copy of Email from Mr Hadley sent to Mr D Smith BCC thanking Mr Smith and his team for the work which has removed the major part of the problem of Flooding on Bicester Road. His email contained a photograph which also showed that the kerb gully along Bicester Road is not effective as it is on the high side of the cross fall and the surface water can be clearly seen on the photograph scudding across to the other side of the road, which does not have any gullies to collect the water, thus this would seem to be the problem that is causing the Flooding in Hill View. Mr Kipp who lives in Hill View also attended the Parish Council Meeting and Mr Mole asked Mr Kipp to tell the meeting the problem with the flooding in Hill View.  Mr Kipp clarified what Mr Hadley had written and agrees that the cause of the problem does seem to be the misplacement of the gully.  Mr Kipp also informed the meeting that he had emailed Mr D Smith regarding the problem, he also informed all that although he was attending the meeting with regards to flooding that effects his house, that other houses within Hill View were also affected by the flood water.

Mr Mole asked Mrs Pointer to also contact Mr Smith to ask for an update on the matter.

Correspondence on Water Courses.

This was added to “Papers for Circulation” for perusal.

But will be kept filed for future use, if having to inform any Parishioners regarding clearings of ditches, culverts etc., during floods as it contains information on what is expected.


To note current position


Two potholes at The Foresters by cats eyes as one is leaving the village.

Two potholes at Junction of Sun Crescent and Oxford Road.

Mrs Pointer to inform Mr D Smith















Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Mr D Pearce has spoken with “Oxford Reclaim” as they are very happy to comply with Parish Council; Mr Pearce suggested they are now taken off the Agenda for meetings.  All agreed.

















































































































































Play Area/Playing Field.

Grant for Playground Project –update

Mr Finn informed meeting that a meeting to discuss the new Playground area has been set for Thursday March 7th 2013 in village hall.  Mr Mole, Mr Brown and Mr Kilpin to attend with Mr Finn


Tender for Grass Cutting:

Playing Field:

Mrs Pointer has now received all tenders for the Grass Cutting for the Playing Field and Areas around the village.

It was agreed after discussions that ideally it would be best if we could have Oakley Football Club to take care of cutting the playing field and Children’s Play Area.  And for the areas around the village to be taken up by one of the other tenders.  This would it seem be the cheapest option.

Mrs Pointer to check with Company tendered they are willing to take half of the contract (areas around the village) before a final decision can be made.


Progress on Sub Committee for Playing Field

Mrs Pointer reported that letters had been sent to the various Committees asking them if they wish to have a representative on  the Sub Committee for the Playing Field, and if they were interested to contact Mr D Cherry.

Mr Cherry reported that at this moment in time he has received no word regarding this matter from any of the people contacted.


Request for Goal Posts via Grant from Oakley Football Club

Mrs Pointer informed all that a request via Mr A Durndell had been submitted to the Parish Council, this request is to ask the Parish Council if they would provide New Goal Posts for the Oakley Football Club.  The Parish Council can apply for a grant from the Football Foundation who issue grants for goal posts for villages if the ones they own are rusty, The Football Foundation can pay up to half the costs for new goal posts.  It may also be possible to apply to the Bucks Playing Field Assoc. for a grant to help towards the cost of the half the Parish Council would have to pay.

After discussions took place as to whether the Football Club should apply for the Grant themselves and pay for the goal posts. It was decided that if the Football Club agreed that these Goal Posts would stay out in the Playing Field to allow children in the village to use them as they use the other ones at present, then the Parish Council would be prepared to fund the remaining money if the Grant was awarded.

Mrs Pointer to write to Mr A Durndell to inform him of the decision.


Orchard Committee

Mr E Deeprose, Chairman of the Oakley Garden Club Committee, had sent an email to the Parish Council asking for the following clarifications to be made:

1.      To clarify that the Parish Council has agreed that the waste can be dumped from the ditches to an area in the corner of the field.

Answer: Parish Council agreed that waste can be dumped from the ditches to an area in the corner of the field, it was decided the best way to deal with the waste would be to level it out (not to leave it in a mound in the corner of the field) and eventually it can be covered, grass or maybe wild flowers?

2.      If any further ditch clearance would be required where would the Parish Council dump that waste?

Answer: All waste at present time will be put into the corner of field.

3.      What access is available to the field with relation to machinery?

Answer:  Mr Hopcroft had informed the Parish Council that access to the gate should be available within the next month.  This access will always be there even after the houses are built.

To sum up:  Clarification was given to the Orchard Committee that waste will be dealt with by early summer.

Also it was decided that for the future, matters arising regarding the Orchard would be dealt with at the forth coming Sub Committee for the Playing Field meetings.  Suggested that Mr Deeprose attends meetings with the Sub Committee.

Mrs Pointer/Mr Cherry to inform Mr Deeprose when the first meeting will take place.






Street Lights

Light, Mill Road MR3 is out

Light opposite Mrs B Neal on Worminghall Road







Anti-Social Behaviour

Garage Burglaries reported in Oakley, Long Crendon, Ickford and Worminghall.


























AVDC Bin Collection

After the letter was received by AVDC regarding the Oakley Parish Councils dismay in the communication made by AVDC during the adverse weather conditions in January regarding collection of the Re cycle bins, AVDC kindly offered to attend our Parish Council Meeting to explain what went wrong.

Ms Tomlins and Mrs Sileno attended.  Ms Sileno explained AVDC Health and Safety Policy regarding work during snow conditions and explained because of issues like, rear wheel drive on the trucks, (trucks used are 18 ton and 26 ton and 7 ton food truck) snow blindness, and side roads very often being in bad condition with ice and the danger to the crew of slipping over and obtaining injuries, that AVDC had to ask the drivers to return to the depot half way through the pickup of refuse collection in the village of Oakley.

Ms Tomlins, explained the communication, and accepted that we as a village had not received good communication AFTER the initial message to inform the village that the refuse would not be collected on the Friday, and she apologised that it was a further two weeks before the collection was made for the recycle bins. She added that better communication in the future would help these sort of situations.

Oakley Parish Council accepted Ms Tomlin’s apology and Mr Mole added that we hope in the future that communication runs more smoothly.

Oakley Parish Council to write letter thanking both ladies for giving up their time to attend our meeting and explain the situation.

















St Mary’s Church Railings.

Mrs Pointer has now received two quotations regarding the painting of railings.   But unfortunately it was brought to Mrs Pointer’s attention that in fact the quote should have been for the Railings opposite the Church (not the Church Railings) and should also include the Gates into the village.

It was requested that quotation should be obtained for separate price on:

Church Railings & Gates

Railings Opposite the Church and Gates into the Village.

It was suggested that after quotation received, Oakley Parish Council will speak with St Mary’s Church to ask if they wish the railings to be rubbed down and painted.





Signs around the village

None of note












Devolved Services

No update to report.


Elmwood Close Housing:

Mr Mole reported with regards to bids on property 18 Elmwood Close.

There was apparently 117 bids for the property

Out of these bids,

1 applicant was from Oakley

5 applicants from surrounding villages

1 late email showing expression of interest.

All other 110 bids were discounted as not applicable to the criteria needed to apply.








Jericho Farm

Awaiting a reply from letter sent regarding date for the 3 year contact ends.








SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mr Mole updated Council regarding visit from Swarco and Mr D Smith BCC regarding site considered for the MVAS machine, Email has been sent by Mr D Smith confirming these have now been agreed. Next step will be the sending of letters to local Villagers who it affects were the MVAS is outside their premises.




Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.








Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

Mr Mole attended the Parish Liaison Meeting.

He informed all that there was nothing much to report from the meeting as most of the discussions did not affect Parish Councils.

There was talk however about HS2 and a disaster recovery plan for villages.









Papers to note:

Notice of Display of Planning Notice: Mrs Pat Fennel ref:13/00313/APP

Papers for Circulation:

Bulletin: 6/7/8/9/2013

Correspondence received regarding – Gypsy & Travellers Needs






·         13/00360/APP OAKLEY – Fennell and Blake Yard, Thame Rd, Oakley

Erection of single storey industrial unit for Class B2 use and formation of new access.

·         13/00385/APP OAKLEY – 4 Ashfield Rise, Oakley, Bucks

Demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey extension.




The following accounts were approved for payment:






E-On street lighting (dd)

Mrs P Pointer

Buckinghamshire Playing Fields Ass

Mr A Finn expenses

Aylesbury Mains Ltd








































Any Other Business

Collection of large items (eg fridges, cookers etc.,) – Mr Mole informed all that regrettably this service has now been stopped by BCC as one of their cut-backs. Parishioners now have to organise their own large items to be taken to the tip.  Mr Cherry did advise that if a person needs to use a Van to take there large item to the tip and “Van Permit” can be obtained from BCC in order that you can do this. (Since the meeting, Mr Rand has informed the Parish Council that the service has been suspended not removed)


Mr Mole had been informed that the Catchment area for Lord William School and Wheatley Park School had been changed along Brill Road. In that Oakley C of E School pupils will be divided between Wheatley and Thame secondary schools. Mr Mole to investigate further.


It was reported that Head of Oakley School Ms Garlic is leaving.

All agreed that this is very sad as Ms Garlic was very good for Oakley School, all the best was wished to her for her future.


Mr Cherry to have a look at Plum Tree in Playing Fields with regards to pruning.


Mrs Pointer to follow up quotation for Fences from Mr Cross.


Mr T Poole brought to the attention of the Parish Council that rents and service charge on the Hastoe Houses in Elmwood Close seem to be rising.  Mr Poole informed the Council that Service Charge is £14.32 per month, as this is for maintaining the garden areas, light maintenance etc., it was agreed that this price is good providing a good service is being maintained.  It was suggested to Mr Poole that if he is unhappy with the level of the service he should contact Hastoe’s to complain.


Councillor Mr M Rand informed the Parish Council that there are changes on the way regarding the consult of Parishes for Planning. If the Parish Council either OPPOSEs or SUPPORTs any planning application then the Parish Council would need to send a representative to the AVDC Planning Committee meeting and put its case forward personally. If the Parish Council needs to attend but cannot send somebody to represent it on the given day, we should inform Mr Rand and he would put our points forward. If there is ‘NO COMMENTS’, the Parish Council will not need to be represented .

If observations or comments cannot be returned in the time allocated by the Planning Office, then we must phone the Planning Office and ask for an extension on time.


Mr Rand also admitted that AVDC was putting its rates up by 1.99%. Bucks CC and Oakley Parish Council have not increased their rates.   


Meeting ended at 09:12pm


Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in the Village Hall.