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June 2017


held on

Tuesday 6th June 2017 @ 7.30pm


Meeting No: 2017/06

Public Session:

                   5 Parishioners attended the meeting and the following issues were discussed.

i)           Mrs Meredith of Hillside Farm, Brill discussed the possibility of Mr Smith at The Paddocks, Oakley applying for residence status.  She went on to say that all areas are being monitored and that they have been talking with the Flood Management people over the drainage and with the AVDC Planning Enforcement office regarding the fence that has been erected.  Oakley Parish Council Chairman agreed that at present the Parish Council will monitor activity, but unless an application for residency is received are hands are really tied. However, the Parish Council will send correspondence to the Rivers authority about the piping of the stream, in that the pipe will not be able to handle the water flow often seen from Brill Hill in recent years.  (See minute 6.29 ii)

ii)          Mrs Meredith also mentioned the erection of the new agricultural barn at Hillside Farm, Mrs Meredith assured all that full planning had been passed for this building, and that people had only to ask what was being built and she would have gladly passed on information, it will be built with a reclaim roof and will look when completed like a traditional barn housing a tractor. There is another planning permission at Hillside Farm is for conversion of older farm buildings into residential ones.  (See minute 6.29 iv).

iii)        Two residents attended and asked for permission to hold a children’s birthday party at the Playing Field, this would include Axe throwing and Archery. A gentleman from the company providing this service was also present and explained that he is experienced in organising these parties and works full time doing so.  He has public liability insurance up to £5,000,000.  The Parish Council asked how big an area would be needed and were told about the size of the football pitch.  They were assured that the area will be taped off and that the area’s behind the activities will have safety nets and the children will have a ratio of one adult to two children. Discussions took place regarding the implements of the Parish Council’s own Public Liability Insurance (with Aon) and it was decided the Clerk will call to check if the Parish Council will be liable on our own insurance if an accident occurred. As a vote cannot take place before the meeting has started, it was decided the Councillors would vote once the meeting began.  (See minute 6.04)


                   Mr Mole declared the Parish Council meeting open at 8pm

06.01             Present:

                   Mr J Mole (Chairman) Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman- arrived at 8.30pm) Mr P Kilpin, Mr D Pearce, Mrs A Staff, Mr J Smith, and Mrs P Pointer (Clerk) Mr M Rand (AVDC)

06.02             Apologies:

                   Mr A Finn

                   Mrs A Macpherson has sent an email explaining due to work and Council commitments she will be unable to attend future meetings, unless she is needed on a particular issue.  She has asked that she carries on receiving the Agenda and Minutes of each monthly meeting, so she can keep up to date with what is discussed.

06.03             Minutes:

                   The minutes of the last meeting held Tuesday 5th May 2017 were verified and approved and Mr P Kilpin proposed the signing and Mr J Smith seconded this.

06.04             Agenda item 06.20 brought forward – Children’s party and axe throwing/archery:

                   A vote took place whether the Children’s party, from the public session (iii) could go ahead on 25th June 2017. Three Councillors voted YES and two abstained, the motion was carried. 

PP              The YES vote was decided on condition that our Insurance agreed on the Public Liability Insurance from the company organising the party (Clerk to check), and on condition that notices are put on 3 entrances to the Playing Field on the day warning people of the activities.  The cost of hiring the field for two hours – it was agreed that the residence would make a Charity Donation, benefactor chosen by the Councillors.

06.05             Parish Council Matters:

i.           Oakley Parish Council Standing Orders:

The OPC Standing orders were agreed and signed by the Chairman


ii.          Review of present Insurance Coverage:

It was agreed that at present there is nothing to add to the Annual Insurance Policy, Clerk reported that the new annual cover had arrived and reminded Councillors that this is the last year of our 3-year agreement with Aon.

iii.        Oakley Parish Council Yearly Payments:

Yearly payments agreed for the coming year:

All annual subscriptions:  Bucks Playing Field, Open Spaces Society, BALC & NALC

It was also agreed to pay Oakley Informer £250 and St Mary’s Church £250

Wheatley Park School donation £25 towards Prize Giving

Proposed for payment by Mr P Kilpin and seconded by Mr D Pearce

06.06             BCC Highways Department/Transport for Bucks (TFB):

i.         Highway Defects:

All Highway defects are shown separately and will be displayed in the Notice Board and on Parish Council Website.  Clerk reported that this month there are no defects on the list, and the outstanding work at The Foresters should be completed within next couple of months.  Also, the resurfacing of Worminghall Road will be going ahead next week (week commencing 12th June).

ii.          Actions from last two months:

PP              Diversion sign fixed to the sign on the Nap has still not been collected despite Clerk reporting them. Clerk to re-report.

The loose and semi collapsed drain on Worminghall Road has been repaired. (Remove from future agenda)

Pothole completed in Brookside. (Remove from future agenda)

iii.        Any new defects to report?

None reported

iv.        Traffic Calming/control in the Turnpike:

JM              No update from Mr Mole

v.          Overgrown hedges:

Clerk reported that hedges that had been asked to be cut had been completed. (Remove from future agenda)

PP              There were 4 new ones reported and Clerk asked to write to the residents.

vi.        Roadside Mirror opposite ménage near Oakhall Court.

It was agreed that the Parish Council had done all they could regarding this matter (Remove from future agenda)

vii.       Poor road condition on Oxford Road, near Jericho Cottage.

Chairman informed all that an email had been received from NFU Mutual on behalf of a resident at Jericho Cottage, stating the poor condition of the road with potholes and lorries passing in and out of the village.

PP              It was agreed by all Councillors that the email should be passed on to the Highways Department as there is nothing the Parish Council can do regarding this matter, priority of repair work for roads, is decided by the Highways Department. Clerk to pass the email to TFB and to inform the resident and NFU Mutual of this action.

06.07             Play Area/Playing Field

i.         Use of Oakley Football Pitch by Long Crendon Football Club. (Remove from future agenda)

Clerk reported that Mr Andrew Durndell had said it was very unlikely that Oakley United would be using the Football pitch for next season. Mr Durndell also asked would it be possible for The Parish Council to take down the dangerous telegraph pole with floodlights on, now that the electricity has been disconnected.  (See minute 6.07 v below).

It was also agreed that until Long Crendon ask to use the football pitch next season no decision would be made.

ii.          Proposals for Oakley Tennis Court(s) and Multi Use Games Area

Mr Smith was asked by the Councillors what is happening with regards the decision of the Tennis Committee on the site of the Tennis Court(s).  Mr Smith replied, that he was only member of the committee left; as two members had left the village and the other member had withdrawn over the Parish Council’s insistence of the siting of the Tennis Court at the Southern End of the Playing Field.

JS                The Chairman asked if Mr Smith would confirm in writing from the Tennis Court committee that they no longer wish to pursue their interest.  He agreed to this.  

                   The Parish Council would look instead at the second most popular leisure facility from the 2015 survey, the provision of a hard-standing Perimeter Path (which could be called a Leisure Trail to ensure it falls inside 106 funding preferred nomenclature.  It may also be possible to include outdoor gym equipment at intervals along the path.

PP              It was decided that the clerk would get in touch with Mr Houston to ask if the 106-fund put aside for the tennis court could now be used for Stage 1 of the Perimeter Path (Leisure Trail), going from the path by the basketball area to possibly the Community Orchard. Total length will be dependent of the cost of such a path.

DC              It was agreed to ask Mr Cherry to obtain 3 quotations for the path with concrete kerb edges and compactor stone/slate or asphalt for the path.

iii.        Acorn Trail Lighting – Scout Hut

An email received from Mr Chamberlain re various aspects of the lighting around the path on Acorn trail, including the electricity bill, health and safety and their heater/water tripping, since they were installed.

DC              It was agreed that Mr Cherry will contact Mr Chamberlain to discuss all matters with him and report back to the Parish Council at the next meeting.

iv.        Tractor Shed Base:

JM              No update from Mr Mole

v.          Floodlight telegraph Pole

JM              It was agreed to ask Mr Peter Hopcroft if he would remove the pole with the Fork Lift truck he has at present.  Mr Mole to contact Mr Hopcroft.

vi.        Children’s Play Area Signs:

Clerk reported all completed (Remove from future agenda)

vii.       Children’s play area annual service

Mr Kilpin has now looked at report and there is nothing of significance that needs urgent attention.  He did however, note that the area underneath the swings will at some point need resurfacing.

viii.     Children’s Play Area Weeding

The covered paths in the children’s playing area will need weeding. – no decision made.

ix.        Tipper van access to Playing Field

Clerk reported that Mr Finn had said this had been completed. (Remove from future agenda)

06.08             Street Lights:

i.         Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month.

                   Clerk was informed that although the electricity has now been connected to the lamp in College Crescent it was still not working.  Clerk said she had been informed by Aylesbury Mains Ltd it was working.  She was asked to keep the cheque back until it is up and running.

PP              Clerk to contact Aylesbury Mains Ltd following the meeting.

ii.          Any new light defects to report?

Councillors reported that there were around 6 lights out in the village.

PK / PP      Clerk to send “Street Light” list to Mr Kilpin who will have a walk around the village and report them back to the Clerk. Clerk to then report.

06.09             Local Crime:


06.10             Protection of Common Land (Layby Bicester Road)

The Clerk reported that she had contacted the Planning Enforcement Office and had received a reference number.

06.11             Door Step Selling

Clerk reported that signs are now all up around the village. (Remove from future agenda)

06.12             Repair to Stiles

Clerk reported she had received a report from Mr Gutteridge and had put it in the circulation list for Councillors to look at.  It was agreed to discuss at next month’s meeting.

06.13             Bench next to church “looking tired”

DC              Mr Cherry reported that although the amount of £327 plus VAT had been agreed to spend at May meeting, when he had come to order the bench with “add-ons” the total came to £100 more.  It was              agreed that Mr Cherry will look for a cheaper bench.

06.14             Bench in Oakley Village – proposed by Mr Keating

DC              Mr Cherry to chase Mr Genever to complete concrete base.

06.15             Speeding in the Village

JM              Clerk reported that the 4 new MVAS poles have arrived.  Mr Mole to speak with the members of the now defunct Oakley Traffic Action Group about installing them.

06.16             Edward Brookes VC

Mr Mole reported that Mr McVeigh had informed him that the shortfall for the funds stands at £738.00 now.  It was decided to discuss re-imbursement of the shortfall, when the final figures are in.

06.17             OakFest 17

PP              Clerk was asked had she received Risk Assessments, Method statements and Public Liability Insurance from the organisers of OakFest.  She reported she hadn’t and was asked to contact them for copies.

06.18             Elmwood Close – Affordable Housing

PP              The Clerk reported she had received nothing from Hastoes for her request for list of rules of occupying the houses / flats. The Clerk was asked to chase and to also write to Aylesbury Vale housing to explain the situation.

06.19             The Spans, provision of bollards

It was decided to monitor this situation and discuss next month.

06.20             Children’s Party and axe throwing

                   Discussed and decided in agenda item (06.04) (Remove from future agenda)

06.21             Rural Transport in Oakley

                   Mrs Staff reported that she had made inquiries with Waddesdon Community Transport, and they had agreed that the community bus is available to use on Friday mornings for a trip to Bicester from Oakley. The cost of the bus is £10 per hour plus 75p per mile with the average cost of a trip being £40.           The service would have to supply our own drivers and pick the bus up from Waddesdon and deliver it back to there. There is a 3-hour training session in place for drivers, who must attend the training, the cost is £150 for up to 3 drivers.

AS              Mrs Staff offered to put an advert in the Oakley Informer asking for interest in driving the bus. Mrs Staff also to talk to Brill Parish Council, to see if they are also looking at this option.

06.22             First Responder for Village

JM              Mrs Daly has now resigned as one of Oakley’s First Responder, also covering surrounding villages. The Chairman and the Clerk asked had Mrs Daly handed over the First Responder Kit, Clerk reported that she has not yet. The Chairman to ask again.

PP              It was also discussed to ask Worminghall and Ickford if they could also advertise for a First Responder and Clerk asked to place advert in the Oakley Informer.

06.23             Litter Picker

Clerk reported that our Playing Field Litter Picker was leaving at the end of August.

PP              Clerk asked to advertise for a replacement.

06.24             Transparency Code Funding

The Clerk and Mr Kilpin reported they attended a meeting regarding the transparency code funding.  Funding is being distributed through BALC for help with costings of setting up a website, software, training costs and running costs for the website.  The reason for this funding is because the Parish Council must start publishing end of year accounts on its web page, so assistance is being given towards the costs.

PP              Clerk to return form.

06.25             Haddenham and Long Crendon LAF – Sentinel Training

JM              Chairman reported that two volunteers are required to attend the Sentinel (speed camera) training.  Mr Smith showed an interest, and it was agreed the Chairman would put it on Oakley Face Book page and ask for volunteers.

06.26             Wheatley Park – Prize Giving

This was agreed in agenda item (06.05 iii) (Remove from future agenda)

06.27             Meetings:

i.         Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors/Clerk since last PC meeting

Thursday 18th May 2017 - Transparency Fund- Swan Lounge, Walton Court, Aylesbury

ii.          Future Meetings:

ALL            LAF Meeting: Thursday 15th June 2017 – Oakley Village Hall – OPC to provide refreshments. All Councillors are welcome at the meeting.

JM / PK     VALP Meeting re Local Plan Monday 17th July 2017 @ 6.30pm – Mr Mole and Mr Kilpin to attend.

06.28             Correspondence (Papers to Circulate)

Open Space Society Letter/Magazine

Mr Gutteridge-Report on Stiles

NALC reform of data protection legislation notes.

New Copy of “The Good Councillor”

06.29             Planning:

i.         Planning Enforcement Officer – Sun Crescent

Clerk reported that she had been asked by Ashfield Rise resident to continue with this issue of discretion shown by Planning Department against the wishes of the resident.

PP              It was decided to contact Planning Enforcement officer again.

ii.          The Paddocks – Brill

Discussed at the beginning of meeting (Public session (i)).

PP              Clerk to report to the Environment Agency the piping of the stream on the east side of Brill Road at the Paddocks, with an inadequately sized pipe.

iii.        The Royal Oak

Clerk reported that all appropriate objection letters have been sent to AVDC Planning and the Parish Council is waiting the date of the Development Committee Meeting. It was agreed to keep on the Agenda until the date of the meeting is supplied.

iv.        Hillside Farm – Brill

Discussed at the beginning of the meeting. (Public session (ii)).

v.          Routine Planning:

All planning applications are now shown separately and each Councillor will receive a copy at every meeting.  This will also be displayed in the Notice Board and on Oakley Village Website.

06.30             Accounts:

i.         Year End Accounts:

Accounts were circulated and Chairman and Clerk signed the forms so all paperwork can now be sent to Mazars

ii.          Monthly cheques for June 2017

                   Clerks salary and expenses                                     £560.20

                   Mr W Green                                                                 £45.00

                   Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                                   £77.28

                   Eon Street Lighting                                                   £249.47

                   JPCS 4 x MVAS Posts                                                 £876.48

                   Open Space annual subscription                              £45.00

                   Green and Growing                                                £1500.00

                   Green and Growing                                                  £900.00

                   TOTAL                                                                      £4,253.43

NB:  The cheque for the Clerk from May 2017 has been cancelled as two of wreaths were paid for with £50 cash, so the cheque had been written for wrong amount. The outstanding amount owing on May 2017 cheque has been added to June 2017 cheque.

A cheque to be re-issued to Mr Reeves next month as his original cheque went missing and was not presented to the bank. Cheque has now been cancelled.

Proposed for payment by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr P Kilpin

iii.        Requests Received:

Request for donation for AVALC – it was agreed the Parish Council would not donate to this.

06.31             Any other business:

DC              Mrs Staff reported that a residence in College Crescent had complained about the siting of the dog bin as it is causing awful smells at nearby houses.  Mr Cherry to check the problem and report back at next meeting.





The next meeting of Oakley Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 4th July 2017 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm


Please note these are “Draft Minutes” and at the next meeting on Tuesday 4th July 2017 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole