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July 2016


held on Tuesday 5th July 2016

Meeting No: 2016/07




Public Session:

There were 14 Parishioners in attendance, no questions were asked.


Chairman Mr Mole introduced Mr Stephen ChainaniBucks County Council (BCC) School Place Planning Officer, who had been invited to attend the meeting to explain why the £67K from the 106 Education fund for proposed new houses in Elmwood Close will not go to Oakley School, but to Brill School. The Chairman first thanked Mr Chainani for attending the meeting and went on to say that it was very much appreciated.

Mr Chainani explained that the educational area which includes Oakley also includes Long Crendon, Brill and Ickford Schools.  He stated that the 106 money cannot be used for capital projects, such as new reception areas or adding libraries to a school. It has to be used for improving schools’ classrooms in order that they can accept more children, as obviously the money is available because of new houses being built in these villages, this increases the intake of children at the local schools.

The decision was made by BCC for this 106 money from the Elmwood development, along with four other developments in the area (one in Worminghall) to go into the pot of money being allocated to Brill SchoolMr Chainani explained that Long Crendon School did not wish to expand any moreso it was decided that Brill School would be given the opportunity as they had expressed a wish to expand a classroom in their school. 

Mr Chainani maintained that Government legislation stopped the developer giving the money directly to the school in the area they are building new houses, as this could be seen as unethical.  Also it was government legislation that had been put in place that means the money from areahas to be “pooled”.

Mr Cherry commented that he was very disappointed in this outcome and he asked the question what was Parish Council Councillors really for, if all local decisions are taken out of their hands and made by the District Council, he went on to say it would seem that Parish Councillors have been downgraded to only been making decisions regarding dog waste and litter bins.

Mr Chainani said that the Vale of Aylesbury Plan (VALP) had said that overall housing expectations in the area show that there will be up to 231 new houses in Long Crendon102 new houses in Brill and 52 new houses in Ickford. With only 22 new houses being allocated in Oakley. As a result, it is obvious that extra space is needed to allow for the influx of children to the areas with larger projected growth and thus the proposal is that the money would be allocated to Brill School who will build a new classroom, or existing classrooms to be increased in size.Mr Mole said that the VALP has not been adopted and despite Brill and Ickford being allocated large numbers of houses, the report also says there is nowhere for those houses to be put, Brill having little flat areas left and Ickford being in a flood plain. Mr Mole said that with some growth in Oakley, we would be able to ensure that village amenities, such as the school, pub and garage will be maintained and there could be an opportunity of a retail outlet. He said he wanted to see a vibrant village, with proper amenities what BCC is proposing is working against a sustainable village. 

Overall all Parishioners and Councillors at the meeting, were very much against the Development 106 fund money going to Brill School and deemed it unfair. Mr and Mrs Pearce (who are the developers of the proposed housing plan for Elmwood Close) asked Mr Chainani what would have happened if they decided not to pay the money to 106 fund? Mr Chainani explained that this could put their planning into jeopardy as it would then have to go to the appeal.

Mr Chainani empathised with everyone’s overall view but said that a plan had to be put into place that helped the whole area with schooling. Mr Mole thanked Mr Chainani for attending the meeting and asked would he be in agreement for his email address to be published in the minutes, so if people in the village had further questions they could contact him for explanations.  Mr Chainani agreed to this.  Email address is:


Chairman announced that the Oakley Parish Council Meeting would now take place.


07.01 Present: Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), Councillors Mr D. Pearce, Mr R. Craddock, Mr P Kilpin, Mr M Rand (AVDC District Councillor) Mrs P Pointer (Clerk) – Mrs M Daly arrived at the meeting late due to work commitments.
07.02 Apologies: Councillor Mr A Finn, Mrs A Macpherson (BCC Councillor)
07.03 Minutes of Oakley Parish Council’s last meeting held Tuesday 7th June 2016 were received, verified and approved (Proposed for signature by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr R Craddock)
07.04 BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TfB):

All Oakley Highway defects are shown under separate cover and will be displayed in the Notice Board and on Website

PPThe Chairman reported that we have a new Local Area Highways Technician (LAT) – he is Mr Dave Smith.  Clerk to contact Mr Smith to discuss outstanding repairs and arrange a meeting with a member of the Council.

New defects reported:

Large Pothole outside of number 49 Worminghall Road.

Hedge in need of trimming in 46 College Crescent

Brambles need cutting back in 14 College Crescent

PPClerk to report pothole and send letters to residents concerned.

07.05 Play Area/Playing Field:
i) Proposal for Oakley Tennis Court

Mr James Smith introduced himself as the newly elected Chairman of Oakley Community Tennis Club (OCTC). He informed all that following the Oakley Playing Field Survey and Survey Group Open Meetingit had been demonstrated that there is a large amount of support within the village for tennis courts to be built.  OCTC has therefore been formed and sought quotes and further information to this purpose.  Based on this information the estimated overall cost of building two tennis courts on Oakley Playing Field would be £96K.  Once constructed the LTA have advised that the maintenance and cleaning costs for two macadam tennis courts are approximately £3K per annum.  These costs would be funded by introducing club membership fees which, in order to encourage the widest community participation possible, will be kept to the minimum level necessary to cover the maintenance costs of the courts and operation of the club.

The Chairman said that Oakley Parish Council are in agreement that the proposed 106 leisure funding of £47K which will arise from the proposed Elmwood Close new development.

The proposed OCTC location of the Tennis Courts would be behind Oakley C of E Combined School, and they have a letter supporting this location from the School.  

Discussions took place regarding the location of the Tennis Courts, Mr Cherry said that as the Parish Council had looked at the area previously for the Bowling Green and it was rejected by OPC so it was decided to be moved to its current position, he could not agree to the location being were the Tennis Club would like to have it, as this would not be in line with the discussions of Oakley Parish Council which were to have any new editions to the playing field to the bottom end of the field.

OCTC said that they had talked to all local residents backing onto the playing fields and the area proposed was the least controversial / most acceptable area for the courts. It was also positioned close to existing paths and facilities (the scout hut) which could be used by players. The subject of parking of vehicles belonging to Bowling Club members in Fenemore Close, Mill Road and Lynnens View already cause a problem to local residents, the tennis courts near the Bowling Green would exacerbate this issue. 

Mr Mole said that only a ‘thumbnail’ plan of the tennis courts had been supplied and one which showed the overall impact on the whole Playing Field would be needed. It was agreed the Councillors will consider the proposed area over the next month and will vote at the next meeting in August.

N.B. a full copy of the OCTC proposal can be seen in the Notice Board or on our website.

ii) Acorn Trail (footpath)

DCChairman said that a resident felt their garden has been affected with flooding since the building of the new Acorn Trail path.  It was agreed that Mr Cherry will arrange to go and take a look at the problem and report back at the next meeting.

iii) Tractor shed base removal:

JMChairman to speak with Mr Mick Daly to see if it can be removed when he is working locally

iiii) Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

PPAll Councillors agreed that the quality of mowing this year, was the worst they had ever seen.  Discussions took place regarding the Contract with Countrywide Maintenance, and if it is within our rights to dissolve the contract.  Clerk was asked to write a letter to Countrywide to complain regarding the lack of mowing has been done on time, it was decided that as Mr Finn was not at the meeting it will be discussed again at the August meeting.


v) Floodlight telegraph pole on playing field:

DCIt was agreed this pole will come down when the new lighting is done for the path and Mr Cherry will organise the contractors to ensure the electrics from the pole are sealed off safely.

07.06 Street Lights:
i) Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:

Light defect outside 54 College Crescent, the Clerk has reported this Ref: July2

ii) New defects to report? 


07.07 Local Crime:

No local crime to report

07.08 Youth Meeting:

It was agreed that for the summer these would be cancelled as the interest seems to have wavered with the lighter evenings.

07.09 Churchyard extension:

DC/DPMr Cherry and Mr Pearce to decide when best time is to go ahead with seeding.

07.10 War Memorial:

DCThis work has not yet taken place. Mr cherry to follow up.

07.11 Door Step Selling:

PPSigns Ordered.

07.12 First Response Team Update:

Mrs Daly reported that NF170 machine is now active and she has been advised that there is a new Area Co-ordinator she had been asked to cover 20 hours a month on call, and that this will be monitored and if we do not have the correct amount of hours per month, the machine could be taken away from us.  Mrs Daly said that although 20 hours would be difficult for here with other commitments, she intended to go ahead with the 20 hours.  She informed all that she will give a verbal monthly report to OPC on at each meeting.

PPClerk to check with Ickford re £200 cheque.

07.13 Bus services:  

AMcPNo update from Mrs Macpherson as she is not present.

The Chairman reported that according to the Oxfordshire County Council website the 115 Heyfordian Travel – Oxford/Brill/Bicester bus service, an amended service will continue for this route. There will be a change in frequency and route times.  Horton served on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Beckley served on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Heyfordian has confirmed there will be an increase fare of 20% from 21 July on this route.

07.14 Neighbourhood Plan:

Mr Kilpin has not received any update on local cluster Neighbourhood Plan.

Mr Rand informed all that the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan is out for consultation again and Oakley should feedback. The chairman said he had fed back on the last draft and no notice was taken of his comments.

JMChairman said he would feed back again. 

07.15 Applications for New Homes Bonus Funding:

Mr Rand has reported the criteria for applying for this fund and Chairman said that we do not meet the criteria. 

07.16 S106 Monies – funds for Oakley Village/School/Sports & Leisure
i) School Meeting

The Chairman revealed that his talk with BCC on 13th June was similar the talk from Mr Chainani before this meeting. 

ii) Elmwood Close 106 monies

It has been agreed the Sports & Leisure 106 monies from the proposed Elmwood Close development will go towards the cost of the new Tennis Courts.

iii) Scouting Hut Refurbishment

PPSara Collier reported that the applications for grants and funding was going ahead. The clerk to add any bank details and ensure completed and forward to Joe Houston



07.17 Kissing Gates/Replacing Styles on footpaths:

Kissing Gates’ replacing styles on footpaths OAK/15/4 and OAK/12/6 in the village. Also the removal of ‘Kissing Gates’ on footpath OAK/19/2 in middle of a field on Oxford Road past New Farm, where hedge/fence has been removed several years ago. The Clerk has written to Rights of Way requesting action – Waiting update.

PPChairman asked Clerk to add proposal for Kissing Gate to be put where the stile is by the Gun Club.

07.18 Protection of Common Land:

JMDiscussion on parking in layby on Thame Road.  Mr Mole is waiting to development to start to ask Mr Mick Daly to put top soil down into the layby when he is working at Lynnens View.

07.19 Gigaclear:

Chairman informed all that a new quotation will be sent out from Gigaclear.

07.20 Jobs that need doing in the Village:

Discuss on advertisement in Oakley Informer for volunteers to do work around village – to be discussed at next meeting.

07.21 Bench next to Church “looking tired”

DCIt was agreed Mr Cherry will sort this, needs a new slat and re paint.

07.22 Oakfest 

Risk Assessment received from the school re parking

07.23 Oakley Parish Council Annual Report

Copy has been added to Circulation Folder for all to read, to discuss next month if we wish to produce something similar.

07.24 Computer for Oakley Parish Council

RCIt was agreed to buy a Laptop for the Clerk to do all of Parish Councils work on.  Mr Craddock to research and report back to the Parish Council. 

07.25 Caravan in Elmwood Close

Clerk reported that Hastoe’s had reported back to her that the caravan is on their land and the people concerned have been asked to remove it.

07.26 Meetings:

13th June 2016 - Meeting with BCC and Chairman re 106 Funding

20th June 2016 - Youth Meeting Cancelled

07.27 Correspondence / Papers to Circulate:

AVDC: S106 Leisure Financial Contributions

OPC: Letter to Cherwell District Council opposing planning for 750K sq ft distribution centre

OPC: letter to parents of school children

Example of Brill Parish Council annual report sent to all Brill residents

Michael Rand : New Homes Bonus

LAT Member Bulletin

LCR Magazine

Open Space Society

Annual Report

07.28 Planning:

Matters arising concerning planning are under separate cover and will be displayed on the Notice Board and on the WebsiteChairman informed all that he had written letter to AVDC Planning re new proposal for Royal Oak and Clerk asked to tick the box saying we will attend a Committee Meeting.

07.29 Accounts:

Annual audit:

Mazars will be returning the end of year accounts form for us to make a couple of changes.

Monthly Cheques for July 2016: 

Clerks Salary and Expenses £260.01

EON paid by DD 11.06.2016£204.72

William Green (litter picking)£  20.00

Aylesbury Mains Ltd (BR3)£116.76


Proposed for payment by Mr Cherry and seconded by Mr R Craddock

07.30 New Agenda Items for next month.

Parish Council to Vote as to location of new Tennis Courts

Funding of Churchyard Extension

07.31 Any Other Business?

Mr Pearce gave his apologies for next month’s meeting as unable to attend

Mr Cherry informed all that he had attended the Health and Safety Overview for Devolution. He informed all that as we do not employ any of the contractors who do our mowing that the necessary forms and health and safety procedures were down to the contractors.  He also informed all that there is now a designated Japanese Knotweed team at BCC and that he has registered Oakley Parish Council with the Group.

Chairman informed all he will be away for two weeks from Saturday 9th July 2016

Clerk gave apologies for next month’s meeting as she is away on holiday.  She informed the Council she will arrange cover for the meeting.

Michael Rand asked for all to ensure they read the new Aylesbury Vale Draft Plan when it is circulated.

Time meeting ended: 09.50pm


Please note these are “Draft Minutes” and at the next meeting on Tuesday 2nd August 2016 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole


Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 2nd August 2016 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Draft Minutes Meeting of Oakley Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th July 2016

Parish Clerk: Mrs Pat Pointer, Telephone: 01844 237067