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June 2016




held on Tuesday 7th June 2016

Meeting No: 2016/06




Public Session:

Parishioners present: One parishioner brought to the attention of the Councillors the problem with parking on Worminghall Road. He explained that at the junction with Elmwood Close, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to pull out onto Worminghall Road because of limited visibility due to cars parked along Worminghall Road. The Chairman empathised and agreed that he had had similar issues emerging from Elmwood Close. He explained that there is little the Parish Council can do about this matter, but to report it to the Police and Bucks County Council

PPHighways Department.  Chairman asked the Clerk to do this.


06.01Present: Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), Councillors Mr D. Pearce and Mr R. Craddock, Mrs P Pointer (Clerk)

06.02Apologies: Councillors Mr A Finn, Mr P Kilpin and Mrs M Daly; Mrs A Macpherson (BCC Councillor); Mr M Rand (AVDC District Councillor)

06.03Minutes of Oakley Parish Council’s last meeting held Tuesday 3rd May 2016 were received, verified and approved (Proposed for signature by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr R Craddock)

06.04Presentation by Oakley Scout Group:

Members of the Scout Group gave a presentation regarding the changes they propose for the Scout Hut.

They informed all that the Scout Hut is in need of a serious overhaul in order for them to continue with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. The plan is to renovate the building, although the exterior remains the same. The work would be internal adding a new floor, new external doors, windows and new internal fire door, There would be full insulation throughout walls and ceilings, a kitchen counter to the main hall fitted with hot water and washing up facilities, redesigned store rooms, an outside space with self-contained fire pit, patio, shelter and outside sink and new LED lighting throughout.

The group informed the Parish Council that they have applied for £38,902 grant funding from WREN (and thanked Councillor Finn for his help with this)this would cover the majority of the costs; however they require additional funding to enable it to happen.  So far they have raised £1,500 through various fund raising events and are asking the Parish Council for £7,000 towards the 3rd party funding which pays for the administration of the landfill levy project costs (this would be through the 106 funding). The rest is going towards their 10% project contribution. They have been approached by a number of organisations in the village, who have expressed interest in sharing facilities in the refurbed building. Oakley Bowls Club wish to use the changing and toilet facilities, Oakley School and Oakley Pre-school wish to use the hut as outdoor learning space and Oakley Players would like to rent some more storage space.

The group explained that presently they have a waiting list on two of the groups although the limitations of the (Scout) hall limits them to 12 children in each group. The redesign would allow them to accept 15 in each age group which would mean they could find spaces for 9 more children.

Sara Collier pointed out that the £7000 would come from S106 fund and not the Parish Council and that Mr Mole had the Application form and would go through it and ensure it was submitted before the deadline tomorrow (8th June 2016) at 5pm.

Mr Cherry agreed saying he thought this a much better idea than a rebuild. Mr Cherry proposed to accept Scout Group’s proposal, it was seconded by Mr PearceAll other councillors present were in agreement. Mr Finn had voted by proxy for the proposal, Mr Kilpin had abstained by proxy. 

06.05BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TfB):

All Oakley Highway defects are shown under separate cover and will displayed in the Notice Board and on Website – There were no new defects to report.

06.06Play Area/Playing Field:

i) Acorn Trail (footpath)

DCThe Parish Council has received LAF money to go ahead. Mr Cherry to get samples of LED lights.

JMChairman to speak with Kieran Condon for a quotation on this lighting.

JMChairman reported letter has been sent to all School parents asking them to use the Village Hall car park and walk to school via the path. Mr Mole to circulate a copy to Councillors.


ii) Dog waste bins:

This has been completed and can be taken off agenda for next month.

iii) Tractor shed base removal:

JMChairman to speak with Mr Mick Daly to ask if they could do the work they are working at Lynnen’s View.

iiii) Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

All Councillors agreed that the quality of mowing this year, was the worst they had ever seen.

PPClerk to get, from Councillor Finn, details of Countrywide Mowing contractor from Mr Finn and call him to ask when the various areas in the village will be cut.

It was noted to look at all areas for mowing after the next grass cutting session.

v) Floodlight telegraph pole on playing field:

DCIt was agreed this pole will come down when the new lighting is done for the path and Mr Cherry will organise the contractors to ensure the electrics from the pole are sealed off safely.

06.07Street Lights:

i) Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:


ii) New defects to report? 

JMMr Mole to check street light at Little London Green (BR3) and report back to Clerk

06.08Local Crime:

No local crime to report

06.09Youth Meeting:

Next meeting 20th June 2016

The Clerk to obtain a DBR check. Clerk not yet received this.

06.10Churchyard extension:

DC/DPMr Cherry and Mr Pearce to decide when best time is to go ahead with seeding.

06.11War Memorial:

This work has not yet taken place.

06.12Door Step Selling:

PPIt was agreed to have signs on all five road entries to the village.

06.13Defibrillator for First Response Team:

We have now taken delivery of the second machine.

PPClerk to check with Ickford re £200 cheque.

06.14Bus services:  

AMcpNo update as Mrs Macpherson is not present.  

Chairman reported he had heard that the Oakley-Oxford Bus had been kept despite Oxfordshire County Council cutbacks, but as of yet this has not been confirmed.

06.15Neighbourhood Plan:

Mr Kilpin was not present to update the meeting. 

ALLIt was reported that AVDC have sent the latest draft of their Vale of Aylesbury Plan. None of Oakley Parish Council’s feedback on the previous draft appears to have been included. All to review.

06.16Applications for New Homes Bonus Funding:

MRMr Rand not present to provide an update. .

06.17S106 Monies to be given to Brill School

Chairman informed all about how appalled he was on hearing that the money that should have been awarded to Oakley school if the Elmwood Close Planning Application gets the go ahead (a sum in excess of £67,038) has been allocated to Brill School by Bucks County Council, with the only reason being given is “that it is their policy”. Mr Mole said he had written to Steve Chainani (BCC School Place Planning Commissioning Partner) registering Oakley Parish Council’s disgust at this absurd decision, he had also commented on the AVDC Planning Portal to that effect. 

Mr Cherry said he could not hide his disappointment in this development, he said that when you have people in the village who sit on the Parish Council who give their time voluntary because they care about Oakley Village it is a shame that it is becoming more and more obvious that the Parish Council is being used by the Local Authority, to take over the costs of things like mowing of the village etc., but increasingly AVDC and BCC are taking all decision making on Oakley Village away from the Parish Council.  All agreed.

Mr Mole said he was disappointed that neither Mrs Macpherson nor Mr Rand had been able to attend tonight’s meeting as he had wanted to discuss this issue with them both.

Mr Mole informed all that he had received a letter from Tim Kirtley, the “acting” head of Oakley School requesting Oakley Parish Council to assist in applying for some funding from the S106 fund.  Oakley School had also sent a letter to BCC (Steve Chainani) As per Parish Council meeting, 

Mr Mole also informed all that the Planning Applicant for the new houses in Elmwood Close has also written a letter to AVDC supporting the fact that the funding should go to Oakley School.

Mr Mole will be attending a meeting next Tuesday (13th June 2016) with Bucks County Council to discuss this matter and will report back at our next meeting.

06.18Kissing Gates/Replacing Styles on footpaths:

PPKissing Gates’ replacing styles on footpaths OAK/15/4 and OAK/12/6 in the village. Also the removal of ‘Kissing Gates’ on footpath OAK/19/2 in middle of a field on Oxford Road past New Farm, where a hedge/fence has been removed several years ago – Clerk has written to Rights of Way requesting action – Waiting update.


06.19Cherwell District Council Planning Application Warehouse Building:

Chairman has received an acknowledgement of receipt of letter sent.

06.20Protection of Common Land:

JMDiscussion on parking in layby on Thame Road.  Mr Mole to ask Mr Mick Daly to put top soil down when he is working at Lynnens View.


JMMr Mole is still following this up but has been informed that Gigaclear is re-calculating what percent of Oakley households which need to sign up to the company to provide full village roll-out. 

06.22Jobs that need doing in the Village:

Discuss on advertisement in Oakley Informer for volunteers to do work around village – to be discussed at next meeting.

06.23Recording of Oakley Parish Council Meetings:

It was agreed by all that this is not a viable project to undertake, it can be understood this is perhaps a good idea for Large Council Meetings, but it was agreed it is not needed at OPC meetings.

06.24Bench next to Church “looking tired”

It was agreed Mr Cherry will sort this, needs a new slat and re paint.

06.25Minutes of Oakley Parish Council 1980-1984

Mr Mole passed the information regarding the storage of these files at Bucks Record Office to the Clerk

06.26Parking in the Playing Field for Oak-fest

The Parish Council agreed to the request from Oakley School with regards to parking in the playing field forthe Oakfest event on 11th June 2016.

PPClerk to inform them and ask for a Risk Assessment form duly completed.

06.27Oakley Parish Council Annual Report

Mr Mole suggested that it may be a good idea to distribute to all households paper annual report once a year like they do in Brill.  There was a mixed reaction to this suggestion as some thought that as we have “An Annual Parish Meeting” where all things from the previous year are discussed, that this is enough. Mr Mole said that barely 20 people come to this meeting and only just 50% of households in Oakley will receive the ‘two-pager’ Parish Council minutes in the Oakley Informer. 

JMIt was decided Mr Mole would acquire a latest copy of Brill Parish Council Annual Report and bring to next meeting.


Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

Wednesday 4th May - Agendas and Minutes training – Clerk attended and found it very informative

Monday 9th May 2016 – Youth meeting - cancelled

Monday 16th May 2016 - Victoria Cross Paving stone meeting – JM attended


Papers to Circulate:

Chairman’s letter to parents regarding parking at school

Chairman’s letter to Cherwell District Council


Matters arising concerning planning are under separate cover and will be displayed on the Notice Board and on the Website


i) Annual audit:

Clerk informed all that Annual Audit was now completed and ready for signing.

Annual Audit Proposed for signature by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr R Craddock

Annual Audit signed by Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer

The dates were agreed for “voter’s rights to see accounts” 1st July – 14th August 2016 – notice will be pinned in notice board.

ii) Asset Register

Asset register updated and signed

iii) Financial Statement:

Finance statement updated and signed

iiii) Standing Orders Statement:

Standing orders statement updated and signed

v) Risk Assessment:

Risk Assessment updated and signed

vi) Monthly Cheques for February 2016: 

Clerks Salary and Expenses £225.00

EON paid by DD 11.05.2016£198.12

BMKALC Annual Subscription£154.19

BMKALC – Book “Local Councils Explained£19.99

Open Spaces Annual Subscription£45.00

John Mole – Expenses for laminating £72.00

St Marys church donation£250.00

Oakley Informer- annual payment£250.00

Mrs M Rose – internal audit cost£36.40


Proposed for payment by Mr Cherry and seconded by Mr R Craddock

06:31Any other business:

The Parish Council were informed that work taking place in College Crescent at Mr North’s required a skip and if this was put onto the road, it would hinder parking.  Permission was given to have the skip on the grass verge outside Mr North’s house.  The license for this would be acquired by the skip company.

PPThe Parish Council was informed that there is a caravan been left in the Hastoe’s portion of ElmwoodClose – none of the residents in those houses know the owner of the caravan.  Clerk asked to write to Hastoe’s to inform them and ask for it to be removed.

Clerk asked the Parish Council would they reconsider purchasing a laptop for sole use for the Parish Council, she said that the training she had attended recently pointed out why a Parish Council should have their own laptop.  It was agreed to put back on the Agenda next month.

PPClerk asked to report to Police the burnt out Volkswagen Golf near Honeyburgh turn on Oxford Road


Time meeting ended: 08:56pm




Please note these are “Draft Minutes” and at the next meeting on Tuesday 5th July 2016 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole



Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 5th July 2016 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Draft Minutes Meeting of Oakley Parish Council held on Tuesday 7th June 2016

Parish Clerk: Mrs Pat Pointer, Telephone: 01844237067