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June 2013




held on

Tuesday 4th June 2013












Present:  Councillors J Mole (Chairman), D Cherry (Vice Chairman),

R Craddock, D Pearce,  Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk)

1 parishioner attended. Ms Angela Macpherson – County Councillor

Mr M Rand – AVDC Councillor



Mr P Kilpin

Mr K Brown

Mr A Finn





Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on Tuesday 7th May 2013 were approved and signed.




Matters Arising:











































































































Highways Department

Traffic Diversion:

Awaiting reply from letter emailed to Oxford City Council – Mrs Pointer has sent recorded letter – awaiting reply. Mrs Pointer will ring to chase.


To note current position


No new potholes to report

It was noted that at present we are getting a very good response from BCC Highways Department, with regards to repairs needed in the village.

Mr Mole reported that he has met with new Highways Technician Mr Matt Whincup, and that they had a drive around the village looking at the following problems: various potholes on village roads, Ashfield Rise pavements, the pavement outside Mr Durndell's (1 Oxford Road) and the pavement near to village hall. Also the drains in Brill Road and other flooding concerns along the Bicester Road. It was noted that sections of Thame Road will be repaired, full width around Morgan’s and half the carriageway by Manor Farm to be repaired.  Mr Whincup is also going to check up about road surface repair in College Crescent, he stated that it is not on his list of repairs, although Mr Mole reported that at the last LAF meeting he was told it was on the list of BCC projects for 2013.

Angela MacPherson said she would speak with Mr Whincup at Mr Cherry’s request, regarding Camo Skips. It has been reported that the piece of land at side of the premises is still being used for parking cars.  Mr Cherry said he was not sure if permission had been agreed for this purpose. 


Playing Area and Playing Fields:

Play Area:

The new Play Area has now opened and is very impressive and well used. Snagging has been completed by Mr Finn

Mr Pearce will organise clearance of the trees.


Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer to meet next Tuesday evening to discuss and sort, Invoice for playing field, plus claiming back the VAT.


Progress on Sub Committee for Playing Field:

Mr Cherry has still to arrange the subcommittee meeting.


Goal Post Grants and Football Pitch Drainage

Mr Cherry has the 106 application we also need to apply to Football Foundation, but this will take 12 weeks from date of application.


Plum Tree in Playing Field:

Discussions with the two neighbours are now complete and agreement on how much of the Plum Tree is to be taken down.

Price quoted for the work is £90.00 this was proposed by Mr Cherry and Seconded by Mr Mole, when work is complete a bonfire will take place to dispose of the tree.


Himalayan Balsam Weed

Mr Cherry informed all that he has sprayed the weeds.








Street Lights

No faults to report.

Mrs Pointer informed all that she has requested a list of all lampposts and their codes for Oakley Village.




Anti-Social Behaviour

None to report










Status of Devolved Services.

Payment for work on Invoices dated November has still not been received.

Mrs Pointer to send copies of invoices to Matt Whincup

Angela Macpherson will chase up at her next meeting with Matt Whincup.

Review of services completed/ or in hand.  – It was agreed that no more work would be carried out until receipt of the monies for invoice already issued is received.

We have been invited to take part in BCC’s Devolution Review – Mr Mole and Mr Kilpin to attend.






Chandos Arms – Community Asset update:

Awaiting report from Mr Kilpin


















Village Hall Car Park

Collapsed manhole: - Mr Morris has been contacted via email to confirm he can go ahead with the work.


Jericho Farm

Have received a reply from AVDC on behalf of Mr B Nicholson, informing us they have received our letter and will reply within 42 days. Mr Michael Rand said he will speak with Mr Nicholson to get an answer for us as soon as possible.






“Update on proposed termination of Drop in” surgery provision by Trinity Health at Brill Surgery.

Mr Mole informed all that although he had received a draft copy of a brochure which will at some point be available to patients. He had been asked by the practice not to circulate until the final copy was available.

In the last five weeks, he had not received anything else, despite emailing the Practice Manager asking when he would receive the information promised.  At the time of the meeting he had not received a reply.








SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mrs Pointer informed all that she had emailed Mr Whincup at BCC Highways Department informing him we wish to go ahead and place the order for the MVAS machine.

Mr Mole informed all that he has now “updated” LAF with regards to where we are for the MVAS




Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.








Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

Meeting with BCC Highways (see 4.1 above)


Up and coming meetings

Councillor Training – Mr Kilpin to attend.







Papers to Note

Letter from resident in Little London Green – Mr Mole read out from a resident which explained the problem that an ambulance had a problem reaching her house because of the overgrown trees. Mr Mole informed all that he had spoken to the resident and the owners of the trees and they are going to cut back the trees from the road way.

Mr Mole requested that Mrs Pointer send letters to both residents  confirming his conversation.


Minor amendments to plans for 37 Worminghall Road

Letter AVDC regarding Jericho Farm

Mr S Knight, 7 Brookside, Oakley – AVDC Herby Permit

Vale of Aylesbury Plan News Letter


Papers for Circulation:

The Bulletin 19/20/21/22//2013

Community Impact Bucks Rural Exception Schemes and Bucks Home Choice.





No planning



Re: 13/00709/APP – 7 Brookside, Oakley, HP18 9PN

Demolition of existing garage and porch.  Erection of single front and side extensions incorporating a new integral garage. 

Drawings approved.

Subject to Conditions and Reasons – HEREBY PERMIT







The following accounts were approved for payment:







E-On street lighting (dd)

Mrs P Pointer

Alicia Green

Open Spaces Membership (signed and sent)

Limestone Landscapes

Aon UK Ltd (Council Insurance)(signed & sent)






£  20.00

£  45.00









The yearend accounts have been submitted to Mr T. Walker for auditing


Bank Account – Change of address, Mr Mole has written a letter to the bank informing them to change address of statements to Mrs Pointer’s address.





































































Any Other Business


Grass cutting – complaints, Mr Cherry informed all that complaint had been received regarding the length of cut of grass on football pitch – Mrs Pointer to ask Limestone Landscapes to make the cuts shorter in future. Membership of CPALC (Communities, Parish and Local Councils)

This website is available to Parish Councillors and has very helpful and useful information for Councillors.  It costs £25 to subscribe – Mr Cherry proposed we subscribe and Mr Craddock seconded it. Mr Mole to progress.


Mr Mole informed the meeting that a few months ago a resident of Manor Road had been in touch regarding walking from the bus shelter, in Worminghall Road, across the Royal Oak Car Park and front garden to get to the Playing field to walk her dog. She had informed him that the owners, Vale Brewery had recently “padlocked the gate” making access more difficult. After enquiries were made, it was realised that this is not a “right of way” despite having been used for 20 years. The resident, with assistance, submitted an application form for it to be considered a “right of way”. Since then Mr Mole has heard from BCC “Rights of Way Department” and was told that in order for this to be move forward many more people would have to apply. The meeting decided that this would not be followed up at this time by the Parish Council, as it just would not be feasible to do so, unless more evidence is forthcoming.


County Councillor Surgeries:  Angela MacPherson will throughout the year be holding surgeries in different local areas. Mrs Pointer will put the notice on the notice board as to dates and times of the surgeries.


Mr Mole asked how we can ensure we are members of Local Area Forum (LAF), Mr Rand informed all that Paul Hodgson is the person to contact regarding giving our nominees for LAF:

Mr J Mole

Mr D Cherry

Mrs P Pointer (observer)


Angela Macpherson is going to find out when next year’s LAF funding will be allocated.


Mr Mole informed all that it had been brought to his attention that the minutes of our Parish Council Meetings were not being printed in the Bernwode News.  Mrs Pointer will in future ensure a copy is emailed to Rose Crease.


Mr Mole informed all that he had now received a reply regarding catchment areas for schools for students living in Oakley; he was informed that as Wheatley Park is the nearest school (6.1 miles from Oakley).  This is the school that students from Oakley would be expected to attend and free buses are allocated for this school.


Parish Community Response Team for Oakley –

Mr J Mole will be Co-Ordinator

Mr P Kilpin will be Assistant Co-Ordinator

A notice explaining what the Parish Community Response team is will be displayed in the notice board.


Mr Michael Rand – requested that the Vale of Aylesbury Strategy Plan, be looked at again by Councillors, as at this time it is out for consultation of Parishes. Mr Mole and Mr Cherry will read through it again. Mrs Pointer to drop into Mr Mole.


Mr Mole said, although it is not under Parish Council jurisdiction, he will be facilitating a meeting to look at the future of the Oakley Informer in the next few days.


 Mr Mole apologised but he will not be able to attend the July meeting.

 Mr Cherry will Chair.


Meeting ended at 08:45


Next Meeting:  Tuesday 2nd July 2013 @ 07:30pm