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June 2012




which was held on

TUESDAY, 5th June 2012




Present: Mr P Kilpin, Mr J Mole (Vice Chair) Mr D Pearce, Mr R Craddock,  Mr D Cherry. One Parishioner and Miss M Griffiths (Clerk to Parish Council)


Apologies: Mr A Finn.



Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 1st May 2012, were approved and signed.


Matters Arising:







MG to action
















MG to Action


Highways Department


It was noted that some had been mended and others have now been marked with white paint showing that they are soon to be attended to. 

MG advised that Dave Smith had been asked to write to the owners of 19 and 19a Brill Road regarding the collapsing pavement to the front of their properties which it is their responsibility to repair but that he had advised that this was the responsibility of the Thames Water.  Members thought that this was not correct, MG to clarify and contact the correct person to get this repaired.

Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Mr Mole advised that there are now five lose kerb setts by the church and 2 in Brill Road.  Mr Cherry advised that he would get a quote for the work and that it may be necessary to consider installing proper kerb stones as the setts are easily disturbed by the large lorries using the village roads.  

Willows Opposite Leatherslade Farm

MG advised that she has gone back to Dave Smith and advised him that the land is not owned by the adjacent farmer.  Members pointed out that there are BT cables going through the willows and that if these come down then the cables will be brought down too.  MG to let Dave Smith know about the cables.








Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Horton Cars:- MG reported that she has had an email back from AVDC and that they have decided that there is no point in pursuing the matter any further and it was agreed that this item be removed from further Agendas. 

IBS – No more bags or materials have appeared in the lay-by.  Mr Mole advised that he has written to IBS.




All to action



MG, Mr Mole and Mr Cherry to action




Play Area/Playing Field.

New play area:- Mr Finn has sent an email to advise that the decision regarding funding would be posted this week.    


The willow has not been re-examined by Councillors.


Football Pitch Drainage

Drainage plans of the football pitch have not been located, MG to try and find.  Now that there are three teams using the pitch it is difficult to arrange major works.  It was agreed that s106 monies would almost certainly pay for the works.  However talks need to be had with the football club regarding their possible relocation for a period in order to facilitate the works.  Mr Mole and Mr Cherry to talk to the football club.

MG to Action


Street Lights

MG advised that she has been told about a dim light in Mill Road.  Mr Mole reported that the tree has been cut back in Oxford Road.  MG advised that the lamp of this light has now been mended but that there appears to be a problem with the supply but that EDF refuse to accept this and that she will have to go back to Aylesbury Mains to try and get more information on the problem.



Anti Social Behaviour

It was reported that there have been couple of cases of a man knocking at doors asking for work and becoming abusive when nothing was forthcoming.  Mr Pearce also advised that his mother had had her chickens stolen.  MG advised that the speed camera which was stationed in the village during the month of April caught 20 people speedingNothing new has been reported.

All to note


Camo Skips (formerly Bucks Recycling)

Mr Cherry advised that he has spoken with Dave Smith regarding the small site and the access to it.  Mr Smith is adamant that he wants the access to be used properly with kerbs.  Mr Smith would like to know if anything other than this happens so that he can keep on top of any issues.  Mr Pearce advised that at present they only have a licence for two lorries and that if they want to increase this number then they will have to advertise, although the advert may be missed as it it does not have to be posted on the site only in a local paper.  It is also clear that they will not be allowed to park down the side of the main site and that if this is observed then AVDC should be made aware of this

Mr Cherry to action



Mr Cherry had not been able to make contact with the person whose number he was given at the last meeting but will continue to try



Signs around the village

It has been noted that the commercial signs have gone,



Mains Gas in Villages

Nothing further to report.  Mr Finn is still waiting for replies to letters he has sent

MG to action


Devolved Services

MG advised that she has not been able to make contact with Haddenham Parish Council but that on reading the legal document it is clear what has to be done regarding sending copies of invoices and that she will follow the requirements of the document and that if BCC want anything further they will ask for it.  It was agreed by all that the best way to prove that value for money has been obtained is to use recognised contractors to carry out any work.  It was agreed that all councillors would be provided with a copy of the document and that if anyone wants any work carried out that they should go through the Clerk so that she is aware of what is being done and the costs being incurred

MG to Action


Community Orchard

No one from the gardening club was at the meeting to discuss the project and it was agreed that they be asked to attend the next meeting to discuss, specifically, future maintenance of the orchard and management into the future.



Scout Hut Lights

Nothing further to report at this time.






Jericho Farm

Nothing further to report.


SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mr Cherry went to the LAF meeting earlier in the month.  There are two LAF budgets;- Highways and Projects, which are going to be amalgamated.    The system for voting on schemes was thought to be unworkable when Council Officers were questioned on it and as a result when it was voted on no one voted in favour of it. A new voting scheme is to be introduced.  The Oakley traffic calming scheme got the most points, but at a cost of £59k (figures supplied by BCC) it is unlikely to be voted for as this is the entire budget available. There is another meeting of LAF on the 26th  June at which schemes will be voted on. A representative of the Council will attend to vote





Papers to Note

Planning Bulletins (several)












To note the following applications received:


Nap Farm, The Nap, Oakley

Relocation of existing storage barn.

Decision; No comment.


To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:


1Meadow Close, Oakley.

First floor extension over garage with front and rear dormers

Decision: Refuse





The following accounts to be approved for payment:













E-On street lighting

Open Spaces Society

Mr M Cross

Aylesbury Mains Ltd.

Curtis and Carder Services Ltd

Litter Collection

Bucks County Council

Complete Tank Care

LF Pearce and Son

Mr P Reeve

M Griffiths Clerks wages


































J Mole to action



MG to Chase






Mr Cherry to Action

Any other business

Speed Camera.

The Village Events Committee have spoken with Councillors and feel that at the moment they do not have an objective for their fund raising.  Councillors need to discuss this and come up with a way forward, whether this means a questionnaire to the village in general to find out what people want or putting forward some ideas for people to decide on.

Councillor Vacancy:

Mr Mole advised that to date three people have applied for the vacancy.  He explained that a notice had been posted on the Village notice board asking for applicants and that if ten people had asked for an election by the 12th June then one would have to be held, otherwise Councillors could co-opt a new member from those people who had applied.

Football Club Grant Bid

Mr Mole advised that the form would be prepared for the funding bid and that once it was ready then he would sign it. 

Jubilee Mugs

It was unclear whether these have been ordered and it was agreed that MG should ask Mr Finn whether or not the order had been placed.

Parking outside the Church

Mr Mole advised that there had been a problem with people parking outside the Church who had blocked the footpath so that a lady with a pushchair had had to walk in the road.  Mr Cherry will speak with people and try to ensure that this does not happen again.




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 3rd July 2012 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm