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July 2013







1.      Present:     Councillors: Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), R Craddock, D Pearce,

A Finn, P Kilpin, K Brown

Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)

Mr M Rand (AVDC Councillor)

1 Parishioner


2.      Apologies: Mr J Mole

Ms A MacPherson


3.      Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on Tuesday 4th June 2013

Were approved and signed.


4.      Matters Arising:

.1       Highways Department

Traffic Diversion

PP                                Awaiting reply from letter emailed to Oxford City Council – Mrs Pointer is still chasing.


To note current position


PP                                The Forresters to be reported


                                    To note: Email received from Mr M Whincup (BCC) with regards to Camo Skips,

                                    the bridal way and parking.  Mr Whincup to take some photographs when next

                                    passing through and will make a judgement as to whether they are using the

                                    bridal way to gain access to the area.


.2       Playing Area and Playing Fields:

                                    Play Area:

                                    Payment of New Children’s Play Area can now go ahead.

                                    To note: Cost £92, 096.88

                                    Grants received to pay for the Children’s Play Area - £76,747.00

                                    Parish Council able to claim back £15,349.48.00 VAT

                                    Has cost the village no money at all

                                    Feedback from residents of Oakley is that the new play area is a complete success.

                                    Thank you to Mr Andy Finn for all his hard work and organisation.

                                    Trees to be cleared from play area – this has been completed.


Progress on Sub Committee for Play Field

DC                               Mr Cherry has arranged the first meeting for Thursday 11th July 2013


                                    Goal Post Grants and Football Pitch Drainage

DC                               Goal Posts:

Mr Cherry has now applied for 106 payment of new Goal Posts, he has stated that

                                    we will pay £200 ourselves towards the cost, but hopefully we should get the full


                                    Football Pitch Drainage:

DC                               Mr Cherry informed all that there are grants available, but they take 12 weeks from application.  Grant maybe possible if we can prove it would improve the usage of the pitch, Mr Cherry said that some money towards costs would have to come from Oakley Football Club – on going


                                    Plum Tree in Playing Field:

DC/DP                         This has now been taken down and the tree has been put on the Orchard patch in the playing field.  Weekend of 14th July, Councillors will take down old shed and will burn the tree and shed at the same time.  It was pointed out that although the Plum tree is waiting to be burnt at the Orchard Patch, this does not make this area a dumping ground for the village.


                                    Himalayan Balsam Weed

DC                               Mr Cherry will check back on Parish Council Minutes, to see what decision was made as to the area where the weed is in the playing field.  It was noted at present there is no sign of the weed growing after Mr Cherry sprayed the area.


.3          Street Lights

Repair of street light at Oxford Road opposite Mr Walker’s premises has been repaired.


                        .4          Anti-Social Behaviour

                                    It was noted that the school had recently been broken into and computers stolen.


                        .5         Status of Devolved Services

Mr M Whincup (Highways Technician BCC) has emailed to thank Mrs Pointer for the copies of outstanding Invoices owed to Parish Council for completion of Devolved Services.  He will chase them up and report back to her as soon as possible.


                        .6         Chandos Arms – Community Asset Update

                                    Mr Kilpin stated he complete the form and report back at next meeting.


                        .7         Village Hall Car Park

Collapsed Manhole: Has now been repaired, Mr Finn passed Invoice to Mrs Pointer for payment for Mr Morris.


                        .8         Jericho Farm

Reply from Mr Nicholson received stating that Mr Florent has until at least 17th February 2014 to complete work.  Mr Kilpin asked if stand one had been dismantled or was it still being used?


                        .9         Little London Green

                                    This hedge has been cut so lane has minimum width of 2.8 metres


                        .10       Grass Cutting:

Limestone Landscapes:  Mr Andy Finn will meet with Tracy Ketteridge to walk round village to confirm grass cutting area’s.

Complaints regarding verges and triangle cutting/mowing. This grass cutting is undertaken by a contractor for BCC. It was discussed standard of work is very poor and complaints have been received, Mrs Pointer to write a letter of complaint to BCC.  In the meantime Mr Cherry requested that residents of the village should also write letters of complaint to BCC regarding this matter.


5.                     “Update on proposed termination of Drop in” surgery provision by Trinity Health at Brill Surgery.

                        We have now received leaflet as promised from Practice Manager. (circulated in Papers to Note) Mrs Pointer and another commented that there recent use of the new system at the Surgery was a very good experience, response time was minimum and efficient.



JM/PP  6.                      SID/Traffic Calming Measures

                   Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer to order from SWARCO


            7.                     Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

                                    This will be left on the Agenda for later date.


            8.                     Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

Councillors Mr Mole and Mr Cherry both unable to attend LAF meeting – apologies were sent.


Up and coming meetings:

Councillor Training – Mr Kilpin to speak with Mr Mole


            9.                     Correspondence:

                                    Papers to note:

                                    Draft Local Development Order

                                    Open Spaces Society Annual General Meeting

                                    (proxy vote to be completed and returned)

                                    New Homes Bonus Funding Scheme

                                    Trinity Health News Letter

                                    OPC Annual Parish Meeting Summary 2012/2013


                                    Papers for Circulation:

                                    The Bulletin 24/25/26/2013

                                    LCR Magazine


            10.                   PLANNING

REF: 13/01442/APP – Oakley Stores, 1 Oxford Road, Oakley, Bucks HP18 9RD Change of use from retail, (LPG’s) (Sui Generis) to residential dwelling (Use Class 3) – Part retrospective




Re: 13/00709/APP 7 Brookside, Oakley, HP18 9PN

Demolition of existing garage and porch.  Erection of single front and side extensions in corporating a new integral garage.

Drawings approved

Subject to conditions and reasons – HEREBYPERMIT



Re: 13/00606/APP – Mr M Taylor, 37 Worminghall Road, Oakley HP18 9QU Change of use of land from agricultural to residential and demolition of existing garage and erection of single storey 4 bay garage.



            11.                   ACCOUNTS:

                                    Eon street lighting(dd)              £     153.61

                                    Mrs P Pointer                           £     185.00

                                    BALC & NALC membership   £     148.01

                                    Limestone Landscapes             £     288.00

                                    Aylesbury Mains Ltd               £       80.14

                                    Aylesbury Mains Ltd               £       54.47

                                    Wickstead Leisure Ltd             £92,096.88

                                    Tony Walker                            £     100.00

                                    Alicia Green                            £       30.00


                                    TOTAL                                   £93,136.11


                                    Accounts proposed for payment by Mr Craddock

                                    Seconded by Mr Brown


                                    Progress with submission of accounts:

                                    End of year Accounts have been completed and sent to Mazarrs

                                    Progress on change of name and address:

                                    Form now completed and returned to Lloyds TSB


            12.                   Any Other Business


PP                                Layby opposite IBS – 4 huge wooden blocks:

                                    Mrs Pointer to write to Mr Boyd asking him to remove them.


DC                               Two dead trees on Little London Green

Mr Cherry to speak with Mr Mole when he returns and possibly have dead trees taken to playing field and burnt with plum tree


Hedge at The Royal Oak Pub

PP                                The Laurel Hedge on Worminghall Road, is overgrown.  Mrs Pointer to

Write to Vale Brewery asking them to cut it.


Invite to Farewell get together for Ms Garlic

PP                                Mr Finn informed all of invitation to include Parish Councillors.

Mrs Pointer to email to Mr Mole


Complaints received about aggressive dog at The Chandos Arms


Richard cannot go ahead with painting of panels on entry to visit because grass is to long.

DC                               Mr Cherry to strim


PK                               Planning meeting – attended by Mr Kilpin

Mr Kilpin will circulate notes he received at the Planning Meeting, which were given in order to help Councillors when filling in forms regarding Planning Permission.



Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 6th August 2013



Meeting closed at 8.56pm