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July 2012




which was held on

TUESDAY, 3rd July 2012



1Present: Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn, Mr R Craddock ,  Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman) Miss M Griffiths (Clerk) and 6 parishioners.

2 Apologies: Mr J Mole (Chairman) and Mr P Kilpin.

3 Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 5th June 2012, were approved and signed.

Mr A Finn raised the item in the minutes relating to the Village Events Committee which said that they were looking for objectives for their fund raising.  Mr Finn advised that this was not the case and that the Events committee raised money for the village hall and its maintenance and had recently paid for a new flue and boiler.

4 Matters Arising:

MG to Action

1Highways Department


The repair to the highway outside 20 Manor Road following the water leak has been carried out in a very poor manner and the sets have been replaced with tarmac and a large pothole is already appearing.  Mr Finn has already reported but MG is to raise it with BCC. In addition there is also a very deep one outside Elmwood Close: MG to report.

Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Damaged Kerb sets outside Church: Mr Cherry has spoken with Paul Morris regarding their repair and is waiting for a price; the work may require traffic lights to enable it to go ahead.

Manhole in Brill Road; MG to chase Thames Water.

Willows Opposite Leatherslade Farm

MG advised that following the last meeting she had sent an email to Dave Smith advising him about the BT cables going through the willows and that she has not had a reply.

MG to action

2 Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

MG reported that she had heard nothing further from Planning regarding the IBS Site and the parking problems.  MG to chase Planning again.

3 Play Area/Playing Field.

New play area: - Mr Finn explained why the application for funding for the new play area. was not successful.  Bids are awarded points on a number of headings and one of these is to do with the distance of the site from Calvert and because Oakley is almost 10 miles from this our bid scored very low on this heading, but highly on everything else.  However because lorries from the Camo skips site, which go to Calvert, come through Oakley this can be taken into account when scoring the closeness to Calvert.  Oakley has been allowed to resubmit the bid by the end of August with the amended information. 

Councillors have still to look at the willow tree in the corner of the playing field.

Football Pitch Drainage

Drainage plans have not been found yet.  Mr Durndell of the football club would want the PC to pay for the 3 teams to hire pitches from the local authority elsewhere if the drainage work goes ahead.  It was noted that the drainage at present is fine for general recreational use.

MG to Action

.4 Street Lights

Light outside 6 Mill Road is very faint and has been reported. 

MG advised that the new light standard in College Crescent will cost £803.27 to repair and that because it appears that the light was damaged by a contractor mowing the grass this money will hopefully be recouped from them.

MG to action 5 Anti Social Behaviour

The car parking overnight in the car park of the Royal Oak has returned.  MG to advise PCSO.MG to action

.6 Camo Skips

MG tabled the email which had been copied to the Council by Camo Skips.  Mr Cherry advised that it appears that drivers entering the small site have already started to cut off the corner in order to get into the site.  Dave Smith has apparently advised Tim Fowler that legal action may be required. Camo Skips have refused to put in a kerb to protect this land.

D Cherry to action.

7 Parking

Mr Cherry has had no reply to his 3 telephone calls to the contact he was given at the Housing Association.  He will try to find another phone number.

8 Signs around the village

Only local events signs have been seen in the village.

9 Mains Gas in Villages

Nothing further has been received and it was agreed that this matter be removed from future agendas. MG to action

10 Devolved Services

MG advised that she has received a form to fill in order to get the money for the devolved services. 

11 Community Orchard

Mr Deeprose and two others from the gardening club were in attendance to discuss the plans for the community orchard.  Mr Deeprose asked what was going to happen to the spoil which is on the site; Mr Pearce advised that it was going to be left there if nothing else happens to the site.  Mr Deeprose said that the gardening club would look after the orchard for five years and then hand it over to the Parish Council.  He also advised that they intended that the land under the trees would be turned into a wild flower meadow so that it did not need to be mowed often.  Mr Finn asked if there would be some kind of delineation on the ground showing the boundary of the orchard from the recreation ground.  Enough space would be left behind the orchard to allow a gang mower to cut the grass and for the ditch to be maintained.  Initially only 8 trees (costing £25 each) will be planted and any others will only be planted with the consent of the PC.  The trees will be planted in late Autumn and will require some protection with tree guards from rabbits and deer for a few years.  Once the trees are established the gardening club advised that the only work required would be removal of dead wood on an as needs basis only.  The gardening club just need the go ahead of the PC before they can commence preparation of the land, Mr Finn advised that at an earlier meeting the idea of the Community Orchard had already been approved, it was just the details that needed to be finalised.  The gardening club agreed that it would be written into their constitution that if the club is dissolved then money will be transferred to the PC for the maintenance of the Orchard.  Mr Deeprose said that the club would need access to the bottom of the recreation ground to remove some of the spoil.  Mr Pearce advised that he might be able to help out with the loan of a digger when it was free, alternatively Morgans or Churchills might be able to help.

12 Scout Hut Lights

Nothing further to report.

5 Jericho Farm

MG tabled an email from a parishioner about the number of lorries he had counted (25) going past his house in one day. Mr Cherry advised that this number was within the level given planning consent for.  MG to send an email to the parishioner explaining the planning consent.


Mr Cherry to Action

7 SID/Traffic Calming Measures

At the LAF meeting Oakley were given £3.5k to buy a portable VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign), Oakley will have to find an additional £1k to make the money up to £4.5k required to buy one.  Concerns were raised that LAF money is now being pursued by Charities who are not village based but Aylesbury centred.

8 Correspondence

1 Papers to Note

Planning Bulletins (several)

10 Planning

12 To note the following applications received:


3 Meadow Close, Oakley

Insertion of rear dormer window to provide living accommodation and roof lights to front elevation.

Decision: No objection


5 Meadow Close, Oakley

Single Storey rear extension

Decision: No Objection


7 Sun Crescent, Oakley

Erection of rear conservatory and roof extension to create additional accommodation.

Decision: No objection


62 Worminghall Road, Oakley

Detached Garage

Decision: Oppose 11To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:


New Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley

Erection of a new dwelling

Decision:  Permit

The following accounts to be approved for payment:

.1 E-On street lighting                                                                                             £153.37

Aylesbury Mains Ltd.                                                                                                £54.47


Tony Walker                                                                                                                 £50.00


MR Cross                                                                                                                    £540.00

M Griffiths (Clerks Wages)                                                                                       £149.70

TOTAL                                                                                                                    £947.54

12 Any Other Business


Hedges around village: it was reported that the hedges to the front of the Royal Oak, 18 Manor Road and at the top of Mill road are in need of a trim as they are beginning to over grow the footpath.  MG to write in accordance with the devolved services agreement to the parties involved.


Mr Finn advised that the pre-School are not cutting the grass in accordance with their agreement and are not strimming where they should.  Mr Finn has spoken to them and the situation will be monitored.


Mr Mole has advised by email that the residents of Elmwood Close are concerned about a lorry being parked at the end of the close overnight.  The owner of the lorry is known to Councillors and the situation will be monitored.


Mr Mole has also advised about a number of complaints he has received from parishioners about the damage which has been done to the land at the top of Little London Green by the contractor who cut the grass in the adjacent field.  Ruts of almost two feet deep have been created in the verge and in addition Brill Road had to be cleaned because of the amount of mud on it.  Mr Pearce is to find out the contact details of the contractor and MG is to write to them when details are provided. 


Councillor Vacancy

Mr Cherry advised that the vote by Councillors for the new member had been hung with three votes each for two of the candidates.  It was agreed that the matter be held over until the next meeting when the Chairman would be back from holiday and advice has been sought as to the way forward from Electoral Services at AVDC.  MG to pursue.

13 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 7th August 2012, at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8.40pm