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January 2014



                                                                             OAKLEY PARISH COUNCIL (OPC)                                                                            


TUESDAY 7th January 2014



1.            Present: Councillors: 

Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), Mr P Kilpin, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn and

Mr R Craddock. Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)

2 Parishioner’s

2.            Apologies:

           Mr M Rand

Ms A Macpherson (Bucks County Council)


A minutes silence was held for Councillor Mr Ken Brown who sadly died on Sunday evening 5th January 2014. 

Mr Mole stated that although Mr Brown had only joined the Council in June 2012 during his time he had contributed much and worked hard for the Parish Council and this was greatly appreciated and he will be sorely missed.


3.            Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held on Tuesday 3rd December 2013, were approved and signed.


4.            Matters Arising:


1                      Highways Department:

a.        New Local Area Technician Officers:

                It was noted that a new structure at BCC means that from January 2nd 2014 two new
                                                                technicians have been allocated for our area.

                Mr Paul Foot – will be the office based technician

                Mr Stuart Campbell – the site based technician.

                Copy of new structure has been added to “Papers to Note”

JM                          Mr J Mole to set up meeting with new LAT officer


b.        Potholes outstanding:

PP                          Mr D Pearce gave the clerk a map showing the Bicester and Thame Road showing a large number of potholes. Clerk to pass to LAT Officer.

                                It was decided that as we have new LAT officers we would again report the outstanding potholes/road problems to ensure they have been noted:

                                            Drains Foresters – request for jetting                                Reported Jan 2013 - Outstanding

                                            Drains Brill Road– request for jetting                                  Reported Mar 2013 – Outstanding

                                            Pavement Brill Road / Maple Court                                     Reported Jun 2013 - Outstanding

                                            Sewer cover, opp. No 5, Oxford Road                                Reported Jun 2013 - Outstanding

                                            Pothole leaving the village towards Jericho                     Reported Nov 2013 – Outstanding

                                            Potholes opposite Morgan’s, Thame Road                      Reported Nov 2013 – Outstanding

                                            Potholes by 10 Foresters and 24 Foresters                       Reported Dec 2013 – Outstanding


                                Any new to report?

                                Mr Mole reported that there are 11 potholes outside 1-3 The Forester, 9 Potholes outside 10 The Foresters and 6 potholes outside 22 The Foresters. Most are on the map Mr Pearce had given to the Clerk.

                                Mr Mole reported that repeated flooding opposite Willow Farmhouse (26 The Foresters) on the Bicester Road has been caused by a drain, which along with the kerb stones had been concreted into place. The drain was completed blocked by the concrete. This has now been removed and flooding no longer occurs there.

                                Mr Mole also reported that a culvert opposite The Old Stables (23 Brill Road) had been blocked by vegetation and was causing the contents of the ditch to run down Brill Road, this had been removed.

                                Finally, Mr Mole reported that the flooding by Bean Hill Arches (100 yards just past Morgan’s on Thame Road) had been cleared by digging run off to the ditch.


c.        Overgrown Hedges:

                                Bucks County Council have now trimmed hedge at The Royal Oak


                                Any new to report?

                                None reported


d.        Pavement Parking

PP                          It was noted that cars were parking on the pavement on Brill Road, Clerk to send letter to resident


e.        Weed Killer around verges in Village

                                It was noted that weed killing on verges around the village had been tackled “over enthusiastically” this has been reported to Highways Department and is being looked into.

                                Note: The weed killer used is a very mild version and is not toxic to children or animals.


2                      Play Area/Playing Field

a.        Report from Oakley Playing Field Sub-Committee:

                                Nothing new to report, Mr Pickford has not been back to Mr Cherry. Next meeting will be held end of February 2014


b.        New bowling green:

                                Mr Mole reported he had attended a meeting at Oakley School with Mrs Sulston and Mrs McVeigh regarding possibility of acquiring a small piece of land from the school, if necessary, for access to the playing field to a new bowling green.  He reported that this would be agreeable with the school.

                                Discussion took place with Councillors regarding car park for a bowling green.  It was noted that consideration when deciding where the Bowling Green will be placed would be made for the Car Park, especially if it was decided Bowling Green would be down bottom end of field, as concern was raised that if Bowling Green was installed before the car park was ready it could cause problems with parking around Mill Road area.  Mr Cherry noted the importance of this.


c.        Hedge around Playing Field

This has now been completed.


3                      Street Lights

a.        Update on 25 Oxford Road lamp (ref O3)

                                Mr Cherry is still trying to get information regarding the lamp from Eon.


b.         Any new to report:

                                None reported.


4                      Anti-Social Behaviour

                                One car stolen recently in the village


5                      Status of Devolved Services:

JM                          Mr Mole to inform new Highway LAT that we wish to opt out.


6                      Chandos Arms – Community Asset

                                Forms have been sent off to be registered.


7                      Common Land:

a.        Layby along Thame Road:

PP                          Lock gates have now been removed; Clerk to check if parishioner who was interested in taking them would still like them. If not, the Parish Council will dispose of them.

b.         Lime Trees in Little London Green and Ash Tree in Elmwood Close:

PP                          No update has been received – Mrs Pointer to chase


8                      Affordable Housing:

JM                          Mr Mole is going to look at reason for rise in rents.


9                      Churchyard Extension:

DC                          Still waiting for second quotation for work – Mr Cherry to chase, will have by next meeting


5.            SID/Traffic Calming Measures

                a.            Post/Ground Screws:

PP                                           Clerk reported she had enlisted help of Mrs Angela Macpherson in getting BCC to get the stats to JPC so the ground screws can go ahead.

b.            MVAS Training:

This has now been completed, and we are awaiting the ground screws etc., so we can get the MVAS machine up and running.

                c.             Re-imbursement of monies for MVAS Machine:

Clerk has emailed invoice to Mr P Hudson – awaiting payment


6.            External meetings

a.             Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors:

Mr Mole reported on meeting with Oakley School ( see above 2b. Bowling Green)

b.            Up and coming meetings:

 Non reported


7.            Finances:

a.             Bucks Playing Field Subscription:  Clerk has checked records – subscription due March 2014

b.            St. Mary’s Church Donation – It was proposed by Mr Kilpin and seconded by Mr Pearce that a donation of £250 shall be made.

c.             Setting of Precept: Mr Kilpin gave all councillors a written account of figures for Precept.  He informed all that the Precept was complete and he proposed that we inform AVDC that we wish to freeze Precept for 2014/2015 in conjunction with last year’s Precept.  This was seconded by Mr Cherry, and all councillors were in agreement.

He also informed all that he had on this year’s figures added a “sinking fund” for the Village Hall.  The reason being that the Parish Council own the Village Hall and at present any repairs needed at present the money comes from “Events” to raise money for repair.  He felt this puts the Parish Council in a vulnerable position with regards for example, if the Boiler broke tomorrow we would not have the funds to repair it straight away, without holding an event.

PP                          Mr Mole and Mr Kilpin suggested a “separate account” for a surplus fund for the Village Hall.  Mr Kilpin said he had checked that we are allowed to open a separate account for this, and the answer is YES.  All agreed that this should take place. Clerk to look at setting account up.


8.            New Light Installations:

ALL                         It was agreed that before next meeting a “walk around the village” would take place to look at       possible locations for new paving lighting, places for consideration are:

                                               Worminghall Road – Between Quince Cottage and Hedges Farm

                                               Ashfield Rise - midway

                                               Bicester Road, by Churchfield House

                                               Brill Road – by Nos 19/19A

                                               Brill Road – by No 11


9.            Correspondence:

a.       Papers to Note

                                               Information about meetings

                                               News for Parishes

                                               AVDC Briefing Note for Parishes Events

                                               New Information on LAT (Highways)

                                               NALC section 137 Expenditure LIIT 2014/2015

                                               ACRE Briefing VAT legislation on public bodies and tax exemption- public interest

b.      Papers for Circulation:

                                               The Bulletin – 49 to 52 2013

                                               LCR Magazine

                                               The Playing Field

                                               Wheatley Park School News Letter


10.        Planning:

a.       The Royal Oak:

JM                      Mr Mole reported that an Appeal was taking place regarding the planning application of new houses on site of The Royal Oak.  All Counsellors were in agreement with him that we would object again, and Mr Mole is to write letter of objection.

b.      Farm Buildings Opposite entrance to Catsbrain Farm

PP                       Clerk to write to Enforcement Planning Officer to report activity on building.


11.        Planning Applications:

                 Ref:13/03371/APP Oakley – New Porch and link, 45 College Crescent

                            New Front porch to existing dwelling (No. 45 College Cres) Removal of existing flat roof to no. 47 (ancillary building).  Creation of single storey link between No. 45 and no. 47 to form side extension.  Single storey rear extension to no. 47 and with pitched roof. NO OBJECTIONS

                 Ref: 13/03429/APP – OAKLEY - Land adjacent and to rear of 22 Worminghall Road

JM                      Demolition of an existing pre-fabricated garage.  Erection of two detached dwellings and detached garages and store.  (Amendment planning permission 10/01412/APP) part retrospective). Discussion took place regarding the fact that Councillors were not in agreement with all the amendments that have been applied for.  Mr Mole to look at again and write a reply to Planning.


                 Ref: 13//03391/APP – OAKLEY - British Timber Masters, Timber Yard, Thame Road.

JM                      Change of use from Timber Merchant’s yard  (Sui Generis) to Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (B2) MOT Testing station (B2) and vehicle sale and display (Sui Generis). Discussion took place regarding the application, and Mr Mole will write a reply to Planning.


12.                   Accounts:

                                E-On Street Lighting (dd)                                                                         £148.66

                                Mrs P Pointer – Clerks Salary & Expenses                                        £225.00

                                Alicia Green – Litter Picking                                                                      £20.00

                                Aylesbury Mains Invoice 02.10.2013                                                   £153.01

                                Aylesbury Mains Invoice 10.12.2013                                                     £79.80

                                AVDC – Dog Waste Service (dd)                                                           £411.98

                                TOTAL                                                                                                          £1,038.45


                            Payments of Accounts Proposed by Mr Cherry and Seconded by Mr Pearce

PP                       Clerk to write to bank asking for date of Statement arrival to be changed.


12.               Any Other Business:


                            Mr Finn informed all that Mr Brown’s family had informed him that they would be requesting no flowers at his funeral, but any donations given would be passed to the Village of Oakley as they feel that is what Mr Brown would have requested. Mr Finn made a suggestion to all that any money raised could be put towards buying a “Defribrillator” for the village, which we could place in a central location where it would be available for all in the village to us. All Councillors were in agreement that this would be a very good way of remembering Mr Brown and would benefit the entire village.


                            Lay-Bys on Thame Road, discussion took place with regards to the need for the lay-bys to be “policed” to ensure cars are not parked continuously on the lay-bys. This will be added to February’s Agenda and a decision made as to how to move forward.


                            Mr Cherry gave his apologies as he will be unable to attend February Meeting.


                            Mr Mole reported that we will be applying for LAF funding (by 21st March) for the following:

PP                       a):  Funding for path from Worminghall Road to Scout Hut through to Village Hall. Tenders needed for this.

                            b) Anne Staff is running a Theatre Group for youngsters in the village, and Mr Mole will apply for monies to help with cost of running.


                            Notice to be put in Notice Board advertising for new Parish Councillor.


                            Mrs Frances Thomas introduced herself to all as the new occupier of Manor Farm, and was welcomed by all present, she informed all that she had “kitchen units” to be dispersed of and did the Parish Council know of any organisation that may need them.  Mr Cherry suggested she placed an advert in the Oakley Informer.                   


Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 4th February 2014


Meeting closed at 09:25pm


Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 4th February 2013 minutes will be Ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole