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January 2013




 held on

Tuesday 1st January 2013







Present:  Councillors J Mole (Chairman and minute taker), D Cherry (Vice Chairman), P Kilpin, R Craddock, K Brown, D Pearce, A Finn.

Cllr Michael Rand (AVDC – District Councillor)

1 parishioner attended





Apologies: Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk).





The Chairman wished those present a Happy New Year and thanked all councillors for turning out on New Year’s Day


Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 4th December 2012, were approved and signed.





Matters Arising:








































Highways Department


Brill Road – A letter had been sent to Hillside Farm, asking for occupier to clear the blocked culvert

The Foresters:  A letter had been sent to Bucks County Council (BCC) to say that whilst the problem was slightly improved, BCC need to return and flush pipes again and look at a possible constriction caused by a BT manhole. Also Ernest Cook Trust had been informed that in Oakley Wood, there is a willow tree in ditch that needs to be cleared.

College Farm: A letter had been received from Mr D Smith (BCC) informing the Parish Council (and Mr Hadley) that whilst no date could be given for the pipe under Bicester Road to be repaired, but that it would be done before end of March 2013.

Bicester Road/Manor Farm:  A letter had been sent to occupier of Rambler Cottage asking him to inspect the ditch behind the cottage for restrictions.

Traffic Diversion to Wornal Park via Oakley:

A letter had been sent to Mr D Smith, asking him when this decision was made, how the decision had been reached and why we were not informed.

To note current position


Work had been done in the last month by BCC to fill potholes; however it appears that most of these have now reverted to their original state!

Potholes are reported at:

- Worminghall Road, by Royal Oak / Elmwood Close

- Worminghall Road, by School sign

- Brill Road, by last houses upon leaving village

- Oxford Road, on brow of hill on way to Jericho

- Bicester Road, on leaving village by Foresters

PP to inform BCC

Meeting with Mr D. Smith (BCC). To be arranged in February / March- action Cllr Mole

Kerb Setts

It was decided at previous meeting that this is too much for the Parish Council to “take on” so Cllr D Cherry will walk around village before next meeting and make a list, we will then inform the Highways.
























Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

No map had been found as to size of lay-by.

IBS has two of the parish council bollards on their site. Cllr Pearce will approach the receivers to see if these can be returned.

Horton Cars

Letter had been sent to AVDC asking what the present situation is. Parish council has received no reply,

Genesis Auto Cars:

A letter had been sent to Highways to report illegal advertising cars for sale on Bicester Road. .Parish Council had received no reply.






































































Play Area/Playing Field.

Grant for Playground Project – The grant was successful. The meeting expressed a vote of thanks to Cllr Finn, for his hard work and tenacity in securing the grant.

Cllr Finn will talk to Wicksteed about progressing the project and the financials; he will also ensure that the successful grant application is advertised as per Wren stipulations. Cllr Finn to report back at next meeting.

Wicksteed Playground Inspection Survey. The survey only reported on Medium and Low findings, all of which are optional. The meeting agreed, however, that Cllr Finn should ensure that any of the equipment that will be remaining, will have the optional work done as part of the new Playground project. Action AF

It was also decided that an Annual Maintenance Budget should be allocated and reserved for Parish Council owned equipment and property. PP to add to agenda of February meeting.

Dog Waste contract. The Email from AVDC was discussed and it was decided to go with the proposed scheme, which is less that 50% of the cost of the present scheme. PP to confirm to AVDC.

Drainage to football pitch – no update. Meeting due to take place with Oakley Football Club, Cllr D Cherry will report at next meeting.  It was also suggested that Oakley Football Club assist in the filling in of forms for Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge/Football Pitch Drainage

As be 3D above.

Old Tractor Shed

Nothing had been received from Pre-School informing them that the old tractor shed will be taken down in the spring.

Tender for Grass Cutting:

PP to ask Pre-School if they will be tendering for the grass-cutting in 2013.

Dependent on response PP to ask for tenders either for (1) whole village and playing field and play area or (2a) for village and playing field and (2b) play area.

Playing Field:

Letter had been sent to Rights-Of Way re unsafe state of bridge into playing field from Meadow Close... Also the Style at the southern end of the bridge at the bottom of playing field is in need of repair. No response received.












Street Lights

Light opposite the school has been reported as not working – although it has been the last two nights. Councillors to maintain a watching brief on it.

Last Light on Oxford Road, Aylesbury Mains Ltd has informed Mrs Pointer that this needs reporting to Electric Company as the supply to the light is not working.

2 lights reported not working in Elmwood Close; Cllr Mole reported this to Hastoe’s. To be fixed in ‘New Year’




Anti-Social Behaviour

The Parish Council is not aware of and has not been notified of any criminal activity during the last month.




Camo Skips

Nothing to report







Keep on minutes, until end of year budget is in. Cllr Cherry to check on progress




Signs around the village

None of note































Devolved Services

Currently the Parish has been allocated 17 order numbers as a result BCC devolved services: Tasks allocated as follows:

966585      Thame Road flooding                            Completed

966586      Little London Green hawthorn tree        Completed

966594      Bicester Road overhanging hedges         Completed

966567      Brill Road – gullies and kerb weirs        Cllr Mole

966589      Brill/Bicester Road – kerb setts              Cllr Cherry

966591      Worminghall Road – kerb weirs             Cllr Kilpin

966593      Oxford Road – kerb weirs                     Cllr Cherry

972304      Orchard Close – kerb setts                     Cllr Cherry

972359      Mill Road – side out footpath                Cllr Finn

972369      Thame Road – kerb weirs, ditches         Cllr Pearce


966584      Bicester Road paint ‘church’ railings

966588      All entrances paint gates

Mrs Pointer to tender for rub down and painting the above


966590      Worm’all Road – side out footpaths      to be allocated

966592      Oxford Road – side out footpaths          to be allocated

972355      Bicester Road – kerb weirs                    to be allocated

972357      Worm‘all Road – cut back overgrowth  to be allocated


972362      The Foresters – cutback hedgerow         Send letters





Jericho Farm

No new developments.





SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mobile VAS from was submitted in December. Awaiting response.


It was noted that if the Parish Council wish to change any speed limit in future, BCC will charge c. £7,000














Oakley Parish Precept

Cllr Kilpin gave a breakdown of Parish Council expenditure over the last five years. After reviewing the breakdown the chairman thanked Cllr Kilpin for all the work he had done in the analysis.

It was decided that the Parish precept should remain at the same level and the relevant paperwork, needs to be completed and submitted to BCC. Proposer Cllr Cherry, seconded by Cllr Craddock and passed unanimously.

If necessary Cllr Kilpin will attend a drop-in centre to ensure that submission is in line with the Parish Council’s wishes.

Mrs Pointer to ensure all councillors sign their declarations of interest forms, before submission of precept.

Whilst, it does not affect Oakley Parish Council plans, it was noted that recent correspondence from BCC and the Government means if any council wishes to raise rates by more than 2%, a referendum would need to be taken within that council electorate.  .




Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.







Notice Board Outside Garage

Cllr D Pearce reported that notice board had been pained and new oak legs are being fitted. A new area will be prepared and it will be re-erected in the near future.








Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

LAF meeting on 12th December – Cllrs Cherry and Mole attended.

Points raised were: Non-local submissions for LAF funding during 2012; lack of cross county boundary road salting; diversion of HGVs and traffic through Oakley as a result of Shabbington bridge closure.  .








For Circulation:

AVDC Planning Bulletins 49/50 2012

AVDC Community Safety Partnership Newsletter

News from AV Association of Local Councils (AVALC)

Updates on Neighbourhood Planning

LCR Magazine







                 To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

12/02173/APP – The Chandos Arms,  Oakley

         Erection of post and low level ropes and reducing the existing

         closed boarded fence to the south elevation to allow further


         Decision: Permitted Unconditionally

12/02174/ALB – The Chandos Arms,  Oakley

         Installation of two new windows to the front west elevation.

         Decision: Permitted (with conditions)




The following accounts were approved for payment:






E-On street lighting (dd)

Patricia Pointer

Aylesbury Mains Ltd

VAS Application Form































Any Other Business


Thame Neighbourhood Parking reports 775 houses, employment and shopping to be built in Thame. However, no extra parking is being made available. OPC to write letter expressing its concern since many residents from Oakley could be affected.


A letter has been received by a resident in Elmwood Close who wished for assistance over a covenant on land. Unfortunately after discussion the Parish Council and AVDC would have no jurisdiction over this and can only advise resident to contact a solicitor and get legal advice.


It was reported that yew trees at Churchfield House are impinging the Bicester Road pathway. Letter to be sent asking resident to cut back.


A mattress has been fly-tipped on Bicester Road by white tipper truck recently. Don Goodenough at AVDC to be made aware.




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 5th February 2013 at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8:53pm