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January 2012




which was held on

TUESDAY, 3rd January  2012






Present:Mr R Fennell, Mr P Kilpin, Mr J Mole, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn, Mr R Craddock ,




Apologies: Mr D Cherry



Minutes of the Last Meeting:


The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 6th December 2011, were approved and signed.



Matters Arising:





MG to Action




MG to action


Highways Department



Turnpike has now been repaired. Clerk raised condition of the road between Oakley and Bucks Recycling and Mr Pearce the presence of a large pothole in the road near Leatherslade Farm, it was agreed that BCC should be asked to repair this.


Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Damaged Kerb setts outside Church have been fixed. Mr Fennell advised two setts in Manor Road kerb are loose




MG to action




Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Clerk produced email from AVDC Planning which Chair read out.  AVDC will chase Horton cars for retrospective planning application and will meet with BCC re IBS once they have got their facts together.



Play Area/Playing Field.

One more quote is awaited from Wicksteed and this has been promised for the 9th January.  Mr Finn is to arrange a meeting with another company who have quoted to discuss their quote as it is not what was expected.  Bid for funding has to be in by the end of February.


Trees on boundary of the recreation ground with Mr Hopcroft's yard.  Members have been to have a look at the trees and after discussion it was agreed that Mr Hopcroft should go ahead and cut back the trees to the boundary and then the Council will have another look and decide whether to top them.

MG to Action


Street Lights;

W7 is out.  Clerk to report


MG to action


Anti Social Behaviour

Possible theft of heating oil from a property in College Crescent backing onto fields.  Property is near to the Worminghall Road and supposition is that theft was via the fields.  Clerk to report to PCSO


Email to be circulated


Bucks Recycling

No further update from Planning over the Christmas period.  Clerk tabled and email from the owner of the site which the Chair read out, email puts the owners view of the current situation regarding repairs to the verge and the access created to the side and which is in the process of being reinstated.  Email to be circulated to Cllrs.





No further progress noted.




Signs around the village

There was nothing to report on this.




Mains Gas in Villages

Mr Finn has received a reply from Mr Bercow following a reply he has had to a letter he wrote to the Minister.  The letter did not provide any new information and he is still waiting for a reply from the Chairman of British Gas.  Once Mr Finn has the details of the reply from British Gas he will do a flyer for local residents advising them of the outcome.



MG to action


Devolved Services

Clerk advised that she has been asked to write formally with the name of the person who will do the highway works for the Council together with their Licence number authorising them to do such works.  Clerk to write with details requested.



Parish Council Precept.

The Council agreed to increase the precept to £15,866 - this will show as a 4% increase on the Parish Council rate per household. Proposed Cllr Kilpin, Seconded Cllr Finn - passed unanimously



MG to Action

Little London Green

Clerk advised that the final payment has still not been received.  Agreed that the Clerk should write again requesting payment by the end of the financial year.





Jericho Farm

No further problems with mud reported.



Mr Cherry to Action

SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mr Kilpin (in Mr Cherry's absence reported) that BCC had advised that the email passed around at the last meeting was their reply to the Councils requests for further information.  Mr Cherry was not happy with this as it had not been made clear that this was the only response the Council would be getting and did not address the Council's queries.  Mr Cherry to pursue with Anne-Marie Davis at BCC.



Oakley Football Club New Shed

Nothing further to report and item to be removed from future agendas.





Papers to Note




Papers for Circulation:

Planning Bulletins (Several)

Email from owner of Bucks Recycling site.






To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

(Decision made and to be noted from last meeting)


3 Oxford Road, Oakley

Single storey front extension and change to dormer with pitch roof to single storey front extension (amendment to planning application 11/01928/APP)

Decision; No objection.







The following accounts to be approved for payment:





E-On street lighting

M Griffiths Clerks wages


















MG to Action











MG to action


MG to Action






Any Other Business


The following are Oakley Parish Council Signatories.

Mr R Fennell (Chairman) Mr J Mole (Vice Chairman)

Mr D Cherry (Councillor) Mr D Pearce (Councillor)


Wornal Park Planning Issues, date for consultation was 29th November 2011 so the Council could not make any representations.


Cllr Pearce asked when the next village freighter would be here, clerk to check.


Mr Finn advised that the Oakley Players have complained that their front shed outside the village hot appears to have been hit by a car and moved over slightly, they would like some crash barriers put up to protect the shed.  After discussion it was agreed that the Council would not provides any barriers.


Mr Kilpin asked for dates for the meetings associated with the Village Plan as he will attend.  Clerk to provide.


Cllrs complained about the lack of bin collections over the Christmas period and the lack of information from AVDC informing parishioners of dates. Some elderly residents without computers were referred to information on the AVDC web-site and even then asked to go to their local library to use their computers. Cllrs asked the Clerk to write a letter of complaint to the District council


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 7th February 2012, at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8.25pm