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January 2011




Which was held on

Tuesday, 4th January 2011 





Mr R Fennell, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn, Mr D Cherry,  Mr J Mole,  Mr G Hopcroft

Plus 3 parishioners






Mr P Kilpin,





Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 7th December 2010 were discussed and approved as an accurate account of the meeting, and signed by the Chairman.

















Matters Arising

Highways Department


  • It has been noted that the road along the Turnpike is sinking on one side. OPC to request a weight limit be introduced to stop heavy vehicles using this route.
  • Following the last snowfall it was reported that although the farmers were ready to go out with the snowploughs BCC informed them that they were no longer using sub-contractors.  As the situation worsened BCC then  changed the policy and agreed to let the farmers go out, but by this time the snow was already causing considerable complications to traffic and pedestrians.

Other items to note (not highways)

  • As BCC will continue to clear and salt the Worminghall Road the new salt bin is to be moved to Jericho Hill on the Oxford Road where it is thought to be of more use.










Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road

·          Clerk to contact Thames Valley Police and Highways about the loading and unloading of vehicles along the Thame Road at IBS.







Street Lights

·          No lights reported this month














Play Area/Playing Field

·         Quotes are being produced and the playground project is progressing.

·         The tractor shed has been emptied.  The councillors will arrange a date for the demolition of the shed later in the year.

·         It is still a major concern about the dog fouling on the playing field and around the village in general.  The Dog Warden will be patrolling the areas and the Parish Council will prosecute any owners not clearing up after their dogs.  A notice is to be published in the Informer.

·         A complaint had been received about a mole trap on the football field.  This matter has now been resolved.









Anti Social Behaviour

·          No incidents have been reported this month.




Bucks Recycling

·          Nothing further to report this month







Parking in College Crescent

·          A representative from the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust to visit the site and look at possible ways to overcome this problem.  Clerk to arrange a meeting.





Royal Oak Public House

·          BCC have laid kerbsetts at the entrance to the Royal Oak due to the flooding in the car park.





Signs around the village

·          Most of the signs have been removed from poles around the village.  The sign for Vale Brewery is to be removed from the bottom of Brill Road and returned to the Brewery.




Entranceway to Village Hall

·          There  is still minor pruning to do at the gates of the Village Hall.  This is ongoing.





Scrap Yard, Oxford Road

·          AVDC Planning Office have recorded the query from the Parish Council about the mobile homes on this site and will reply by end of January 2011.







Jericho Farm

·          Nothing to report this month.











SID/Traffic Calming Measures

·          A quote for £52,000 has been received from BCC to build a crossing on the B4011 at the junction of Manor Road.  Oakley Parish Council are to contact the head of Highways to ask why this quote has doubled in less than a year.







Papers to note

  • AVDC :   Vale of Aylesbury Plan – Parish/Town Council Involvement






Papers for Circulation:

  • AVDC:  The Bulletin
  • BCC:  E-mail on Contingency Plan
  • BCC:  Adults and Family Wellbeing – Prevention and Housing Related Support
  • BCC:  Children and Young People -Fostering
  • Buckingham Town Council – Local Governance Consultation
  • LCR
  • E-Mail:  Waste Local Plan
  • Wheatley Park School Newsletter







To note the following applications received:

(Decision made and to be noted from last meeting)


45 College Crescent Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QZ

Application to extend the time limit regarding planning permission 08/02283/APP Demolition of No 47 erection of 2 storey building comprising two 1 bed flats, new porch to 45 and alterations to existing access.

Decision: No Objection



7 Sun crescent Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9RF

Single storey side extension and front porch

Decision: No Objection





To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

No decisions received this month  







The following accounts were approved for payment.   Proposed by D Cherry and seconded by J Mole.


E-On – Street Lights

BCC:  Supply of new salt bin

M Kingsnorth – Clerks wages






















Any Other Business

Devolved Services

·          BCC are offering town/parish councils to join the Devolved Services Scheme.  Councils would be able to make small repairs and maintain the community using local contractors or volunteers under the direction of BCC.  This would include such activities as clearing paths, resetting kerbsetts, clear overhanging vegetation but not filling potholes in the roads.  This would be coordinated and funded by BCC.  Clerk to obtain more details.






Grass Cutting

·          Grass cutting tenders have been received.  Chairman to meet with interested parties to discuss possible contracts.  All interested parties must hold the correct insurance.






Bus Timetables

·          New timetables will be displayed as soon as possible.





Future planning for Oakley

·          It was felt that Oakley needs a few smaller developments similar to the new affordable housing to allow the younger generation to stay within the village and encourage new families into the village.  This would be of benefit to both pre school and the village school.







Refuse Collection

·          The Parish Council felt that the decision not to collect the rubbish over the Christmas week was unacceptable.  A letter of disapproval is to be sent to AVDC.




Incinerator at Lower Greatmoor Farm, Edgecott

·          The Parish Council do not have serious objections to the site of the incinerator but to the possibility of importing other counties waste to use it to full capacity.






Area 11 Speed Review

·          Following the results of the Area 11 Speed Review new speed limit signs should have been in place in November 2010.  Clerk to contact AVDC.




Football Club

·          Andy Durndell requested that he be allowed to put up advertising boards around the pitch to raise money for the drainage of the pitch. The councillors requested time to discuss this option.

·          The Football Club also asked if the Parish Council would be able to contribute towards the development of the ground.  After discussion it was decided that the current drains should be located to see if anything can be done to alleviate the flooding by adding extra drains or clearing away any compacted ground above the current drains.  It was suggested that mole draining would be a short term solution.  The Parish Council are in the process of updating the playing field and are aware that there is a need for recreation for the older children and teenagers.  This is an ongoing process over the next few years.




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday,

1st February 2011 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 9.05 pm