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February 2017


held on Tuesday 7th February 2017,

Meeting No: 2017/02

Public Session:

                         1 Parishioner in attendance – No questions were raised.

                          Chairman announced that the Oakley Parish Council Meeting would now take place at 07.31pm


02.01        Present:

                         Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman) Councillors Mr A Finn, Mr P Kilpin, Mr D Pearce, and Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk). Mrs A Macpherson BCC Councillor (attended until 8.10pm) Mr M Rand AVDC Councillor

02.02        Apologies:


                         It was noted that Councillor Mr R Craddock was not in attendance but no apologies received.

02.03        Minutes of Oakley Parish Council’s last meeting held Tuesday 3rd January 2017 were received, verified,              and approved (Proposed for signature by Mr P Kilpin and seconded by Mr D Pearce


02.04             Parish Council Matters

               Chairman announced that unfortunately Mrs M Daly had resigned as a member of the Parish Council due to      work and family commitments.  All Parish Councillors requested a letter be sent to Mrs Daly thanking her            for her time on the Parish Council.

               Clerk announced that she has informed the Electoral Department at AVDC and has prepared the Vacancy of      Office of Parish Councillor Notice which will be displayed in the Notice Board. If no Bi election has been

PP          requested when the notice ends on February 27th 2017 it was decided that a leaflet be distributed to all             residents informing them of a vacancy on the Parish Council.

02.05        BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TfB):

i.      Oakley Highway defects

                                All Highway defects are shown separately and will be displayed in the Notice Board and on Website

ii.     Meeting with Local Area Technician

                                Clerk informed all that copy of email received from Councillor Angela Macpherson from Dave Smith at Tfb informed all that he would not be able to attend a meeting with OPC Chairman until April due to the demands of his work load.  He went on to inform Mrs Macpherson that as far as he was aware he is up to date with road repairs in Oakley per his schedule list.

iii.      Capitol Maintenance Scheme

                                Mrs Macpherson informed all that she had received good news at the recent meeting she had attended re Capitol Maintenance Schemes where it was agreed that The Forresters in Oakley will be resurfaced.  She anticipates this taking place summer/autumn 2017. Councillor Mr Cherry asked for it to be noted that the road would have to be completely re surfaced considering the edges as this is the main problem as when heavy vehicles come around the bend the edges are broken causing problems with the whole surface.

iv.      Any new defects to report?

                                Clerk informed all that letter to Thames Water had been sent but no reply received.  Councillor Mr Finn reported that they had attended with a temporary repair and where supposed to be coming back to repair correctly.

                                Clerk informed all, the Pothole at Jericho Cottage was reported by a resident, and that it had been repaired.  Councillors pointed out that it had only been repaired by “filling in” and will most likely need repair again as soon as the weather turns cold again.  It was decided to keep an eye on this pothole.

v.       Traffic calming/control in The Turnpike

                                Mr Mole has written the letter regarding traffic calming/control in The Turnpike and Clerk has emailed to Mr Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transportation with copies sent to Mr Martin Tett (Tfb) and Mrs A Macpherson County Councillor (Grendon Underwood Division).  No reply has been received by Oakley Parish Council, but Mrs Macpherson reported that Dave Smith at Tfb and sent a copy to Sian Thomas.



vi.      Proposal for “the Birthplace of Edward Brooks V.C. on Oakley Signs.

PP                           Clerk to Circulate the email from Mr D Cairney which has been lost in circulation, as Councillors need to decide on the proposal.

vii.    Overgrown Hedges

PP                           Clerk requested to write to residents with overgrown hedges.

viii.   Roadside mirror opposite ménage near Oakhall Court

                                Chairman informed all that reports had been received on blinding reflections from early morning sun on the erected mirror.  Councillors asked is it acceptable to erect roadside mirror without correct permission.

PP                           Clerk to look into this.

02.06               Play Area/Playing Field:

                         i.    Scout Hut Refurbishment

                         Amount of £4,182.02 has been received from 106 funding.  Scouts have received signed copy of the lease.

PP                           Clerk to ask Sara Collier for an update on where we are with the quotations.

ii.     Use of Oakley Football pitch by Long Crendon Football Club.

                                Clerk informed all that she had received an email from Long Crendon Football Club, reporting that all is going well with the use of Oakley Playing Fields.  Clerk also reported that she had received a complaint from a resident in Lynnens View re players urinating in the bushes at the football matches.  Clerk informed all that she has passed the email to Long Crendon Football Club Chairman who has acknowledged receipt and has said he will inform the Managers.

iii.    Proposal for Oakley Tennis Court and Multi Use Games Area

                                Mr Mole reported that he has spoken with James Smith head of the Oakley Tennis Committee and he had said that nothing much is happening at present, he reported that he will go back to the Tennis Committee and suggest 1 tennis court plus pathway.  Councillors commented that if this is the case it would perhaps be better to go for the Multi Use Games Area which would incorporate one Tennis Court.

iv.    Acorn Trail (footpath)

DC                           Mr Cherry informed all that the electrician will be giving his quotation soon and that he realises that the invoice for money from LAF needs to be in by March.

                                Clerk informed all she had received an email from LAF asking for an update on what is happening re the

JM/DC                    lighting.  Clerk asked if Mr Mole and Mr Cherry could confirm they will give an update to LAF re this matter at the next schedule LAF meeting to be held on 16th February 2016.  Mr Mole and Mr Cherry agreed to do this.

v.     Tractor shed base removal:

                                No update as ground still too wet for Mr Daly to remove.

vi.    Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

PP/JM/PK             Mr Kilpin has produced a draft agenda for circulation for Grass Cutting for 2017 and Clerk and Chairman to get together within the next week to produce a map of area’s to be cut.

vii.   Floodlight telegraph pole on playing field:

DC                           Dependant on when the lighting is done.       

viii.  Children’s Play Area signs

PP                           Clerk is waiting on husband to erect the signs.

ix.      Dead tree in Play Area:

                                This has now been removed.

x.       Children’s Play Area

PP                           It was decided Clerk will arrange the Annual Service on Playground equipment with Wickstead.

xi.      Children’s play area weeding:

                                 This is to be kept on agenda until spring as a reminder of weeding that will need attention.


02.07        Street Lights:

i       Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:

                                The Council has received the quotation from Aylesbury Mains for the light in College Crescent and have confirmed for them to go ahead with the repair.

                                Clerk informed the Councillors that Aylesbury Mains are waiting for EON to tally in with a date they can all attend to repair.

ii      New defects to report?

                                Light on Manor Road by garage – reported 30.12.2016  this has been repaired

                                Light opposite Fennemore Close is believed to be on all day, this has been repaired.



02.08        Local Crime:

                         Mrs Macpherson reported that after attending a meeting with TVP it has been reported to her that when the new budget begins monies have been resourced to ensure that there will be more visibility of Police Officers in rural villages.


02.09        First Response Report:

                         Mrs Daly did not attend the meeting but it was reported by Mr Finn that he had been informed that in the future the costs for changing batteries on the machine, the mobile phone used and uniform provided will not be provided free of charge when they all need replacing.  Discussion took place with regards to funding the cost and it was decided that Mr Mole will speak with Mr David Durndell to look at the possibility of the Charity

JM                    supporting the costs.

02.10        Door Step Selling:

PP                     Signs Ordered. Clerk has ordered the signs and stickers – no update

02.11        Protection of Common Land - Layby on Bicester Road:

                         Clerk reported that reply has been received from Mr Morgan accepting and confirming that if his premises are rented to a third party, Mr Morgan will ensure that he oversees the upkeep of the Layby opposite his premises.

02.12        Repair to Stiles:

                         Clerk was asked to get in touch with Mr Gutteridge regarding stiles and repairs needed.

                         Mr Kilpin reported he had now dealt with the problems reported with the Stiles at the bottom of the playing field.

02.13        Bench next to Church “looking tired”

DC                    Mr Cherry reported he had now received the information for the recycled benches and that at the beginning of May the bench would be replaced.

02.14        Bench in Oakley Village – proposed by Mr Keating

DC                    The Parish Council is currently waiting for Mr Genever to install the concrete base when weather permits.

02.15        Speeding in Village:

                         Clerk reported that cost for new MVAS posts are £182.60 each cost of 4 £730.40

DC                    It was agreed that Mr Cherry will look at the original MVAS post and make a template of the bottom pins.  IT was also noted that the MVAS post is hinged in the middle to make it easier to move, which could be a problem when sourcing our own.


02.16        Edward Brooks Victoria Cross Commemorative Ceremony 28th April 2016

        Mr Mole gave an update re the up and coming Ceremony.  He reported there will be several dignitaries             in attendance on the day, the ceremony will take place on 28th April 2016, it will be an outdoor service and         several of the Rifle Regiment will be in attendance, there will be also be numerous members of Mr Brooks      family in attendance.  The road will be closed between 09:45 and 11:30.   After the ceremony there will be an           exhibition in the Village Hall, which will also take place on Saturday 29th April 2016 when Mr Mole is hoping       that a Fly Pass of World War 1 planes will take place and the committee is working on getting permission for   this at present.  All the Councillors agreed that the Organisers have earned a well-deserved thanks for all the                 hard work they have put into organising this day.

02.17        Meetings:

i.      Reports from meeting attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting


ii.       Future meetings:

                                LAF meeting to be held on 16th February 2016 at Bishopstone Village Hall. (JM/DC to attend)

02.18        Correspondence / Papers to Circulate:

                         Copies of emails sent to Councillors this month included in circulation

                         School Bus Survey

                                Aylesbury Vale Tfb Survey.               

02.19        Planning:

i.      Letter received

      Clerk reported a letter received from Mr Salter asking permission to using some ducts over the lane so that                he can pick up the services to the new homes, for the utilities.  It was agreed that this would be acceptable.

ii.     Planning Enforcement Office:

Clerk reported she had not received email re situation in Sun Crescent.  Mr Rand informed her that he had


received a copy of an email sent.  As Clerk, had not received this he will send a copy to her to pass on to      the Parish Council at the next meeting.

iii.   Routine Planning:

      Matters arising concerning planning are shown separately and will be displayed on the Notice Board and      on the Website.

02.20        Accounts:

i.      Precept:

      Mr Kilpin reported this has now been completed.

ii.     106 Funding:

                                Residual 106 Funds were discussed by The Parish Council and the amount that is outstanding for projects.

iii.   Parish Council employee tax forms

                             Mr Mole reported that he had been given forms from HMRC – Clerk reported these were not needed for   use as the Clerks Salary was completed on line monthly.

iv.   Monthly Cheques for January 2017:

Clerks Salary and Expenses                  £225.00

EON paid by DD 11.01.2017                £236.32

EON paid by DD 11.02.2017                £236.32

Mr W Green Litter picking                     £10.00

Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                £71.28

TOTAL:                                                     £778.92


Monies received into Bank:              £4,182.02 (106 Funding Scout Hut)


Proposed for payment by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr D Pearce



02.21        Any Other Business?

1.       Mr Mole reported he is in receipt of a petition of 22 signatures from people wishing to use the Waddesdon Bus for Transport Service to Bicester.  Mr Mole to pass on to appropriate people.

2.       Mr Rand reported that the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan has been delayed, this is because of the White Paper being delayed.

3.       Clerk reported that Worminghall Road by Cats Brain Farm (Oak Hall Court) will be closed from 28th February 2017 for 5 days as Network Power are doing work on utilities.  It will only be open for local access.

4.       Mr Rand announced that 76% of AVDC Planning applications are dealt with within 8 weeks, which is the highest percentage throughout the country and exceeds the 60% expected by the government.



Meeting ended at 9.10



Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall