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February 2015


TUESDAY 3RD FEBRUARY 2015 at 7.30pm




Open question time for Parishioners

As there were no questions from Parishioners at this meeting, two presentations to the Parish Council were made.


Piers Cooper - Landlord of the Chandos Arms:

The landlord spoke at the meeting as he wished the village to know what is happening at The Chandos Arms.  He informed all that as from 16th March 2015 he will become the leaseholder of the pub, which he hopes will allow the pub to be more stable.  This means the current lease holders The Phoenix Group will not be involved in the running of the pub. He also mentioned there will be a few changes taking place within the pub from the takeover date; some changes in the restaurant area and a few in the bar.  During this time the landlord will remain open, but a smaller portion of the pub will be in use. 

Annette Thorpe – BT Regional Partnership Director of BT Group (

Annette gave short talk regarding the new fibre optic ‘superfast’ Broadband that is available most parts of the village, which comes from the BT ‘green box’ in Oxford Road.  She went on to inform the Parish Council that other internet providers had access to the new fast internet connection using the new fibre optic and customers were not restricted to BT and could shop around for their broadband connection.

Superfast Broadband is not available to all of Oakley village, i.e. not to the Brill side of the Bicester Road or to Brookside.  This area is serviced by the Little London Green ‘green box’ and is the responsibility of another telecom supplier, not BT.  This division of Oakley was part of the ‘carve-up’ by the various organisations involved in funding the rural roll-out of fibre broadband, namely Central Government, Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) and the BT Group.  There are currently no plans as to when this Little London Green ‘green box’ will be upgraded.  Ms Thorpe was also unable to give details of this supplier and told the Parish Council. Nor could she confirm if the provider would allow other providers to use the fibre connection.  She suggested that enquires should be made to BCC as to who this supplier is and what were their plans to complete the broadband upgrade.

Under separate cover she also informed all that she is available to help with any other problems we have or may have with BT (landline) phone lines within the village.

1.       Present:

Chairman: Mr J Mole. Vice Chairman: Mr D Cherry. Councillors: Mr R Craddock; Mrs M Daly; Mr A. Finn; Mr P Kilpin; and Mr D Pearce. Clerk Mrs P Pointer, 5 Parishioners, Mr M Rand (AVDC Councillor) and Ms A Macpherson (BCC Councillor).


2.       Apologies:



3.       Minutes of the last meeting:

An email from a parishioner stating that the minutes of January’s Parish Council had not been reported correctly and had requested for them to be changed. The email had been circulated to all councillors. The Chairman pointed out the minutes are produced in accordance to Local Government Act of 1972, i.e. “Each minute should contain a heading clearly indicating what the minute is about, a narrative appropriate to the debate that briefly summarises what took place and the decision”. As such, the minutes are not intended to be a verbatim word-for-word transcription, such as a stenographer or Hansard would produce. He said the Clerk does a good job in reporting the highlights of discussions that take place, in line with the  Act above and provides a more than the minimum required to ensure that readers have a fuller understanding of proceedings. Councillor Mr Kilpin pointed out that we could not put in the level of detail requested in the email. Further discussion about details contained in the email can be read in No.5 (i) “Playing Field Survey.

It was proposed by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr R Craddock that the minutes for last meeting held on Tuesday 6th January 2015 should not be altered and signed as by the chairman.  All Councillors were in agreement.


4.       Matters arising:

i)           BCC Highways Department: Roads

PP                     Meeting between the Chairman and Stuart Campbell (BCC Transport For Bucks Local Area Technician) to be arranged

                         The Clerk informed all that Mr P Foot of BCC had called her ahead of the meeting to discuss outstanding repairs, and the list below remains up to date.

a)       Reported road defects:

                     The Turnpike –patching work– first reported May 2014 to be carried out removing worst areas of failed surface. Underway.

                     Large pothole in Worminghall Road coming into village, outside School – reported Dec 2014. 2hr callout raised to make safe the category 1 defect had been completed. Works scheduled for patching week commencing 2nd February 2015.

                     Junction of Manor road leading on to Bicester Road pot hole (High Priority), leaving village – reported Dec 2014 2hr call out raised to make safe the category 1 defect had been completed –due to failed utility works – street works technician to follow up with utility company.

b)       Reported pavement defects:

                                Pavement Brill Road/Maple Court still outstanding – reported Aug 2012 - This will be placed into a future works programme.

                                Pavement either side of 27 Worminghall Road is in need of repair – reported Jun 2014 -Low priority as small area only. – This will be placed into a future works programme.

                                Pavement on Manor Road opposite Manor Farm –crumbling – reported Oct 2014 Inspected and requires reconstruction – it is not a Category  1 defects An order will be raised and placed into a future works programme.

                                Pavement collapsed on Oxford Road, past Village Hall on left, as you leave the village – reported Dec 2014. This will be inspected and actioned as necessary.

c)        Reported drain defects:

                                Drains Brill Road reported Mar 2013 – request for jetting - still outstanding – a reactive order has been raised, due to high demand on resource BCC has secured extra resource to catch up on outstanding orders, programme to be confirmed.

PP                           Manor Road Drain Cover – reported Oct 2014, BCC unable to find report. Clerk to re-report-opposite 23 Manor Road drain cover is rattling.

d)       Other defects

                                White lining and cat’s eyes at The Foresters reported May 2014- In discussion with supervisor re: the need for road closure.

                                Clerk has reported to BCC that the tree (next to streetlight BT10 – opposite Rambler Cottage) needs cutting reported Aug 2014. Awaiting the relevant officer that deals with tree requests. .

e)         Any new defects to report?

PP                           At the junction of Manor Road/Bicester Road, the kerb sett has again fallen out.

Pothole at “Foresters” – had been recently been repaired, however it is crumbling again.

ii)          Bucks County Council (BCC) – devolution / clustering

The Chairman informed all that the Parish devolution form had been completed, he is waiting for the more details to be sent to the council. The submission of the form does not commit the Parish Council to devolution and that decision would need to be made by the Parish Council. He also informed all that Brill Parish Council in their meeting in January discussed “clustering” and had decided not to go ahead.


5.       Play Area/Playing Field:

i)           Playing Field Survey

Further discussions took place regarding an email that had been received by a member of the Playing Field Survey Committee. The Parish Council re-iterated that they had not agreed to a third building in the playing field (along with Village Hall and Scout hut). They agreed to discuss, in the future, the Scout Hut and if a New Scout Hut was in the future agreed, then discussions could take place as to it being a multi-function building.  All decisions would be down to The Parish Council.  Any surveys taken would be used to help the Parish Council with their decisions.

It was agreed that the Parish Council will not mandate a survey/poll on any future developments that happen on the Playing Field.  This was proposed by Mr A Finn and seconded by Mr D Cherry and agreed by all councillors

Councillor Mr Finn reported that he had taken a second look at the Playing Field Survey and had to disagree with the percentages shown with regards to answers on the questionnaire on additional building on the playing fields.  He informed all:

424 surveys were sent to households in the village.

103 returned

Therefore the phrase ‘the vast majority of the parishioners would be against it” in the email do not correctly reflect the full view of the village as not all the village decided to return the survey and of those who did only 9.5 households were against any development.



Michael Rand to report on multi use game areas and report to Mr Cherry.

PP/DC              Mr Rand has passed information on Multi Use Game Areas for the playing field to Mr Cherry and Clerk will email a copy of this to all Councillors.  Mr Cherry to report at next meeting.



ii)         Acorn Trail (footpath)

DC                    The lead time from contractor Richard Haynes to finish footpath is 4 to 5 weeks. Councillor Mr Cherry has spoken with Mr Haynes regarding the lighting for the footpath, he informed all that he will be obtaining a quote for the work this weekend. Quotes for lighting of path – Mr Cherry to report.

iii)        Post for Dog Waste Bin and dog fouling signs

RC                     The positioning of post is waiting completion

Confirmation from AVDC on bin-emptying contract change (when bins are in place).

iv)        Emergency signs in play area

AF                     Councillor Mr Finn informed all of the sign he has chosen for the Play Area, at a cost of £58 plus VAT, all agreed for him to go ahead and order the sign.

v)         Bowling Green

                         The re-drafted letter from OPC to Oakley Bowling Club has been completed. The report on funding requirements (including 106 funding) – has been completed and sent. The Clerk informed all that it would be at least two weeks before we heard back.  The Bowling Club is tendering for the building of the green.

vi)        Grass Cutting in March

Mr Finn informed all that Countrywide had informed him that a price increase of the Mowing contract would be along the lines of inflation and no more than 2%.  It was agreed that we will stay with Countrywide for the coming years mowing.

vii)      Survey of Playing Field

                         Mr Cherry informed all that a quotation for a Survey of the Playing Field would cost between £750 and £1000, this would produce an accurate drawing of boundaries, measurements etc., of the playing field.

JM/DC             Chairman is to contact RG Surveys and Mr Cherry to contact a resident in College Crescent for further quotes.  Once we have the quotes a decision will be made whether to go ahead.

viii)     Garden Fence

Email from Parishioner requesting permission to replace their garden fence which backs on to playing field. All councillors decided to agree that permission would be given to go ahead.


6.       Street Lights defects:

i)           Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps:

The Clerk thanked BCC Councillor Angela Macpherson for her help in this matter, which has been outstanding since March 2014, and reported that she now has obtained two company names, who will be able to quote for the street lights.  Emails had been sent to both companies requesting the quotation for street lights at the following locations.

·                Bicester Road, Churchfield House, between: Bicester Road 7 (BT7) – The Nap turn and Bicester Road 8 (BT8) – Church entrance – Bicester side.  There is an electricity pole in the right place.

·                Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity nearby

·                17 Brill Road – no electricity pole nearby

ii)          Any new to report?

PP                     Clerk to report the light outside Hedges farm is again not working correctly and the light outside 23/25 Oxford Road is flickering.


7.       Common Land:

i)           Layby opposite “IBS Site”, Thame Road

Clerk informed all that she had received an email from Highways Department listing two companies that we can obtain quotes for on the removal of the Japanese Knotweed.  Emails have been sent.

It was also discussed that the layby needs closing as soon as possible since lorries have used the layby to park overnight.  Mr Finn reported that it could take two years to get rid of the Japanese Knotweed. It was decided to wait until we have the quotations from the companies contacted and ask those companies if it would be possible to fill in the layby whilst the knotweed is being treated.


8.         Anti-Social Behaviour

It was reported that three times a dog has been ‘worrying’ sheep in the field behind Sun Crescent and Ashfield Rise. The public footpath runs across the middle of this field and the person walking this dog is walking around the outside of the field.  Whilst this is not a Parish Council issue, it was confirmed that it is legal for owners of fields to shoot any dogs that are worrying sheep.


9.         Churchyard Extension

Mr Cherry and Mr Pearce informed all that this work had now been completed.  It was decided that hawthorn hedges still needs to be bought and planted around the new extension.  Mr Cherry informed all that the cost of this would be around £450 and that around 75 metres would be needed.  Mr Pearce added that two days labour would have to be added to the cost.  Mr Cherry informed all that he was going to buy an oak tree to plant in the new churchyard extension.

DC           Mr Cherry to confirm requirement for ‘change of use’ of area to a burial ground


10.      Defibrillator for Oakley Village:

PP           Installation at Village Hall – Mr Finn stated the first defibrillator should be installed by end of next week.  It was agreed that the Clerk would get in touch with Mr Tracey once fitted to arrange training.  Mrs Daly stated she will be a (second) Rapid Response person for the village.


11.     “Play around the Parishes”:

Information sent to Mr Finn this has been passed to appropriate person.


12.      LAF bid for Youth Theatre Group

The Oakley Theatre Group are going ahead with buying the equipment needed to receive the LAF funding.


13.      War Memorial

Clerk has taken photographs of War Memorial and filled in form for Grant. We are still waiting on a new quotation.


14.     AVDC Local Plan

                Review of Scope of the Plan, Vision, Settlement Hierarchy and SA Objectives (via e-mail) is now completed.


15.     Habitation at ‘Scrapyard’

This was reported to AVDC / BCC – no progress reported


16.     Wickstead Repair to Children’s Playground Charges

There has been no update on outstanding query on roller slide equipment.


17.     Parking on Pavements in Oxford Road

PP           The Clerk to inform PCSO Sue Jones of times that parking is taking place on the pavements on Oxford Road, Councillors also added Worminghall and Brill Roads on list of areas to be checked.


18.     Quotations for CCTV Camera’s at Village Hall:

Mr Cherry is still awaiting quotation


19.     Oak-Fest

JM           Email has been received from Oakley School regarding parking at this year’s Oak-Fest – Chairman reported he will speak with the school regarding this matter.


20.     Meetings:

Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

Oakley Informer meeting (18th Jan) –JM attended, the Informer in good position with new editors.

Village Hall meeting (27th Jan) –AF and RC attended, it was reported that Village Hall is not breaking even on the day to day running costs.

Future Meetings:

Tuesday 24th February 2015   Bucks Funding Fair 5.30pm @ Gateway, Aylesbury

Tuesday 24th February 2015   “Parish Delivering More” at Adams Park, High Wycombe from 10am to 4pm


21.   Correspondence:

i)                     Papers to Note:

Parish Devolution updates numbers 3, 4 ,5 and 6 editions

NALC response to Consultation to Local Government Finance 2015/2016

F12-14 Financial Update

NALC – Election

Cherwell DC., Northwest Draft Supplementary Planning Document

ii)                   Papers for Circulation:

TFB News

Multi Use Game Area Info

Gigaclear Broadband Info

22.   Planning:

Discussion took place regarding using the email system to send Councillors copies of the Planning Applications received from AVDC.  The Council would try this new system and discuss usability at future meetings. From now, the Clerk will send a copy of any Planning Application to all Councillors by email, with a date added as to when they must reply back to the Clerk with their decision. It will be up to Councillors to check the planning drawings etc. on AVDC website and to then confirm back to Clerk whether they agree or object to the planning.

14/02880/AOP – OAKLEY

Land rear of 25 Oxford Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9RD

Outline planning application with access, layout and scale to be considered and all other matters reserved for the erection of five dwellings with associated parking and amenity space provision.

OPC supported the outline planning permission. - pending

14/03216/APP – OAKLEY

Jericho Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9RG

Variation on conditions 3 of planning permission 09/01672/APP relating to extension of two year period from July 2014 for construction of earth bunds.

OPC objected to re-commencement of construction of earth bunds – Pending

Mr Kilpin and Mr Mole reported they had visited the Gun Club and had been shown what work is still to be completed.  Work required includes topping up bunds after landslips, bordering a footpath and one area where a bund needs completing. The general view is that the effect on noise reduction to the village will be minimal, and is outweighed by the effect of the lorries passing through Oakley.

14/03640/APP – Oakley

Poplar Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley HP18 9RQ

Conversion of existing barn to residential dwelling and conversion of outbuilding into utility room and carport.

OPC decision to be determined – Pending

14/03681/POA – Oakley

Land off Elmwood Close, Oakley

Modification of planning obligation relating to 07/03131/APP in respect of provision and allocation of affordable housing.

OPC supported modification - PENDING

14/03583/APP – Oakley

Bernwode Forest Nature Reserve, Oxford Road, /Oakley, Bucks

Reprofiling existing pond and creation of bund.

OPC decision to be determined – PENDING


23.   Accounts:

Eon:                                                                                                                             £153.89 (paid 12.01.2015 by DD)

FFG (Money to Wren for Bowling Green)                                                        £5,500.00 dated 19.01.2015

Clerks Salary & Expenses                                                                                        £225.00

William Green Litter Picking                                                                                     £10.00


Accounts proposed for payment by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr D Pearce.


24.   Any Other Business:

Mr Rand reported that a National survey had been completed regarding Waste and Recycling and he was pleased to announce that AVDC area came 8th in the survey, in how much waste is now taken to the tip.


Clerk reminded Councillors she would not be at the next meeting as she will be on holiday.



Meeting closed at 09:47


Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” and will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole at the next meeting on Tuesday 3rd March 2015.