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February 2014





TUESDAY 4th February 2014



1.           Present: Councillors: 

Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr P Kilpin, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn and Mr R Craddock. Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)

                                2 Parishioners

                                Mr M Rand (Bucks County Council)

                                Susan Jones (Police Community Support Officer)


2.           Apologies:

           Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman)

Ms A Macpherson (Bucks County Council)


3.           Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held on Tuesday 7th January 2014, were approved and signed.


4.           Matters Arising:


1                      New Parish Councillor:

No response has been received to the election request. Therefore a councillor will need to be co-opted. Advert has been placed in Notice Board and Oakley Informer – closing date 14th February 2014.


2                      Highways Department:

a.        New Local Area Technician Officers:

                Clerk reported she has now made contact with Mr Paul Foot the office based LAT, and had discussions regarding potholes and the various diseased trees.


b.        Potholes outstanding:

Clerk reported that she had received confirmation that road works would take place on 19th February on Bicester Road/Manor Road.

She also reported that confirmation should be received within the next two weeks as to the date works on potholes at The Foresters will be carried out.

PP                          Outstanding Potholes/repairs already reported that are still outstanding:

                                            Drains Foresters – request for jetting                                Reported Jan 2013 - Outstanding

                                            Drains Brill Road– request for jetting                                  Reported Mar 2013 – Outstanding

                                            Pavement Brill Road / Maple Court                                     Reported Jun 2013 - Outstanding

                                            Sewer cover, opp. No 5, Oxford Road                                Reported Jun 2013 - Outstanding

                                            Potholes opposite Morgan’s, Thame Road                      Reported Nov 2013 – Outstanding

                                            Potholes by 10 Foresters and 24 Foresters                       Reported Dec 2013 – Outstanding


                                Any new to report?

PP                          It was reported that there is new defect on Brill Road/Hillside Farm (passed 51 Brill Road)


c.        Pavement Parking

                                Letter has been sent and reply received. No further action required.


3                      Play Area/Playing Field

a.        Report from Oakley Playing Field Sub-Committee:

                                Copy of minutes from Sub Committee meeting held on 27th January 2014 will be added to “Papers to Note”.

                                Mr Frank Ashurst explained to all present the options for the Bowling Green that were laid out in the meeting of 27th January 2014.

                                Option 1:

                                Entrance to Bowling Green would be from Worminghall Road, the Bowling Green would then be situated by the school and at the back of Meadow Close.

                                Option 2:

                                Bowling Green to be situated in same place as Option 1, but access would be from the Village Hall Car Park

                                Option 3:

                                Bowling Green would be sited at the bottom of the playing field and access would be from Lynnens View. The problem with this option would be the access as the road is not adopted and probably would not be for the foreseeable future.

                                Option 4:

                                Bowling Green would be situated at the bottom of the playing field and access would be from the entrance to the field from Meadow Close.


                                Preferred choice of option at present is Option 2

                                It was discussed that in the future the possibility of widening access on Worminghall Road for parking would be a consideration, it was noted that this would also help immensely with problem parking outside the school during pick up and drop off times.

                                Mr Ashurst informed all that the size of the green would be around 40 metre square plus a path around it making it approx. 45 metre square and they hoped to have a six ring green. 

                                Next step would be to Tenders in before further discussions take place.

                                Comments from Councillors:

                                Need to ensure that when deciding on size of green, that space is allocated to incorporate maintenance of the ditch.

                                Also when deciding on where green will be situated it needs to be taken into consideration the possibility of future projects for the playing field.

                                The majority of Councillors present agreed after discussions that Option 2 is the best way forward at present.


4                      Street Lights

a.        Update on 25 Oxford Road lamp (ref O3)

                                Mr Cherry did not attend meeting so no update received.


b.         Any new to report:

                                (BT6) Hill View – not working

                                BR1 Brill Road - Glass missing


5                      Anti-Social Behaviour

                                None reported


6                      Status of Devolved Services:

JM                          Mr Mole to ring and confirm, that the Parish Council has opted out of Devolved Services


7                      Chandos Arms – Community Asset

JM/PK                   Application has been returned and will be re submitted – Mr Mole to supply evidence of when PC                          agreed to go ahead this project.              


8                      Common Land:

a.       Lock gates:

DP                          It was agreed that when they have dried out they will be burned.


b.      Lime Trees in Little London Green and Ash Tree in Elmwood Close:

                                Mrs Pointer reported that BCC had informed her that the tree in Elmwood Close was in fact a Rowan Tree (Mountain Ash) which means that it cannot be affected by the Chalara disease. Mrs Pointer also reported that she had received an email from a resident in Elmwood Close explaining that someone has been and cut the tree down, Clerk reported that she had checked with BCC and they had not sent anyone to chop the tree down. The Parish Council are unaware who had removed the tree.

                                Clerk informed all that BCC had informed her they do not have a department for dealing with trees with suspected disease.

PP                                           It was decided at the meeting that Elmwood Close ash tree would now be taken off the agenda                 and that the lime trees at Little London Green would be cut down.


c.       Laybys on Thame Road:

All agreed that layby’s should be closed down if we are going to have trouble with them being used for parking. Discussions took place as to what could be placed there to block it. It was agreed that if planning permission is given to the new garage applying, then it would be in Oakley’s best interest to close the layby.


9                      Affordable Housing:

JM                          Mr Mole has spoken with Hastoe’s who are going to look into the concern regarding rising rents.


10                   Churchyard Extension:

JM/PP                  Still waiting for second quotation for work – Mr Cherry

As Mr Cherry was not at the meeting it was decided that Mr Mole would look at obtaining a second quotation for the work at the churchyard. Mr Pearce to resend his quotation to Mr Mole/Mrs Pointer


              11.             LAF Bids:

PP                          a)            Funding for path from Worminghall Road to Scout Hut through to Village Hall.

                                                                Mrs Pointer to obtain 2 quotations.

JM                          b)            Funding for Theatre Group for youngsters in the village

                                                                Mr Mole has this in hand


              12.             Defibrillator for Oakley Village:

                Clerk reported that she is still waiting for prices from the Ambulance Service. Mr Mole reported that £531 had been kindly donated by Ken Brown’s family from his funeral donations, Mrs Pointer to check with Wilson Funerals if there are any further funds to be added. Also Mr Mole reported that on 24th May 2014 in village hall a “Band” evening would take place in Ken Brown’s name and proceeds collected will go towards the defibrillator fund.


5.                                       Street Name Suggestion:

PP                          Clerk has received a letter from AVDC Street Naming Officer with a suggestion from the               developer of Manor Farm Project to name the new road “Waters Edge”. It was agreed at the meeting that the Parish Council would prefer the dwellings to be called “Pearce Court Yard”. Clerk will inform AVDC and the developer.


6.                   SID/Traffic Calming Measures

                a.            Post/Ground Screws:

PP                                           Have now been fitted and post for MVAS machine has arrived. Clerk asked to inform Bill Slade that it is now ready for use.

b.            Re-imbursement of monies for MVAS Machine:

This has now been paid.


7.                  External meetings

a.             Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors:

As Discussed in 3a) Playing Field Sub Committee Meeting

b.            Up and coming meetings:

19th March 2014 – Local Area Forum (JM and DC to attend)

29th March 2014 – World War I Commemoration – Viney House – JM to attend

29th March 2014 – A hands-on and highly effective session on Chairmanship –

4th June 2014 – Local Area Forum (JM and DC to attend)


8.           New Light Installations:

ALL                         Walk around the village is scheduled for next Tuesday evening 11th February 2014 meeting at 7pm at the Village Hall, places for consideration are:

·                     Worminghall Road – Between Quince Cottage and Hedges Farm

·                    Ashfield Rise - midway

·                    Bicester Road, by Churchfield House

·                    Brill Road – by Nos 19/19A

·                    Brill Road – by No 11


9.           Correspondence:

Papers to Note

LAT Officers information

Road Closure

VAT Form

BACS Remittances for VAT and MVAS Machine

New Homes Bonus Funding Scheme


Papers for Circulation:

                            The Bulletin – 49 to 52 2013

                            LCR Magazine

                            The Playing Field

                            Wheatley Park School News Letter


10.               Planning:  For Discussion:

a.         The Royal Oak:

MR                     Appeal letter sent. – NO UPDATE RECEIVED ON THE APPEAL – Mr Rand said he will chase.

b.        Farm Buildings Opposite entrance to Catsbrain Farm

                            Clerk to write to Enforcement Planning Officer to report activity on building. Clerk has received a reply confirming acknowledgment of report.

c.         Ref: 13/03429/APP – OAKLEY - Land adjacent and to rear of 22 Worminghall Road

                            Demolition of an existing pre-fabricated garage.  Erection of two detached dwellings and detached garages and store.  (Amendment planning permission 10/01412/APP) part retrospective). Objections have been submitted – NO UPDATE RECEIVED.

d.        Ref: 13//03391/APP – OAKLEY - British Timber Masters, Timber Yard, Thame Road.

                            Change of use from Timber Merchant’s yard (Sui Generis) to Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (B2) MOT Testing station (B2) and vehicle sale and display (Sui Generis). Objections have been submitted.  NO UPDATE RECEIVED


11.   Planning Applications:

13/03587/APP OAKLEY

8 Ashfield Rise, Oakley, HP18 9QA

Single storey front extension with two lantern roof lights.  Conversion of existing garage to form “Grandpa” annexe and loft conversation to form living accommodation with rear facing dormer window. Widening of access and drop kerb.



14/00082/APP OAKLEY

Nap Farm, The Nap, Oakley, Buckinghamshire HP18 9PW

Detached two bay garage and workshop and storage in roof space (amendment to planning permission 08/02509/APP  CIRCULATING

12.   Accounts:

                                E-On Street Lighting (dd)                                                                         £153.61

                                Mrs P Pointer – Clerks Salary & Expenses                                        £232.20

                                St Mary’s Church Donation                                                                     £250.00

                                JPCS (Groundscrews MVAS machine)                                            £1,396.80

                                TOTAL                                                                                                          £2,032.51


                            Payments of Accounts Proposed by Mr Craddock and Seconded by Mr Pearce


                            VAT from June 2013 to December 2013 has now been claimed:                                      £1,917.26

                            BACS Payment remittance received 28.01.2014 for payment for MVAS machine:   £2,991.00


13.   Any Other Business:


     It was reported that Mr Daly has asked regarding the 2/3 phase of Linnens View that the Developer would like to attend the next Parish Council meeting to talk about the future plans. It was agreed for this to take place.


Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 4th March 2014


Meeting closed at 09:25pm



Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 4th March 2014 minutes will be Ratified and agreed by

Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole