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February 2013




 held on

Tuesday 5thFebruary 2013







Present:  Councillors J Mole (Chairman), D Cherry (Vice Chairman), P Kilpin, R Craddock, K Brown, D Pearce, A Finn. Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk)

6 parishioners attended

Angela MacPherson (prospective candidate for Busks County Council)





Apologies: None.





Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 1st January 2013 were approved and signed.





Matters Arising:





























































Highways Department


Hillside – no reply. Mr Mole to follow up personally

Manor Road – Work is being carried out at present

Rambler Cottage – have replied, informing Mr Mole that ditch is cleaned frequently and is clear.

It was reported that the pavements up Ashfield Rise, are not in good condition.  Mr Mole to take Mr Smith to look when he meets him on 11th February 2013.


Traffic Diversion:

Email was read out that had been received from Mr D Smith BCC.,

Mr Smith informed us that the diversion route through Oakley with regard to Repair to bridges in Shabbington is solely in the hands of Oxfordshire County Council and Bucks C.C. are only facilitation their route.  The route was changed as so many complaints were received from residents in Shabbington claiming they were nearly getting knocked down, that Oxfordshire changed route from Crossroads at Worminghall through Oakley.  He added again that this was not ideal, but considered the only safe route for HGV’s.  He also added that he did not know how long this diversion is in place for.  He included the names of people to contact at Oxfordshire County Council.

Mr D Cherry added that after speaking with a member of Shabbington Parish Council (unofficially) his view was the bridge will never be upgraded. So this diversion could possibly morph itself into a permanent route.

It was discussed that perhaps if this is the case, then we could request flashing lights outside the school, to ensure traffic slows down in the village.

But it was agreed that firstly, we will write to Oxfordshire County Council asking for Route to be changed.


To note current position


Although work is on-going by BCC on Potholes there are more to report:

Potholes are reported at:

Church side of Manor Farm

The Forresters ( some have been repaired but they are now mostly around cats eyes in middle of road)

2 x huge potholes reported as coming into village from Oxford Road, they are just before the Scrapyard.

Pothole The Chandos Arms

Drain in between 21 and 23 Manor Road has dropped.

Mr Mole also received correspondence from Mr Rennell Moore regarding pot holes on Brill Road, this hole unfortunately caused Mr Moore to have a burst tyre, damaged his wheel and caused misalignment of the steering.  Mr Mole advised Mr Moore to report in writing with photographs to Bucks County Council, which Mr Moore has done.

Also discussed was the pavement in front of 27 and 27A Brill Road, as this is in a poor state.  Bucks County Council have informed Mr Mole that this is not their responsibility, as this is “Private Pavement” as when the two houses were built the kerb was dropped to enable cars to park on the drive of the two houses.  The responsibility lies with the owners of the two properties.  Letter to be written to inform owners of the properties.


Kerb Setts

Mr Mole in last month’s minutes it was decided that there are too many kerb setts.  Mr D Cherry will have a walk around village before next meeting now that nights are getting lighter.

























Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Mr D Pearce has spoken with “Oxford Reclaim” as they are now called, and they have agreed if we want the bollards putting back, they will gladly oblige. Mr Pearce suggests we look at where we want to place them.

Genesis Auto Cars:

A letter had been sent to Highways to report illegal advertising cars for sale on Bicester Road. .Parish Council had received no reply, but it was noted that no more cars have been advertised for sale on the Bicester Road, by this company.





















































































































































































Play Area/Playing Field.

Grant for Playground Project –

Mr Finn was asked how long before we get the Grant for the Play Area.  Mr Finn informed all that he has been trying to get a date, he was told we had been allocated the grant on 10.12.2012., and although Mr Finn had tried to contact the appropriate people, (mainly Emma Brooks, Grant Manager) he had as of yet not been able to obtain a date that the grant would be given, but will continue to pursue.

Mr Finn gave a copy of letter from FCC which states we have agreed to unlock Landfill Communities Fund monies from WREN’s Main Grant Scheme by providing the match funding of £6,150.32.  The money will be returned to Oakley Parish Council, when the grant is paid.  This has been proposed and seconded by Oakley Parish Council.


Wicksteed Playground Inspection Survey.   

Pat Pointer will inform Wicksteed Playground Ltd., that we do not wish to go ahead with recommendations on the play area survey, until we have the grant through and the changes are made to the Play Area.


Dog Waste Contract.

Pat Pointer informed AVDC that we wish to go ahead with the proposed Dog Waste Contract., which is less than 50% of the cost of the present scheme. AVDC have collected monies via direct debit, Mr Kilpin asked Mrs Pointer to check, why we have to pay now for a contract that starts on 1st April 2013.



Drainage to football pitch –  Mr D Cherry has spoken with Mr A Durndell regarding drainage of football pitch.  Mr M Addison who was present at meeting informed Parish Council that at present Oakley Football Club have an agreement with Thame Football Club, to use pitches there if Oakley is to wet to play on. It was decided Mr D Cherry will speak with Agri Power of Great Missenden to find out cost of 80 tons of sand to spike the pitch and fill holes with sand.  It was discussed that we could mole drain, but this means the pitch would be out of action for some time, so spiking would probably be the better option.

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge/Football Pitch Drainage

As per 3D above.

Tender for Grass Cutting:

Mrs Pointer has put 3 tenders out for quotation on Grass Cutting.

And at present received one reply with quote, plus a query from another company asking for size of area’s to be cut.  Mr Mole to draw a map for Mrs Pointer to use.

The Play area has now been added to the requirements for grass cutting.  Mrs Pointer to re do quotes adding this to them.

Mrs Pointer was also asked to ask Mr A Durndell from Oakley Football Club to quote for the grass cutting.

Playing Field:

Letter had been sent to Rights-Of Way re unsafe state of bridge into playing field from Meadow Close... Also the Style at the southern end of the bridge at the bottom of playing field is in need of repair. No response received.  Still no response from Bridles & Footpaths Department – Mrs Pointer to chase.


Bucks Playing Field Association

It was agreed to donate £20 as we do each year.


Bowling Green

A letter has been received from Mr F Ashurst, asking if it is possible for a section of the sports field to be made into a Bowling Green, as we have a very good indoor Bowling Club in Oakley Village.

Discussions took place regarding the best position for a Bowling Green in the sports field; also overall discussions took place as to what are the village needs of the Sports Field.  It was decided that the best way forward would be to set up a “Sub Committee” for the Sports Field meeting separately to the Parish Council Meeting, and for this group to discuss all aspects of future requirements for the sports field which would then be reported back to the Oakley Parish Council before decisions would be made.  It was thought that, Mr Ashurst, (Representing Bowling Club) 2 members of Oakley Parish Council, Mr D Cherry and Mr D Pearce, Mr A Durndell or Mr M Addison (representing Oakley Football Club) and perhaps Scout Master would be the members of this committee.  PP to send letters of invite to the above mentioned people.

Mr Mole asked Mrs Pointer to add that Mr Mole will check on legalities of setting up a “Sub Committee”


Football Tournament

A letter has been received from Chairman of Oakley Football Club, Mr M Addison, asking permission to go ahead with a Football Tournament and Beer Festival to be held on 15th June 2013 they will be teaming up with Oakley Pre School for this.

Mr Addison was present at the meeting and he was informed that permission for this has been given.  Mrs Pointer to reply to letter.



Email from L Campo

Mr Mole informed all that he had received an email from Lisa Campo who lives on Oxford Road, asking if it is possible to have the Plum Tree which is in the Playing Field and backs on to her garden, trimmed as it was last trimmed about 5 years ago, but it is now very high and out of control, causing problems with wasps in the summer months.  Mrs Pointer to get quotes for trimming of the tree and will reply to Lisa Campo’s email.















Street Lights

Light opposite the school has been reported as not working.

Last Light on Oxford Road, Aylesbury Mains Ltd has informed Mrs Pointer that this needs reporting to Electric Company as the supply to the light is not working. – Mrs Pointer is still awaiting news from Aylesbury Mains Ltd has sent two emails asking for progress.  Will telephone and report at next meeting.

Light MR5 in Mill Road, is now working Mr Kilpin thinks the problem is intermittent.  Mrs Pointer to report.

Update:  Mrs Pointer received email after meeting informing her that lamp MR5 in Mill Road has been replaced on 4th February under warranty.






Anti-Social Behaviour

The Parish Council is not aware of and has not been notified of any criminal activity during the last month.


















AVDC Bin Collection

Discussion took place regarding the collection of the recycling blue bin on Friday 18th January 2013.  As it snowed on this day, only half the village recycling rubbish was collected, with text being sent from AVDC informing villagers collection would take place on Monday 21st January 2013.  On Monday 21st January 2013 another text was sent to villagers informing them that the collection would not go ahead, due to bad weather (even though we had not had snow for a couple of days).  Villagers were informed that no date had been given for collection at this time.

Various people have complained to AVDC regarding this no collection and various people have been given a variety of excuses for the collection not taking place.

Mrs Pointer has been asked to send a formal letter of complaint regarding the situation to Helena Bryan the Senior Communications Officer at AVDC.  With a copy to Michael Rand







St Mary’s Church

Mrs Pointer is at present collecting quotations for the painting of rails at Church and will report back at next meeting.





Signs around the village

None of note

















































Devolved Services

Currently the Parish has been allocated 19 order numbers as a result BCC devolved services: Tasks allocated as follows:

966567      Brill Road – gullies and kerb weirs        Cllr Mole

966589      Brill/Bicester Road – kerb setts              Cllr Cherry

966591      Worminghall Road – kerb weirs             Cllr Kilpin

972304      Orchard Close – kerb setts                     Cllr Cherry

972359      Mill Road – side out footpath                Cllr Finn

972369      Thame Road – kerb weirs, ditches         Cllr Pearce


966584      Bicester Road paint ‘church’ railings

966588      All entrances paint gates

966590      Worm’all Road – side out footpaths      to be allocated

966592      Oxford Road – side out footpaths          to be allocated

972355      Bicester Road – kerb weirs                    to be allocated

972357      Worm‘all Road – cut back overgrowth  to be allocated

972362      The Foresters – cutback hedgerow         letter sent

Two more added Order Numbers: 31/01/2013

975888       Hand Salt Footpaths                                Completed                   

                    Worminghall Rd, Outside School

                    Thame Road outside Church

                    Oxford Rd. Outside Village Hall

975889        Cut back over hanging hedge row            Completed

                    Junction with Worminghall Road






Jericho Farm

Mr Hadley informed Parish Council he was aware that the Churchill Wagons were again in and out of village.  Mr Mole informed him that this would be so as the work was to be completed over a 3 year period, so it is at present on going.  Mrs Pointer was asked to write to Gun Club asking if they could inform the Parish Council of a date when the 3 years will be completed.






SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mr Mole has arranged a meeting on Monday to walk around village with MR D Smith – Mrs Pointer to invite SWARCO to meeting







Oakley Parish Precept

·         Completed and returned

·         All Councillors have signed and returned Mandatory forms



Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.





Notice Board Outside Garage

Cllr D Pearce reported that notice board is now ready to be re erected in new position by Elmwood Close; the delay had been in obtaining Oak Wood for the legs.  Mr John Curtis, of East Farm Ashendon, had very kindly provided these.  Mrs Pointer to send a thank you letter






Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

No meetings attended this month







Papers to note:

AVDC and AVALC Liaison Meeting Minutes

Notice of display of planning notice by: Mr Hopcroft and Mr Daly.

Papers for Circulation:

Bulletin: 51/12 – 1/2/3/4/5/13

Wheatley Park News Letter

BALC Matters Arising Winter 2012/2013








To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

12/02346/ALB – The Chandos Arms,  Oakley

         Installation of lightning conductors to existing roof with wire

        connecting the existing chimneys on the thatched roof


        (conditions apply please note in circulation)








The following accounts were approved for payment:






E-On street lighting (dd)

Patricia Pointer

Alicia Green

Wicksteed Playscapes

FCC Recycling UK Ltd










































Any Other Business

Letter of thank you to be sent to Churchfield House regarding Yew Trees.


Work to rear of Church Yard to be discussed at next meeting.

We have a quote from Mr D Pearce for work

Mr M Cross to be contacted for quote and passed to Mr D Cherry


Mr J Mole received letter regarding “Estate Walkabouts in and around Oakley and Worminghall”.  This will take place on 5th April @ 2pm.

Meeting place is outside No. 1 Kings Close, Worminghall.  Walkabout in Oakley will be: Ashfield Rise, Brill Road, College Crescent, Elmwood Close and Manor Road. Anyone is able to take part and give their ideas and opinions on improving the appearance of the neighbourhood.  Notice will be put in Notice board.


It has been noted that new tenants have moved into the flat in Elmwood.  It was noted that Councillors are unsure of how the housing list for Elmwood is monitored as it has been brought to Parish Council’s attention that some people who would qualify to be on the list are as far down as 24th position.  It was asked why the list is so long when it is thought to qualify: there are certain stipulations as to the criteria needed.  Mr J Mole to contact Hastoe’s to discuss how they allocate the list.


Question was asked regarding the Gas situation in the village.  It was revealed that this is unfortunately now dead, because of cost.


It was also brought to Parish Council’s attention that concrete T post has been knocked over outside the school.  Mr A Finn reported that he has contacted Thames Water who have been out and are dealing with it.


Angela MacPherson introduced herself and informed all that she is to stand for Bucks County Council elections next May as Michael Edmonds and John Cartwright are stepping down. She is keen to come along to all of the parish meetings in the division and get to know people and to learn what's happening in the local area.


Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on

Tuesday 5th March 2013 in the Village Hall.




The meeting closed at 8:50pm