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February 2012




which was held on

TUESDAY, 7rty  February 2012




Present:Mr R Fennell, Mr P Kilpin, Mr J Mole, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn, Mr R Craddock ,  Mr D Cherry.



Apologies: Mr M Rand



Minutes of the Last Meeting:


The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 3rd January 2012, were approved and signed.



Matters Arising:





MG to Action




MG to action


Highways Department



D Cherry reported a new pothole in Worminghall Road outside number 47.  J Mole reported one on Brill Road on the left hand side going out of the village between numbers 17 and 19.  Clerk to report.


Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Damaged Kerb setts outside Church have not apparently been fixed, nor the ones in Manor Road.  Clerk to chase BCC again.



MG to action




Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Clerk produced an email from M Rand relating to planning enforcement action which shows that Horton Cars have not yet applied for planning consent to sell cars from their site.  This email also confirmed that AVDC are seeking to set up a meeting with IBS regarding the problems with loading and unloading on the road side. 



Play Area/Playing Field.

J Mole reported that John Morris wants to dump soil on part of the recreation ground whilst he carries out a job to fill in a swimming pool.  All agreed that this was alright so long as the field is made good afterwards.

The hawthorn on Little London Green has now been prepared for removal and will be taken down once the Parish Council have arranged its disposal. 

New play area:- Wicksteed have been chosen to provide the new play ground and the bid for grant aid will be submitted by the end of the week.  In addition to the facilities already promised a new basket ball hoop and Youth Shelter are to be provided.  A decision on funding will be made by 31st of May.  It was confirmed that the s106 money can be used as the third party contribution. 


Trees on boundary of the recreation ground with Mr Hopcroft's yard. It has been noticed that the willow which is on the Parish Council's land has split and may need to be pollarded.  Agreed that Members will have a look at it and make a decision at the next meeting.



Street Lights

No lights were reported. 


MG to action


Anti Social Behaviour

Nothing new reported.

MG to action


Bucks Recycling

No further update from Planning has been received.  Clerk was asked to write to Dave Smith at BCC and advise him that they are moving out on the 20th of February.  Councillors are concerned that once  they have moved the verge will not be reinstated.





No further progress noted.




Signs around the village

Two signs were reported which have been attached to the Oakley sign on the entrance to the village on the Bicester Road and on the road to Long Crendon.  Signs to be removed.




Mains Gas in Villages

Mr Finn has received an email from the office of Chris Huhne but it did not contain any thing material.



MG to action


Devolved Services

Clerk advised that information requested by BCC has been provided and that she has been advised that the matter will be completed by April.  Cllrs raised concerns over rumours that impending redundancies in the relevant BCC department may mean that the matter is not progressed.  Clerk to write and express concern about this. 



Parish Council Precept.

Clerk confirmed that the letter regarding the precept had gone on time and that as at the date of the meeting nothing had been heard.




Little London Green

Clerk advised that a letter has gone to the last person who has not paid and that to date nothing has been received.  Agreed to wait until next meeting to see if payment has been made.





Jericho Farm

Nothing to report.


Mr Cherry to Action

SID/Traffic Calming Measures Mr Cherry to write again to Anne-Marie Davis regarding their reply to the Council's request for further information as the Council is not happy with how the matter has been dealt with. 





Papers to Note














To note the following applications received:

(Decision made and to be noted from last meeting)


7 Brookside Close, Oakley

Demolition of existing garage and porch.  Erection of single front and side extensions incorporating new integral garage.

Decision: No Objection


To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:


3 Oxford Road, Oakley

Single storey front extension and change to dormer with pitch roof to single storey front extension (amendment to planning application 11/01928/APP)

Decision: Permit  





The following accounts to be approved for payment:





E-On street lighting

M Griffiths Clerks wages

Oakley Pre-School (grass cutting)

Aylesbury Mains Ltd.













MG to Action




MG to Action


Any Other Business

P Kilpin raised the subject of the village freighter and advised that he had heard that other villages had been told that they would now have to pay for this.  Clerk was asked to investigate this and make sure that if Oakley are expected to pay for the freighter then the Parish Council would not want it any more. 


Clerk raised the question of the grass cutting for the forthcoming year and asked whether Councillors wanted her to re-tender the contracts.  Councillors asked that the Oakley Pre-school and Westbury be approached regarding the forthcoming year and that a report be submitted to the next meeting.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday,  6th March 2012, at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8.20pm