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December 2013



                                                                             OAKLEY PARISH COUNCIL (OPC)                                                                            


TUESDAY 3rd December 2013



1.             Present: Councillors: 

Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), Mr P Kilpin, Mr K Brown, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn and Mr R Craddock. Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk)

Mr M Rand (AVDC) joined meeting at 8pm

1 Parishioner

2.             Apologies:

Ms A Macpherson (Bucks County Council)


3.             Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting, held on Tuesday 5th November 2013, were approved and signed.


4.             Matters Arising:


1              Highways Department:

1.a           Traffic diversion through Oakley:

AMc                       Awaiting reply from Ms A Macpherson (BCC)

                1.b          Potholes:

Brill Road/Maple Court  Pavement:          Still outstanding

Brill Road, opp Little London Farm:           “Coned off” and repair will take place shortly

                (This was completed 4th December)

Oxford Road – opp No 5               Sewer Cover – this has not been completed

Drains Foresters and Brill Road   Still waiting Jet Machine – Ms MacPherson to follow up with BCC and find out when it will be available.

PP                           New highway defects to report:

Oxford Road, leaving the village towards Jericho on the left hand side half way down the hill. (another has appeared)

Thame Road, opposite Morgan’s – although some potholes have been patched a few have been left unrepaired.

Foresters (outside Mr Miller’s house, number 10)

Foresters (close to Mr Stratford’s house, number 24)

1.c           Overgrown Hedges:

PP                                           The Royal Oak Hedge is still outstanding – awaiting BCC to cut, PP to chase.


                2              Play Area/Playing Field

                2.a           Report from Oakley Playing Field Sub-Committee:

Mr Cherry reported on the Sub-Committee meeting which was held on 25th November.

2.b          New bowling green:

Mr Cherry informed all of discussions that took place at the meeting regarding were the new bowling green should be situated in the Playing Field.

After much discussion at the meeting, the following places are being looked at, both would require access from Worminghall Road.:

·         Bottom of playing field – Mr Cherry has been to looking at using access from the Thames Water sewage unit is situated in Fenemore Close. He informed all that it would be possible with care for cars to use this as an entrance to playing field. He has spoken with

Mr P Pickford, who is investigating if this land belongs to him – he will report back at next meeting.

·         Behind the ‘Cub hut’, this would require land being “swapped” with the north-end of school field, with playing field land behind the school. Access could then be established from Worminghall Road by widening the footway. Mr Mole will ask for meeting with Head Teacher and Governors to discuss.

·         Discussion also took place that perhaps in the future if new development Lynnens View was adopted, there could be the possibility of potential access from that side of playing field, again to the bottom of the playing field.

·         If no vehicular access can be established, the committee will continue to look at options for locating the bowling green, with pedestrian access only.

It was also discussed that the main plan of action at present is to decide as soon as possible where the bowling green will be placed, so the Committee can start the process of getting quotations in for the costing, it was agreed that not all plans for the bowling green need to take place at once, for instance the bowling green could be installed and access to use it for the time being be on foot using the main village hall car park until the access has been completed, also the Shed/Hut could be erected after the bowling green has been completed.

2.c           Oakley Orchard:

                                Mr Cherry said he would like to give his congratulations to the Orchard Committee, for the
                                planting of the trees in the New Orchard in the playing field, the area is now very much improved
                                and we look forward to the planting of the flowers in the spring.

                2.d           Fallen tree from garden in Meadow Close into playing field.

                                This has now been removed, as has another on the other side of the field.

DP          2.e           Hedge Around Playing Field

Mr Pearce has kindly offered to trim the hedge around the playing field; this will be done in December – when we have dry weather.


                3              Street Lights:

DC        3.a            Progress on Light outside 25 Oxford Road (street light 02)

Mr Cherry reported that he has made several attempts to speak with Electricity Company, but has not managed to date to speak with a human! Will keep trying. He will keep trying

              3.b             New light defects to report:

                                Worminghall Road – (W2) Hedges Farm – this has been reported


4              Anti-Social Behaviour

                                Report email from Thames Valley regarding local burglaries (papers to note)

                                Mr Pearce reported two attempted break-ins at his business in the last week.


DC/JM  5              Status of Devolved Services:

Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer have been through list of outstanding order numbers and had one query on work carried out under order number 972304 this was to re align loose granite setts back into kerb line outside No. 8 Orchard Close.  Mr Cherry to check this and report back.

Mr Mole is at present trying to set up a meeting with Mr Whinchup our Local Area Technician for BCC Highways.


6              Chandos Arms – Community Asset

Forms are filled in and will now be sent to register. This will be kept pending for time being.


7              Common Land:

                7.a           Layby along Thame Road:

PP                           Mrs Pointer to check regarding removal of the lock gates.

                                It was noted that recently the layby has been kept a lot cleaner and tidier – as requested by OPC.

PP          7.b.         Lime Trees in Little London Green and Ash Tree in Elmwood Close:

                                No update has been received – Mrs Pointer to chase


8              Broken footbridge on Little London footpath (OAK/31/2)



9              Affordable Housing:

JM                          Mr Mole is going to look at reason for rise in rents.




10           Oakley Players:

AF                          It was agreed that Oakley Players can use the spare crash barrier we have stored to have erected in front of their shed, only stipulation that was made was that Oakley Players pass the two hooped red barriers that are installed at present to OPC to keep in case needed in the future.  Mr Andy Finn said that they will need to buy a yellow sleeve to put on the end of the crash barrier and he will pass information where to buy to Oakley Players.

JM                          Mr Mole reported that he will be applying to LAF funding to help start the Adolescent Youth Drama Group in the village.

11           Churchyard Extension:

DC                          Still waiting for second quotation for work – Mr Cherry to chase.


5.        SID/Traffic Calming Measures

JM,PK,KB            The invoice for the MVAS (Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign) has now been received and cheque has been sent. Mrs Pointer will now claim monies from LAF for the machine.

Training has been arranged for Thursday 5th December 2013 – meeting at 10:00 in Oakley Village Car Park – Mrs Pointer reported that although we are still waiting fitting of ground screws in designated area’s she has checked with SWARCO and the training can still go ahead.

Mr Mole, Mr Brown and Mr Kilpin from OPC will attend the training – plus 3 members from the disbanded Traffic Calming Committee.


6.        External meetings

6.a    Feedback from meetings attended by Councillors:

·         Mr Cherry and Mr Mole attended Playing Field sub-committee, see minute 4.2.a (25 November)

·         Mr Mole attended Haddenham & Long Crendon Local Priorities Refresh Workshop (18 November)  – List of priorities to be added to Correspondence to note.

·         Mr Kilpin attended Buckinghamshire Rural Affairs Group (21 November) – This is a group that are trying to ensure that rural area’s get their fair share of funds etc., - Mr Kilpin added that there were two people at the meeting who ran North Marston Village Shop – this shop has been set up by the village for the villagers and is run by volunteers – Mr Mole and Mr Kilpin have been invited to North Marston to observe how it was set up and run.

6.b   Up and coming meetings:

LAF Meeting (4 December) in Haddenham – Mr Mole and Mr Cherry to attend


7.                        Music around the Parishes

Papers to be passed to Oakley Parochial Church Council


8.                        Oakley Relief In need Charity

Geoff Bradley and John Snell confirmed as council-nominated trustees


9.                        Correspondence:

a.           Papers to Note:

Changes to the scheme of officer delegated powers

Tree Preservation Order – Ref 13/01940/ATP – Forge Close Management Co Ltd

Thames Valley Alert Email


b.          Papers for Circulation:

The Bulletin – 45 to 48 2013

Bulletin Magazine


10.                     Planning:

               No new applications


                                PERMISSION GIVEN:

                                13/01940/ATP – Mrs Claire Meakin – c/o Forge Close Management Co Ltd

Pollarding one Horse Chestnut Tree to 20ft or felling.

                                HEREBY GRANT CONSENT – subject to conditions (copy in papers to note)




11.                     Accounts:

                                                E-On Street Lighting (dd)                                              £                153.61

                                Mrs P Pointer – Clerks Salary & Expenses              £                241.58

                                Alicia Green – Litter Picking                                          £                 25.00

                                TOTAL                                                                                   £              420.19


                                   Payments of Accounts Proposed by Mr Cherry and Seconded by Mr R Caddock


12.                     Any Other Business:


                                Z & S Bus Service to Aylesbury – it was rumoured that this service is going to be axed – it was noted that at present we have not been officially told of this and that we should be informed if this is going to happen.


                                Mr Kilpin is at present looking at the Precept for the coming year he had following questions:

§  Bucks Playing Field Membership – Mrs Pointer to look into why we are not members this year.

§  St Mary’s Church Donation – to be added to Agenda for January 2014

§  Dog Litter Bins Payment – this was paid in last year’s budget will be due again March/April 2014.

§  He informed all that we have managed to obtain a healthy budget up to end of year. 

§  He also asked did anyone know of significant funds that needed allocating for the coming year. Mr Mole informed him that he would like to look into extending the footpath from Worminghall Road into playing field, pass the Scout Hut right up to Village Hall.

                                   2014-2015 Precept to be added to January 2014 Agenda.


                                Mr Cherry asked for consideration for a new light to be installed on Worminghall Road as he feels there is a “dead area” between 57 Worminghall Road and Hedges Farm.  He asked Councillors to take a look. It was agreed to add “New Light Installations” to Agenda for January 2014


                                Mr Michael Rand informed all that with the forthcoming 100 year anniversary of World War 1 coming up, he was at a meeting were discussions took place regarding a “Commemorative” paving stone was being designated for Victoria Cross holders within the area.  Mr Mole informed Mr Rand that he had heard of this taking place, and as the Victoria Cross was actually awarded to Mr Edward Brooks who was born in Oakley in 1883 it seemed only fair that Oakley should receive the Commemorative paving stone.  Mr Rand agreed and said he will pass to Mr Mole information on whom he needs to contact.


Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 7th January 2014


Meeting closed at 09:01pm


Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 7th January 2013 minutes will be Ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole