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December 2012




 held on

Tuesday 4th December 2012







Present:  Councillors Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman)  Mr P Kilpin, Mr R Craddock, Mr K Brown, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn. Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk).

2 parishioners attended




Apologies: Mr Michael Rand





Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 6th November 2012, were approved and signed.




Matters Arising:
































































Highways Department


Brill Road – Mr Mole informed all that he had been to look at what is causing the problem and he reported that the gateway below Hillside Farm along Brill Road belonging to Hillside Farm, was in his opinion causing the problem. He said, the ditch on the right side of Brill Road at this point should flow into a culvert and flow freely under the field access. At present the water is being stopped and thus the stream empties into Brill Road. Mr Mole has made some minor modification, but we need to write to owner of Hillside Farm and ask if they would take a look at the problem, with a copy to Brill parish Council, since Hillside Farm is in Brill..

The Foresters:  After receiving a call from Mr K Miller regarding the problem of flooding on the B4011 outside his house, Mr Mole went to look at the problem and spoke to Antony Hawes.  Mr Miller had called BCC and they had been to flush the pipes, but the problem though slightly better was still persisting. It was agreed that BCC need to return and flush pipes again and look at a possible constriction caused by a BT manhole. Also further down the road at Oakley Wood, there is a willow tree in ditch that needs to be cleared, as this again would slow down the flow of the rain water, it was decided that we need to inform Ernest Cook Trust regarding the problem.

College Farm: Mr Mole informed all that the history of the flooding at College Farm goes back to 2009.  Mr R Hadley who attended the meeting informed all that he is at present waiting for a date for BCC to come out as there is a fractured pipe causing the problem.  Mr Hadley went on to say the Mr D Smith had admitted that the fault is to be rectified by BCC Highways and that an order is being raised to repair the fractured pipe, also repairing the connection to the kerb weir adjacent to the road and removing the spoil from the open ditch.  It was agreed that once this work is completed, then we should not have further problems with this area as all other problems for example the White Cottage, have in the past had pipes etc., replaced in order to enable the flow of water.

Bicester Road/Manor Farm:  It was noted that this area has always flooded, but in actual fact is much improved since the stream has been opened up.  But it was agreed that the ditch behind Rambler Cottage could be cleared out in order to improve this area more. A letter needs to be sent to the occupier to inspect the ditch in that area.

Email from Worminghall Parish Clerk: Email reply to be sent to Adele Bethet informing her that we have not had a letter from BCC Highways regarding clearing of ditches etc., in Oakley.

Traffic Diversion:

Mr Mole informed all that yellow diversion signs have appeared in the Village, these are to divert large trucks from driving over Shabbington Bridge as it is no longer safe to do so.  According to discussion at the last meeting with Mr D Smith (Bucks County Council), the traffic was being diverted through Long Crendon, but Mr Mole had noted that because Long Crendon Parish Council has complained about this diversion. BCC has decided to re-direct the traffic through Oakley.  A decision made without informing Oakley Parish Council. It was decided a letter is to be sent to Mr D Smith, asking when this decision was made, how the decision had been reached and why we were not informed.

To note current position


It was noted that there is a pothole near Mr A Jones house at the Turnpike.

Also outside Mr Reeves house on Manor Rd into The Turnpike

Also opposite Elmwood Close on Worminghall Road.

Highways to be informed.

Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Kerb Setts

It was decided that this is too much for the Parish Council to “take on” so Mr D Cherry will walk around village before next meeting and make a list, we will then inform the Highways.

Strategic Traffic Routing:

It was reported that a letter had been received informing the Parish Council that the B4011 road comes under special regs, meaning that if road works need to be carried out on this road in the village they cannot take place between 7am to 10am and 2pm and 7pm.




















Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer to look at map for size of layby.  At present it was decided to monitor situation regarding the layby, as IBS is now in receivership.

Horton Cars

Write again to AVDC asking what the present situation is.

Genisis Auto Cars:

A complaint has been acknowledged regarding this company displaying a car for sale, with Genisis Auto sign in the window on the Bicester Road opposite Mr A Jones House.  Letter to Highways to report this.

































Play Area/Playing Field.

New play area:- Decision date for Grant first week December. Andy Finn to report at next meeting.

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge/Football Pitch Drainage

Meeting due to take place with Oakley Football Club, Mr D Cherry will report at next meeting.  It was also suggested that Oakley Football Club assist in the filling in of forms for Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge.

Old Tractor Shed

Mrs Pointer reported a letter has been sent to Pre-School informing them that the old tractor shed will be taken down in the spring.

Tender for Grass Cutting:

It was decided that this coming year Tenders will be accepted for Grass Cutting also ask Pre-School if they are going to tender.

Playing Field:

Mr Finn reported that Bridge from Mill Road into playing field is in need of repair, he reported he had taped off the area but unfortunately the tape has been pulled down.  Also the Style at the southern end of the bridge at the bottom of playing field is in need of repair.

Mrs Pointer to write to “Rights of Way” at AVDC Mrs Joanna Taylor to find out who is responsible.











Street Lights

MR5 – Mill Road – Aylesbury Mains Ltd is now working.

Last Light on Oxford Road, Aylesbury Mains Ltd has informed Mrs Pointer that this needs reporting to Electric Company as the supply to the light is not working.

Reported light not working – MR2 Fennemore Close

2 lights reported to Mr Mole not working in Elmwood Close, Mr Mole to report this to Hastoe’s




Anti-Social Behaviour

It has been reported that during recent cold weather conditions, two vehicles have been stolen from Brill and Chilton whilst owners had left the vehicles running to defrost the windscreens. 

Over recent weeks 15 vehicles have been broken into in Chearsley, Long Crendon, offences occurring overnight when vehicles have been left insecure, various items have been stolen.

Thames Valley police have been made aware of cold callers claiming to be from Thames Valley Police, targeting people for advertising and sponsorship.  This is not something Thames Valley Police would normally do, if this happens and you wish to check  the identity of a Thames Valley Police employee, then ask for their shoulder number and name, and dial 101 and ask to speak to them to verify they are authentic.




Camo Skips

Nothing to report





Keep on minutes, until end of year budget is in.




Signs around the village









Devolved Services

It was decided that at meeting in January a list of work to be carried out in the Spring will be made, and decisions made as to who will carry out the work, if we need to employ someone to do so this will be decided then.




Jericho Farm

No new developments.







SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mrs Pointer has spoken with Insurance company and Insurance for the Mobile VAS machine will increase insurance cost by £100 per year, this was thought to be acceptable.

VAS form will be completed by Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer






Pedestrian Refuge

After much discussion it was decided that Mr Mole will write a letter stating that the last proposal made is unacceptable.  With a copy of letter to be sent to Mr J Burco.  Mr Cherry also reported there is a LAF meeting on 12.12.2012 that he will be attending.



Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Mr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.



Jubilee Mugs for Village Children

Mr D Cherry has now purchased mugs and distributed to Oakley Pre School and School.






Notice Board Outside Garage

Mr D Pearce reported that Noticeboard will be taken down Friday 7th December, maintained and re-erected on the Grass between Garage and Elmwood Close.








Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

BRAG Annual Conference – Mr P Kilpin attended.

This organisation is an advisory group chaired by Aubrey Fletcher.  They discuss what big issues are on-going in Rural Areas such as, Rural Transport, Affordable Housing, Rural Employment and Loss of shops and Pubs.

They are basically a pressure group.  At the meeting all ideas given were taken into account and feedback on ideas will be written up.







For Circulation:


The Playing Field Magazine – Autumn 2012

Email regarding Pedestrian Refuge

The Bulletins 40/41/42/43/12

Hastoe’s minutes

Devolved Services work requests

Sian Thomas’s proposed change to Manor Road/Biectesr Road junction to enhance pedestrian crossing






        To note decisions made by OPC on the following:

         Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use

         12/02346/ALB - OAKLEY

         The Chandos Arms

         Installation of lightning conductors to existing roof with wire

         connecting the existing chimneys on the thatched roof.

          Decision:No Objection

         To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

.        Certificate of Lawfulness for a proposed use

         12/02040/AOP – 47 Worminghall Road, Oakley

         Proposed 2 (no) Two Storey Dwellings and creation of new access

         Decision: Permission Refused



The following accounts were approved for payment:






E-On street lighting (dd)

Patricia Pointer

Oakley Church

Alicia Green

Dog Hygene Bins April to Sept 2012 (dd)

Aylesbury Mains Ltd

Oakley Pre School- Grass Cutting














































Any Other Business


2013 Precept Discussion to take place at January 2012 meeting.


Mr Craddock raised the matter that he felt Agenda for Oakley Parish Council meetings are too long, discussion took place to explain why we need to leave outstanding matters on the Agenda, and how before the meeting all emails, letters etc., are looked at for the agenda.  Mr Mole stated that Mr Craddock’s point had been noted.


It was decided a notice should be placed in Oakley Informer regarding new Oak Tree that has been planted. Mr Mole will ensure this is done.


Mr Cherry read out a letter received from Mrs Hulbert regarding the positioning of the Mobile VAS on Worminghall Road, the letter stated that perhaps it may be a better suggestion to have the VAS machine at entry into the village from Worminghall as this is where cars speed into the village.  It was noted that sympathy went to Mrs Hulbert regarding her comments, but at present the view is to go ahead with the positions that have already been decided.  But it was also decided to add a couple more sites to the application form, one being at the entrance to the Village from Worminghall and then if we find the VAS works, we can buy more bases to move it to these other areas.


Mrs Pointer suggested it may be a good idea to ask BCC Highways department for the possibility of having “flood signs” kept in storage in the village, so when we have “flash floods” we can immediately put into place flood warning signs to help prevent accidents.  It was agreed Mrs Pointer will write to Mr D Smith requesting signs.



Date of Next Meeting

As next meeting falls on Tuesday January 1st 2013 Mr Mole asked if all councillors were available to attend.   All were available for the meeting except for Mrs Pointer.  Mr Mole said he will take minutes, so meeting can go ahead.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 1st January 2012 at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 9.22pm