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December 2011




which was held on

TUESDAY, 6th December  2011






Present:Mr R Fennell, Mr P Kilpin, Mr J Mole, Mr D Cherry, Mr D Pearce, Mr A Finn, Mr R Craddock , Mr M Rand and several Members of the Public




Apologies: None received



Minutes of the Last Meeting:


The minutes of the last meeting which was held on 1st November 2011, were approved and signed.



Matters Arising:



MG to Chase



MG to Chase




MG to action


Highways Department



Turnpike has still not been attended to, Clerk to chase again.


Other items to note:  (not Highways)

Damaged Kerb setts outside Church have not been fixed and pavement in College Crescent also unfixed, clerk to report back to BCC with approximate date of damage and to chase both matters.


It was reported that the pavement outside 27a Brill Road is in a very poor state and needs repair.  Clerk to raise with BCC




MG to action




MG to action


Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road:

The lay-by is still not being used by IBS, Cllrs queried whether the planning application for the site required that IBS unload within the site rather than on the road as their use of the road especially in the winter is causing danger to other road users.  Clerk to raise with AVDC Planning.


Suspected breach of planning by Horton Cars, no planning application has been submitted to date.  Clerk to chase AVDC Planning.




Play Area/Playing Field.

The questionnaires completed by people at the last village day have been found and the answers collated so that the new facility can reflect what people want.  Mr Finn advised that in order to obtain S106 monies the project would have to be approved by AVDC and go through them.  AVDC have raised the question of accessibility for less abled people and also that the preference today is for play areas to not be fenced in.        One of the points that came out of the questionnaire was that the public liked the area to be fenced and it was suggested that the area would be fenced off from the field but not the car parking area.   Mr Finn advised that the PC should apply for more money than was necessary to allow for a contingency.  VAT which can be claimed back will have to be paid initially and a discussion was held about how this would be met.  The play ground was inspected last year by AVDC and the report was not good.  It was agreed that the report needed to be found as this would help the PC's project.  Mr Kilpin and Mr Finn to continue with the project.


Mr Hopcroft has complained about the trees on the boundary of the recreation ground with his yard.  He would like the PC to top them at its expense. Cllrs agreed to inspect the trees before making any decision and agreed to have a look at the weekend.



Street Lights;

No new repairs required.




Anti Social Behaviour

Nothing new to report.




Bucks Recycling

Mr Rand advised that the planning on Bucks Recycling's alternative site is progressing at the moment and that AVDC Planning had had difficulties in gaining access to the site on the Worminghall Road needed to progress the reinstatement works.




Royal Oak Public House

Nothing further to report at present and agreed that the item be removed from further agendas.





Some further measurement has taken place but no visible progress has been made.




Signs around the village

There was nothing to report on this.




Scrap yard, Oxford Road

AVDC have visited the site and have found that there is a mobile home on the site.  Agreed that this item should be removed from further Agendas.




Mains Gas in Villages

Mr Finn advised that he has received a reply to his letter from the office of the Speaker in which he was advised that representations had been made to the CEO of British Gas and to the Minister for Climate Change and that he would be written to again once a reply from these people had been received.



MG to action


Devolved Services

Clerk advised that the final decision on the PC's ability to arrange minor highways works was sitting with Anne-Marie Davis and that today nothing had been heard from her.  Clerk to Chase.




Scout Hut Drain

The matter has now been settled and the item can be removed from further agendas.


Little London Green

Clerk advised that the final payment has not been received.  Mr Fennell advised that he had spoken with the party involved and that they had said that they would pay in the new year. Agreed to wait until the new year to see if payment is made.




MG to Action

Jericho Farm

The problem of mud on the road was raised and Cllrs wandered whether the wheel washer was working properly.  Clerk to write to Churchills and ask about the wheel washer




Mr Cherry to Action

SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Clerk passed around the email received from Anne-Marie Davis asking for any new bids for works.  Cllrs expressed concern that no progress had been made despite assurances made earlier in the year by BCC.  Mr Cherry to speak with Anne-Marie Davis



Oakley Football Club New Shed

It was reported that following a site meeting at the site of new hut the fears of the adjacent residents had been allayed and that the hut would not be as big as was feared from the size of the excavations.





Papers to Note




Papers for Circulation:

Planning Bulletins (Several)

Dog bin questionnaire and letter






To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:

(Decision made and to be noted from last meeting)


3 Oxford Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire

Single storey front extension and change roof to dormer with pitch roof

Decision: Permit



61 Worminghall Road, Oakley

Installation of Satellite Dish.

Decision: Permit



31 Manor Road, Oakley

Installation of solar PV Panels on flat roof of garage

Decision: Permit



12 Oxford Road, Oakley

Conversion of garage into living accommodation including replacement of garage door with window and insertion of additional window to side










The following accounts to be approved for payment:





E-On street lighting

M Griffiths Clerks wages

AVDC Dog Hygiene Bins Emptying
















MG to action













MG to Action








MG to action




Any Other Business

Wornal Park Planning Issues, Clerk reported that the Clerk for Worminghall PC had requested that other local councils write to AVDC Planning Department objecting to the Planning Application at Wornal Park for a new building on the site as the traffic already coming out of the site is causing problems on the local roads as it is too large for the local roads.  Clerk to check the date for objections and the matter to be discussed at the next meeting. 


Mr Mole advised that the person who had been collecting the litter on the recreation ground has now moved out of the area and someone new was needed. 


Mr Mole asked that it be minuted that he had been selected by the Parish Council to be its Trustee on the Oakley Relief in Need Charity. 


Mr Mole also asked that the Clerk write to BCC expressing concern about the speed of a BCC gritter lorry going up Brill Hill at 10.15pm on the 4th of December 2011.  The lorry was spraying grit with its lights flashing and doing in excess of 50mph.  Clerk to write


Mr Rand asked that Cllrs make representations to AVDC regarding the consultation documents for both the local and district plan if they had any concerns. 


A member of the public raised concerns about the overgrown state of the hedges outside the former Royal Oak PH and at Mill Road which are restricting the width of the pavement and making it difficult for pedestrians.  Clerk to write to BCC.




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday,        3rd January 2012, at 7.30 p.m., in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 9pm