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August 2016


held on Tuesday 2ND August 2016

Meeting No: 2016/08




Public Session:

There were 7 Parishioners in attendance.  Mr Mole reported that he and the clerk had been sent about ten emails in the last few days asking for items to be put on the Agenda for discussion at this meeting. He reiterated that these should be sent to the Clerk at least one week before the Agenda goes out, which is usually 4/5 days before the meeting.  He did say that this is an agenda-driven Parish Council meeting and not a debating society and there is no ‘Right to Reply’ by non-councillors. However, he did agree that Mr Ashurst could to comment on issues noted in last month’s minutes.


Mr Ashurst, speaking on behalf of the Bowls Club, stated that certain points said at the last meeting were untrue, that parking by members were mainly kept to the Village Hall car park and maybe up to 2 cars parking in Mill Road, and that no resident of this road had issued any kind of complaint about this.  At no time have cars been parked in Fenemore Close or Lynnens View. Mr Ashurst pointed out that the drainage / run off for any new development within the playing field would need careful consideration.

Mr Mole reported that the Parish Council were well aware of their responsibility for the playing field and are looking at the long term view on playing field layout, rather than rushing into a decision. So far the Parish Council had asked that the site for the proposed tennis courts be pegged out before any further discussion and decision can be made on a tennis courts location.

Chairman announced that the Oakley Parish Council Meeting would now take place.


08.01 Present: Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman), Councillors Mr P Kilpin, Mr A Finn and BCC Councillor Mrs A Macpherson. Mrs D Meadows (acting Parish Clerk)
08.02 Apologies: Parish Councillors Mr D Pearce, Mrs M Daly and Mr R Craddock, AVDC Councillor Mr M Rand and the Parish Clerk, Mrs Pointer
08.03 Minutes of Oakley Parish Council’s last meeting held Tuesday 5th July 2016 were received, verified and approved (Proposed for signature by Mr D Cherry and seconded by Mr P Kilpin)
08.04 BCC Highways Department / Transport for Bucks (TfB):

All Oakley Highway defects are shown under separate cover and will be displayed in the Notice Boardand on Website

New defects to be reported: 

• Footpath outside Keith Walkers (5, Oxford Road) sinking, this issue runs alongside the works carried out by Gigaclear earlier this year. Mr Finn said he had already reported this to Highways.
08.05 Play Area/Playing Field:
i) Proposal for Oakley Tennis Court

The Tennis Club have asked that the Parish Council delay any decision on the location at this time to give them more time to gather the information required and to prepare a formal proposal for the Parish Council to discuss further.  Mr Finn said he was away for the next meeting and asked that no decision be made until ALL Councillors had been given the chance to see, and discuss, this before a final agreement was made on the positioning of these courts.

ii) Proposal for Multi Use Games Area 

Discussion took place on a secondary (alternate) project of a Multi Play Area, Mr Finn was advised if he wants to submit another proposal this would be taken into account if the tennis courts project falls through. Mr Mole encouraged a second proposal to ensure that if the Tennis Club fell by the wayside, the Parish Council could still take advantage of the 106 money being offered.

iii) Use of Oakley Football pitch by Long Crendon Football Club.

PPAlistair Banham from Long Crendon FC girls’ team has requested permission to use the playing field pitch. They had used our facilities before, albeit without Parish Council permission. Problems were encountered because of the appalling state the girls/parents had left the village hall toilets (not the football changing rooms facilities), a member of the Parish Council being verbally abused when he challenged the culprits. The unanimous decision was made to refuse their request at this time. Clerk to feedback the decision.

iiii) Acorn Trail (footpath)

DCCouncillor Cherry reported he had been to see the residents garden that was said to flood due to the AcornTrail.  He felt that the only course of action was to cut a channel in the path and put in a Acco drain.  Mr Cherry to speak with both Mr P. Morris and Mr Genever.

JMMr Mole to speak with K Condon re the path lighting works.

v) Tractor shed base removal:

JMChairman has not been able to speak with Mr Mick Daly to see if it can be removed when he is working locally, so to be kept on the Agenda till next month.

vi) Grass Cutting Playing Field and around Village:

PPMr Finn reported he is unable to get the Contractor on the telephone despite leaving many messages.  It was agreed the mowing as it now stands is unacceptable and a review of this situation must be a priority at the end of the season.  It was noted that the Bowls Club has offered to cut the playing field when necessary, and they were currently looking at a suitable mower.  This item to be put on Agenda for next meeting.  Clerk to look at what agreement was initially agreed at the start of this contract and the length of time we are committed to.

vii) Floodlight telegraph pole on playing field:

DCIt was agreed this pole will come down when the new lighting is done for the path and Mr Cherry will organise the contractors to ensure the electrics from the pole are sealed off safely.

08.01 Street Lights:
i) Outstanding defects or defects reported in the last month:


ii) New defects to report? 


08.06 Local Crime:

No local crime to report

08.07 Youth Meeting:

It was agreed that for the summer these would be cancelled as the interest seems to have wavered with the lighter evenings.

08.08 Churchyard extension:

DC/DPMr Cherry advised a working party of volunteers would be at the Church from 9.30 on Saturday 6 August, anyone able to help would be much appreciated, notice to go onto web site also.

08.09 War Memorial:

DCThis work has not yet taken place. Mr Cherry to follow up.

08.10 Door Step Selling:

PPSigns Ordered.

08.11 Report on defibrillator for First Response.

Mrs Daly was not at this meeting to give a report this time.

08.12 Bus services:  

AMcPMrs Macpherson reported that the purchase of a Community Bus had been made, it was a 17 seater with wheelchair access to be launched 1st September, 2016.  It will be called the Bernwood Community Bus and an appeal for volunteers to drive the bus has been made.  A questionnaire will be circulated to all Parishes asking what the needs of the village are so that a schedule can be worked out.  It was noted that rescheduling of local buses is taking place and Mrs Macpherson said she would look into this and report back.

Mr Kilpin reported that Oxfordshire County Council had cut the subsidies on the 115 Oxford bus, which means that bus starts within Oxfordshire now, rather than in Brill, thence to Oakley and onwards to Oxford.

The Parish Council bemoaned the fact that since Oakley is surrounded by the border with Oxfordshire and traditionally attended Oxfordshire market cities/towns (Oxford, Bicester and Thame), there was a natural inclination towards those places. It is a shame that neither Bucks CC or Oxon CC see fit to continue that vital link for Oakley. Only a bus service to Thame is available for Oakley residents (although a 90-minute trip to Aylesbury is subsidised by Bucks CC).

08.01 Neighbourhood Plan:

Mr Kilpin reported that Worminghall had pulled out of the cluster leaving just Shabbington, Ickford and Oakley.  It was agreed that geographically this Cluster will not now work and to complete a Neighbourhood Plan of our own would cost in the region of £10,000. 

08.02 Aylesbury Vale Plan:

JMChairman said he would put together a response to AVDC

08.13 S106 Monies – funds for Oakley Village/School/Sports & Leisure
i) Scouting hut refurbishment

106 funding application has now been submitted, no further updates at this time.

ii) Tennis Court application

This has stalled for now, see minute 8.05 i above

iii) Multi Use Games Area; 

Discussed earlier in the meeting, Mr Finn to put together a proposal, see minute 8.05 ii above.

iiii) Education 106 money to Brill School:  

JMMr Mole said he had heard nothing new concerning this issue but that he would speak with Mr Boyles of Worminghall, who has a similar issue, to see what he plans to do.  

08.14 Kissing Gates/Replacing Styles on footpaths:

Kissing Gates’ replacing styles on footpaths OAK/15/4 and OAK/12/6 in the village.  There was nothing new to report at this meeting.

08.15 Protection of Common Land:

JMDiscussion on parking in layby on Thame Road, it was agreed this needs to move forward asap.  Mr Mole to speak with AVDC re the Knotweed situation.

08.16 Gigaclear:

JMChairman informed the Councillors that he is attending a meeting next week and would report back.

08.17 Jobs that need doing in the Village:

Nothing to report.

08.18 Bench next to Church “looking tired”

PPIt was agreed this be put on the Agenda for a full discussion at next meeting.

08.19 Oakley Parish Council Annual Report

JMMr Mole has agreed to put something together on this and discuss at next meeting.,

08.20 Computer for Oakley Parish Council

RCIt was noted Mr Craddock not at meeting so to be carried forward until next month.

08.21 Caravan in Elmwood Close /dumped car at Honeyburge junction

The caravan was moved on the day after the meeting.

The car was removed during the last month

08.22 Meetings:

No meeting had been attended by councillors.

08.23 Correspondence / Papers to Circulate:

Leaflet on Multi Games Area

Presentation for Vale Plan 

Devolution letter

HEA Public Lighting


VALP presentation 

08.24 Planning:
i) Development Meeting attendance:

It was noted that a meeting for the planning application re the timber yard was arranged by AVDC but Councillors only given a few days’ notice, unfortunately no one was available to attend

ii) Planning matters:

Matters arising concerning planning are under separate cover and will be displayed on the Notice Board and on the Website.

08.25 Accounts:

Annual audit:

The corrections have been made and resent to Mazars.

Monthly Cheques for July 2016: 

Clerks Salary and Expenses £225.00

EON paid by DD 11.07.2016£198.00

William Green (litter picking)£20.00

Aylesbury Mains Ltd (BR3)£56.40

Proposed for payment by Mr Cherry and seconded by Mr P Kilpin


PPThree cheques were held back for Countrywide Services since dates and areas mown are not clear. These will be held until the Clerk has spoken with them to check on invoice details. 

08.26 Any Other Business?

Mr Finn and Mr Cherry offered their apologies for being unable to attend the next Parish Council meeting.

PPMr Kilpin has asked for the survey map of the playing field to the next meeting

DCMr Pete Keating gave details of the bench he would like to purchase in his mother’s memory to be placed near the notice board in Worminghall Road, it was noted that a concrete base will be required with this bench.  Mr Cherry to discuss it further with Mr Keating.

PKHedges:  Brambles are becoming a nuisance from the hedge next to the school, Mr Kilpin offered to do this work.

51 Bicester Road to get a letter re the cutting back of their hedge. (Cut two days after the meeting)

JMA letter of complaint had been received re a bonfire in Ashfield Rise, but it was agreed this was not a matter the Parish Council could get involved with.

PPCommunication had been received from the Chief Executive of BCC asking to attend a Parish Councilmeeting to discuss streamlining local government in Buckinghamshire.  Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer to propose possible dates.

JMA letter was read out to the meeting from Mr Griffiths in Nap House concerning issues with the cutting back of his hedge.  Unfortunately, again this is something the Parish Council cannot comment on as the previous owner had kept the right to cut this back as and when necessary. The chairman to respond.

PPMr Mark Woodford made himself known at the end of the meeting as a contractor that carries out maintenance and devolve services in our area.  His details to be passed onto the Clerk for future use.


Time meeting ended: 09.20pm


Please note these are “Draft Minutes” and at the next meeting on Tuesday 6 September 2016 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole 


Next Oakley Parish Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 6 September 2016 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Draft Minutes Meeting of Oakley Parish Council held on Tuesday 2 August 2016

Parish Clerk: Mrs Pat Pointer, Telephone: 01844 237067