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August 2014



Held on Tuesday 5th August 2014



































































































































































































1.      Open Comments time for Parishioners:

Two parishioners attended the meeting, one of whom gave an update on the problems he has been experiencing with sewerage in his garden.  After contacting Thames Water (TW) he was given a job number, and was advised that in 2011 TW took over the sewer drains, but as yet hasn’t updated their maps.  He advised that he was no longer flooded and was happy. 

The second parishioner asked if anything could be done to upgrade the white ‘Milepost’ on the Bicester Road, but it was agreed this had been looked at before (in April 2009) and it was agreed the sign was too far gone now and would cost far too money to justify any works being done on it.  The parishioner said he would keep his eyes open when visiting recycling plants and if he ever saw one would advise the PC.

The meeting commenced at 7.35 p.m.

2.      Present:  Mr J Mole (Chairman), Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman) and Councillors Mr P Kilpin and Mr A Finn. Mrs Dee Meadows stood in for the Parish Clerk.

3.      Apologies:  Councillors Mr D Pearce, Mrs M Daly and Mr R Craddock. Mrs P Pointer (Clerk). Mr M Rand (AVDC), Mrs MA Macpherson (BCC).

4.      Minutes of the last meeting:  The minutes of the last meeting held on 1st July, 2014 were approved and signed as correct by Mr J Mole and seconded by Mr A Finn.  Mr Mole advised the meeting that it is still illegal to video Parish Council Meetings but a change of law was taking place on the 6th August whereby it will be permitted.

5.      Matters arising:

It was noted that noted that no response has been received from Mr P Foot, BCC Local Highways Technician for 2 months now on an update of works outstanding, some paint markings have appeared at various location. Mr Mole to chase. 

Drop Kerb at Manor Farm entrance:  Nothing new to report, to stay on the Minutes till next month. Letter to be sent to Mr Curtis builders.

New Defect to report:  Trip hazard: Mr Cherry advised he had been approached about a trip hazard. DC to confirm location and PP to report to Bucks CC.

Disabled Parking Bays in College Crescent:  Nothing new to report, it was felt it was unlikely this would now take place.  Remove from agenda.

Street Signs:  Bradley Close:  Mr Kilpin advised he had been to look at the current position with this sign as a parishioner in Worminghall Road had asked for it to be moved.  It was agreed that the resident should take this up direct with the Highway Department as there was nothing the Parish Council could do at this time. PP to inform resident.

Mowing:  No update from Bucks CC has been received although it was noted that following the more recent and regular cuts do look better around the village.  Mr Finn to speak to contractor who currently does the playing field, and ask for a quote, Mr Mole to provide a map showing areas currently being cut under the jurisdiction of BCC to pass onto Mr Finn.  Item to be left on the agenda for further discussion next month.

Graham Churchill Lorries:  It was noted that a parishioner has written to Graham Churchill Limited to complain about dangerous driving of one of their lorries in the village. He will advise when he receives a reply.

Overhanging Hedges:  It was agreed that an individual letter be sent to certain residents in Brookside, asking that they cut back their hedges on the Bicester Road side which are encroaching on the path running along Bicester Road.  JM to inform PP of house numbers.

6.      Playing Area / Playing Field:  Oakley Playing Field Sub Committee:  Mr Cherry advised that no meeting has been held since the last PC meeting as they were still trying to get paperwork sorted.  Mr Ashurst has however requested that a letter be produced by Oakley Parish Council confirming we will supply the 3rdparty funding. This was completed by Mr Mole.

Parking at Village Hall:  Mr Finn received a complaint about the car park overflowing when Oakley United football players are training.  Unfortunately apart from speaking to some of the manager or players there really wasn’t anything the PC could do.  Mr Finn said some vehicles were parking across the pavements along the Oxford Road, which was dangerous. It was agreed that the clerk ask PCSO Sue Jones to attend one evening to see if she could help.

New Bin for Dog Waste:  This had been ordered and received by the Clerk, arrangements to be made when possible to install it at the top end of the Playing field.  Dog fouling signs update to be given at next month’s meeting.

Footpath in Playing Field:  It was noted that the footpath is coming along nicely and should be completed this next week.

7.      Street light defects:  A tree has grown around street light BT10, opposite Ramblers Cottage, and   restricts the light coverage.  It is thought the tree belongs to the Glebe Trust, Mr Cherry to check and follow up, to report back at next meeting.  
Also W9 on Worminghall Road at junction with Elmwood Close keeps flashing, is the sensor wrong on it PP to report

8.      Common Land:

Laybys on Thame Road:  Thame Road ‘IBS’ layby to revert to a grassed area. A plan of action was discussed and it was agreed that quotes would be obtained by AF or JM, from RSH who are currently working on the path in the playing field and by DC from Mr Gollins, working at St Mary’s Church.

Little London Green (LLG) track:  The corrective work is now complete, it was noted that a request has been made by some residents for BCC to adopt this track up LLG, it was felt that this would not be possible. Mr Mole to speak to the residents.

Little London Green: Complaints have been received regarding a resident parking a lorry on the path and common land here, it was agreed Mr Mole would compose a letter on behalf of the PC.

9.      Proposed Diversion of Public Footpath No.9 (part) Oakley:  After a full discussion the PC has no objection to this diversion. PP to confirm decision.

10.  Manor Farm:  White railing repair / brook cleaning:  Letter to be sent to BCC requesting this work to be carried out.  
It was also noted that the trees overhanging the Bicester Road from the moat are overgrown and need urgent attention as it is now severely restricting the view when coming out from Manor Road, Clerk to advise Highways.

11.  Anti-Social Behaviour: It was reported that ladders had been stolen from a house in Worminghall Road; also mowers have gone missing from the allotments.

12.  Clusters:  Mr Mole advised he had received a letter from Mr P Hodgson of BCC too long to read through so would put into circulation for further discussion at next month’s meeting.

13.  Churchyard extension:  Mr Cherry reported he is having a meeting with Mr Gollins on Thursday and would give a full report next month.  Mr Mole advised a quote for £800 had been received from Mr Pearce, although since this was written 6 months ago, this may need revision.

14.  Defibrillator for Oakley Village:  The Chandos is holding a Thai Evening on 14th August and hopes to raise up to £400 for the fund taking it to over £3k.  It was agreed to pay the invoice from Oakley Social Centre for £110.00 from the defibrillator fund.

15.  LAF bid for Youth Theatre Group:  As Angela Macpherson was not at this meeting it was agreed to carry this item forward to next month.

16.  MVAS supplementary equipment:  Mr Cherry agreed to purchase the equipment up to approx. £150.00. DC to action.

17.  War Memorial Cleaning:   Once Mr Rogers has completed the cleaning of the memorial it was agreed to get the names restored, there are grants available for this to be done. PP to look at options.

18.  Affordable Housing:    It was agreed to contact Hastoes and or the Housing Association to clarify the guidelines on being eligible for one of these homes when they become available.

19.  Rights of Way:  An email received from Joanne Taylor, Rights of Way Department, was read and discussed in respect of the Bridleway and footpath blocked by Camo Skips, it was agreed a photo would be taken showing blockage.   Remove from agenda.

20.  Meetings:  3 meetings scheduled over the next couple of months

14 September; Civic Service to be held at Brill All Saints Church 3-.4.30pm JM to attend

25 September; AVDC Housing Association:  Agenda to be circulated.

11 October; Bucks Great War Commemoration Group – Viney House 10.0am JM to attend

21.  Correspondence:

Miscellaneous letters. It was agreed to send letter of congratulations to PCSO Sue Jones on receiving award for Community Officer of the year.

Also to Mathew French, of Brookside, for his silver medal won in the recent Commonwealth Games.

Papers to Note:

Local Government Boundary Commission – Electoral review of Aylesbury Vale – Final Recommendations.

The Aylesbury Town Centre Plan.

Papers for Circulation:

Bulletin 28/29/30 2014

Bernwood Residents Committee:  Planning:14/00641/APP – Oakley

Units 7, 8 and 9 Manor Farm, 1 Manor Road, Oakley, Buckinghamshire HP18 9QD

Conversion and extension of farm building into No. 3 residential units amendment to 09/00244/APP retrospective.

Objection from OPC:  leave on agenda as application will not be passed until it is made clear where plans for onsite parking will be.


14/00519/APP – Worminghall

Land at Worminghall Road, Worminghall, Ickford, HP18 9UN

The use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 3 No. gypsy pitch together with the formation of additional hard standing and 3 No. utility/dayrooms ancillary to that use and Stable block for the stabling of horses.

Objection from OPC – to be left on Minutes for future discussion.


14/01070/APP – Oakley

43 Worminghall Road, Oakley

Single storey rear extension with 3 No. roof lights raising part of roof to create additional living accommodation within roof space and insertion of 3 No. roof lights to rear and front elevation; erection of front porch.

No Objection - OPC

Revisions to 14/01070/APP planning received on 22 May and circulated on 22.05.14

OPC: No objection – slight plan amendments in “Papers to Note”

Hereby permitted


14/01285/AGN – Oakley

Land adj to 53 Brill Road, Oakley, Bucks. HP18 9QN

Erection of agricultural building for storage of hay crop, tractor and other farming implements including fertiliser and livestock food supplements.



14/01291/app – OAKLEY

New Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley HP18 9UR

Erection of steel frame agricultural general purpose building.




61 Worminghall Road, Oakley, Bucks. HP18 9QX

Replacement of existing two oil fired boilers and oil tank by two Air Source Heat pumps at the rear of the extension.  Installation of Solar PV panels on roof of modern extension.



New buildings opposite Oakhall Court/Catsbrain Farm:

A discussion followed on the new buildings being erected at this site, it was reported that the Planning Department are aware of this and will be keeping an eye on it.


Royal Oak

Mr Mole advised the meeting that he had spoken to Mr Rand asking for an update on what’s happening with this site.  


22.  Accounts

The following accounts were approved for payment, proposed Mr Cherry, seconded Mr Finn.

The following accounts to be approved for payment:

EON paid by Direct Debit       £148.92 (paid on 11.07.2014)

Cheques written 5th August 2014

Clerks Salary:                            £471.35 (this includes expenses for Dog Fouling signs/Litter

                                                                    Bin/Dogwaste Bin)

Country Wide Services           £264.00

Alicia Green (Litter)                   £25.00

TOTAL:                                         £909.27


It was agreed that the invoice received from Richard Simms for £480.00 can be paid.

A total amount of £2,726.50 has been banked into the Oakley Parish Council Lloyds Bank Account, this money has been raised for the Defibrillator fund, and any more funds added will be banked and noted in future minutes of the Parish Council Meeting.  An amount of £26.50 still to be banked.



Mr Finn gave his apologies as he is unable to attend the next meeting.


Val Ashurst:  A letter of thanks from the Parish Council to be sent for her sterling work keeping the mound looking so lovely throughout the year.


Oak Tree:  It was agreed to leave the oak tree for another year as it appears to be healthy lower down the bark.


Email had been received requesting held with legal fees with the fight against proposed gypsy site.  This to be placed on the Agenda for discussion next month.


Mr Mole offered his thanks to Mr Cherry for chairing the last two meetings while he was away, and also a thank you to Dee Meadows for taking the minutes at this meeting.







Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday  2nd September 2014 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole