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August 2013





TUESDAY 6th August 2013


1.        Present:          Councillors: Mr J Mole (Chairman - JM) Mr D Cherry (Vice Chairman - DC),

R Craddock (RC), D Pearce (DP), A Finn (AF), P Kilpin (PK), K Brown (KB)

Mrs P Pointer (Parish Clerk - PP)

Mr M Rand (AVDC Councillor)

3         Parishioners


2.        Apologies:      Ms A MacPherson (BCC Councillor)


3.        Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on Tuesday 4th July 2013 were approved and signed.

Discussion took place regarding the printing of the OPC minutes in the Oakley Informer and Bernwode News.  Concerns were raised that since those published minutes are not ratified and signed until the following month’s meeting, they could contain errors.  It was initially decided that minutes should only be published after ratification. And thus printed in the subsequent month.  Later as part of ‘Any Other Business’, this decision was overturned, since it would mean that the minutes from the Parish Council Meeting would actually be printed 2 months late and impact community communications. It was agreed by all Councillors that in future we will ‘Watermark’ the minutes as “DRAFT”  and will continue to print at the first opportunity in both publications, with a disclaimer.


4.        Matters Arising:

.1       Highways Department

a.Traffic Diversion

PP                                           Awaiting reply from letter emailed to Oxford City Council Mrs Pointer is still chasing


b.To note current position

Potholes: A report from Mr Whincup (BCC Highways) – detailing outstanding highways issues has been received and will be added to Circulation list.

PP                                           The Forresters - will report again

Brill Road (opposite Little London Farm) - new


                                                c. Camo Skips

OPC has received no report from Mr M Whincup regarding the situation on parking on bridleway. Mr Cherry commented that we are in the same situation as when Bucks Recycling left, and he feels that clearly BCC Highways have not followed through on what they said they would do.  Mr Brown pointed out that the problem is for Worminghall’s Parish Council to address, Mr Cherry pointed out that Oakley had been involved because of the impact on the roads in Oakley.  It was decided that this subject would now be taken off the OPC agenda, as all agreed that BCC do not appear to take this further.


PP                                           d. Overgrown Hedges

Royal Oak, Worminghall Road, - new address given to re write letter.

51 Bicester Road (Bakery Barn) over hanging Bicester Road path

10 Brookside – New growth on Bicester Road side

DC                                          College Crescent (Mr Cherry to sort)


                                                e. Illegal Selling on Highways land

PP                                           Van for sale at telephone box on Bicester Road – Mrs Pointer to report to BCC Highways


.2         Playing Area and Playing Fields:

a.        Report from Sub Committee for Play Field:

Mr Cherry informed all that the first meeting of the Sub Committee for the playing field had taken place on 11th July. He reported that Mr Frank Ashurst is looking into the costings for bowling green.With regards to the Community Orchard, Mr Cherry spoke to DP and the weed killer has worked. The shed and plum tree have been burnt. The Gardening Club has agreed to sift through the ashes to remove nails, metal etc., DP will then rotovate and then the Orchard can be started.  Mr Cherry informed all that Oakley School had sent a letter to the Orchard Committee requesting that they be involved in the Community Orchard as they feel it would create a link between the school’s pupils and the village community giving the children a sense of pride and ownership of the orchard for years to come.  It was agreed this would be a very good idea.

Mr Cherry said originally the Parish Council had discussed the number of trees for the Orchard, Mr Cherry said that he had since made enquiries and in order to apply for a grant at least 12 trees needed to be planted. All Councillors were in agreement for the Orchard to go ahead.

Mr Cherry asked that “Thanks” be given to Mr Derek Pearce for all his help, he had provided the weed killer and the machine to spray it free of charge, he burnt the shed and plum tree.  Councillors agreed that they are very grateful for Mr Pearce’s help.



b.       Purchase of Goal Posts

Mr Cherry informed all that the goal posts have been ordered and will be delivered at the end of August 2013.  We will be receiving the 106 Funding for this amount £2,600 – as we can claim the VAT back, the actual cost to the village is nothing.

It was noted that the goal posts were bought for use for the children to use in the Playing Field, as well as for Oakley United using them for their matches.  Mr Cherry said we will monitor the use of the Goal Posts.

c.         Football Pitch Drainage

Mr Cherry informed all that this will not happen mostly because of the cost but also because of the time it would take to complete the work, it would not be ready for new football season.  It was decided that this would be taken of the Agenda for meetings.

d.       Removal of Shed/Plum Tree

This subject already covered in Mr Cherry’s report on Playing Field Sub Committee Meeting above (a)            

e.        Himalayan Balsam Weed

Also subject covered in Mr Cherry’s report on Playing Field Sub Committee meeting above (a)


PP                           .3          Street Lights

On Manor Road, at junction with the Turnpike

Bottom of Ashfield Rise


                                .4          Anti-Social Behaviour

                                                None to Report.


                                .5             Status of Devolved Services

a.        Payment for work on invoices to Novermber 2012?

Email received from Mr Whincup of BCC Highways department informed us he is still awaiting news from the Finance Department.


b.       Painting of Panels prevented by long grass

DC                                           Mr Cherry said he would strim the area in question


                                   .6          Chandos Arms – Community Asset Update

JM/KP                                   Mr Kilpin informed all that he is awaiting drawings to complete the form. He voiced his concerns that in applying for Community Asset, this would actually encourage Punch Taverns to sell, when the village is not in a position to buy. It was decided that before we go any further Mr Kilpin will speak with the man from CAMRA and report back at next meeting. JM to supply details to PK.


                                    .7         Jericho Farm

Mr Rand confirmed he had spoken with Mr Nicholson regarding Stand One dismantling as per requirement.  Mr Nicholson confirmed that on his last visit to Jericho Farm, Stand One had indeed been dismantled.


                                    .8         Grass Cutting:

Mr A Finn met with Tracy Ketteridge from Limestone Landscapes, and defined the areas for grass cutting.

Grass Cutting in Village by BCC:

The Parish Council had had complaints about the standard of grass-cutting this year. It was agreed that the grass cutting around the village by the Contractors for BCC was appalling. Mr Finn informed all that he rang BCC and they have a message on the telephone informing people ringing if they are from the “North Bucks” area, they are dealing with the many telephone calls of complaints received regarding the grass cutting, and they are trying to sort the problem out.


                                     .9     Common Land

PP                                           Layby opposite IBS – 4 wooden blocks – Mrs Pointer to send letter

JM                                          Dead/dying trees on Little London Green – JM to mark out


JM/PP                     .5        SID/Traffic Calming Measures

                   Mr Mole and Mrs Pointer to order from SWARCO


                                .6        Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

                                           This will be left on the Agenda for later date.


                                .7       Around Oakley:

                                                Jubilee tree – This tree has been checked and is not dead and hopefully will revive in 2014..

                                         Christmas tree by bus shelter – This has also been checked and it is not dying.

Access across Common Land – 21 Little London Green – Mr Mole received letter from solicitors of prospective purchasers of the property asking about access. Mr Mole replied that they need permission from the Parish Council to give access across the land, however this would not give them right of way. This is standard fot Common Land in Oakley.


                               .8      Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

        a. AF meeting with Limestone Landscapes (see 4.8)



 b.   Up and coming meetings:

       None to report.


                                .9             Correspondence:

a.        Papers to note:

                                                Local Government Boundary Commission

                                                Public Consultation on Private Bill Relating to Filming on the Highway

b.       Papers for Circulation:

                                                The Bulletin 27 to 30/2013

                                                Trinity Health News

                                                News for Parishes

                                                Email from Matt Whincup BCC Highways.




Ref:13/01940/ATP – Oakley

4 The Forge Close, Oakley, Buckinghamshire HP18 9QE

Pollarding one Horse Chestnut tree to 20ft or felling.


Ref: 13/01970/APP – The Royal Oak, Worminghall Road, Oakley HP18 9QY

Demolition of existing public house and erection of five residential dwellings with new associated access, parking and amenity.

2 letters of objection received and copied with circulation.

With regards to The Royal Oak it was decided that a meeting will take place between the Parish Councillors on Thursday 15th August 2013 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall after all Councillors have read all the information regarding the application for new houses on this site.



Ref: 13/01179/APP

Jericho Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley

Single storey extension to existing shop




Ref: 13/01442/APP

1 Oxford Road, Oakley, HP18 9RD

Change of use from retail (LPGs) (Sui Generis) to residential dwelling (Use Class C3) (Part Retrospective)

Subsequent to application that was valid on 7 June 2013 and in pursuance of there powers under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 AVDC as Local Planning Authority HEREBY PERMIT




                                11.           ACCOUNTS:

                                                Morris Contractors                  £     954.00 (paid on 12th July 2013)

                                                Eon street lighting(dd)                             £     148.66

                                                Mrs P Pointer                                          £     185.00

                                                Subscription for CPALC                        £       30.00

                                                Limestone Landscapes                            £     576.00

                                                HMRC                                                    £     200.00

                                                Alicia Green                                            £       20.00


                                                TOTAL                                                  £     2,113.61


                                                Accounts proposed for payment by Mr Cherry

                                                Seconded by Mr Brown


                                                Progress on change of name and address:

JM                                          Form returned by Lloyds Bank plc saying the secondary signatory was incorrect – Mr  Mole to visit Lloyds Bank in Thame.


Parish Clerk Salary and HMRC

                                                Mrs Pointer and Mr Mole explained to all that although Mrs Pointer is self employed, Parish Clerks must be paid by Parish Council through PAYE as an employee. As a result of this misunderstanding and in getting previous HMRC details, we had missed the deadline for sending the Tax Return.  Unfortunately this has meant a penalty payment of £200 to HMRC, apologies were given and accepted.


Contract with Accountants to cover Clerk Salary

Mr Mole has signed a contract with Mr Richard McVeigh and in future the Clerks wages will be completed through PAYE.  Mr McVeigh has very kindly offered his services free of charge.





12.                           Any Other Business


Mr Derek Pearce and Mr Andy Finn offered apologies as they will not be able to attend next Parish Council Meeting.


Mr K Brown informed all he had spent a week doing a traffic survey through the village between the hours of either 8am to3pm or 9am to 4pm, the following was noted:

Articulated lorries                                                      120

Camo Skips                                                               15

Churchill lorries                                                        35

Bucks Recycling                                                       22

Others – Delivery vans / HGVs                                52

Total for week                                                           249


This was seen as very interesting to the Councillors, and it was agreed that Mrs Pointer will use the information in regards to the diversion signs in the village.


Mr Cherry informed the meeting that the appeal for 49 Worminghall Road planning permission had failed.


PP                              Mr Mole informed the meeting that the Footpath (OAK/31/2) from Little London Green to The Nap has a defective bridge near to Little London Green, which needs replacing.  – Mrs Pointer to report to Rights of Way


JM                             Mr Mole informed the meeting that he was aware of the 100th anniversary of the Great War commemoration whereby Victoria Cross recipients’ birthplaces would receive a memorial  paving slab. He wished to ensure that Oakley receives one for Edward Brooks V.C. born here in 1882, rather than a neighbouring town.


                                   Mr Rand asked all councillors to please read the “Boundary Commission” in the papers to note, as it could result in Mr Rand not having Oakley as one of his area’s to look after.


                                   Mrs Pointer raised the subject of Rectory Farm, as she had received a telephone call from a Parishioner asking if we as a Parish were aware of the problems Rectory Farm are having with OCC.  Apparently they have been informed that they have to close the children’s play area and down size table seating to 3 picnic tables.  Mrs Pointer said it would be such a shame to lose the facilities at Rectory Farm as it is widely used by people in the surrounding areas.  Mrs Pointer informed all that she had added to “Papers for Circulation” contact details if any of the Councillors wished to send their comments to OCC regarding the situation.



Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 3rd September 2013


Meeting closed at 9.19pm