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August 2011


Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

Present:  Mr. R Fennell, Mr. P Kilpin, Mr. J Mole, Mr. D Cherry, Mr. A Finn, Mr R Craddock

 Plus 1 parishioner

Apologies:  Mr. D Pearce, County Councillor Michael Edmonds

Parking around the village

Mr. Roland Fagun from Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust attended the meeting. Discussion took place on the number of parking spaces needed and it was decided to look at the area in College Crescent after the meeting.

Highways Department


This matter is ongoing.  BCC have stated that the repair programme will be reinstated now that they have caught up with the damage caused by the sever winter.  Clerk to liaise with Highways

Other items to note (not highways)

The kerbsetts are still loose on Manor Road.  Clerk to contact Highways.

A new milestone can be purchased for £2000.  In this financial climate it is unlikely that it will be replaced.

Protection of Common Land

Lay-bys on the Thame Road

A suspected breach of planning control has been raised concerning Horton Cars. Clerk to follow up.

The loading/unloading of vehicles by IBS is still a concern.  Parish Council is monitoring the situation.  A request has been made to planning control to ascertain the rule for the use of Lorries loading and unloading at the premises.  Clerk to send letter to IBS advising them that the lay-by is for parking only and not storage of goods / materials. 

Play Area / Playing Field

This project is nearing the stages when the bid can be submitted for grant application.

Anti Social Behaviour

Nothing reported to the Parish Council this month although TVP advised that two incidents had been reported to the police: a theft reported on 25 July and also a fire at Fennemore Farm reported, believed to be arson. The Parish Council requested that the sign for the Police Operation now be removed.

Bucks Recycling

BCC have confirmed that the site operator has been served notice under the Highways Act to remove the illegal vehicular access.  Clerk to liaise with Worminghall Parish Clerk

Royal Oak Public House

Unless further new objections can be found the Planning Committee will permit the change of use to residential.

Signs around the village

It appears that signs are being taken down promptly after the events.

Scrap Yard, Oxford Road

This matter is ongoing. 

Mains Gas in Villages

There have been 170 responses to this questionnaire within the area of Oakley, Brill and Piddington.  Brill Parish clerk has informed Mr Andy Finn that British Gas have stated that this is enough to take this matter to the next stage.

Devolved Services

The draft document was discussed and the Councillors would like to see more jobs added to the list of authorised work i.e. minor kerbside work, resetting kerbsetts. Clerk to respond to BCC

Little London Green

No further problems have occurred and the residents have now been billed for the work undertaken.

Jericho Farm

Nothing further to report this month.

SID/Traffic Calming Measures

BCC have confirmed that they are revising castings for the pedestrian refuge crossing but already due to lack of staff this has been put back until October at the earliest.

The councillors agreed to the sitings for the extra 30 mph signs. Clerk to inform Highways, Dave Smith.

Planning Applications

To note the following applications received:

(Decision made and to be noted from last meeting)


Royal Oak PH 2 Worminghall Road Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QW

Change of use from mixed public house (Class A4) and residential (Class C3) to use as single dwelling house (Class C3)



2 Fennemore Close Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9QW

Single storey extensions with bay window and hardstanding

Decision:  No Objection

To note decisions made by AVDC on the following:


Holiday Let 1 Nap Farm Barn The Nap Oakley HP18 9PW

Conversion and extension of holiday let unit and double garage into private dwelling

Decision: Permit

Any Other Business

Scout Hut

The Scout hut needs to be reconnected to the sewer.  Clerk to investigate the agreement with the residents of 6 Worminghall Road as the pipe reconnection is in this garden.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday,

6th September 2011 in the Village Hall.


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