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April 2015




Tuesday 7th April 2015 @ 7.30pm


Open question time for Parishioners:

There were seven attendees present at the meeting. The Oakley Scout Group asked for permission to rebuild the Scout Hut. They informed the Council that at present they have no formal plans and were just enquiring as to how the Parish Council feel about this project. Mr Mole replied that we will add the subject to the agenda for the June meeting.  The Scout Group enquired if the 106 funds would be able to help towards the new building.  Mr Finn explained that usually the 106 fund is granted for recreational needs, and that although he thought it was unlikely the 106 committee would agree to funds for the Scout Group Hut, there may be a possibility of obtaining some funds for the recreational needs within the new hut.  Mr Finn suggested that the WREN funding would probably be a better option.  The clerk will pass details of 106 finding and Wren funding to Sara Collier.  Mr Mole said he could see no reason why it would not be agreed that the plans could go ahead. 

A member of the Scout Group brought up the problem they are finding they encounter with Oakley Football Club.  He pointed out that as the Football Club now have two football pitches. This can cause problems for the Scout Club, as when they use the pitch outside the Scout Hut for training or for a match there are problems with the ball hitting the hut and if they have the door open in the Scout Hut balls have been known to come inside the hut.  He pointed out that this is a Health and Safety problem as if the ball was to hit one of the children, it could cause injury.  The Scout Group made it clear they wish to work with Oakley Football Club on this matter. Mr Cherry pointed out that although the Oakley Football Club have two pitches they only have ONE permanent pitch, he continued by saying that Oakley Football Club do not have sole rights to the second pitch.  Mr Finn suggested that on the nights the Scout Club is being used then, Oakley Football Club should be asked not to play on the second pitch.  It was decided that Mr Andrew  Durndell be contacted to review the use of the second pitch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, when there are Scout meetings.

A Parishioner from St Mary’s Lodge, Bicester Road, informed the Parish Council that he has submitted plans to AVDC for the building of a new extension to the house.  The parishioner informed the Parish Council that the plans for the extension will be in keeping with the original house.  Clerk informed that we have not received plans from AVDC on this matter as yet.  He also asked when the hedge row will be planted in the new part of the grave yard.  Mr Mole informed him that the planting of the hedge row’s will not go ahead until November 2015 as if we planted now the hedges would require much watering daily.

Presentation given by Robin Band National Sales Manager of Gigaclear re Fast Broadband for villages.

Mr Mole welcomed the three people who attended from Gigaclear.  Mr Band informed all that Gigaclear is a privately funded company that provide “Pure Fibre” (unlike BT who provide Fibre Optic with enhanced copper wire). He informed all that “Pure Fibre” networks would be from the box directly to each house.  He informed all that Gigaclear works with local villages that have difficulty receiving Fibre Optic and that their Speeds are up to 1000Mb for down-loading and also 1000Mb for up-loading.  He informed all that at this present time Gigaclear are the dominant provider of all the current rural providers (other than BT for Fibre Optic).  Mr Mole asked if it was correct that some people “share” fibre optic lines.  Mr Band agreed that this does sometimes happen at a 25-1 (contention) sharing, although BT rates are much higher.  He went on to say that the speed is evened out and each person would still receive the same fast speed.  Prices start from £37 per month, but he pointed out that there is no other payment for instance a telephone line rental would not be charged separately.  He went on to say that in Oakley they would need 142 people to sign up for Gigaclear and at present they have 25% of this number.  He also informed that although work around the village on pavements and roads would have to be undertaken to install to people’s houses and one box fitted in the village.  He assured all that when the work was finished all would be put back to how it was before.  If they had to enter any “private roads” they would of course seek permission through the proper channels.  Mr Band asked for the support of the villagers for the Gigaclear Fibre Optic.  Mr Mole suggested that a full page advert, stating in detail what the company needs from the village and how Gigaclear Fibre Optic works, would he thought help their cause.  Mr Band agreed, and the clerk was asked to inform Anne Lisa from Gigaclear of the details of the Oakley Informer.  Mr Band also pointed out that there was a meeting on Wednesday 8th April 2015 at Magnolia Golf Club, and all were welcome to attend if they wished to find out more. Mr Mole thanked Mr Band for attending the Parish Council Meeting and Mr Band thanked the Parish Councillors for their time.


Parish Council Meeting started at 8.04pm


1.       Present:

Chairman: Mr J Mole, Vice Chairman: Mr D Cherry, Mr D Pearce, Mr R Craddock, Mr A Finn, Clerk to Oakley Parish Council and Ms A Macpherson (BCC Councillor).


2.       Apologies:

Mr P Kilpin

Mrs M Daly

Mr M Rand (AVDC)


3.       Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 3rd March 2015 were agreed and signed.  Proposed by Mr D Pearce and Seconded by Mr D Cherry


4.       Matters arising:

i)           BCC Highways Department: Roads

Clerk has been contacted by Mr P Foot, and will email asking him to contact Mr Mole at his earliest convenience to agree a date for a meeting.

a)       Reported road defects:

The Turnpike –Clerk has reported white line area on Bicester Road that has potholes

 Pot hole at “Foresters” is crumbling again – Reported – 7th February 2015

Two new Potholes outside 19 and 21 Manor Road – Clerk has reported

Jericho Hill (Oxford Road) one large pothole at top of hill on entering the villageClerk reported

b)       Reported pavement defects:

                                Pavement Brill Road/Maple Court still outstanding – reported Aug 2012 - This will be placed into a future works programme.

                                Pavement either side of 27 Worminghall Road is in need of repair – reported Jun 2014 -Low priority as small area only. This will be placed into a future works programme.

                                Pavement on Manor Road opposite Manor Farm –crumbling – reported Oct 2014 Inspected requires reconstruction – no CAT 1 Defects An order will be raised and placed into a future works programme.

                                Pavement collapsed on Oxford Road, past Village Hall on left, as you leave the village – reported Dec 2014. This will be inspected and actioned as necessary.

c)        Reported drain defects:

                                Drains Brill Road reported Mar 2013 – request for jetting - still outstanding - Reactive order has been raised. Due to high demand on resource we have secured extra resource to catch up on outstanding orders, programme to be confirmed.

                                Manor Road drain cover – reported Oct 2014. John Mole to speak with Stuart Campbell

                                Drain cover outside church – report on progress.

d)       Other defects

                                White lining and cat’s eyes at The Foresters reported May 2014- In discussion with supervisor re: need for road closure.

                                Clerk has reported to BCC that a tree (next to BT10 – opposite Rambler Cottage) needs cutting. This was reported Aug 2014. Awaiting the relevant officer that deals with tree requests.

e)         Mrs Keating Memorial seat

DC                           Mr Cherry informed all that he was going to speak with Mr Peter Keating and ask would the family accept the proposed memorial seat be installed by the Parish Council Notice Board by the garage, rather than outside the house.

Mr Mole said that the seat outside the school (a memorial to Mrs Beatrice Gladdy) needed some repair, he has contacted Mr Martin Kinch, the grandson of Mrs Gladdy, who said he would review.

f)           Any new defects to report?

PP                           Pavement in College Crescent opposite no 50 needs attention, clerk to report.

PP                           Kerb sets are loose by the Garage in Oakley, clerk to report.

PP                           There is a major pothole on Oxford Road outside the Village Hall, clerk to report.


ii)          Bucks County Council (BCC) devolution / clustering

Mr Mole asked all Councillors for their opinion on joining the First Tranche of BCC devolution scheme.  All Councillors agreed, that because of the contract that has been received and the fact that BCC have advised all Parish Councillors to take legal advice before signing the contract,  at this point in time Oakley Parish Council are dubious to go further.  Mrs A Macpherson, confirmed that she had received numerous emails regarding Parishes unsure whether to go ahead.  She also reported that at present there is conflicting advice being given from BCC regarding this matter.  She informed all that there was a meeting in place for Thursday 9th April 2015 for the Parishes, which have decided to join.

It was decided by all Councillors present not to join BCC’s Devolution Plan for this year and it would be more beneficial at present to stay as we are and watch how other Parishes cope with being in it.  This was proposed by Mr D Pearce and seconded by Mr D Cherry, and agreed by all Councillors. The clerk has informed Donna Boardman of the decision.


5.       Play Area/Playing Field:

i)           Playing Field Survey

MC                      Mrs Daly has signed up for course to be held this month which is for helping adults who work the Youth of the village. Once completed she will organise a meeting with youngsters in the village.

MR                      Mr Cherry is still waiting for AVDC Councillor for Mr Rand information regarding the Multi Use Games Area.  Mr Mole had received an email from Mr Peter Hopcroft who was concerned of where a Multi-Use Games Area would be placed in the Playing Field. Mr Mole said the Parish Council has not committed to the venture and no discussions had taken place as any positioning of such an area.

                            Mr Mole said he had received an email from Mrs Aileen Carlisle giving details of company supplying an outside gym area, this has been circulated.

ii)         Acorn Trail (footpath)

The clerk informed confirmed that Mr Richard Haynes will complete the path to the Worminghall Road on 14th April.

DC                       Mr Cherry advised that he is still awaiting quotes for lighting of path, but that the electrician had informed him it is fine for the path to be finished as it will not interfere with the lighting works.

iii)        Dog Waste Bins

                            Information will be sent by clerk to update AVDC that we have an extra dog waste bin in operation.

PP                        Clerk to order new Waste Bin for positioning at bottom of Brill Road, no post needed but Clerk to see if   they will provide 90ml jubilee clips.

iv)        Bowling Green

JM                       All were informed that it is thought that the bowling green now have the layout for the build of the new outdoor green on playing field.  Mr Mole informed all that he will be attending the next Bowling Club meeting which is to be held on 20th April 2015

v)         Grass Cutting in March

PP                        Countrywide Maintenance has been employed to do all Grass Cutting as they did last year at an increase from £220 to £227 per cut.  Clerk to chase for start date

vi)        Survey of Playing Field

DC                       Mr Cherry had received the completed Playing Field Survey.  He will send a copy to The Clerk by email to keep in our Parish records.


6.       Street Lights defects:

i)           Enquiry underway for quotations for following new lamps:

AM                      Clerk has resent enquiry – still waiting reply, originally sent on March 2014. Clerk has still not received contact from the companies she requested quotes from. Mrs Macpherson offered to help by contacting the company to see if she can have a quote sent to The Clerk.

·           Bicester Road, Churchfield House, between: Bicester Road 7 (BT7) – The Nap turn and Bicester Road 8 (BT8) – Church entrance – Bicester side.  There is an electricity pole in the right place.

·           Middle of Ashfield Rise – no electricity nearby

·           17 Brill Road – no electricity pole nearby

ii)         Any new defects to report?



7.       Common Land:

i)           Layby opposite “IBS Site”, Thame Road

JM                       Update on “Japanese Knotweed”, it was reported by Mr Finn that it seems like the knotweed has been killed, after being sprayed by Mr P Harris, it was agreed that when Mr Mole meets with the Highways Department of BCC then he will ask for their approval on this matter.


8.         Up and coming Parish Councillor elections May 2015

PP           Mr Mole reminded all that the General & Parish Councils Elections will take place on 7th May, with this in mind and because the Parish Council is now in “Purdah” that next month’s meeting will be a small meeting to sign necessary cheques and to deal with any emergency.  It was also agreed the Annual Parish Meeting (APM) will take place at the Oakley Parish Council June 2015 meeting. Clerk to organise. [This has now changed and will APM will take place before the May meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on 2nd June]


9.         Anti-Social Behaviour

Mr Mole reported that an email reported noise nuisance in Brill Road. Mr Mole informed all that he had contacted the resident and informed them that this does not come under Parish Council jurisdiction and that the nuisance should be reported to AVDC Environmental Department. He also added that it would be a good idea for the resident to keep a log on dates and times of the nuisances.


10.      Churchyard Extension:

DC                 DC reported that much work has taken place in the churchyard with a working party of volunteers over the last four weeks. He expressed thanks to Mrs Sally Finn for providing bacon rolls. Mr Cherry to put a notice in Oakley Informer thanking all who turned up to help.

PP                  Clerk to get one more quote for new hedgerow.


11.      Defibrillator for Oakley Village:

AF                 Clerk has not had a reply from Mr Tracey re training so Mr Finn is going to speak to Mr Tim Allen and report back at next meeting.


12.      War Memorial

PP                 The Clerk will contact Nick Rogers and ask if he can recommend someone to re paint the names on the memorial.


13.   Parking in College Crescent

AM              Regarding parking – Mr Cherry reported that nothing has changed with regards to BCC and this matter; problem seems to be money shortage.  It was agreed by all Councillors that this problem is growing.  Discussion took place regarding a few years ago when Hastoe’s and BCC were involved in discussions to rectify this problem with Hastoe’s offering funds to pay for the work to be done.  It was said that Hastoe’s would do the gardens and BCC would drop the kerbs but nothing came of it.  Mrs Macpherson offered to follow this up and Councillors agreed they would be happy for her to do so.


14.   Wild Boar in Bernwood Forest

Report on latest information – nothing to report [remove from future agenda]


15.   Local Footpath & Countryside Group

JM                Mr Mole had received a letter from William Piers re the state of one of the footpaths in the village.  Councillors are unsure who owns the land and decided it would be best if Mr Mole asked Mr Piers to contact the BCC Footpath Department regarding this matter.


16.    Habitation at ‘Scrapyard’

Reported to AVDC – Mr Rand had reported to Mr Mole that on investigation of the habitation of the scrapyard, the scrapyard employ a night-watchman, who stays on the premises all night.  This had been checked and verified that the night watchman had a permanent home address.  [Remove from future agenda]


17.     Wickstead Repair to Children’s Playground Charges

PP                 Clerk to pass details to Mr Finn


18.   Parking on Pavements in Oxford Road

Reply from Sue Jones Thames Valley Police said she would investigate problem reported on Sunday 11th February as she was on duty.  – To date we have not received any further information.


19.   Quotations for CCTV Camera’s at Village Hall:

PP                Still waiting on quote.


20.   Oak-fest - Parking

Mr Mole had reported he had visited Oakley School – they are happy with the path and lighting that is going ahead.  Also the car parking for the Oak-fest is now sorted with permission given from Mr Peter Hopcroft. [Remove from future agenda]


21.     Annual Parish Meeting

This meeting will now take place on Tuesday 6th May before the ‘shortened’ monthly meeting. [Amended minute – original minutes reported 2nd June]



22.     Meetings:

Reports from meetings attended by Parish Councillors since last PC meeting

Safety Awareness overview – Not attended

Tranche 1 Parishes Workshop – Not attended

Local Area Forum – Mr Mole informed all that there was nothing to report from this meeting


Future Meetings:

JM                 Oakley Bowling Club meeting – 20th April - JM to attend


23.   Correspondence:

i)                     Papers to Note:

Parish Devolution updates numbers 10, 11 editions

AVDC Order for change in Public Footpath

English Heritage at risk Grade II -

ii)                   Papers for Circulation:

News for Parishes

Open Space Magazine

Clerks and Councils Direct Magazine

iii)                  Emails sent to Councillors:

NALC information of Councillors Travel Allowances and Local Government Ombudsman Consultation

Legal briefing issued by NALC on the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity

Heritage at Risk

Potential Traveller Site in Waterperry with Thomley

VE day celebrations

Devolution Contract advice from Carol Burslem

Press release on Village Halls & Licensing Fees consultation

New Legal Briefing: L01-15 - Freedom of Information Datasets - Attached


24.   Planning:

Clerk has received email from Jill Knowles at AVDC Planning with instructions on how to register for Consultee Access (so that we can make consultee comments on line and view an in-tray that displays all the planning applications in your parish. Email received from Jeff Membery Planning Review Implementation Manager.  He suggests we add a “standard line” at the end of our submissions which says “The Parish Council wish to speak at committee” alongside ticking the box.

14/02880/AOP – OAKLEY

Land rear of 25 Oxford Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9RD

Outline planning application with access, layout and scale to be considered and all other matters reserved for the erection of five dwellings with associated parking and amenity space provision.

OPC supported the outline planning permission. – OPC wish to present if this goes to committee. Pending consideration

14/03216/APP – OAKLEY

Jericho Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley Buckinghamshire HP18 9RG

Variation on conditions 3 of planning permission 09/01672/APP relating to extension of two year period from July 2014 for construction of earth bunds.

OPC objected to re-commencement of construction of earth bunds – OPC wish to present if this goes to committee. Pending consideration

14/03640/APP – Oakley

Poplar Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley HP18 9RQ

Conversion of existing barn to residential dwelling and conversion of outbuilding into utility room and carport.

OPC decision to be determined – Pending consideration

15/00499/APP – Oakley

19 Oxford Road, Oakley Bucks HP189RD

Single storey extension to form a Conservatory

OPC no object – pending consideration from AVDC

15/00418/APP – Oakley

22 Worminghall Road, Oakley Bucks HP189QY

Demolition of an existing pre-fabricated garage. Erection of two detached dwellings and detached garages and store. (Amendment to Planning Application 13/03429/APP - Change from pitch roof to flat roof with skylight to rear single storey part of house - Plot 1)

OPC no objection – pending Consideration from AVDC


25.   Accounts:

Eon:                                                                                                                            £139.00 (paid 11.03.2015 by DD)

Clerk’s salary and expenses                                                                                   £225.00 (Mrs Pointer)

Aylesbury Mains Ltd                                                                                                  £53.40

William Green                                                                                                             £10.00

AVDC Dog Waste Service                                                                                        £416.37 (paid 10.03.2015 by DD)

TOTAL:                                                                                                                       £843.77


Credit Note received from Countrywide Maintenance                                   £528.00

This is for error made in Invoicing the Parish Council for two Invoices when contract first started and we had to call them back to Re do the cutting.


Accounts agreed to be paid Proposed by Mr D Pearce and seconded by Mr R Craddock


26.   Any Other Business:

PP                    Aylesbury Vale District Council is undertaking a Heritage at Risk Survey of all secular Grade II listed buildings on behalf of English Heritage. Volunteers will be carrying out the survey in our area over the   following months.  Clerk has put a poster and letter regarding this to pass to residents of Oakley and she will put it into the OPC Notice Board.

                         Mr Mole informed all that we had received information regarding Village Celebrations for VE Day, but as this was only received beginning of April there will not be any celebrations organised in time.

                         It was agreed not to enter “The Best Kept Village” competition.

                         It was decided to add to the Agenda for June 2015 Potential Traveller Site in Waterperry with Thomley


                            Mrs Macpherson reported she has received emails from residents not happy as they cannot get the new Broadband.  It has been noted that AVDC could have possibly given money towards faster broadband.  It was decided to ask Mr Rand at the next meeting.


Meeting closed at 21:15


Please note these are “Drafted Minutes” at the next meeting on Tuesday 5th May 2015 minutes will be ratified and agreed by Councillors and signed by Chairman Mr J Mole


The Annual Parish Meeting will take place at 7:00 pm on Tuesday 5th May followed by a shortened Parish Council meeting. The shortened meeting is due to the date as it is 2 days before Parish Council Elections and the Parish Council is “PURDAH”. The shortened meeting will only deal with Cheque Signing and any emergency problems.


The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will occur at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 2nd June.