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April 2013




held on

Tuesday 2nd April 2013







Present:  Councillors J Mole (Chairman), D Cherry (Vice Chairman),

P Kilpin, R Craddock, D Pearce, A Finn, K Brown,  Pat Pointer (Parish Clerk)

4 parishioners attended

Ms Angela Macpherson (prospective BCC Councillor)

Mr M Rand - AVDC Councillor











Minutes of the Last Meeting:

The minutes of the last meeting which was held on Tuesday 5th March 2013 were approved and signed.








Matters Arising:
































































































































Highways Department

Traffic Diversion:

Awaiting reply from letter emailed to Oxford County Council

Millennium Bridge:

No reply to email sent to new Highways Officer. Workmen at the bridge said that the reason for repairs was that it had been noticed the wood underneath the bridge was rotten, so we presume from this that is why the repairs were carried out urgently.

Mr Mole commented that perhaps the timing of the repairs could have been better organised to take place during the school Easter holiday break, as it was dangerous for the children walking to school without being able to use the Millennium Bridge footpath.


Email had been received from Mr Kipp. This was read out at the meeting and reported that Mr Kipp is waiting to meet with Highways department the next time we have flooding in Hillview. Unfortunately flooding of late has taken place at weekends so MR Kipp has been unable to achieve a meeting with Highways Department.  Mr Kipp will keep Parish Council up dated when meeting has taken place.


To note current position


It was noted that potholes needing repair in the village were constantly being updated by the highways.

Mr Pearce reported the state of B4041 Bicester Road, leaving the village towards Manor Farm.

Discussions took place regarding repair of potholes and how some are repaired urgently and some are not repaired so quickly.

Angela MacPherson informed all that there are two types of grading’s for potholes and it depends on depth and width of the hole as to whether the pothole is given a Grade 1 or Grade 2 listing.  Grade 1 being seen as most urgent repairs needed.

Councillors are aware that the Highways Dept do try to keep on top of repairs but with the increase of Industrial Development in the area, which has increased the amount of lorries that use our roads daily, thus weakening the surface of the roads, it is inevitable that we will always need on going repairs to potholes.



Playing Area and Playing Fields:

Play Area:

Mr Finn informed all that the meeting took place on 7th March 2013 with regards to new Play Area. We are now waiting a confirmed start date for installation.  Mr Finn reported that he had had a telephone call this week from Grounds Men Contractors wanting to start preparation work.  This will start mid April.  It was noted that health and safety will be dealt with by the Grounds Men Contractors for this work.

Mrs Pointer to put notice up at Play Area and in Notice Board to inform people that Play Area will close Mid April and will re open at End of May.


Fence around Children’s play area needs to be removed before the Ground work starts.

It was agreed that Mr Mole, Mr Pearce and Mr Cherry will complete this work.


Grass Cutting Quotes:

It was decided that grass cutting for the playing field and village will take place every two weeks.

Mrs Pointer waiting for Oakley Football Club to confirm if they wish to have the contract for the playing field.  If they decide not to, then contract will be offered to one of the other tenders for both the village and playing field areas.


Sub Committee for Playing Field:

Mr Cherry informed all that as he has now had a response from persons invited to join the committee, he will go ahead and arrange the first meeting.

Mrs Pointer to contact Mr Trevor Lloyd to invite him to join the committee as she has not had a response from the Scoutmaster.

Mrs Pointer will also email Orchard Committee with date for meeting, when Mr Cherry has informed her of the date


Repair of works to Bridge and Style at Mill Road end of Playing Field:

Mr Finn reported that these works had now been completed.


Goal Post Grants:

It was agreed that Mr Cherry will look into goal posts and grants.

Mrs Pointer to send email she has on Goal Posts Grants to Mr Cherry.


Quotations for Sand and Work for Football Pitch Drainage:

Mrs Pointer passed on two quotations she had received from MR A Durndell regarding this work to Mr Cherry.


Plum Tree in Playing Field:

Mr Cherry has look at the Plum tree and in his opinion the tree should be removed as it is unsafe.

Mr Cherry to speak with family who reported that the tree needed cutting back, and if they are in agreement with Mr Cherry then he will arrange for the tree to be removed.







Street Lights

Light opposite Mrs B Neal on  48Worminghall Road – not yet repaired

Mrs Pointer to inform Aylesbury Mains Ltd again.










Anti-Social Behaviour

None to report














St Mary’s  Grave Yard Extension

Mr Cherry to speak with Vicarage as Mr Pearce informed him that they are to let the land be grazed.  If this is so we would not need to erect the fence.  Mr Cherry said at this stage in the year the hedge would now be best left to the Autumn, so as not to disturb bird nesting.


Church Railings & Gates

Railings Opposite the Church and Gates into the Village.

Mrs Pointer awaiting additional quote for gates at entry to village from Long Crendon and Bicester.





Signs around the village

Oakley Afternoon Club Quiz Posters are now to be taken down.










Devolved Services

No update to report.








Jericho Farm

Awaiting a reply from letter sent regarding date for the 3 year contact ends.

Mr Rand to look into matter.










SID/Traffic Calming Measures

Mrs Pointer reported she had been approached by Ms S Bartlett from County Hall for Bank Account Details for monies to be given for MVAS.

Mr Mole to get together with Mrs Pointer to prepare letters to be distributed to Parishioners who live near to were the VAS machines will be sited.





Memorial to the late Chairman of the Council – Cllr Roy Fennell

This will be left on the Agenda for a later date.










Feedback from meetings attended by Parish Councillors

Mr Mole and Mr Cherry attended the LAF Meeting.

Mr Mole raised the matter of Wheatley Park and Lord William catchment areas and a situation where some Oakley schoolchildren are to go to Wheatley park and others to Lord Williams.


It was noted that we are not actually on the membership for LAF.  This to be rectified.

Mr Cherry stated his disappointment in the way the meeting was chaired and that in his opinion Haddenham had “outgrown” LAF – it seemed to have become a Haddenham and Long Crendon centred LAF meeting.  It would appear Oakley had not been approached to put in claim for use of funds, because of the membership confusion by the LAF.


Mr Rand informed all that after the meeting the Chairperson had asked him to ask “Oakley Parish Councillors” if they would wish to put forward any schemes.

Angela MacPherson also pointed out to all present that anyone can contribute a voice at the LAF meetings and also there is no rule or reason that the priority schemes are set in stone.











Papers to note:

Changes to the scheme of officer delegated powers related to Planning Applications.

Supporting Communities in neighbourhood planning 2013-15


Papers for Circulation:

Wheatley Park School News Letter

Bulletin 10/11/12/13

LCR Magazine

Neighbourhood Return – helps find lost people

Thames Valley Police Promoting Community Policing Awards Form

















·         Planning:

·         13/00709/APP OAKLEY

7 Brookside, Oakley Bucks, HP18 9PN

Demolition of existing garage and porch.  Erection of single front and side extensions.

·         PERMIT


Erection of three dwellings (amendment to 10/01898/APP)

Land to rear of 25 Oxford Road, Oakley, HP18 9RD

Approved drawing Nos: 1469/04a – 1469/05b










E-On street lighting (dd)

Mrs P Pointer

Aylesbury Mains Ltd







£ 77.39





























































Any Other Business:


Chandos Arms:

Again we are losing the Landlord and LandLady of the Chandos Arms.  Although there will be another manager installed, the Parish Council expressed their concern that in time to come we could lose the pub and it was agreed that this would not be beneficial for the village.

Mr Kilpin informed all that he had made some enquiries as to what we could do as a Parish Council and had found that we can apply as the Parish Council to register the Chandos Arms as a “Community Asset”, this would mean that if Punch Taverns did wish to sell then they would have to give Parish Council 6 months notice to decide if we wished to buy the pub as a village concern and then a further 6 months to put in a bid.  Mr Kilpin to follow this up.

Mr Mole has in the meantime requested a meeting with Punch Tavern.


AVDC Solicitor:

/It was reported that a letter has been received from AVDC Solicitors asking for help with a case they are defending.  Mr Rand informed all that this case was to do with a Private Cab Firm not complying with Regulations set out in 1989.  Mrs Pointer has spoken to the Parish Clerk who was employed in 1989 and unfortunately we have no further information we can add to the information that the Solicitors already have.  Mrs Pointer to write a letter informing them of this.


“Drop in at Doctors Surgery Brill”

Mr Mole brought to the attention of the meeting the leaflet that is being distributed at the Surgery at Brill, informing all that the Drop in Clinic is to close from 29th April 2013 due to the results of a recent survey.

A discussion took place with regards to the fact that the Parish Council feel that the closure of the Drop in Clinic will be a great loss to the community and as the Oakley Parish Council, we feel we should be asking questions to the Surgery regarding the recent survey and the decision to close the drop in clinic.  It was decided that the Parish Council would like the opportunity for discussions with the Practice Manager of Brill Surgery and it was decided a letter should be sent urgently asking for the date of the closure to be put off until the after the next Oakley Parish Council Meeting  on May 7th 2013 at which the Practice Manager would be invited to attend for further discussions.

Mrs Pointer to also liaise with Ludgershall Parish Council Clerk to ask the general feeling of this news to the people of Ludgershall.  Brill Parish Council also to be contacted for their thoughts.

A flier will be circulated to bring the matter to the attention of all parishioners.


Mr Caddock informed that he had been approached by a Parishioner to ask if where the recent repair work for flooding had taken place would it be possible for the area to be grass seeded as it has been left muddy and unsightly.

Mr Mole offered to grass seed this area.


Mr Finn reported that manhole in Village Hall Car Park has collapsed.  He informed all that Mr P Morris is looking into the manhole.


It was reported that again cars are parking on grass verge and pavements on Worminghall Road.  Report to Community Police.


Footpath outside Mr David Durndell’s property in Manor Road is uneven and dangerous.  Also uneven footpath on pavement just before village hall, also pavements in Ashfield Rise are in a bad state.  Mrs Pointer to report to Highways


Next meeting on 7th May 2013 will incorporate the Annual General Meeting.

Mrs Pointer to invite local committees to AGM.


Annual General Meeting will start at 7pm on Tuesday 7th May 2014 –

Parish Council Meeting will take place after the AGM.

Meeting ended at 08:57pm