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APM 2014






held on

Tuesday 6th  May 2014


Present:   John Mole (Chairman), David Cherry (Vice Chairman),

                Andrew Finn, Paul Kilpin, Derek Pearce, Rob Craddock

                Plus:  8 Parishioners


Minutes:  Parish Clerk – Mrs P Pointer








Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.



Chairman’s Report

Mr Mole thanked all present for their continued hard work for the Parish Council over the last year.

Special thanks went to Parish Clerk, also gave thanks for advice and support from Councillor Michael Rand and thanked Ms Angela Macpherson for all her assistance.

Mr Mole also reported the sad loss of Mr Ken Brown Parish Councillor who passed away in January, due to this loss there are at present only 6 Parish Councillors residing, we hope to add to this in the very near future.  He went on to inform all that a due to Ken’s death a Charity Fund to raise a Defibrillator for the village had been set up.

Mr Mole’s report also reported that there had been no increase in the Precept for 2014/2015.

Mr Mole reported that at the monthly Parish Council meetings on 1st Tuesday of every month the amount of minuted items reached 465 for the year – this was an increase of 20% of previous year.

Mr Mole reported that Oakley’s roads and pavements remain a complete challenge.  He reminded all that Potholes should be a depth of at least 2” deep before they are reported.

MVAS machine was applied for in July 2012 and finally installed in February 2014.

Mr Mole gave thanks to Mr Cherry for running the Playing Field Sub-committee.

Churchyard extension will be completed in the coming year.

A name for the new footpath in the Playing Field will be chosen by the School

Mr Mole also informed all that on 27 April 2017 a Memorial Paving stone will be presented to the Village to commemorate Mr Edward Brooks who received the Victoria Cross for his undoubted bravery in WW1.



County Councillor’s Report

Report read out by Mrs Angela Macpherson – report to be passed to Clerk.



District Councillor’s Report

Report read out by Mr Michael Rand – Report to be passed to Clerk



Parish Council Accounts

The unaudited accounts for 2013/2014 were circulated for general discussion at the meeting.





Charity Accounts


Oakley Relief in Need Charity

Copy of report from Mr Mole to be given to Clerk



Reports from Local Organisations



Police Report:

Sue Jones

Sue Jones thanked all for the support given from Oakley Village to the local police and informed all that there had been 30 reported incidents in the last year in Oakley, of these 10 were welfare issues.  Highest crime is Vehicle crime (which is sometimes due to people leaving their car doors unlocked).  There has been no Anti-Social Behaviour in reported in Oakley.  Parking on pavements has been an issue and also theft from sheds.  We now have 3 PCSO’s and 2 P O Officers at Waddesdon.  The new Inspector Mr James Davis has been given permission to recruit another officer.

Mr Michael Rand pointed out that is a shame that Police do not get representation at the LAF meetings.  Sue said there should be representation but since Emma has gone it has slipped a little.  Sue said she will chase it for the forthcoming meetings.



Oakley Football Clubs

Mr Andrew Durndell

No report given



Oakley Social Centre

Report by Andrew Finn

Good year, bookings up, and making enough for day to day running cots.  Larger issues needed money raised from events.

At the recent AGM it was realised that it was running at a loss – from bookings of hall.

Main expenditure – Heating renewal, New Boiler etc., hopefully to be sorted 2nd week of August.



Oakley Events Committee

Report by Andrew Finn

The events committee is the fundraising arm of the village hall committee.

Race Night last year had been a very good evening and raised money.

Village Day was a good day – weather was great.

Cricket Match was called off this year, due to lack of team members.

Xmas Tree lighting and best dressed house was a success.

There is an Events Race Night to be held on 17th May 2014

October/November time have had requests for Theatre in the Villages.




Oakley Short Mat Bowls Club

Report by: Mr L Kipp

Another successful year with increased numbers attending membership has risen to 25.  They had progressed in competitions and had won one and lost one.  He said they have an internal competition running at present.   Plans for the future included a new artificial bowling green in the playing field, if this was accepted by the Parish Council.  Mr Ashurst is looking into grants, they would hope to have it running by spring next year.  It was decided that a survey/questionnaire should be circulated to the village to seek how many are in favour of the outside bowling green.  It was agreed that this would take place under the guise of the Parish Council Playing Field Sub-committee.



Oakley Combined School:

Report given by Julie Sulston – Headteacher:

The head teacher was pleased to report that there have been many changes taking place at the school.  Firstly with the New Head (Mrs Sulston) and Acting Deputy Miss Colucci.  There are at present 83 children enrolled.  The key areas for improvement in the coming year are:

To strengthen links with St Mary’s Church, Oakley

Improvements to IT

12 New values to be taught (one for each month)

Refurb of staff room and 3 classrooms

Double Decker Bus to be refurbed into a library.



Scout Group

Mr D Turner reported:

There are at present 10 Beavers, and we have 1 space in Scout Group with the size of the Scout Hut they are restricted to numbers.

It was explained that there is a desperate need for leaders to join.

Mr Turner is going to attend a Bushcraft Course which will enable him to take Scouts out overnight.

Scouts camped at Water Eaton this year and it was a very successful event.

Hoping this year to attend at Upington.

Mr Turner thanked the Parish Council for coming to speak with the Scouts and he also reported that the Bus Shelter will be painted by the Scouts.



Oakley Parochial Church Council

Chair:  Mr David Cherry

This year, the church has continued to be an important part of life in Oakley and  provides a  regular Sunday programme of worship for our congregation.



Oakley Pre-School

No Report



Oakley Garden Club:

Mr E Deeprose reported:

It has been a very successful year for Gardening Club with the completion of the Orchard, tomorrow will be the final clear up.  Mr Deeprose said he would like to thank the School for all their help.  Members are around 54 some attending from surrounding villages.



Oakley Allotment Society

Report by Treasurer John Creese

Unfortunately this year there has been a downturn in members, from 25 to 22 the cost of allotment is £10 per plot, and unfortunately this will have to be increased.



Oakley Players

Report by Mrs Ann Staff:

At present has 50 members, we had a bad start last year had to forgo the Pantomime, but did put on a very successful “Review”.

Oakley now has a Youth Drama Group for 10-18 year olds and this has been going since November 2013.  This is a small group lead by 18 year old and supervised by two adults, they are encouraged to write and perform own material and will perform their piece at the OPAGM in June.  Oakley Players are very pleased and excited as this is a huge step forward to provide something for this age group.

Next years Pantomime is already sorted and dates have been set.



Oakley Traffic Action Group

Report by David Phillips

Oakley Traffic Action Group have a plan for the next year to move the MVAS every couple of weeks, but stated that no team should have to move it more than every couple of months.  Report analysis on how many cars and what speeds they travel through the village will be put in Oakley Informer.  Mr Mole requested that the Parish Council have a more detailed report.


Oakley Informer:

Report given by Temporary Editor Mr Frank Ashurst.

This is the 20th year of the Oakley Informer and we are taking the Informer forward to a full colour gloss magazine.  There will be big changes in how the Informer is run this year, first we will be out sourcing printing, it will be restricted to 32 pages because of the cost and we are looking for a “small management team” to run the Informer, consisting of perhaps a few editors, so more support is received and help to run the magazine. 

It is vital that we have volunteers urgently to take this on.


Women’s Institute

Have had a good year, with lots of projects, talks and outings.





Any Other Business

Ann Staff asked with regards to WW1 commemoration – Are there any Oakley Clubs interested in taking part with other village organisations to have a possible shared lunch?  Ann would appreciate Clubs getting in touch with her.







               The Meeting closed at 8.41 pm.