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APM 2011






held on

Tuesday 3rd  May 2011


Present:   Roy Fennell (Chairman), John Mole (Vice Chairman), David Cherry,

                Andrew Finn, Paul Kilpin, Derek Pearce Graham Hopcroft

                District Councillor Michael Rand

                 Plus:  9 Parishioners


Minutes:  Marilyn Kingsnorth



Apologies were noted from:

No apologies received



Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting, 4th  May, 2010, were noted and   approved as an accurate record of the proceedings and signed by the Chairman.



Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.



Chairman’s Report

Parish Council Chairman, Mr Roy Fennell, welcomed everyone to the meeting and extended his thanks to his fellow members of the Parish Council and Parish Clerk, noting particularly the work done by Councillor John Mole in keeping the Bicester bus going and Councillor Andy Finn for his work on creating the Oakley website.  Thanks also went to District Councillor Michael Rand for all the help and support he had given over the past year and to PCSO Susan Jones for her continued support and attendance in the village and council meetings.  The Chairman then stated that he was sorry to loose Councillor Graham Hopcroft.

The Chairman reported that finally, after 10 years, Oakley has a 30mph speed limit on the Brill Road and the 40mph extension on the Bicester Road.

The use of the Vehicle Activated Signs is still ongoing and following the completion of a trial in the county this matter may move forward.

The biggest disappointment is the pedestrian refuge crossing.  15 years ago when this was raised the quote was £7,500.  Now the latest quotation received was £52,000 which is beyond the parish council's budget.  OPC has requested a breakdown of costings and also the whereabouts of the £5,600 grant awarded to Oakley from the 2010 Local Area Forum budget to be spent on lighting.

Money from the affordable housing (£2,000 per house) will be used in part for the upgrading the play area along with grants available from various sources. The parish council are also looking at ways to drain the football pitch.

The lorries will return to Jericho Farm as soon as the licence is granted and they have a 3 year period to get this completed.  It was requested that the lorries don't come through the village at school times but this was not accepted as a viable option.  Equally it was requested that perhaps a small donation from each load be put towards the maintenance of the roads and pathways within the village.  This again was not considered.

OPC are in negotiation with BCC for devolved services.  This will enable the parish council to authorise and complete small works around the village and BCC will fund the works from a small budget allocated to Oakley.

The de-licencing of the Royal Oak is ongoing.  OPC have fought hard to keep this public house and are still awaiting the final verdict.



County Councillor’s Report

No report received.



District Councillor’s Report

This last year has been a challenging but the District Council managed to balance the books.

A new Local Development Plan was introduced which takes in the need for natural growth which is more suitable.

AVDC are debt free therefore rates for the area have remained the same based on a Band D property at £1470 per year.  They have absorbed the extra costs with no loss of services.

The new Waterside Theatre is now open and seems to be a success.


The Chairman of OPC thanked District Councillor Michael Rand for the work he had done particularly in support of keeping the Royal Oak.

Councillor David Cherry commented that all the development seemed to be in Aylesbury to the detriment of the rural areas.  District Councillor Michael Rand responded that he, along with other councillors, are working hard to get funding for rural areas, however it is hard to justify but money is there for strong cases



Parish Council Accounts

The unaudited accounts for 2010/2011 were circulated for general discussion at the meeting.



Charity Accounts


Oakley Relief in Need Charity

Councillor Mole, trustee of the Charity, reported that the annual accounts he had to report are from the 2010 accounts which are in the process of being audited. As a result only rounded figures will be included

The liquid assets of the Charity stand at £81,000, with an income of £15,000. Income comes from rental of Charity lands (£10,000) and rent received from T Mobile for the mast they have erected on land owned by the Trust (£5,000).


Breakdown of monies spent in 2010

£2,660 for Christmas monetary gift to 38 Oakley applicants

£2,100 for further education grants (£200 given for books to each of 5 undergraduate and £100 for 11 for subsequent years)

£1,800 for Hospital, Doctor and Health Centre Transport

£1,500 for Aid Call telephones (around 18 telephones)

£780 for Christmas parcels delivered to pensioners in Oakley

£330 for Oakley Informer (2 months worth of finance)

£300 for Long Crendon Day Centre

£270 for Oakley Social Centre


At this point Mr Mole publicly thanked Mrs Win Cherry for organising the hospital transportation, also the volunteers


Poor Piece Charity

Mr. Mole, the Chairman of the Charity, reported that the Charity receives around £480 per year from rental of Charity Land. This is wholly distributed to 20 ‘needy’ widows and widowers in Oakley Parish at Christmas.


Harts Charity

Mr. Mole, the Chairman of the Charity, reported that this Charity was primarily for “Apprentice Boys”, with a balance of £51 in the account. It has no income and has not distributed any moneys over the last ten years. This Charity is going to be wound up after advice from the Charity Commission.



Reports from Local Organisations



Friends of Oakley School

Chairperson:  Anne Milne

It has been a busy year for the Committee with a number of activities taking place to raise money for the school.  Events that were held included a Family Bingo evening, a Festive Fun and a Quiz which was well attended by people from the village.  We hope to put on a Family BBQ in the summer and also have a stall at the Village Day.  All the events this school year have been well supported and the ;money raised will provide a shaded area so that the children can eat their lunch outside on hot sunny days.  It will also provide protection for them during playtime and for events such as Sports Day.  Money was also spent on coaches to the Aylesbury pantomime, new books for the library and play equipment.  Friends of Oakley School would like to thank all those who have continued to support the events which enable us to enhance the school environment for the children.



Oakley Football Clubs

Mr Roy Fennell

Oakley Football Club has had a good year.  The problem with the pitch being waterlogged is being addressed.  This year is the 50th  Anniversary of the club being one of the oldest clubs in the village.



Oakley Social Centre

Report by Andrew Finn

It was feared that with Pre School moving to the school the village hall would suffer however this is not the case, bookings are up on last year.  The premises have been granted a full alcohol licence with the whole committee as licencees.  The committee have applied for a grant to fit an alarm in the disabled toilet.  The next big job for the coming year is to replace the hot water system.



Oakley Events Committee

Report by Andrew Finn

The events committee is the fundraising arm of the village hall committee.  This past year they have cut back on events to allow other committee and clubs in the village to arrange fundraising days for their relevant club.  Village Day is an event to support the village in a way where all the village committees can showcase their clubs.  Theatre in Villages was well supported and the committee are trying to arrange a date for the coming year.  The royal wedding street party surpassed all other events organised by the events committee.



Oakley Short Mat Bowls Club

Chairman:  Rod Chappell

Another successful year with increased numbers attending both Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon sessions.

Finances are healthy.  We have been able to make a contribution to the royal wedding party celebrations.

Our new mat, which we purchased a year ago continues to present big problems in rolling up, despite efforts to make a suitable mechanism intended to reduce the lifting requirements.  The weight of each mat when rolled up is probably 80kg, which is excessive for young people let alone for we of a somewhat more delicate physique (male and female).  We will inevitably need to consider the purchase of a purpose-built trolley, but at over £750 it will require consideration for funding.

Our annual evening challenging Brill Bowls Club recently was enjoyable, but true to past performance, we lost: the trophy remains at Brill.  The annual internal “End of Year Tournament” was very successful.

We have occasionally required to layout three mats when numbers have approached or exceeded 20 members.  It is quite tight but as our sessions are of a friendly mature, we manage somehow.  Our philosophy is to treat the evening/afternoon as a bit of light entertainment and winning is not the sole objective.  Our programme is for Friday afternoons all year round and Wednesday evenings during the winter and spring.  We can still accept more member and all abilities are welcome.



Oakley School

Chair of Govenors:  Susan Anderson-Lewis 

Oakley School commenced this academic year with a positive annual School Improvement Partner (SIP) Report.  The school is built on its reputation for outstanding curriculum as it implements a creative topic based scheme of work.  The first term was focused on the painting titled 'Tobias and the Angel'.  We have split our class 1 and 2 children into 3 groups to provide more focussed teaching for key subjects.  Recently, our Year 5/6 representatives did themselves proud in the Young enterprise business forum and the Wheatley Partnership Lit Quiz.

The school continues its eco pledge by signing up to an Eco Carbon Contest and developing a Sustainability Policy.  After smart meters were installed, we now monitor our usage on the computer screed in the library.  We also participate in Climate Week/Earth Hour mufti day, continue to collect a myriad of recyclable materials and have participated in a waste audit.

Staffing changes included Mrs Bannon returning from maternity leave and Miss Montgomery, acting deputy, leaving at the end of last academic year.  Mrs Tate continues to teach modern foreign languages; Mrs Joyner covers PE and Mrs Turner has taken on music instruction.

Our travel plan annual report was submitted and received a bronze level award.  The school has maintained its commitment to sustainable travel initiatives including the Walk to School Weeks and Going for Gold with our JRSO's monitoring participation.  We continue with our regular free bike maintenance sessions and Footsteps training.  We hope to further our commitment to mutual village road safety issues by meeting between the school and Oakley Traffic Group representatives.  Our local PCSO, sue Jones visits the school regularly and cheerfully supports our junior road safety.

The school continues to celebrate Harvest, Christmas, Easter and the leavers service at St Marys with Rev Kaboleh leading assemblies at school.  Christingle, Nativity and KS2 performances are also held at the school.  Throughout the year, the children continue to participate in charity fundraising such as Children in Need; and our own version of Oakley's Got Tallent was an enthusiastic success.  The annual love in a box to help those less fortunate continues and of course, the children deliver parcels at Christmas time to pensioners around the village with the special help of some kindly village Santas.

We are pleased to have Oakley Pre School on site and to participate in some of these activities as well.  The pre school children also participate in class room activities with the 'older children' to prepare them for school.  The Rt Hon John Bercow, invited year 6 pupils for an International Development Christmas Party.

Although we are concerned about the recent budgetary cuts by the government, which will necessitate some serious belt tightening for next fiscal year, we have enhanced the school library with a computerised library system and some new books thanks to the FOS.  The FOS has also purchased new picnic benches for children to enjoy their lunches al fresco.  One length of the school fence has been replaced with a smart new one.  As repairs to the pool liner have been undertaken, we are anxiously awaiting the prospect of warmer weather and the opening of our swimming pool.

The school continues with a myriad of activities, clubs councils and trips to enhance the children's educational experience.  Range from visits to museums, music festivals, pantomime, our partner school, networked learning and sporting events including playing tag rugby at a Wasps game!  Mrs Ellis continues with her wildlife club and has improved the school garden with raised beds.  Drama and Out of School Club are offered after school along with numerous lunchtime clubs.  The school has recently launched a breakfast club after trialling the same earlier in the year.  We have just held our annual maypole dancing,

And Finally, I would like to thank Jo Garlick, headteacher and all her staff as will as the Friends of Oakley School for their continuing support and hard work.



Scout Group

Report by Nina Kilpin, Beaver Leader

The past year has been mixed for 1st Oakley Scout Group:

Membership was good in the summer term of 2010 with Cubs and Beavers meeting together each week.

However at the end of the Summer Term our one Leader stood down and we were unable to immediately find a replacement.  The Group was therefore suspended during the Autumn Term and a recruitment drive put into operation over Christmas.

The fortunately led to three volunteers coming forward and we are pleased to welcome David and Daniela Turner and Matthew Allee, who have undergone the necessary initial training and screening required for adult leaders in Scouting.  Some improvements to the Scout Hut have been identified by the Scout Association at County level but is hoped that we can start running meetings again soon.

Throughout all this year, the Executive Committee have been very supportive and determined not to let Scouting in Oakley die.  They organised fund raising by once again running the barbeque at Village day last July so that the Group is in a sound position to move forward in future.



Parochial Church Council

Chair:  Mr David Cherry

This year, the church has continued to be an important part of life in Oakley and  provides a  regular Sunday programme of worship for our congregation with the vicar now formally inducted. 

This year the church council applied for planning permission to include a kitchen and toilet facility in the church.  This is proving difficult with the Deanery and authorities.  Fundraising continues, this year a concert was well attended and also the quiz night.  The Church Council has lost one member and possibly two.  We are now looking for new blood to join us on the council to help keep this very important part of the community thriving. Thanks to our volunteers, including cleaners, flower-arrangers and grass-mowers, we have one of the best-kept churchyards in the area and thanks should go to all involved in the running and maintenance of our church, both inside and out.



Oakley Pre-School

Report from Mrs Viv Webb (Joint Supervisor):

Pre-School started this academic year with 20 children on roll attending a total of 65 sessions.

Four children moved up to school in January, but the last term saw a steady intake of new children and we now find ourselves almost bursting at the seams with children.  Current numbers are 27 on roll attending 88 sessions per week.  We are registered to take a maximum of 20 per day including no more than six under threes.

This good fortune must be tempered by the fact that we will lose at least 10 children to school at the end of this term, and only two or three names on the list for starting in September at the moment.  However, that should still leave us with a workable number of children bringing in enough funds to stay just financially viable.

One major change this year is that there will no longer be a second intake of children into school after Christmas.  Whilst this will offer us some extra stability of numbers throughout the year, we do have some reservations about the younger children entering full time school so soon after their fourth birthday.

There have not been any staff changes this year and staff remain committed to a rolling programme of training.  A First Aid course is booked for all staff in September.  The supervisors, Angie Giles and Viv Webb recently underwent checks by Ofsted to update their records.  With our personal and health details up to date and new CRB disclosures issued we both had to have interviews with an inspection to assess our suitability to continue having  day to day responsibility for managing the setting.  I am pleased to say this was confirmed for us both in March.

The staff strive to keep an interesting and challenging programme of learning for the children.  They may be learning through play but we still have to plan to ensure that all six areas of learning and development detailed in the EYFS are covered and that we cater for the different ways of learning and rates of development the children may have.  Themes over the the last year  have included, the four seasons, Chinese new year, Africa and The British Isles.

We liaise with Oakley School on several occasions during the week – for example paired reading with class 3, visits to class one for a story together, using the school library and taking part in events such as sports day and drama workshops.

One major milestone for Pre-School this year has been Angie celebrating 20 years of working there.  The occasion was marked by a special mention in school assembly and the presentation of a card and flowers and garden vouchers – she was quite overwhelmed by all the attention – especially as we had managed to keep the whole thing secret.  A well deserved Thank You after everything she has put into Pre-School over those 20 years.



Oakley Garden Club

It has been a very successful year for Gardening Club with funds growing steadily due to the plant sales.  Monthly meetings are attended by 45-55 members to listen to the guest speakers, which, this year, included the BBC garden speaker Christine Walton.



Oakley Allotment Society

Report by Treasurer John Creese

Oakley Allotment Society is doing well and in a healthy position.  Rent was increased to £10 per annum which includes all the services.  John Creese thanked John Mole on behalf of the Society for the charities constant level of assistance.  There have been more plots taken this year but there are still a few remaining.



Oakley Players

Report by Kelvin Turner

The Pantomime this year was such a great success we had to stop selling tickets.  Frank has already started on the one for next year.  It was decided to resurrect the Revue this year which again was well received and it is the intention to put on another one in the coming year.  The Players have never been a formal organisation and have decided to have an Open Meeting on 8th June to discuss any new ideas, new structure and to welcome any person wishing to join the group.  The Oakley Players would like to thank the Village Events Committee,  the Football Club, Pre-School and the Scouts for their help and support throughout the year.



Oakley Traffic Action Group

Report by David Phillips

Oakley Traffic Action Group are delighted to see the new speed limits in place.  However, the news of the Churchill lorries returning to Jericho Farm was not well received.

Once the trial at Ford has been completed OTAG will once again be looking into the feasibility of the moveable VAS for Oakley.

It was a disappointment that the pedestrian refuge crossing project has been halted due to cost.  OTAG will be monitoring the LAF funding and the outcome of the grant given to Oakley towards this project.

OTAG continue to support Oakley School Footsteps project.



Oakley Travel Club

Report by Vicki Edwards
This club was set up several years ago with around 76 members, to run trips from Oakley and surrounding villages. In April 2010 we had a wonderful 3-day trip ' A Taste of the Dales' followed by a 'Turkey and Tinsel' trip to the Isle of Wight in November. Sadly a planned trip to the Keukenhof Gardens and Flower Parade had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers.
In November this year we have a planned trip to Thursford for their 'Christmas Spectacular and Fantasy Land', however we must reach a target of 40 people as the tickets had to be purchased.
Over the past couple of years several trips had to be cancelled due to lack of sufficient numbers to make them viable. We have experienced many memorable trips over the years ranging from Scotland, Italy, Ireland and Spain to name just a few. It is our club but we need more members in order for it to survive.



Any Other Business



There was no other business


                           The Meeting closed at 8.10 pm.