Oakley Traffic Action Group

Media Report 17.06.10


Key issues from the Oakley Traffic Group Meeting - 16.06.10




It was noted that the Parish Council have still not responded, to OTAG’s enquiry, as to why they did not attend the last LAF meeting, at which the opportunity to secure funding of  £8,250 was lost.


The Committee acknowledged that the U.K.’s financial climate and anticipated cuts in County Council spends, could have an adverse affect on securing funding for the Vehicle Activated Signs.

The Comm. also noted Bucks. C.C.’s reaffirmation that  moveable VAS signs would not be permitted in Bucks until the conclusion of the trials at Ford which will be ongoing for two years from last April ( 2010 ).

 Reference was made to the way that driver’s obey the 30 m.p.h. speed limit through Long Crendon and  it is felt that this has evolved through persistent policing .To that end a speeding blitz was proposed and agreed, co-ordinating our local PC - Dean Kingham, the SID unit manned by OTAG and the services of the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership.


Concerns were raised with regard to vehicles speeding into Oakley on the Oxford Road  and around the bend  towards Manor Road,  with cars parking in the vicinity of the Old Forge narrowing the carriageway and restricting visibility into  the village. It was agreed that Dean would be asked whether or not the speed camera could be used in that area.





The Comm. was undecided as to whether the revised scheme for the Bicester Road would eliminate the need for Vehicle Activated Signs. The scheme is only at the costing stage and OTAG will re-address this situation, if the scheme goes ahead.





Copies of estimates  were presented from S.O.D.C. and Bucks C.C., contrasting considerable differences in the costs for supplying and maintaining  fixed Vehicle Activated signs over a thirty year period. The S.O.D.C. scheme is considerably cheaper but a fixed VAS via Bucks C.C. could be achieved for @ £4,000 excluding ongoing running and maintenance costs which would have to be funded separately, on an ongoing basis.






The Comm noted that an RTA had occurred recently on the Bicester Road necessitating closure of the road at one stage.


The meeting closed , with the date of the next meeting to be agreed.



David Bourton.. 17.06.10



Media Report. 29.04.10


 Key issues from the Oakley Traffic Action Group meeting - April 27th 2010.


OTAG members attended the Local Authority Forum meeting on March 24th in Long Crendon.

Bids for funding are ranked by points and three villages, Oakley, Long Crendon and Ickford had achieved the necessary project points to be eligible for funding. Ickford withdrew their bid.

A vote was required to determine whether the money should go to Oakley or Long Crendon.

Votes could only be cast by parish councillors or County Councillors attending the meeting. Michael Rand the local County Councillor cast a vote for Oakley, but Long Crendon won by two votes to one as there was not an Oakley Parish Councillor at the meeting to cast a balancing vote.

A good opportunity to secure funding was lost. OTAG’s understanding from comments made at Parish Council meetings was that all LAF meetings would be attended by a Parish Councillor. OTAG have written to the P.C. for a comment but as at April 29th, a reply as not been received.


A meeting has taken place between OTAG and Transport for Buckinghamshire and the following locations were surveyed and deemed acceptable for the siting of moveable Vehicle Activated Signs.


Worminghall Road ( approaching from Worminghall ) to be sited 100 yards inside the gates.

Worminghall Road ( approaching from the village centre ) to be sited opposite the playing field entrance.

One at the Turnpike, visible when approaching from Bicester but sited on the offside pavement.

One on the Thame/Bicester Road opposite the Brill Road , facing traffic coming from the Thame direction.


The Committee also felt that consideration shoould be given to siting Vehicle Activated Signs on the Brill Road and Oxford Rd.


In connection with the school, a barrier was suggested as a safety measure across the school exit but any signs produced by the school would need to be displayed at above head height on separate poles and not on the trees. The school was advised of possible funding sources.

OTAG supports the idea of a  20 mph limit outside of the school and possible flashing signs.

The next meeting is arranged for 8.00pm on Tuesday June 15th.




Media Report - OTAG Meeting - February 2010.


The Group discussed the merits of being properly constituted and appointed David Phillips as Chairman and David Bourton as Secretary.


It was agreed that OTAG would forward its Terms of Reference and other required details to Oakley P.C. in order to meet the requirements of the Parish Council’s insurers. Insurance cover is necessary when OTAG members are operating the Speed Indicator Device  ( SID ) on the roadside.


OTAG will attend the Bucks Funding Fair in March and shortly meet with Bucks Community Action Group, to seek funding  for traffic calming.


The date of the next meeting is to be confirmed.


D.Bourton 26.02.10.

Vehicle activated signs are a proven traffic calming measure.  Buckinghamshire County Council is considering recommending moveable signs around the county, the first trial is to be carried out by Ford village this year.


A review carried out by Reading University on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council on the effectiveness of moveable signs showed that they are an effective method of reducing traffic speed.


The Oakley Road Traffic Group considers these signs to be the most cost effective method of reducing speed in the village after considering the options available to us.


Initially one sign would be purchased with three poles sited at various points in the village and the sign would be moved  between the poles at various times. If successful a further sign and poles would be purchased.


The benefit of moveable signs is that drivers would not get use to them being at the same location.


In addition to these, a mixture of speed indicator devices, police community support officer operated community speedwatch and police enforcement by laser speed gun whilst not likely to be 100% successful, is the most cost effective option for Oakley village.


David Phillips - Oakley Traffic Action Group.


 Media  Report  - OTAG -  January 2010.



At the Local Authority Funding meeting , in December, attended by OTAG,  funding of  £5,600 was allocated to Oakley for the Refuge Island project.

OTAG are to seek assurances that the product of the raised precept  and any under spend will  now be ring fenced for traffic calming measures.

In the meantime the PC are arranging insurance coverage for OTAG members operating the SID device.

OTAG members have had discussions  which could lead to some collaboration with the Ford Village Society who are trialing  ( in conjunction with Bucks C.C. ) a moveable VAS unit.

OTAG members have individually written to Bucks C.C. in support of the Area 11 Speed Review findings and have had meaningful discussions with Bucks C.C. and Dept. of Transport technicians in campaigning for a 20 m.p.h. limit outside of the school. This aspect will be revisited when Bucks C.C. review their policy, following publication in the summer of the Dept of Transport's review - " A Safer Way ".


OTAG represents and reflects the views of villagers ( ref. the Traffic  Calming Survey ) but in itself is not a fund raising organisation. Its aspirations can only be transacted through the Parish Council and Bucks County Council as fund-holders and Planning authorities.

Accordingly, OTAG has regrouped and aligned its focuses as follows:-


To continue to maintain an awareness of traffic calming issues and



To campaign for desirable improvements in terms of traffic calming


To maintain a presence at Local authority funding meetings and Neighbourhood Action Group meetings.


To monitor the progress and have regular inputs to Oakley Parish Council meetings in support of the Traffic Survey objectives.


To continue to support Thames Valley Police initiatives and SID activities in the village.


To liase with Ford village society to our mutual advantage, with regard to traffic calming measures.


To ensure that the media and our supporters receive regular updates on our activities.


D.Bourton - 22.01.10




OTAG Meeting - Sept 28th 2009.            


Six members met and it was agreed that the group should continue, with its main objective being to keep the pressure on traffic calming for the village via the Parish Council, LAF and NAG meetings whilst coordinating with the police on traffic related matters and particularly with regard to speeding.


It was agreed that OTAG members should not have to personally meet the administration costs for OTAG  ( significantly printer cartridges and paper ) and the school will be approached regarding £50 that was donated for the production of posters, which have not appeared. Consideration was given to asking the Parish Council for a donation.


It was reported that the moving  of the speed limit signs, further out of the village, has been delayed from the Spring to later in the year.


A most informative feedback report was given on the most recent LAF meeting. The LAF meeting affirmed significant changes to rural bus services which would impact quite badly on Oakley with effect from Nov 2nd 2009. A consultation document was circulated to all Parish Councils in July for all comments to be submitted by Sept 25th.


It was noted that whilst Parish Councillors had only been able to attend one of the last four LAF meetings , OTAG members attending LAF meetings are not permitted to vote or bid for services etc. It was suggested that the Parish Council should be approached with regard to confering delegated powers ( on behalf Oakley P.C. ) to OTAG members who attend on behalf of the village. It was felt that this cooperation would strengthen links between OTAG and the Parish Council. Documentation is enroute to Oakley PC to enable them to submit a bid for funding by Nov 31st and this could be used for instance to meet some of the extra costs for the road traffic island.


Members were urged to view the latest planning application from Jericho Farm and to consider objecting via the AVDC web site.


The next meeting is arranged for Nov 23rd.