Oakley Short Mat Bowls Club

Oakley Bowling Club was formed in 2006 and now has around 30 active members. The club plays Short Mat Bowls in Oakley Village Hall every Friday afternoon, 2pm to 4pm throughout the year and from October to April, on Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

These are informal sessions and teams are formed from the members who turn up at the time. All the members had never previously played bowls of any sort until they joined the club.

There is no annual subscription fee and members pay for each session attended. The cost currently for a session is £2 and includes tea or coffee and biscuits.

The club has accumulated plenty of spare bowls for anyone wishing to try out the game for the first time.

The club is run by a small committee (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) which meets whenever there is anything of importance to discuss. and the Annual General Meeting, to elect members, is held at the end of September.

The club is lively, entertaining, innovative and great fun and holds a number of informal competitions throughout the year.

The club is not affiliated to the English Short Mat Bowls Association as the members do not want to play competitive league bowls.

Newcomers are very welcome, so please come along and give it a try. We only ask that you wear flat shoes to try to preserve the mats. If you need more information, please contact the Secretary, Frank Ashurst, on 01844 237288.

Please note that we do occasionally have to cancel a session, whenever a village event clashes with the club's requirements, so it is best to check first if we are playing on the day you want to come.

“A Bowling Green for Oakley”

Oakley Bowling Club has asked Oakley Parish Council for permission to build an all weather (artificial surface) bowling green on Oakley playing field. The Parish Council has no objection to the proposal and would like to attract more sports facilities to parts of the Playing Field which are currently not used. The Parish Council has proposed an area at the south end of the field just past the access gate to “Lynnens View” and adjacent to the hedge. It will be the responsibility of Oakley Bowling Club to demonstrate that there is a need for such a facility in the community, and to raise the funds to construct the green and subsequently maintain it.

The size of the area required is 50 metres x 27 metres. This will house a 3 rink bowling green a peripheral path and a fence to keep out dogs and other animals. This area also provides sufficient space to erect a storage shed for the games equipment. Although the club will manage and maintain the green through its members, the general public will also be able to use the facility with our unique “Pay as you Play” scheme.

 The Bowling Club has already circulated a questionnaire amongst the community and the results received so far, are as follows:-

Questionnaire Results Summary

Questionnaires Completed



Strongly in Favour



In Favour









Strongly Against




Likely to Try The New Facility




Highly Likely
















Highly Unlikely





As the questionnaire may not have reached everybody in the Village, the Bowling Club will organise “a house to house” drop with a slightly modified version of the questionnaire, which will also include a section for comments. In addition to this, the Bowling Club will hold an Open Meeting in the Village Hall on Wednesday 20th August (from 7.30pm) where the proposals will be presented and where you will be able to register your support or dissent.

Frank Ashurst,

Secretary, Oakley Bowling Club

01844 237288

Email: frank.ashurst@btopenworld.com