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(unless otherwise stated in the programme below)

        CONTACT TED DEEPROSE edwardideeprose@yahoo.co.uk Tel.01844 237270

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Welcome to all New Members to our Gardening Club in Oakley

At the last AGM in 2016 we asked the floor to make some decisions on the way forward for the club  as attendances and members were dropping. Members agreed to raise the annual fee to £10 and charge 50p for tea etc. at meetings, which will help address any shortfalls for 2017.

  Whilst keeping our total independence, the current committee have asked Long Crendon and other local clubs to share information on meetings, trips etc. so we ensure that  they are well attended and supported. We are also on Facebook which hopefully will stretch to a younger audience. All this hopefully will reduce costs and lower the cost of membership in the future.

   We are listening to what the members say and will  attempt to improve further information on the subject matter of the speakers in 2017. Believe it or not, this can be quite difficult!

    Another point is, may I ask ALL members to respect our speakers whilst they are presenting /answering questions and to minimise any noise as it can be a distraction.

THANK YOU in anticipation.

   Further to my paragraph regarding sharing information to other clubs I am extremely pleased to report we now have Long Crendon,  Horton and Forest Hill communicating with us regarding meetings and trips which should ensure Full Houses. Needless to say the priority will be given to HOME members of the club organising the trip.

  Lets hope the weather is more suitable to gardening this year so I wish you all good health and a wonderful show in your gardens or allotments of shrubs,  flowers or vegetables in 2017 and lets encourage our younger generations to join our group to enjoy the delights of the land we sometimes take for granted.

Your Chairman,

Ted Deeprose




New Members Welcome;

Membership open to all in the area

Subscription just £10.00 per year

Come along and join us at one of our informative, friendly meeting (£3) Guests always welcome (£4).


Club Aims

To promote

the love of gardening

in Oakley and the

surrounding area. 

To encourage all ages with the help of home grown youngsters

of our local community from Oakley primary school.

to care for the environment and our local wildlife.









Club Programme for 2017


Subsidised meetings with guest speakers on a variety of gardening and related topics.
Great social atmosphere with raffle prizes and light refreshments available, gardening help and advice.
Organised trips to gardens or exhibits (some subsidised)
Associate membership of R.H.S. (No 19594090)
Subsidised Christmas social evening.
Plants for sale at some meetings and at annual club sale. Bargains galore.
Annual village flower and produce show.


   Position.                  Name                   Telephone Number

  Chairman:             Ted Deeprose             01844 237270

 Vice Chairman:       Vacant

 Treasurer/Press:      Bill Slade                  01844 237483

 Secretary:                Angela Eely              01844 238461

 Outing Secretary:    Christine Petty          01844 237776

 Catering Secretary:  Eileen Slade             01844 237483

 Oakley Show 

 Co-ordinator :          Alison Turton           01844 238518

 Speaker Secretary;  Rod Ellis                   01844 237006


If you can spare some time do come and join our


Come and help to keep this super club on track for 2017 and beyond.

 Be a part of it and tell us what you would like to see the club focus on for the future.

and tell us what you would like to

see the club focus in the future.

Club Programme for 2017
Date;    Speaker or event Details
January 17th Chris Ward         -          “101 things on Garden Birds” 
February 21s Geoff Hodge      -           “Prunig.” 
March 21st    Peter Richardson -          “Spring planting and sale” 
April 18th     MichaelBrown     -          “Bouquet of weeds”
May 7th*Annual Plant Sale* Village Hall.11am. Sunday 
May 16th          StefanWhite          -          “Come into the garden Maud”
May 23rd Kelmarsh House/Gardens Coach trip 
June 20th     Annette Pursey      -           ”The scented garden”
July 18th    *NICK HAMILTON   “Growing veg. all year”* 
August 15th Upper Chalford Farm, Postcombe evening visit own cars.
September 3rd *Flower and Produce Show.*  Sunday 1.30pm.
September 20th M. Brownswood              “Orchids/Butterflies up. Thames”
October 17th Our A.G.M. and QUIZ in the Village hall.
November 21st Tony Clear        -              Patio’s and pots
December19th Christmas Party for members+1Guest at Oakley Village Hall.